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    The restrictive parking in the area makes Orphan really hard to get to.   I circled the neighborhood a couple of times and almost said forget it but finally found something (not necessarily legal, but it was something).  When we went up to the register to pay, I noticed a sign saying to ask them where you can park, without risking a parking ticket.  They should put that sign up on the front door!  

    For a Monday morning (and only a holiday for some), the place was packed and buzzing with activity.  We found a table inside right away and were served a glass carafe of water and 2 small plastic cups.  The water was horrible!  It tasted as if someone turned on the HOT water tap of the kitchen sink and filled up the carafe.  Good thing we enjoyed our big mugs of the medium roasted coffee ($2.50 w/ no refills).    We ordered the artichoke scramble ($10.25) and had them add pesto (added 75 cents), a large order of bacon (4 strips, $2.75), the soy chorizo breakfast ($10.25) , minus the sour cream and beans, and a side of potatoes.  They served the soyrizo breakfast with sour cream, so they fixed that, but they also put the potatoes under the eggs/chorizo!  I am certain that if you order a side of potatoes, you mean for the potatoes to be put on the SIDE of the entrée.  My boyfriend didn't feel like waiting for them to fix that since I already had my food, but he was really put off by it.  When we got our bill, I saw that the potatoes were taken off.  That is good service and the only reason that I might consider coming back, given the inconvenient parking situation and average tasting food.   My artichoke/pesto scramble tasted really fresh but seemed a little bland.  I preferred my boyfriend's soyrizo which had tons of flavor.  My rosemary bread was dry and almost stale.

    Since we encountered a few mishaps in our dining experience, not sure I'd go back, but if I ever find myself walking in that neighborhood, I'd gladly stop in for a terrific cup of coffee.

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    11.8.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    By the urging of friends who are total Sampino supporters, I decided to give it another go after a less than stellar, and even more disappointing first experience.  I stopped in after work, not realizing that they closed at 5pm .  I had 15 minutes to spare.  I was wondering why the place was empty and tables weren't bussed.  I ordered the meatball sandwich ($9.50), helped myself to some water, and sat at the cleanest of the tables I could find inside.

    My tasty sandwich, served with a simple side salad, came up within minutes.  The big, moist meatballs were good and the marinara sauce was flavorful.  Even though the bread was toasted, it was still quite a messy sandwich to eat, as the meatball and marinara were squeezing out from the bottom whenever I took a bite.  I didn't mind.  That's what napkins are for, and it was delicious.  

    I'll be back for more.

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    18.10.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    SLOW.  I think they forgot my order or mixed it up with someone else's.  Yes, they are very busy at… Weiterlesen
  • 2210 16th St
    Sacramento, CA 95818
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    We walked into a beautiful, chic, and empty lounge/bar before 5pm to meet up with some fellow Yelpers for a Thursday happy hour.  I was really impressed with the new digs of the old Kamon Sushi, now Jensai.  Although their HH is from 2:30-7pm, I'm pretty sure we were the first ones there that day.  They turned on the lights, wiped the dust off the tables, and turned on the music as we took a seat in the back.  Right away I ordered crab cheese wontons, fried chicken wings, and calamari strips ($5 each during HH), and a "Mamie Sister" ($3 well HH drink).  I loved that the HH menu had a lot to choose from appetizers to sushi rolls.  On the back was a whole page listed of the "well drinks" offered for $3 and other HH drink specials.  I think one can get really f*cked up for cheap so designate a driver!

    The calamari strips were tempura battered and came out slightly oily and not very crispy.  The crab cheese wontons tasted like standard Chinese restaurant cream cheese filled fried wontons, served with sweet & sour dipping sauce.  I didn't detect much crab.  The winner was the chicken wings.  Deliciously seasoned with garlic and fried perfectly.  

    Tried a few of the HH sushi rolls.  Nothing was outstanding in taste, but I'd say they were a good bargain for $5.  

    Service was good, they had about 4 different servers/bartenders working hard to accommodate our group that eventually took up half the lounge area.  The only thing I didn't care for was the music they had piping in.  I think they should stick to one genre and one decade, or even one radio station.  Besides that, Jensai's cheap prices and hours will have me coming back for HH!

    Jensai I.
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    14.5.2014 Carol, Thank you for your review.  We will addressed the music issues and we hope you enjoy the… Weiterlesen
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    18.8.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I've been missing out on a great brunch, and it's practically in my backyard!  Shame on me!  I guess since my first and only visit here wasn't spectacular, I never considered going here for brunch (so thank you, Todd G, for suggesting it).  Well,  I can now confidently say that this neighborhood sports bar will be my go-to spot on weekend mornings...possibly after working out next door?  :)

    I was very curious about the $16 Bloody Mary.  No one in my party ordered it, but the table next to us did, and it looked amazing.  It's a 32oz bloody mary filled mason jar, garnished with snacks-on-a-stick:  a bacon slider, bacon-wrapped prawn, pickled veggies and egg.  If it tastes anything close to how good it looks, then it's definitely worth the $16 price tag.  Come to think of it, the Bloody Mary at the Shady Lady is one of my favorites in town, so I'm sure they brought the same recipe over to Field House. I'm for sure getting it next time!

    The chicken fried steak that I had was absolutely delicious.  Their bacon and sausage gravy was-dare I say it-just as good-dare I say it-if not better, than Evan's Kitchen!  Say whaaaaaat?!!!!!  Yup, and that's saying a lot.  I love that heavenly gravy of Evan's...get your minds out of the gutter...but it's got some serious competition from Field House, especially paired with a perfectly battered and fried steak and biscuits you might find in your grandma's oven.  Eggs and potatoes are not included with this $12 entrée, which at first I thought was too much to pay for a breakfast dish, a la carte, but it turned out to be well-portioned and very satisfying.

    My boyfriend had the French toast ($8) that was nicely presented with a few fresh berries and cinnamon butter.  Four thick triangles of Texas toast that stood up to being drenched in syrup.  He also got a side of bacon ($3) and eggs ($2).  It was all good.

    If you're up for a Sunday Funday, meet me at Field House!

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    23.3.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Not a great first impression.  

    Unfortunately, I picked the wrong night to try out my neighborhood's…
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    SUK's to be you, if you missed out on this awesome YEE!  Elites were treated to a complimentary dinner at Sac's newest downtown restaurant SUK (Strings Urban Kitchen).  For those residing at Capitol Towers and some of you lucky State workers, it is conveniently located on the ground floor of one of the condo buildings.  For those less familiar with downtown dwellings (like myself), it may be a little hard to find.  I circled twice and ended up parking on the street, then followed someone headed into the Capitol Towers grounds because she looked like a Yelper (LOL).  I checked in with Alex L and was greeted right away by staff.  I headed out to the patio where some familiar faces were and was immediately handed a glass of prosecco and a meat and cheese stuffed mushroom.  The shroom was topped with a marinara sauce and was a nice little start to what would be coming the rest of the evening.  The prosecco was light and refreshing, more dry than sweet, and went great with my meal (thanks Abigail L for my 2nd glass!).

    Our server was "Juan in a million" (his quote)!  He was great at introducing the restaurant to us, pointing out the artwork and custom-made wood tables.  Food came out rather quickly, almost too quickly as the entrees were being served while we were still eating our salads and soups.  One person at our table had to wait a little longer for his entree to come out, so in essence our whole table waited to eat our food until he got his.  It wasn't that big a deal because the food remained hot when I finally dove in.  

