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  • 1142 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Definitely my local go to place to grab quick groceries for dinner on the weeknights. The staff is very friendly and helpful (with maybe the exception of the guy behind the cold cuts counter... He could stand to be a little friendlier... ) and they have a good selection. They recently started having more sales and have one if those frequent buyers cards which is a plus for me. Yes their prices are a bit more than a stop and shop or associated but the quality and variety is nothing to really complain about. And I'm happy to support new businesses in the neighborhood!

  • 1000 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    This review is based on deliveries.
    I live in the neighborhood and have ordered breakfast and smoothies from here a few times and have been okay with them... the bagels are kind of small and come either cold or burnt. They are really cheap with the cream cheese too.
    The smoothies are quite good and will definitely return for those.

    Last night we decided to test their other food for a lazy dinner. And when I say lazy, I mean, WE feel lazy... NOT the cooks and the delivery and packaging guy!!

    We ordered from grub hub and when the food arrived, half the sauce from the chicken marsala was in the BAG... not the food container... in the BAG... and half the veggies were floating in it. THEN a portion of the sauce had also made it into my SALAD... wilting all the leaves... which was pretty sad to begin with because everything was chopped up so small you would think it was feed for a tiny bird.

    Long story short... they need to work on their portions (our dinner was in no way worth $40)... they need to work on the quality of their food... and they need to work on their take out packaging.

    Im all for supporting these new small businesses and helping to bring up the neighborhood, but c'mon guys. Give me a reason to like you!

  • 4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    What a friendly and well located little dry cleaners! Its right by the subway so its a perfect spot for a drop off and pick on en-route to work. The woman who works there most days is very friendly and helpful. There's nothing particularly special or charming about the place... very small but clean, and thats what Im looking for. They get the job done well and we've been back about 5x now since we just moved to the neighborhood within the last year. Haven't tried their tailoring services yet.
    Prices are decent. Location is key.
    Give them a shot! And the coffee next door isn't too bad either!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Two words. Dry Rub.
    Desert Heat and Chipotle BBQ rubs I now swear by!!

    Now Im not usually for these chain restaurants... Id much rather a smaller bar who has their own 'secret' rubs and crap like that making wings somewhat unique... but man, do I ever get cravings for these wings!

    The quality of the wings themselves are pretty good! Definitely better than other chain restaurants Ive been to. I also highly recommend their soft baked pretzel appetizer... just be careful! They fill you up and you cannot stop eating them!! (Thankfully only a few per order)

    So if you are just looking for a night out with some delish wings and some beer and fun appetizers to watch the game... this is a great place.

    The size of the restaurant is decent, with a range of seating... from booths to bar stools and tables... but dont worry, its not possible to be in a seat where you cannot see at least ONE screen or TV playing some sort of sports game going on somewhere in the world!

    My only con for this place is the staff. Its a hit or miss... sometimes we get friendly, helpful staff... and sometimes its like pulling teeth from a rebellious teenager... the last couple times we went... we got the pain in the @$$ teenager... not friendly... forgetful... and their manager should really tell them that a smile never hurt anyone.

    But of course I'll be back for those delicious dry rubs!!

  • 305 Franklin Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Just recently moved back into the neighborhood and this is definitely one of my FAVORITE breakfast stops!!
    The doughnuts are delicious, the flavors are inventive, and the staff is nice. Service is quick and the prices are decent.

    Back to the doughnuts... amazingly soft and creamy on the inside... nice crisp outside, with delicious savory frosting on top (and sometimes inside)... paired with a good coffee... seriously? What

    The best thing to do? Go with a few people, and get a few doughnuts... cut them up and sample all the flavors!!

    PS: Earl Grey Dark Chocolate is a must!!!

  • 340 Franklin Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Nice pizza indeed ! Im definitely a fan!
    The french style pizza with a crisp, super thin crust had amazingly tasty toppings to make it the perfect light pizza! You can just keep eating and eating... Its nice on a summer day/evening when you want to just eat something light and delicious to go with your wine.

    The service was good. Quick and friendly. The place itself definitely doesnt do the food justice but hey, thats the beauty of little holes in the wall right??

    You can even go on their website and order delivery online! Convenient? Yes. Pricey? A little but not ridiculous for the quality of the food.

    The only reason I take one star away (id make it a half if I could) is because the first time I called, I asked to see if a 16" pie was enough for 4 people and it just barely was despite they saying it definitely would be enough. The thin crust makes this pizza disappear much faster than you would think! My boyfriend and I were able to tackle a 16" with extra toppings in about a half hour together.

    This is my second time enjoying their pizza and Im definitely going to be back for more!

    If you are in the neighborhood, give it a shot! :)

  • 873 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Yummy!!! This place was way better than I first anticipated it to me!
    Dont be fooled by the cheesy branding and obnoxiously bright lighting and Candyland themed colors... their gelato and sorbets are amazing!!

    My favorites are now their coconut sorbet and peach sorbet... they taste so fresh and juicy! If artificial flavors are your thing... this wont satisfy you.

    The staff overall I found to be helpful and friendly! Portions are huge and prices are decent! And you cant beat the store hours!

    Parking at this location is kind of sucky... so if you plan on going, make sure you either bike, walk, or drive with another person to wait in the car :)

    Thanks Ice Cream House! You are officially my dessert go-to place in Bed Stuy now!

    PS: Take a peek in the freezer!! They have cakes, popsicles, and even ice cream sushi!!!

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