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Already completed 100 reviews in 2014! Let's see how many I can do this year.
  • 7635 Ramona Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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    5.0 Sterne

    Ordered from Gluten Free Cottage on a whim. I had nothing to go on other than the existing Yelp Reviews.

    Gluten Free Cottage is a home based bakery making gluten free, paleo, and vegan  baked goods. Delivery is free if you are local in the Rancho Cucamonga area.  Deliveries can be made to your home, office or you can meet in a public parking lot (Starbucks etc.).

    I wanted to bring something gluten free to Christmas dinner since I have two cousins on a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease.

    I ordered the Pumpkin Spice Loaf at $15.00 from Diana. Since it was the week before Christmas, she mentioned that her last delivery was the 23rd, but the loaf should stay fresh until the 25th.  Per Diana's instructions, I put it in an air-tight Ziploc bag and hoped for the best.

    On Christmas Day, I brought the loaf with me to San Diego. We had other pastries from Porto's bakery there too, but wow, I was honestly so impressed with the Pumpkin Loaf. It was moist and had plenty of flavor and absolutely amazing paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    I've had gluten-free items before (cake, bread, etc.) and usually I can taste something off about it (texture etc), but everyone was stunned how good it was!

    I will absolutely order from Diana again for any baking needs!  :)

    UPDATE: Iced Pumpkin Scones and Lemon Bars are sooooo good too!

    1/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 105 Gemini Ave
    Brea, CA 92821
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    My review is for the 47 Passenger Bus, Bus Driver and Overall Experience

    Our department used Gold Coast Tours for our offsite in November 2013.
    Our administrative aid initiated the service and since she was no longer with the company, I had to pick up where she left off while we hired a new admin.

    Anyway, initial conversations with Isela H. were pretty straight forward. She gave me a copy of the invoice and I sent her our schedule. I found that she was slow to respond. I would ask her a few questions and wouldn't see a reply from her until the following week.

    Their rate was $1,825 for 2 days/1 night with 9% PUC Tax and Fuel Surchage. Total: $1,989.25 (Driver's Gratuity is not included and is optional).

    I kept asking her for our driver's information and contact number, but we didn't know who the driver was until the day before (late afternoon). She said he would get a copy of our itinerary. I provided a detailed spreadsheet and included times, locations, maps and directions. So there would be no confusion for the driver. We even printed copies out for that morning.

    We had 2 pick up spots that morning (Monrovia and Rancho Cucamonga) and we were going to be staying overnight in Palm Springs.

    So... what happens....? He leaves Monrovia and he was supposed to take the 210 freeway to Rancho Cucamonga to pick up 15 people (including myself) and he ends up taking the 57 to the 10 and by the time people realized where they were... the bus was already in Fontana! So everyone is telling him to turn around to head back to Rancho. Everyone thought he was taking the 10 to get off in Rancho instead. Geez, this is already throwing us off schedule.

    The bus itself is outdated. There's a DVD player in the bus and a restroom. However, there are NO CUP HOLDERS!! Only the front seats have cupholders. I ended up holding my drinks between my feet on the floor. The seats weren't the comfortable and it smelled like fumes inside. The bus driver also made some questionable moves.

    The one thing I did appreciate about the driver was that he filled up our coolers with ice the next morning.

    We used another bus company a few years back which I enjoyed a lot better. I would not recommend this place if we had to hire another bus in the future.

    2/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 6401 Haven Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
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    One of my criteria on my list to my real estate agent, was that our new house needed to have a Trader Joe's close by.... and so we have it! LOL

    I'm lost at any other store. I walked into Sprout's one day and ended up at Trader Joe's to buy the rest of my groceries.

    I buy everything from:
    Fresh produce
    Pizza dough
    Frozen meals (orange chicken etc.)
    Desserts (cheesecake, tapioca pudding, cookies, ice cream sandwiches)
    Juice (orange, apple)
    Bread (have gluten free)
    Olive Oil
    Dog treats
    Greeting cards

    I've even tried their lotions and shampoo.

    All the staff there are friendly (as in any other Trader Joe's) and will usually strike up a conversation with you when they are ringing you up.

    The only reasons for me to step foot in another grocery store would be to buy CoffeeMate creamer (since I love their creamer), K-cups, or meat when it's on sale.
    Otherwise, TJ's fufills all my needs.  :)

    3/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 3770 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    My husband and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate one of my past birthdays.
    For my birthday dinner, we made a reservation here.