    For my first course, I chose the "seafood based tomato bisque".  I wasn't expecting much but a creamy tomato soup.  Was I wrong!  This was THE BEST tomato bisque I've ever had!  Real chunks of crab meat, a generous bowl, rich and creamy, very flavorful without being salty, and served nice and hot!  Mmmmm....I'd order it again in a heartbeat!  For my entree, I had to go with the cioppino.  Such a good choice!  Again, a generous bowl of deliciously, well flavored broth, with tons of mussels, basa fish, shrimp, scallops, crab meat, and clams.  It was so tasty.  Definitely, the best cioppino I've had in Sacramento!  Woo hoo!  Two-for-two so far!  For dessert we got a plate of 6 small almond cookies that were a little over baked.  Good flavor and obviously fresh baked.  I think they just forgot about them in the oven.  Found out later that they ran out for the people served at the late seatings.  Two out of 3 ain't bad!!!

    Great food, great staff, great company!!!!

  • 2598 Alta Arden Expy
    Sacramento, CA 95825
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    7.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I can no longer recommend this place for burgers!  It was different.  It was disappointing.  It was not good.  

    I ordered the seasonal "blood orange" burger because I liked all the ingredients on it: Gouda cheese, bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo.  The blood orange marmalade sounded interesting but not on a burger (so I got it on the side).  First off, when our food came, I could tell that the patty was smaller than usual.  The bun was barely toasted.  The grated Gouda was not even melted.  The 2 little strips of bacon weren't crispy and was basically 1 strip cut in half.  I didn't care for the marmalade.  The patty wasn't juicy and had no seasoning.  My boyfriend's burger was just as bad.  He ordered "the Gatsby" which was a basic cheeseburger and added bacon ($2.50).  He checked to make sure they left off the mayo as requested and to make sure there was bacon.  Why was there only a half strip of bacon on it?  For $2.50?!!!  Really?  We had our server correct it, and a few minutes later, someone brought out a condiment cup (not a plate) with a sad 1 1/2 strip of bacon.  His patty was dry and bland also.  The best part of the meal was the onion rings.  Perfectly battered and crispy.  BBQ sauce tasted like Heinz 57 and the green goddess dressing was lacking something.  

    We last went a few months back and the burgers were delicious, and they even gave a complimentary basket of homemade fries as an appetizer.  Things have seriously changed.  At least service remained friendly and fairly fast.  I just really felt like they were skimping not only on quantity but on quality.  

    I won't be returning!

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    12.3.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This is the only restaurant that I've ever felt compelled to write to the Food Network as a… Weiterlesen
  • 900 15th St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    Stopped in for happy hour before the Mayor's State of the City Address across the street.  I thought the place would be quite busy.  Was I the only one who thought $2 sake bombs was a great idea before hearing KJ's speech?  The whole restaurant was extremely quiet, and the entire bar (front room) was empty.  I don't think they even had music playing.  They did however, have a darling and friendly bartender, a great happy hour menu, and some super delicious food.  Who needs a crowd when I've got oysters on the half shell ($1.50/ea), seafood nachos ($10), and $2 sake bombs, anyways?!!

    All of the food was beautifully presented and came out quickly.  The oysters were fresh and had a spicy, vinegary sauce that I enjoyed slurping up.  There is no minimum to order, so at $1.50 each, it's definitely worth a try.  Kali D had been hyping up the seafood nachos, and I was not disappointed (Maybe only by the fact that it's not on the happy hour menu!).  Different sashimi and sauces on individual wonton chips makes a great appetizer.  The baby calamari ($5) was delicately battered and fried, and served with a yummy wasabi mayo dip.  The BBQ albacore ($6) was five big strips of tender, grilled delicious tuna on top of a ponzu sauce.  The City Roll ($7) was delicious and a little different.  It was rolled in a soy wrap and lightly deep-fried.  I loved that the menu had pictures, and that everything looked and tasted as good as the photos.

    Besides my pre-game sake bomb, I had the lemon mojito ($4), made with a lemon-infused vodka instead of rum, which was quite refreshing and just strong enough.  Alright, Mayor, I'm ready to hear about our new arena!

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    What a great find!  It's one of those places that you drive by everyday, and don't give it a second thought.  It's in a small, dated, literal strip mall, across from Target.  I would assume it's mainly a work week lunch crowd, although it is open on the weekends and also serves breakfast (ask about the "heart attack").  There are a few other notable sandwich joints in the area, "Sam's" being its main compettion, just down the street offering a similar New York-style deli menu.

    My man, always searching for a good pastrami sandwich in Sacramento, has finally found one worthy of his picky tastebuds.  "Now that's a pastrami sandwich!  Just meat and mustard, pickles on the side."  I have to admit...it probably is the best...so far.  A large ($10) was a ridiculous torpedo overfilled with warm, tender, thin slices of pastrami on soft, fresh bread.  He managed to eat half of it, before food coma sunk in.  My big appetite on the other hand, was able to finish off a large ($10) turkey, avocado BLT.  I added Sriracha and more mayo to it, which really went well with the creamy avocado slices and the crispy bacon.  The submarine sandwich bread is cut so that it's 2 separate pieces, which makes it a bit awkward and messy to eat, but I suppose it holds a lot more filling, so I'm not complaining.  I'm just saying.

    The big guy taking our order (I'm assuming the owner) was friendly, humble, and helpful.  When we mentioned Sam's, he said he thought his food was a little better, and hoped that we would feel the same and return for more.  His prices are a little higher than Sam's, but seriously, it's a big friggin' sandwich!  So far, Times Square has got Sam's beat in the subs division.  Next time, I'll try the wings, and see who wins it all on Fulton Avenue!

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    Finally decided to use a gift card that's been in my wallet for about 5 years.  I used to love Claim Jumpers when it was the only new restaurant in town.  But now since it's just another chain, it never comes up as the answer for "where should we eat dinner?".

    All I can remember about the place is the long wait, huge portions, and that 6-layer chocolate cake!  Nice to know that they still offer that decadent cake (if you need some choco overload) and they do not seem to be busy (on a weekday night).  Portions appeared to be smaller, or at least for the prices, the portion seems small.  We started off with the most expensive calamari appetizer ($12.50) I've ever had anywhere!  So not only did I expect it to be the best calamari I've ever had but, I would think it would at least be a big platter.  It wasn't the best and it certainly wasn't a huge portion.  They were long, tender, lightly battered strips.  I prefer rings and tentacles but they were good and the cocktail sauce was delicious.  I had the shrimp fresca pasta ($16.50) which did not look like the menu picture at all.  Presentation was a little sloppy.  It had 7 butterflied, fried prawns, on top of a cheesy mound of angel hair pasta.  I wasn't expecting all that cheese.  I thought the description was a sherry cream sauce.  Taste-wise, I liked it, but it really didn't need all that cheese.  The man ordered a half rack of ribs ($20) that came with your choice of soup or salad, potato, roasted veggies, and bread.  The ribs were tender and the veggies were good.  Salad and baked potato were fine but the garlic cheese toast needed help.  Limp sliced white bread with melted cheese seemed like an afterthought.  

    Service was quick, friendly, and attentive.  

    Overall, food was good but not worth $60, for one app, 2 entrees, one lemonade, no dessert, and no alcohol!  Won't return unless I happen to get another gift card.

