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    My stomach still kinda hurts from last night's dining experience here.
    Nothing was horrible  it was just bad.
    Walking in I had high expectations. I liked the trashy, but not Applebee's-over-the-top swag, and the comfy car backseat booth. Also, all of the blaring boasts about the best margaritas in town pretty much brought me in.
    The barely medium size margaritas wereok. I think I make better at home, though maybe without the selection of flavors.
    My burrito had chorizo that tasted like generic sausage and was way overloaded with sour cream. My grilfriend's big burrito was basically a glorified bolognese sauce wrapped in a tortilla. No bueno. Neither of us made it more than halfway through our respective dishes.
    Would not return. Shame, because the space is nice. Oh, and a second star because the staff was all real friendly and attentive.

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