    Brand Steakhouse is located within the Monte Carlo hotel and on the same floor as the casino. I know what  you're thinking.. a restaurant surrounded by the casino?

    The restaurant itself is 5,000 sq ft with a nice sleek and modern design. The chairs are so comfy! The restaurant setting is elegant and perfect setting for a nice dinner.

    We ordered:
    Classic Caesar Salad ($14)
    8 oz Filet Mignon ($44)
    24 oz Anton's Tomahawk Rib Eye ($53)

    The bread they give you is so amazing. Delish!

    Desserts are $10 and they offer things like chocolate cake, key lime pie, toffee bread pudding, creme burlee, Doughnut "Munchkin" holes.

    I highly enjoyed my dinner here and would definitely return if we're in Vegas again.

    87/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 9008 Foothill Blvd
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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    I used to think Big Lots was really unorganized with nonexistent customer service.
    However, I've noticed they've gotten better (even the one I go to in Duarte has improved).

    What do I come to Big Lots for?

    Hmmm, well I buy most of my White Elephant gifts here. (usually our budget is $20-25). I end up buying kitchen appliances like a hand mixer, rice cooker, cupcake maker, popcorn machine or any other bake-ware. I also got my gift bags and Christmas lighting from Big Lots this year. They also have solar powered lights for your yard.

    They have inexpensive electronics (computer speakers, USB, DVDs, hairdryers).

    Once in a while, I'll buy my spices, canned goods, towels,  dog supplies (dog bed), and storage bins here.

    I also get all my paper plates, cups here for my parties. (Christmas or Hawaiian themes etc) and tupperwear (they carry Rubbermaid!)

    So overall, I've been pretty satisfied with the items I've been able to find here and they are at a reasonable price.

    I also saw they had green tea on sale (usually $0.99) and they were selling for like $0.59.

    4/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 602 W Huntington Dr
    Monrovia, CA 91016
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    Came here with a few of my coworkers about a week after they opened. They have outdoor seating as well, but no umbrellas. You can also order online on their website.


    Classic Smash $5.29 (American cheese, Smash sauce, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onion on an egg bun)

    Smashfries $2.29 (fries with rosemary, olive oil & garlic)

    Fountain drinks are $1.99

    So you see... one person's meal is easily $10.00+

    The coke was out of syrup on the day I was there. (Coke Zero, Regular Coke)

    I personally didn't like the Smashfries. The cut is too thin, too oily, didn't taste any garlic and I didn't care for the combination of rosemary.
    The Smash sauce that came with my burger is a mayo and yellow mustard based sweet sauce. It was okay.

    They also offer chicken, salads, veggie burger, hot dogs, and milk shakes.

    If there are no long lines, I would probably be back again to try something else.

    5/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 420 N McKinley St
    Corona, CA 92879
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    5.0 Sterne

    4.5, but will round up.

    I'll keep my review short & sweet.
    My friend recommended this place to us. Her whole family comes here frequently.
    The restaurant is located within the Corona Hills Plaza (by US Bank and by the Yogurtland)

    My husband and I came here for lunch one day and got the AYCE. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their fish. The service was great as they refilled our drinks and took away empty plates right away.

    We've had AYCE sushi/rolls in San Dimas and Orange County, but this place still had better quality.

    6/100 Reviews for 2014

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    I decided to come here for my birthday dinner with my husband. I just wanted to go somewhere local and not have to make the drive to Beverly Hills or Malibu.

    I've actually never been to Fleming's (I know, shocking...), but have been to a few "fancier" steakhouses, yet more expensive.

    I made a reservation for Tuesday at 5:00PM (right when they open), but we noticed there was already a group of people waiting outside. We actually had to wait in line to check in with the hostess and then wait another few minutes to get seated. I just thought it was a bit annoying to stand there in the front, it was getting crowded.

    Our server was Art Velasquez and we sat at a booth.

    I ordered the Petite Filet Mignon and my husband ordered the Main Filet Mignon.

    I asked for Medium and our server asked if I wanted them to butterfly it so it could cook more evenly. He said it would still be pink in the middle so I agreed. Argh, I've never had my steak butterflied before and probably would never do that again. My filet actually came out well done instead of medium (no pink at all). My husband's filet was cooked perfectly and so soft like butter.....  Like other steakhouses, it does not come with sides so you have to order the sides separately otherwise you get a plate with a piece of meat on it. (That's it).

    The manager also visited our table and chatted with us.