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    4.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Gave EK that extra star because they handled our rowdy party of 22 Yelpers on a Saturday morning, with excellent service and attitudes.  We took up 4 tables of varying sizes in the middle of the restaurant to accommodate us all, and therefore all had different servers.  That worked out well, since they were able to do separate checks, and our food all came out in a timely manner.  Bottomless mimosas, water glasses, and coffees were all refilled, and food was served hot.  Loved my Steph's platter.  I didn't get the biscuits & gravy, like I had said I would do in my last review, but the Steph's platter had everything I liked SMOTHERED with that lip-smacking gravy.  Mmmmmmm...oh so good!

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    13.11.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Thank you breakfast gods!  I've finally found the holy grail of gravy!  Evan's Kitchen is said (by… Weiterlesen
  • 2031 S St
    Sacramento, CA 95811
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    Yay!  I'm a fan of UUYE (UNOFFICIAL unofficial Yelp event) Brunch.

    I'm a fan of bottomless mimosas.  I'm not a fan of being charged for a single mimosa while waiting for a table, then getting charged for the bottomless when finally seated.  

    I'm a fan of "the Runner" breakfast pizza ($16).  I'm not a fan of the sweet gravy that topped the crunchy Smart chicken breast on the Southern breakfast.  

    I'm a fan of service with a smile.  I'm not a fan of our server poking one of us to get her attention (yes-POKING!!!).

    I'm a fan of spending a couple hours with great company on a beautiful weekend morning.  I'm not a fan of waiting an hour for our food, then being told that it was because their nice brick oven was on the fritz.

    So I'm not so much a fan of Tuli Bistro as I am a fan of Devo S.  She's the UYE Brunch organizer-extraordinare.  She makes a 3 star brunch into a 5 star experience!

  • 1020 16th St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    BEST ELITE EVENT OF 2014!  (Ok, it was the first and only event so far this year...but it was grand!  We're talking MONSOON level grand!)

    Everything offered to the Elite squad and their +1s was definitely on a grand scale.  From the awesome service to the buffet to the $2 cocktails to the giveaways, Alex L, interns Ashley and Eddie , and the entire staff at Monsoon kicked butt on this one!  I can't say enough about the wonderful staff.  The servers were so attentive, friendly, and prompt, providing the best service at a filled-to-capacity restaurant AYCE I've ever experienced.  That type of service and the always filled trays of hot food shows that the management and kitchen are well-organized (Hats off to Manbir!).  The bartenders were off-the-hook wild!  Not only did they have nice pours on our Fireballs and Stoli shots, but the buckets of margaritas and bloody mary's were downright strong!  They were personable, fun, and handled the large crowd of partying Yelpers with ease and great attitudes!  When me and the ladies (Amy T, Devo S, and Jackie F) stepped up to do our Fireball shots, they introduced us to the "shotski," a ski customized to fit 4 shotglasses that everyone holds up and drinks at the same time.  A total blast at any party or bar (see photos if you don't believe me!)!  Thank you, Alex L, not just for the rounds of shotskis, but for capturing it all on camera!

    I ate at Monsoon for lunch probably a year ago, and they did not offer a buffet.  So this was a great way to introduce their $9 weekday lunch buffet to the Yelp community.  They had quite a selection of curries, vegetarian dishes, tandoori chicken, pakora (veggie fritters), and warm, fresh naan brought to your table (and the awesome servers made sure there was  always a basket available).  My favorite dish was the tandoori chicken.  Moist, hot, and well-flavored.  I loved the tikka masala curry (my usual Indian go-to dish) over the delicious, fluffy basmati rice, although the chunks of chicken seemed a little overcooked.

    Huge thank you to everyone at Monsoon and the Yelp Elite crew for a very successful party!  Monsoon was a perfect host and atmosphere for the first (and BEST!) Elite event of the new year!

  • 1730 Watt Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95825
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    As I pulled into the Rite Aid/Petsmart shopping center, I saw there were 2 windows open on each side to drive through, but one lane had a car facing the wrong direction.  It was a car with two old guys, so the other cars waiting were all in the other lane.  I followed suit but as soon as the old men left, me and another car drove around to that lane.  It was a long wait before my turn (more than 5 minutes, but less than 10), which I didn't mind as soon as I pulled up to a smiling face of a nice, young man.  I ordered a small chai tea latte, but upgraded to the medium at no charge, using the Yelp check-in offer.  The young gentleman who took my order and the lady that handed me my hot drink were both very friendly, laid back, and all smiles.  I loved that.  

    The chai tea latte was so smooth and silky.  Excellent flavor, not too spicy.  Creamy without having to ask for "light water" (how I have to order it at Starbucks to achieve that same creaminess).  Temperature was nice and hot, and stayed hot by the time I got home.  

    It was my first time trying it and certainly not my last.  Unfortunately, even though they are only a mile from my house, they are the opposite direction of work.  So it will be my weekend coffee spot from now on!

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    Wasn't sure what was on their menu, so when I spotted the bright pink truck on the corner of I/10th (in the Goodyear shop), and only a couple people waiting in front, I walked over to check it out.  Gyros mostly.  The steak chipotle ($9) sounded interesting.  For sides, I saw chips and hummus.  Not very interesting.  What happened to fries?  The guy taking my order was friendly enough, and the food came up in 5 minutes, as promised.  The gyro was not the biggest I've had, but it tasted really good. There was a nice amount of grilled steak that had good flavor but just a little chewy.  The chipotle sauce added a lot of spicy flavor.  Very tasty and what a kick!   I didn't like all the red onions it it.  There were a lot.  I wasn't expecting raw red onions since the sandwich already came with grilled onions.  Other than that, it was a good choice.  For $11 (gyro + bottled water), I thought it was a pricey to-go lunch.  If Fuzion Eatz were at a food truck gathering, I wouldn't eat here.  Plenty of other trucks offering something different for cheaper.

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    It was like being a kid in a candy store!  

    I mean...I am an adult...in an actual candy store.

    Still...it was like being a kid in a candy store!  I was all big-eyed and excited to see what was in every nook and cranny of this small sweet apothecary.  First thing I noticed on the front table was "potato chip" and "spicy maya" chocolate bars.  I really wanted to get one, but it came with an $8 price tag.  Next to those were thin, flat chocolate bars in all sizes from Mexico, with exotic flavors of mango, chile, and pepitas.  They had some credit card sized versions that were a more affordable $2.50, and the full-sized ones $6 or so.  I opted for 2 kinds of the credit card sized ones.  I found another dark chocolate bar with almonds and sea salt, labeled "Chocolove", cutely wrapped in a postcard design with hearts ($4).  Best thing about it, besides the divine taste, was that there was a love poem printed on the inside.  SWOON!  I also grabbed a few Hellimae's Caramelo pieces (40 cents each) and a sugar-free peanut butter Dewar's Chews (75 cents).  They have individual pieces of gourmet chocolates and toffee in the display case at the register that looked too enticing to pass up.  I opted for the sugar-free peanut butter chocolate ($1), one of 2 kinds of sugar-free choices.  It was so sinfully delicious, you couldn't tell me that it was sugar-free!

