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Fresh new clothes for her and him, awesome accessories and stuff on sale you have been trying to find online for ages! Anybody who loves unique fashion will also find something in our new categories Vintage and High-Fashion. jessjess keeps growing bigger and bigger and in due time we will be able to present you our collaborations with other young-designers. Yep, we're here to shake things up a bit in the industry.

Our fashion-blog will always keep you updated with that but has an emphasis on the latest trends and styles, street-style and style-checks, fashion-news and everything else from the fashion-world that keeps the internet buzzing. In other words - it's everything fashionistas&fashionistos need to survive.

So go ahead and enjoy our super-easy, fast and secure online-shop  and subscribe to our blog, follow us on facebook, twitter and g+ to stay up-to-date in the most entertaining way!



Hat 2011 eröffnet.

Traveling to distant countries always inspired Jessica Christl aka jessjess to discover the latest trends and bring them back home. Unique souvenirs and distinctive fashion impossible to buy back home. Spunky colors and exceptional cuts others loved and wanted to buy too.

The birth of jessjess! The idea was right there but the articles far away. Ever since jessjess launched in 2011 the idea constantly developed more and more at an incredible high speed.
Today we offer over 500 selected pieces that you wont find anywhere in your city and if you do find something similar the prices will always be a lot higher than at jessjess.