    Anyway... here's the breakdown

    $0.00 Rosemary Bread
    $6.95 Acqua Panna water
    $16.00 Glass of Robert Mondavi white wine
    $3.50 Diet Coke
    $11.50 Fleming's potatoes
    $41.95 Petite Filet Mignon
    $45.50 Main Filet Mignon
    $13.50 Chocolate Lava Cake
    $138.90 Sub Total
    $11.11 Tax
    $150.01 TOTAL plus Tip

    At the end of the dinner, they gave me a box of complimentary chocolate truffles and a $25.00 Gift Card.

    Overall, the service was excellent and I would come here again.

    86/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 10431 Lemon Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
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    5.0 Sterne

    See UPDATES at the bottom. ( I didn't want to do an entire revised review)

    Citrus Kitchen just opened in mid-April 2014. They are located in the plaza on the south side of Lemon on the west side of Haven Avenue, next to the hair salon. (Basically the plaza across from Trader Joe's/Vons). They are a local based culinary team offering "farm to table" meals. They offer scratch prepared Californian cuisine with an emphasis on deliciousness through healthy menu offerings.

    They have some seating inside and one table outside. Remember they are closed on Sunday and Mondays! They have vegetarian and gluten free options.

    Nice concept.... This is how you order:
    1) Size: Snack or Meal?
    2) Bowl/Plate, Sandwich, Wrap/Burrito, Taco or Salad?
    3) Meat/Meatless: Chicken, Salmon, Barbacoa, Carnitas, Shrimp, Tofu
    4) Pick 2 Sides/Stuffs
    5) Sauce

    I ordered the Roasted Citrus Wild Salmon plate with Local Vegetables and Butternut Squash Sauté with Citrus Vinaigrette. It came out to around $11.00.

    Really friendly service. I like the box the meal comes in. My meal was delicious and I was seriously stuffed. I'll definitely be back with my husband.

    UPDATE #1: Since my initial review, my husband and I have also tried the Santa Maria Tri Tip, Barbacoa, Citrus Chicken, Cajun Salmon and Citrus Shrimp. All were cooked perfectly... nice tender meat and plenty of flavor. Personally, my favorite is their salmon!

    UPDATE #2: They've simplified their menu and instead of picking a sandwich, wrap, or taco, they are ALL Plates now either snack size (1 side) or meal size (bigger meat portion and 2 sides). The prices have increased slightly as well. NOTE, they also took Barbacoa and Carnitas off the menu. (they are too labor intensive to make). Also, they are HIRING a kitchen apprentice and cashier. (7/14/14)

    85/100 Reviews for 2014

  • Bar
    Piazza Della Signoria, 16R
    50122 Firenze
    5.0 Sterne

    Gelato Review

    Said this before, but when we were in Italy we had gelato every day (twice a day). We had gelato in Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento & Capri island.

    They are a corner store located at the Piazza della Signoria. It's a beautiful location with plenty of things to look at while you sip your drink or try one of their Italian desserts.

    I have to say... even though it was a bit pricey BAR Perseo had reallly good gelato. I tried 3 of their flavors (pistachio, hazelnut chocolate and a chocolate cookie flavor) and was in heaven! Dense, rich, creamy, flavorful... great quality.

    After returning to the USA, I have not had anything that can compare to theirs.

    Photos posted as well...  :)

    7/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 2171 E Huntington Dr
    Duarte, CA 91010
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    I came here once before a few years ago just to check it out. I remember the menu being only in Spanish! Since there was some folks taking so long ahead of us and a sketchy guy outside in the parking lot, we decided to leave and go somewhere else.

    Fast forward a few years later, came here on a Tuesday for fish tacos with 3 of my coworkers. There is a line out the door, but it didn't take too long. As soon as I ordered and was trying to put the coins in my coin purse, they already called my number!  Fish tacos are 99c on Tuesdays and are regularly $1.69.

    There's a couple tables outside, but plenty of tables inside.

    The busiest days are Tuesdays and Thursdays when they have their specials. Note that they open at 10AM so you can always come early for brunch tacos! ;)

    The fish tacos are a decent size and delicious! The fish was also crispy and piping hot. Note that they don't have a soda machine here. Sodas are either in a bottle or can. They have specials on their asada, carne and pollo tacos on Thursdays.

    Not too many parking spots in the plaza and some are reserved for the laundromat next door. So you can always park in the Fresh & Easy lot if need be.

    8/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 328 W Huntington Dr
    Monrovia, CA 91016
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    4.0 Sterne

    My review is mostly for their prepared food. I don't normally do my grocery shopping here, but they do have good sales on fruit, veggies, and meat.