    I was greeted when I first entered the store, and had friendly customer service.  No extra chit chat, even with the owner Andy, who seemed nice but pretty occupied with his inventory.  I asked for the price of one of the chocolate bars on the front table, and he said they should have a sticker on the back.  Maybe they SHOULD, but they didn't.  When he looked himself, he nicely apologized for the missing price tags and finally found one that did.

    On the back wall there is a section of 10 cent candies, mostly the retro candies that are normally found in Old Sac candy stores.  I ended up spending $13 for 8 different candies.  Pricey, yes.  A nice treat, definitely!

  • 8491 Folsom Blvd
    Sacramento, CA 95826
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    Oh sweet Jesus!  This is some good pizza!  I don't know why it took me so long to try this place out, but now that I have, it's become the go-to for pizza.  On our first visit we actually had dinner at the restaurant to get the whole experience.  The place was full on a Friday night, but we were greeted as soon as we walked in and shown to a booth.  We started with the house salad, which was iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, salami, and peppericinos (very old school Italian, which was great-especially the salami) and some cheesy bread (French bread with mozzarella, nicely toasted).  I should have specified garlic cheesy bread with marinara dipping sauce, because the cheesy bread alone was bland.  The pizza came out perfectly timed, not more than 5 minutes after we finished our salads.  The large 1/2 combo (sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, olives), 1/2 margherite special (chicken, artichoke, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, basil) looked amazing!  There is no skimping of toppings!  I swear I was full after one slice.  I enjoyed the meaty combo more than my choice of the margherite.  I think it would be better with creamy white sauce rather than just olive oil.  It was good, just not as tasty as the combo.  The crust was perfectly crispy with just the right amount of chewiness and thickness.  A week later, when the pizza craving came up, I called in our order of the combo and picked it up 25 minutes later.  Service is friendly, and the staff work pretty hard.  Next visit will be one of the homemade pasta dishes.

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    So a sushi burrito is basically a ginormous sushi roll priced under $10!  This is an awesome deal.  I was only able to eat 1/2 of my panko shrimp burrito, so sharing is a good idea (leftover sushi is never a good idea!). It was stuffed with guacamole, lettuce/cabbage, crab salad, deep fried panko battered shrimp and rolled with rice and seaweed.  The sashimi burrito had all the above ingredients plus jalapeños, a spicy aioli, and raw tuna and salmon.  That one was actually too spicy for me, which took away from the rest of the delicious ingredients.  I also tried the volcano nachos, more to satisfy my curiosity with all of the mixed reviews.  Well, I did not like it at all.  It was unappealing to the eye.   I was expecting it to be more colorful, and the minced raw tuna just didn't meld in any kind of way with the nacho cheese sauce.  Fail.  The stuffed jalapeños were tastier but I wasn't blown away.  I think the jalapeños should be cooked longer to soften them up.  It was pretty raw and crunchy.  Flavor was ok and portion was great, just wasn't executed to its full potential.  

    Service was fast and friendly.  The guy taking my order asked if it was my first time in and proceeded to recommend the popular items.  Atmosphere is very casual but no decor whatsoever.  Every table and chair was taken when I came in, so I got it to go.  My food was ready in less than 5 minutes!  I would definitely come back again if I'm in the area and order the panko shrimp burrito.

  • 1166 Roseville Parkway
    Roseville, CA 95678
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    At first I was jealous that Roseville has a Yard House and Sacramento does not.  Even Fresno (my hometown) has one!  But after finally trying it out for dinner, I'm no longer envious.  At all.

    They do not take reservations on Friday and Saturday nights, so if you're a party greater than 6, be prepared to wait a long time.  We showed up at 5pm on Saturday and put our name on the list with the manager who's in charge of large parties (there is another host, with a separate list in charge of small parties).  He told us it would be a 1 1/2 hr wait.  Oh Lord.  If we had a small party, the wait was only 15 minutes.  The rest of our party wasn't there yet, so we made ourselves comfortable on a cushioned bench outside.  After 25 minutes, our table was ready!  They said people had cancelled (I'm guessing went to another restaurant, instead of waiting 1 1/2 hrs for a table), so at least our patience paid off.

    The food isn't bad but I think it's overpriced for what you get.  Basically, it fits into the mediocrity of taste and quality of any chain restaurant (think BJ's and Cheesecake Factory-which btw is my favorite chain and rate above mediocre).  With its huge menu, there is bound to be hits and misses.  The hot artichoke, lobster, and crab dip ($11) sounded fantastic but it was served with boring tortilla chips and pita triangles, and was a smallish portion.  It tasted fine but would have been much better served with either bread or crispier pita or warm homemade tortilla chips.  So I was hoping to be wowed by my "surf and turf" burger (a bargain at $15, which included lobster as the "surf"), which came highly recommended from fellow Yelpers.  It had all the visual elements of a good-looking burger: nice thick patty, hearty toasted bun, grilled asparagus, nice pieces of sauteed lobster meat, and a reddish aioli on the side, yet failed to come together for that "OMG" factor.  First off, I spread the aioli on the bun before tasting it. My bad.  It tasted a little sweet, like cinammon.  It wasn't good, so I tried to scrape off what I could.  I probably should have just asked for some mayo to cover it up.  Secondly, I ordered my patty medium-well, and although still juicy, it was definitely well-done, and not really seasoned.  The lobster itself was tender and delicious, and the asparagus was grilled perfectly but  together just didn't taste that great on the burger.  My bf ordered the carnitas street tacos plate ($11?), which included 2 tacos and a small portion of rice and beans.  He swears it was carne asada, and not carnitas. He still ate them, and said they were ok.  He took a bite of the beans and rice and left the rest.

    I'm giving them 3 stars, but the food was more of a "meh, I've experienced better"  2-star rating.  Service was good though.  We had 2 different guys serving us during the meal.  They were both very personable and friendly, and worked hard to take care of our requests.  The place was packed, so I think they did their best to manage their tables.  We were celebrating a birthday, so they brought out a complimentary decadent mini chocolate souffle with "BIRTHDAY" spelled out in cocoa powder on the plate.  Very nice.  Our waiter welcomed us to sing because they don't.  Haha.

    Mark L.
    Kommentar von Mark L. von Yard House
    30.1.2014 Hi Carol P. - Thank you for sharing this review. Overall, it sounds like you had a good visit. We… Weiterlesen
  • 5.0 Sterne

    "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!" -Beyonce

    All my single ladies (spoken for but with a bare ring finger) were humming that tune as we huddled up in front of the beautiful engagement ring cases, ooohing and awwing, wishing and hoping, while our men were in the background (waaaay in the background) nervously avoiding eye contact with any of the friendly Shane Co staff.  Good thing there was lots of Renwood wine and Wydmer beers to keep everyone relaxed.  No pressure, guys!

    The dessert portion of the event came from Fat's Bistro (delish brownies), TLC Catering (to die for baby eclairs), Cookie Connection (my FAVE assortment of cookies), and Andy's Candy Apothecary (candies served in nice glass jars).  Michael Sean Miller, a talented local guitarist, provided the lovely music throughout the evening.  Everyone also took home a generous swag bag compliments of the Shane Co. that included a sterling silver jewelry cleaner, pen, lip balm, and a $50 gift card.  Score!

    The staff were very personable and helpful without any pushy sales pitch.  They were mainly giving mini lessons on what to look for in a diamond and answering any questions. Andria was great expaining clarity of a diamond through the magnifier.  Tanner eagerly offered to let me try on a $30,000 tennis bracelet (A girl can dream, right?).  And Hank came right on cue after he and my bf exchanged business cards, shook hands, and said, "Now you have a friend in the diamond business."   LOL.  

