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Worum geht's und warum:
Yelpers of the OP are notoriously passionate, thoughtful and creative, so it's time for us to show ALL yelpers far and wide that in the sphere of Yelp Superlatives, Tucson is the Yelpiest City in the World!

Seems some of the other major metropolii are throwing down the gauntlet for a certain challenge: Beginning 1/3 and ending 12/31, you pen or update 100 reviews. Good quality stuff, no throwaway one-liners.

The city with the most Yelpers that complete the challenge wins!!!

Let's show 'em what we've got!

1) Opt-in by clicking I'm In. Spectate by clicking Sounds Cool. Opt-out by eating cereal and being a lump.

2) Write at least 100 rock solid new reviews or review updates during the 2013 calendar year. Doesn't have to be Tucson businesses, so keep notes when you travel. Also, stretch outside the box; there's more than just restaurants and retail out there. Dentists, mechanics, post offices, shoe shineries - they're all reviewable! And don't think 64 reviews of the Dunks around the Common are going towards the final tally.

3) Create a Yelp list called "The Yelp 100 Challenge." As you write any and all reviews/updates in 2013, add them to the list. Here is mine:…

At end of the run, local CMs will tally up qualified participants and the most active city takes the title!

As time goes on, check back here and at the official Yelp Talk thread:…

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  1. 3.1.2013

    Loving all the responses! PS. Reviews written on 1/1 COUNT! Since I posted the listing today, I couldn't use a date that had already passed. Just keep 'em in your Yelp 100 List!

    • 66 Freunde
    • 117 Beiträge

    This should be a fun!

  2. 3.1.2013

    For sure! Let's show the Yelp World what Tucson's all about!

    • May P.
    • Phoenix, Vereinigte Staaten

    This challenge sounds like so much fun! I am so down!

  3. 4.1.2013

    How do we add a review to a list?

  4. 4.1.2013

    For some reason, I'm not seeing the normal "I'm In" button. Help?

    • 70 Freunde
    • 157 Beiträge

    I'm in - as soon as the I'm in button shows up again!

  5. 6.1.2013

    @ Jenny Y. You can add lists in a couple of ways:
    1. Go to your profile and Click on the "Lists" Tab and then create one. When you start creating other lists you simply drag your reviews into them.
    2. After you write a review and click submit, there's always a button on the upper right section that says "add to list" click on that and add to the list!

    ****Lists are super helpful for others using Yelp. You'd be surprised how many people search other Yelpers lists to find a place to eat. Example: Chinese Restaurants, Best Happy Hour, Most Romantic...etc!!!

  6. 6.1.2013

    Heather and TAralyn! My button is missing too.....I'll get on that ASAP!

    • Jon R.
    • Tucson, Vereinigte Staaten
    • 89 Freunde
    • 107 Beiträge

    In it to win it!

  7. 6.1.2013

    Yeah, it's back, I'm in legit now. Here we go!

    • Emmy S.
    • Tucson, Vereinigte Staaten
    • 105 Freunde
    • 73 Beiträge

    Is this for Eliters only?

  8. 6.1.2013

    @Emmy Nope! For everyone!!! Is the "I'm In" Button still not showing?

    • Emmy S.
    • Tucson, Vereinigte Staaten
    • 105 Freunde
    • 73 Beiträge

    Yep - it's showing for me! And awesome-sauce. I'm IN!! LOL

  9. 8.1.2013

    @Emmy...awesome-sauce is right! Looking forward to reading hundreds of Yelptastic reviews!

  10. 8.1.2013

    Bella!  Thanks for the directions! :)

    • 22 Freunde
    • 76 Beiträge

    Yes! I want Elite status! :) Challenge accepted!

    • Jon R.
    • Tucson, Vereinigte Staaten
    • 89 Freunde
    • 107 Beiträge

    Ooo yeaaah... Yelpers unite!

  11. 11.1.2013

    And while you're out and about dining, shopping, etc and reviewing our awesome local businesses, add photos with captions!…

    • Shae S.
    • Arlington, Vereinigte Staaten

    Now I'm not seeing the "I'm In" button. Could it be pulling yet another disappearing act?

  12. 11.2.2013

    Hey Shae! For some reason the website calendar does not allow us to create events that last over a month, even though this one lasts all year. I'll try to tweak the dates and hopefully I can outsmart it! So stoked you're participating! Woo hoo!

  13. 11.2.2013

    Hopefully now more peeps can click "I'm In"! I updated the dates and I'll do this monthly to keep it open :)

    • Shae S.
    • Arlington, Vereinigte Staaten

    Yay!  Thank you!  I'm all set!  :)

    • Andrew P.
    • State College, Vereinigte Staaten
    • 21 Freunde
    • 25 Beiträge

    Any chance I can jump in on this? I'm a Tucson native going to grad school in PA, but I come home often and am forever a Tucsonan at heart!

  14. 12.8.2013

    Bella, can you open the event again? Just saw this! Sounds fun :)


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