    The first time I came here, they had a great sale on chicken so my husband and I came here to get a bunch. (We boil them and feed them to my 3 dogs. Yes they're spoiled!)

    Came here again with a  couple of my coworkers. They currently have a sale on their fish tacos. My coworker ordered that and tried their chicken tacos. I ordered a watermelon agua fresca for $0.99. (wow so yummy!)

    For 3 tacos and an agua fresca, my bill only came out to $4.32.

    As we were standing there admiring all the food on display, 3 different people asked me if I needed help. Wow, so attentive. Anyway, we noticed they only speak to you in Spanish so may need to brush up on your Espanol a little or have Google Translate handy... hahah. Hopefully 4 years of High School Spanish is enough....

    There are a few tables inside so you can eat there if you'd like.
    My coworker (Setal P.) likes the tacos here so much we started coming at least once a week!

    They have pastries, shrimp cocktail, empanadas, marinated meats...etc. They also provide catering.

    I've also tried their carne asada and carnita tacos which are pretty tasty. I also order the Chipotle salsa from the deli for my husband. The fresh salsa they make here is SO GOOD!

    9/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 8768 Archibald Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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    Gah, received my DMV renewal notice and see that my car needs another Smog check.

    Saw that Mr. Smog Check got a lot of great reviews so I checked out their website.
    They have a coupon "Get Test Only Smog Check for Only $40.00" so I print that out and call to make an appointment.

    They answer their phone in Spanish. I want to make a 4:15PM appointment. They just asked for Year, Make and Model of the car.

    "Do you need my name and phone number?"

    Okay, so I tell my husband to stop by after work for the smog check.
    I check the next day on the DMV website and they already have the results so I can pay the stupid fee and get my new sticker.

    Pretty simple. Will come here again for future smog needs..

    10/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 6371 Haven Ave
    Alta Loma, CA 91737
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    2.0 Sterne

    This is the closest Subway to my house and my husband and I have been here a few times now.

    Eh, probably not my favorite Subway. This Subway is really stingy on the amount of stuff they put in your sandwich. I don't think they wipe down their soda machines as often as they should since they are always sticky.

    We walked in here one time and the entire place was smokey. Is there a fire in here?!

    The last time I was here, I ordered a footlong and was quite disappointed. It was mostly bread, hardly any chicken or lettuce, 3 pieces of banana peppers and only 3 thin slices of tomato. It's like "can I have a bit more?" and they add like 2 more pieces of lettuce. "Ugh"

    My husband and I had split the sandwich so I got 2 tomatos and he only got 1.

    Even if it was a $5 footlong, I didn't intend to just eat a loaf of bread for my lunch.
    I also noticed they have "Now Hiring" signs posted all over.

    11/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    My husband's family has a tradition of coming out here during Thanksgiving (for the past 30 years or so). They usually stay overnight a few days in their trailers (not really considered camping).

    Lake Perris is actually an artificial lake made in the 1970s. The State Recreation Area sits between Moreno Valley and Perris. My husband tells me that back in the day, there was absolutely nothing out there, but as you enter the park now, there are a lot of new housing communities. The park gets busy during summer months.

    So since 2005, I've been coming here during Thanksgiving. We never stay the night though. It's a decent place. You can go walking, biking, boating etc. Dogs are allowed at the park.

    Reservations are needed for the campgrounds.

    Their camp areas vary though. Sometimes, you are just looking at lots of dirt. If you score a site with a view of the water then that would be ideal.

    There are camp rangers that go around to make sure everyone is following the rules (loud music, hanging up lights etc.)

    If it wasn't my husband's family tradition to come here, I'm not sure if I would really come here on my own time. It's not really a park I would have a BBQ or set up a picnic for an event.

    Overall, it's okay and the restrooms are clean enough.

    12/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 12427 N Mainstreet
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Came here during "Easy Hour" in the lounge with two of my friends. Easy Hour is Monday-Friday from 4:30PM to 6:30PM.

    I think the portion size of their 'Snacks" are perfect. They range from $4.75-$7.50 and you can order anything from California or Spicy Tuny Rolls, Fish tacos, Ceviche Fish Cocktail or even a Burger with fries.

    They have two cocktails ($6.00) to chose from, draft beer, well drinks are $1.50 off and a glass of wine is $4.25.

    I ordered the "Killer" Fish Tacos at $5.95 (came with 3 tacos) The fish was not fried and came with a slice of avocado for each taco and pico de gallo. Very refreshing!
    We also ordered a slice of New York Cheesecake (came with strawberry puree and whipped cream). Their cheesecake is more crumbly than I'm used to, but still delicious.