    Thanks to the Yelp crew, Shane Co, and my fellow Elites for a really fun night!

  • 11275 Folsom Blvd
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Yelp Elites were privvy to a pre-grand opening for the new Fire Rock Grill.  I never had the inclination to go when it was Sheepherder's Inn, not even when I lived in Rancho.  I imagined it as a stuffy, smelly, dusty, old lodge-type of setting.   It wasn't at all what I was expecting.  As soon as I stepped in, I was visually impressed with the place.   It was clean, modern, and  casual, but still nice enough to come for an unpretentious evening out.

    The friendly servers passed around platters of  about 7 different appetizers.  My favorites were the parmesan-crusted fried eggplant and the veggie "meatball".  Both were seasoned well and fried perfectly crispy.  I enjoyed the beets with goat cheese, although I think it would be better prepared as a salad rather than an appetizer.  I didn't care for the sea bass, which seemed bland and lost on top of the bread, or the ahi tuna w/mango salsa, which did nothing for my tastebuds.  We also ended up ordering the frito misto (calamari) and chicken wings which were both on the HH menu pricing for $3 off.  The calamari rings and tentacles were nicely battered and fried and served with a delicious chipotle aioli sauce.  The wings were mediocre and may as well have been straight from a frozen bag.  The mac n cheese was very light on the cheese and also had an odd smoky flavor to it, which I didn't like.  Sadly I missed out on the steak and baguette and pulled pork sliders.  We were also treated to a free passion fruit martini that was pretty to look at, sweet, and refreshing.  

    I thought the servers did a great job.  They did seem a bit overwhelmed with our lively group of 100, but handled it with smiles and professionalism.  Thank you to Fire Rock Grill for the 15% off coupon and to Yelp for all the awesome swag (especially the oh-so-cute water bottle)!  Y'all rocked my night!

  • 1925 J St
    Sacramento, CA 95811
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    15.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so for Valentine's Day  I took him to Tank House for some lip smackin', finger lickin' good ribs!  I knew exactly what to order and what not to order (sorry, cornbread, not this time).  The "meat treat" ($24) was still the best deal, which includes a full rack of pork baby backs and 2 sides. We got the greens (same great flavor as before but was barely served warm) and the cole slaw (crunchy, yummy, and made with light mayo).  

    We got there before 5pm to enjoy some Jameson and Fireball shots ($4.50 during happy hour), and had our choice of seating.  Not the most romantic setting for a Valentine's Day dinner, but more importantly, it filled our stomachs, was easy on the wallet, and no crowd or waiting to deal with!

    4.0 Sterne
    7.2.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Good Lawd!  Somebody needs to slap somebody's momma in that kitchen!  The ribs were to die for!… Weiterlesen
  • 1701 Arden Way
    Sacramento, CA 95815
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    The poor rating is specifically for the sunglasses department.  My Ray Ban's needed an adjustment and I needed some new makeup, so thought I could kill two birds with one stone by going to this location.  When I walked toward the sunglasses, I saw two associates that were very busy helping about 4 different customers.  No prob.  I decided to hit the Benefit makeup counter first (who provided quick and efficient service), stop in a couple other stores in the mall, then take my sunglasses to get fixed on my way out.  It was Saturday (2/1/14) at 5:45pm when I was back at the sunglasses counter.  There was absolutely no employee around.  That's fine, I decided to wait a bit for someone to return.  After 5 minutes, I decided to ask another department for some help.  The closest counter was for jewelry and there was no one there either.  I circled the immediate area for another 5 minutes.  I finally saw someone at the fine jewelry walk over to the other jewelry counter and I asked if she could find someone to help me with sunglasses.  She said she would after she helps another customer.  That's fine.  Another 5 minutes goes by and I hear an overhead page for an associate to return to sunglasses.  Finally!  Another 5 minutes goes by and no one showed up.  I finally said, fuck this, and left.  

    Non-existent customer service sucks.  I will be going to other Macy's locations for my sunglass needs.

  • 515 Pavilions Ln
    Sacramento, CA 95825
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    1.4.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Gave CB another star for the great breakfast we had on Sunday.  The place was loud and hopping, but they had more than enough staff to accommodate everyone.  There was a line to order but went by quick.  You find your own seating, and luckily we found a table for 2, instead of being squished in at the long communal tables with barstools.  Patio dining looks very enjoyable during a sunny morning, but of course, it was full.  Our food came up really quickly, and there were friendly servers always coming by to clear your table or get anything else you needed.  Amen to that!

    I had the chicken apple sausage scramble ($9), which comes with fancy sourdough loaf sliced bread and diced, nicely seasoned red potatoes.  Everything was cooked perfect and served hot.  My boyfriend ordered the Belgian waffle ($7), served with pecan butter and maple syrup, bacon ($3), and scambled eggs ($3).  It's too bad they don't have a combo plate for the waffle.  The man needs meat with the sweet!  With a large glass of OJ, our bill came out to $26.  Standard breakfast prices, portions were just right, and service was outstanding.  I saw they offered a mimosa carafe for $10 and the salads looked really appetizing.  I will definitely be back for brunch!

    3.0 Sterne
    5.3.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Went for HH at the BB (that's Happy Hour at the Berkeley Bar) on a Thursday night.  After walking… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    Okay, this is probably the smallest bar that I've ever been to, but they offer up some good happy hour (HH) deals.  It ended up being worth the extra drive from my Arden area during a Friday work commute to make it before the 6pm HH cutoff.  

    The bar has its own door to enter from the outside, yet if you use the restaurant's main door, you still have to walk through the little bar to the dining room.  We managed to snag seats along the counter.  The one and only table was filled with some raucous old ladies celebrating something, and the bar had a couple old guys, most likely regulars, keeping the bartender and the old ladies entertained.  So not much of a diverse crowd, age-wise and ethnically, but whatever, as long as the service and food is good, and the beer is cold.  Decor is old school steak and seafood restaurant, for sure (think "Cheers").  After a few minutes, the bartender came over and took our order.  ervice was great, once it got going.  Food came up hella quick.  Two pints of Shock Top on draft, fish tacos, filet minon tacos (you mean, shredded beef?), and calamari.  I believe our bill came to $25!  The man enjoyed his "steak" tacos, and I thought the fish tacos were ok.  The calamari strips were very tender, lightly battered, and perfectly fried.  I was hoping for the rings and tentacles, but for some thick strips, they were downright enjoyable.  Next time I'll have to try a cup of clam chowder, which isn't on the HH menu, but I've heard is the best around.

    I'll be back!

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    Spam fried rice with over-medium eggs ($9).

    It felt like I was eating breakfast at my mom's house.  (But without the guilt or critism that grown children endure when visiting their out of town Filipino parents.  Haha.)

    It was so delicious.  Not greasy, not salty, just homemade taste in yo face!  The Spam was finely diced and mixed in with the rice.  I was expecting it to be whole slices served on the side (like how I eat it at mom's), but that's fine, I'll know to specifically order it on the side next time. Eggs were perfectly cooked to order so that just enough yolk oozed onto the mound of rice.  Bean sprouts are added as requested, and just an amount enough to give it a nice crunchy texture, not making it a bean sprout fried rice.  I would definitely order this again, but someone at the next table ordered the loco moco, bringing back Hawaiian vacation days, so I might flip a coin.  Why not both?  You need plain white rice with loco moco.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    My boyfriend ordered the French toast, and not only did it look pretty amazing, it was up there in flavor and texture of any hoity toity brunch spot.  The coffee was hot and strong.  Our food came up lightening fast.  Luckily we came at a time when it wasn't busy.  I've heard stories, but a lot of people did takeout, so that's always another option.

