Alicia's Mexican Grille

Alicia's Mexican Grille

12002 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77082

4.0 Sterne
This place has become a staple for me and my bf. He claims they have the best fajitas in town and I guess I believe him because he's Mexican. I mean I would want him to believe me if I told him XYZ has the best fried rice in town. So Alicia's gets the Mexican stamp of approval. A perk of going is to hear him use his Espanol. Anything sounds sexy in Spanish like cheese. Queso sounds so much sexier than cheese. Cheese just sounds so....cheesy.

The reason why it gets 4 stars for me is that it's never consistent. I feel like there's always something off when I go to Alicia's. Once the queso was too salty and had to be sent back but the next time, it  fantastic and I drowned by fajitas in milky, warm, cheesy goodness. Then once we went and the chips are nice and crisp, then the next it was stale.

However, the entree never fails. The beef fajitas for one is good enough for 2 to share. Seriously, I want to see the person who can really eat the fajitas for one by themselves. The tortillas are larger than I'm use to but its so good. It comes out warm and soft. I usually break it into two and roll two fajitas with 1 tortilla. The beef is so juicy and full of garlicy flavor.

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