    Go.  Eat like you're eating at my mom's.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Granted this location is one of the older Chevy's in Sac, but whenever I go here (usually just for HH), it always seems run-down and dirty.  Maybe they just need to change the lighting or something to make the place seem less dingy.  They always seem to be really busy too, although you can always find a table or booth in the "Cantina" section.  The house margaritas (original, mango, or strawberry) are still the best around for the $4 HH price tag, which is what keeps me coming back.  It's definitely not for the service.  Seriously, it's either really good or really bad.  On our most recent visit, I had to flag down the manager to get a server at our table, then the one who came over had an attitude right off the bat, like she obviously didn't want to serve us.  So another server came over and she was really attentive and friendly.  The one and only bartender needed some help though, because our drinks came out s-l-o-w.  

    I love the complimentary chips and salsa, although I always have to add salt to the warm, light chips, which is fine, I'd rather have under than over-salted.  We tried the chicken fajita nachos ($6 HH) which was a huge plate of individual tortilla chips with the fajita fixens on top.  The border wings ($8) had a nice kick and flavor.  The shrimp marg-tail ($8 HH) was delicious.  Large-sized fresh shrimp and avocado chunks in a tomato cocktail sauce that I ended up drinking.  The HH menu items seemed a little pricey for HH, but they were good.  Maybe I should stick to $4 margs and free chips & salsa?!!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I got the "Roadhouse" salad with added tri tip, done medium-well for takeout ($12).  Not going to lie...it was a great salad.  It was a huge portion, definitely shareable, but in my case, it was all for me!  It was covered with crispy onion strings (literally, covered, like it was almost an onion string salad), which I didn't mind because it gave the mixed greens a yummy crunch with every bite.  All the veggies tasted fresh and held their texture after I poured on the dressing. The Asian-inspired sesame dressing was delicious, and they give you a big container of it.  I hate when I get served a tiny cup of dressing.  So this was great, especially for a to go order.  The reason this awesome salad is not 5 stars is because I had to double check it for the added tri tip ($3).  I opened up the container and looked under the mound of onion strings and saw some cut up pieces of meat.  At least they didn't forget to add it, but I don't think it was very much.  I'm used to having at least 3 hearty slices served on top of the salad.  I guess they don't want to make the onion strings soggy?  

    Service was friendly and fast.  I'd definitely come back for this salad or try one of the other 5 salad choices.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Wine Wednesday

    The vibe had "party over here!" written all over it!  We walked in 15 minutes late, thanks to Midtown parking availability, and greeted by lovely "Smashley" and our gracious CM Alex posted at the top of the stairs to the private loft room.  We found an open table that had cheese and fruit plates and Yelp swag waiting for us.  Our server for the night Cody wasted no time pouring us a glass of sparkling wine.  The cheese plate included brie, burrata, fruit jam, citrus sections, another soft, spreadable cheese and toast triangles.  All the cheeses were mild, almost bland, so I only found one that was interesting (the soft, spreadable one).  All paired well with the bubbly though.  Next was a white wine made from the same grapes to make cognac.  Delicious!  Extremely fruity, crisp, and bright (if that makes any sense).  Each sip was a burst of refreshing flavor.  Would order again-especially for $5 during HH!  They paired that with tiny, deep fried chicken wings, that were unfortunately not seasoned at all.  From the reviews of the first night, it seems it went from pure salt to zero seasoning.  I also could've passed on the smoked blue cheese dipping sauce and just had plain ranch dressing.  Next up was a red that was way too dry for my taste, and served with duck nuggets.  The flavor reminded me of a chicken meatball that had been battered and fried.  Not bad and served with a simple bbq sauce.  After that we were served a different white and red.  Sorry I can't name the wines.  It was extremely loud in there (party atmosphere!), so it was really hard to hear Cody when he presented each wine.  The sommalier Lonnie (?) did a little speech on the wines to the group, as well as go around the room to talk personally to each table.  He was very personable as well as the other manager, checking in with everyone.  Aside from all the wines, I tried the "6399" cocktail, made with vodka, grapefruit, and ginger beer, and a "Diablo (something)".  Both were refreshing, strong, and reminded me of summer.

    I thought the entire staff at Capital Dime did an excellent job, working the room, serving the food in a timely manner, pouring drinks, and clearing the tables.  They really worked as a team, and that was much appreciated.  A happy hour, indeed!

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    18.7.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Sorry.  Can't do it.  I got the carne asada fries.  A big pile of a mess!  The carne asada was like chopped shredded beef and did not taste good.  But what really killed it for me was they put the meat on top of the sour cream, leaving it to congeal into a cottage cheese consistency.  Who does that?  

    As convenient as it's location and hours are, I'd rather get a bean burrito from 7-11 next door.

    3.0 Sterne
    2.4.2014 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Three generous stars for it's totally convenient location, business hours, and menu selection.  Two… Weiterlesen
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    Great happy hour!  We've been a couple times now, strictly for HH, and I can say that the food and drinks were consistently good (if not better, after our first visit).  House margs and mai tais are $5, and the bartenders do a nice pour.  I believe they have other $3-$4 drink specials.  Those huge fishbowl drinks ("bolos") are $15 (reg $30) all day on Wednesdays.  Next HH visit will be on a Wednesday!

    So I was a little hesitant trying out Guy Fieri's establishment, since Tex Wasabi's was a flop.  And honestly, the HH menu is good enough with excellent prices (everything $5 or less), that I don't think I'd come back at non-HH hours or order non-HH food!  Here's a list of what I've had so far:

    calamari- 1st visit overcooked; terrible dipping sauce, 2nd visit yummy but same sauce
    mozzarella sticks-uh no...2 sticks with a fancy presentation doesn't cut it, even for $3
    chorizo & shrimp flatbread-best $5 item on the menu
    pork belly flatbread- Asian inspired flavors; too sweet for my taste
    chicken ranch flatbread-another winner
    salsa verde brick wings-best damn wings I've had in awhile!  

    It's a sports bar atmosphere with plenty of TV's for your viewing pleasure, and a nice size bar.  Service was pretty good both times I went.  I think the larger the party, the slower they get, but nothing to complain about.  Overall, a good choice for some after work eats and drinks, especially if you're tired of going to all the chains in the Arden area.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Get the Groupon!  It's so worth it.  Basically, one of you will be enjoying a simple steak dinner and artisan cocktail for free!  It's a great way to try out this new and interesting dining concept in Sacramento.  Well, sort of new (OZ introuduced us to grill-your-own-meat) but very interesting, nonetheless.

    After finding the red door underneath the neon signage on Broadway, we walked into the bar and were greeted right away by the bartender and our hostess/server (Harmony).  We were seated in a comfy booth. The ambiance is pretty awesome.  Dark and swanky, yet completely casual. There were only 2 other patrons in the whole place when we arrived, so it was really quiet, almost awkwardly quiet. I would've liked to hear some jazz or neo-soul playing in the background.  (I didn't realize they had a free jukebox...will have to check it out next time.)  More people started to come and the dining room was eventually filled with chatter, more sizzling steaks, and laughter.

    I started off with the refreshing and light "Remission," one of the signature cocktails, made up of vodka, lemon, and ginger beer.  Cocktails are a bit pricey ($10), so just another reason to get a Groupon!  Entrees include your steak, salad, and bread.  We chose the 14oz ribeye, marinated in a garlic teriyaki sauce.  My man added some seasoning (provided near the grill) and threw those bad boys on the grill, along with the bread.  He got some beautiful grill markings on them, but had to put his steak back on for a little while longer, because it was pretty rare in the middle (he was aiming for well-done).  Seems that the temp isn't as hot as it should be, if you follow the menu's suggested grilling times.  Simple mixed greens salad with cucumber and carrots came with bleu cheese (creamy and delicious) or raspberry vinagarette (very flavorful).  I loved the food.  The steaks were tender, and my ribeye only had one tiny piece of fat on it.  I was missing a baked potato or some other side dish though.  I didn't want to order a veggie skewer for $10.  

    Unfortunately, Arthur Henry's doesn't have a kitchen to cook anything else, meaning no appetizers and no other side dishes.  When we inquired about that, Harmony said "they are working on it".  I still think that the prices (food and drinks) are a bit high for a grill-your-own concept, so I probably wouldn't come back again without a Groupon.  But many kudos to the owner for contributing to the revitalization of Oak Park!

  • 5858 S Land Park Dr
    Sacramento, CA 95857
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    About 15 years ago, I went to Brownie's for the first time.  It was the last stop of our St. Patrick's Day crawl.  All I remember was walking into a dark, dank, dive of a bar.

    Fast forward to 2014, the night before Cesar Chavez Day.  I remember walking into a dark, dank, dive of a bar.

    End of review.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    We really needed something to soak up our alcohol from Brownie's Lounge, so we first walked next door to Florez, hoping for more alcohol and some good Mexican food to offset the booze, but they were packed and we weren't willing to wait.  Need food now!  So a few further steps, we walk in to a humungous, empty room filled with long tables and a separate arcade room.  This will do.  As soon as we stepped up to the counter to order, the nice guy at the register handed us some coupons to use.  He also told us that we just missed a party of 75 little league kids (Thank you, Jesus!).  It's obviously an excellent place for the kiddos and their soccer or baseball parties.

    We ordered a large "Da Bronx Bomber", a large 4-topping pizza, a pitcher of beer, and 8 chicken wings for $65.  The buffalo wings came out super fast and tasted amazingly great (although, at that point, buffalo-sauced shoe leather might have tasted great too), dipped with an equally good ranch dressing.  The pizzas also came out in record time.  They had ample toppings and a lot of grease.  Crust was thin and had crispy edges but very soft and pliable.  Truly a New York style pie, perfect for folding and shoving in your mouth.   They use soft, roasted red bell peppers (not green) as their "peppers".  I thought the pizza was too greasy, had too many peppers, and not enough cheese.  Nonetheless, I devoured a couple slices to satisfy my hunger.  

    4 stars for the service, no waiting, and no kids
    2 stars for the food

  • 1901 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Damn commercials!  Curiosity and good marketing got the best of us.

    First time trying Dickey's, and sadly, I was disappointed.  I totally agree with reviewer Alex T that the board menu was quite confusing.  I was a bit overwhelmed and grabbed one of the brochure menus and started to look at both.  The female staff that helped me asked if I had any questions.  I don't know what it is about their menu, but all I saw was a bunch of jumbled letters.  I hesitantly replied, "Um...still looking".  Funny thing is, I already knew what I wanted.  A rack of ribs and a couple sides to go.  A friend had recommended the "mashed potatoes".  I didn't see it on the menu, so when I asked if they had that, she said there is a loaded potato casserole.  When I asked if that was similar to mashed potatoes, she just looked at me blankly.  I also got the green beans, both individual sized.  If you order a rack of ribs, it does not come with any sides.  They do not offer a family or combo pack, which makes no sense to me, since they offer combos of other meats in larger servings that include sides.  When I finally settled on my order, she took out some ribs, wrapped in saran wrap, from a warmer, cut it up, and placed it in the smallest styrofoam container.  There was some confusion on her part when I was paying the bill.  I handed her $30 to cover the $29 bill, and she repeated with her hand out, "It's $29".  My turn to look at her blankly.  She realized her mistake, apologized, and said "Don't forget your free ice cream cone!".  I filled up some cups of their bbq sauces,  got my free cone, and was out of there.

    The ribs were extremely tender and tasted alright to me.  My man on the other hand, was totally disappointed, but mostly upset at himself for falling for the commercials.  He could tell that the ribs weren't freshly smoked, if at all, and that they had to have boiled them first, as they easily fell off the bone.  I didn't tell him about them coming out of a warmer wrapped in plastic.  He might have had a coronary.  The green beans had no seasoning and no flavor.  The potato casserole had cheese, green onions, and bacon but very little flavor and very gummy texture.

    For only $24, we can get a rack of freshly smoked-on-the-premises, meaty, flavorful ribs and 2 nicely portioned and deliciously seasoned sides next door at locally owned Tank House.  I knew not to expect much from a BBQ chain.  Culinary lesson learned.

    Jared K.
    Kommentar von Jared K. von Dickey's Barbecue Pit
    5.4.2014 Errrtt, now pump the brakes a little here.  We do not mind the feedback at all but I want to clear… Weiterlesen
  • 442 Howe Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Small, quiet, clean, and relaxing.  It was a nice change to the massive salon I normally go to down the street (KB Nail).  Less conversations, more natural light, no tv, and classical music made for a really calm and enjoyable experience.  The staff were all very friendly and sweet.  When I arrived 5 minutes early for my 5pm appointment, they apologized and said they were 10 minutes behind schedule, but they had a pedicure chair open and ready for me to soak my feet.  I was in no hurry and took advantage of using the massage chair for an extra 10 minutes!  Since this is a small salon, I would still recommend making an appointment.

    Tiffany did a very nice job on my feet and toes.  She had a soft touch when doing the massage (I prefer a bit harder), and the "basic" pedi ($20) includes using hot stones.  Lisa worked on my gel mani ($25) and also did a beautiful and meticulous job.  They were both done in about 75 minutes.

    Thanks to Yelpers, I've found my new spot!

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    Beitrag des Tages 2.7.2014

    Clap along with me, Yelpers, 'cause I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!!

    This was a super fun Happy Hour on a Sunday.  Yes...a Sunday!  (Happy, happy, happy...!)

    All appetizers are 1/2 off.   We had the spring rolls, chicken satay, cheese wontons, and potstickers.  Seriously, everything was OMG good!  Satisfying portions.  Packed with flavor.  Light and fresh spring rolls. Tender chicken.  Moist potstickers.  My favorite though had to be the cream cheese wontons.  Definitely one of the BEST things I've ever put in my mouth!  Ever! Perfectly crispy wontons wrapped around a creamy, pillowy center of warm, oozing goodness.  (Happy, happy, happy..!)

    Not only does Coconut have amazing appetizers, but having their "wine sampler" ($3 HH) along with them was fun and entertaining.  It's 6 shot glasses filled with 6 wines of your choice.  The wine list is actually a nice selection of affordable brands, with a balance of reds and whites, and even 2 sakes.  You can also do a "beer sampler" for $2 during HH.  Rick, solely "in charge of all the liquids", proved to be a passionate and generous sommalier.  When he first brought out our wine sampler, there was an extra shot glass of wine.  When he realized that he forgot one on my list, he came back with another glass.  Then he saw that we had peanut sauce (served with the satay and spring rolls) and came back with shots of sake because "it pairs perfectly with it".  He was so right.  As we were finishing up and deciding what to get for dessert, he brought out a bottle of "Chocolate Rouge" and poured us more shots.  It's not on the menu, but he wanted us to try it.  We shared the fried banana with Gunther's coconut ice cream ($5).  The thickly battered banana pieces were delicious with the creamy ice cream.  Rick came back with more shot glasses of another chocolate wine that tasted like, and had the same consistency as Bailey's, so I poured it over the ice cream.   Rick rocked!  

    One of the best Happy, happy, happy hours in Sacramento!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    "Shots!  Shots!  Shots!"   (Goldschlager and Jaeger shots, that is)

    Our CM Alex L and the awesome staff at INK Eats and Drinks made sure that the elitest of the Elite Squad (I'm talkin' to you, gold badgers!) had an unforgettable, golden time at Sacramento's first Gold Elite Event (YGEE).  There was so much Yelp swag, it was spilling off the tables.  We were treated to a free (or two, or three) drink of our choice, served in a souvenir Yelp pint glass.  As if that wasn't enough liquor on a Sunday, they lined the bar with Yelp shot glasses filled with Goldschlager.  And if that wasn't enough for you hardcore drinkers, more shots of Jaeger were passed around the room.  Damn, hope everyone made it to work the next day!

    The INK staff had their A game on.  Fantastic attitudes, amazing service.  Can't thank them enough for being such generous and professional hosts for our cuh-razy group.  The only signature cocktail I tried was the "ginger tois" which was refreshing, light, and delicious.  I will come back during HH to try the other drinks that sounded really interesting, like the "creme brulee mule".  There was plenty of eats to sample from.  We were served sliders, fries, two kinds of boneless wings, calamari, Asian coleslaw, and the best freakin' hot artichoke and jalepeno dip I've ever tasted in my life.  If I died from eating too much of it, just know that I died a good death.  Yeah, it was THAT good.  

    Besides the endless swag, eats & drinks, and great Yelpers, what really set the party off was the music by DJ Micro.  His selection of tunes got people to bob their heads, sing along, and dance their booties off.   I was a little sad that the twerking contest never happened, but relieved at the same time.  Pheeeewww...

    Asia and Paul of Photostudio29 captured every moment of this epic event with some beautiful shots.  Different kind of shots.  Did I mention there were shots involved?  See their pictures to get an idea if you missed out...or can't remember.  :)

  • 2648 Watt Ave
    Sacramento, CA 95821
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    It was nice to have a ladies-only event, where we got a sampling of Suede Studio's pampering.  Suede is in a small shopping center next to Wendy's, next to Starbucks, next to Country Club bowling alley.  They are a full service hair and skin salon.  They offered complimentary blow-outs, makeup sessions, and facial skin analysis. They even sold some jewelry.  I scored the cutest feather earrings for 70% off!  Unfortunately, there was not enough time (long wait) for me to get a blow-out, but I saw the end results of some of the ladies, and they were gorgeous!  I did get a chance to have Nicole of Lolo Beauty Cosmetics fill in my scraggly brows for me, and she did an amazing job.  I loved them.  She instructed me on how to do it myself and what type and color product to use.  Nicole was very energetic and knowledgeable about makeup.  I look forward to more of her beautifying skills at future Yelp events.  I chose not to do the face analysis, since I already know my skin is no bueno.  There were smoothie samples from Oopa Yogurt Bar, wines from Renwood, and food from Smart Nutrition.  Since I was still full from brunch, I only partook in a couple glasses of Renwood's bubbly cuvee that I thought was perfect for sipping and socializing with my Yelp ladies.

    Thanks to Alex and Ashley for organizing this intimate, laid-back, fun event, and also to Paul and Asia (Photostudio29) for all the great before and after pictures.  **smile**

  • 724 E Olive Ave
    Fresno, CA 93728
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Came for a quick bite before a show down the street at 2nd Space Theater.  And I mean quick.  We had 45 minutes to walk there, order, eat, pay, walk back, and take our seats. I was glad it was nearly empty when we walked in so we could get served faster, but also skeptical.  Shouldn't it be busy on a Saturday night?  Then I saw the Yelp 2.5 rating.  Uh oh!   I was with my cousin who is a regular there, so he knew exactly what to order.  We split a salmon bento box ($13) and an OMG roll ($12).  Our friendly server brought out a bowl of hot miso.  I rather liked it, not too salty and had pieces of tofu and seaweed.  The rest of the food was brought out in about 5 minutes. Quick!  The OMG roll was quite a sight.  It was 8 pieces of sushi rolled in tempura flakes with a volcano mound of a crab salad piled on each piece, covered with some type of mayo sauce and tobiko.  I smashed the crab salad down and was able to shove it all in my mouth.  Not the prettiest thing to witness eating, but it tasted great and had a little spicy kick to it.  The grilled salmon was overdone, dry, and pretty much just tasted like char.  I loved the salad.  It was drenched in a delicious salad dressing.  Some might say too much dressing.  But I say, perfectly drowned!  The California roll was bland but the gyoza was good, and nicely fried crispy.  The rest of the tempura was a little overfried and a little greasy.  I don't know how they could overcook any of it when it was ready in 5 minutes.  Anyways, we needed a quick sushi fix and that's what Mr Sushi served up.  3 stars!

  • 5712 Broadway
    Sacramento, CA 95820
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I wasn't completely satisfied with my gel mani and pedi, and for that reason, I would give them 2 stars.  But, because I thought Liz was very nice, enjoyed a quiet atmosphere (only 1 other customer and staff at the time), and saved a few dollars with a Groupon, I'll bump it up to 3 stars.  

    I was greeted right away and asked to fill out a little questionaire.  I looked at the display case of all the miniature "3-D" trinkets you can accessorize your nails with.  Lots of options if you're into that style.  The place is very girly with a mixture of pinks, frills, floral, and French/Asian-themed decor.  I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the usual massage chairs but instead had hard seating disguised with cute pink and black furry pillows. The tub of water they soaked my feet in was initially a good hot temp, but it seemed like it was getting hotter as time passed, almost unbearably hot!  My bad for not saying anything to Liz.  I thought the French pedi turned out nice, but it seemed like I got the shortest foot massage ever!  Not even 5 minutes for both feet.  For the same "basic" pedi ($20), I've had better and longer attention at other salons.

    After my pedi, she sat me down at the "nail bar," and started my French gel mani.  She knew when I first got there that I wanted a gel mani, but didn't wrap my nails with the acetone/foil to remove my old polish during the pedi, so that took up some extra time waiting for that.  Liz seemed so meticulous and patient doing my mani that I would've expected a better, cleaner result.  Polish was a little uneven.  I saw a card on the counter that said their work was 100% guaranteed.  Even if that's true, I don't think I'll be coming back.  It took a total of 2 hours to finish up, and if I'm not sitting in a massage chair for any length of time just for "ok" results, it's not worth it to me.

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