    I believe the manager was helping out and he was very attentive. All the staff at the front of the house was also very welcoming.

    Will definitely be back with my husband to try some seabass and salmon.  :)

    13/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 8966 Foothill Blvd.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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    4.0 Sterne

    My regular Souplantation used to be the one on Huntington Drive in Arcadia and the one in Pasadena previous to that.

    HA, I guess I keep moving east.

    Note, I only come here if I have a coupon and they email them to me regularly. (Join the veg club). Also, they had a deal over Christimas (if you bought $50 worth of gift card then you get a free meal voucher).

    So now the RC Souplantation is the main one I eat at. I actually like this one because it's not as busy and parking is plentiful. Also, since you're not in Arcadia it's not 99% Asians eating there. In addition, you are free to get your own strawberry lemonade unlike the SP in Pasadena where it's behind the counter.

    I notice that they don't have salsa here during breakfast on Sundays like how the Arcadia one has. I liked putting it on my chilaquiles. If you ask for salsa, they give you a small thing of pico de gallo. (I want the actual red sausy salsa though)

    The only other small thing that annoys me is that there's a certain table that the employees eat at and we used to sit on that side of the restaurant. Most of them are young and would talk about their weekend plans, what's the best keg beer, use a few swear words and one of the girls is always singing. The bunch gets quite loud and it's hard for my husband and I to have a conversation without being distracted.

    After experiencing this a couple times, we now sit on the opposite side so problem solved. LOL

    14/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 400 E. Huntington Ave.
    Arcadia, CA 91006
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    2.0 Sterne

    I have to admit that I've been here a lot, only because it's super close to my work.
    I try really hard to avoid this place and try suggesting other restaurants, but BJ's ends up being the "default" place to go to.

    Been here mostly with large groups anywhere between 6-15 people in our party. I've also been here with my husband since we had a gift card.
    A majority of the time, the food takes SO LONG. It doesn't matter if we get there early either.

    The service can vary. Most of the time, you feel neglected. The food doesn't come out all at once. Other times, the service is pretty good.

    I usually order from the lunch menu. I've tried their AYCE soup/salad , personal size pizza, sandwich, BBQ combo. Most of the time, I find their food salty and just "eh... it was okay."

    BJ's has their Premier Rewards card and the servers will try to make you sign up for it. You can earn points every time you go there.

    At the end, I'd really avoid coming here and wouldn't care if I never ate at a BJ's again, but I know I'll end up here again. Someone at my work will end up choosing to come here for lunch (taking consultant to lunch, someones birthday...etc.)

    The only thing I truly enjoy though are the Pizookies...

    15/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 10134 Topanga Canyon Blvd
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    My recommendation to you would be either to order Delivery (free within a 3 mile radius minimum order $15) or to Take Out.

    The main dishes I tried were pretty good, but I would probably have enjoyed it more if we had just eaten it at home (or my sister's place). My husband and I ate here with my sister and my brother-in-law. They've only ordered delivery and this was their first time dining inside as well. Just pulling up, it's right next to a "XXX" store and it's probably not the nicest looking little plaza.

    The seats inside are all pink. (like Pepto-Bismol pink). It was a warm day, but it was extremely stuffy inside the restaurant. The lady taking our order was nice enough, but it was really hard to understand her. My husband looked at his fork and it had dried food/crust in between it so he asked for another one.


    We shared the Vegetable Egg Rolls (5 for $4.95). I found the egg rolls really hard (not crispy at all and hard to bite into). The wrap around it was so thick, it led me to believe that they weren't made there and maybe bought frozen.

    Most main dishes are about $7.95-$9.95.

    We also got pineapple fried rice with chicken, Pad Thai, another noodle dish, Thai tea, and sweet rice with mango for dessert.

    The mango wasn't really in season, but I enjoyed the flavor of the rice.

    The Total bill for 4 people was approximately $51.00.

    16/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 6331 Haven Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This place just opened a few months ago and the name alone made me wonder if I should take this place seriously. They must be Aerosmith fans or just really like puns. However, after the reviews started coming, I decided to check it out. The restaurant is located in the same plaza as the Trader Joe's and all the way to the left where the vet hospital is.

    It was a weekday around 5:00PM and the place was full! Wow, I wasn't excepting that. I noticed that a lot of people order (phone/online) ahead of time and come to pick up.

    There was only one person taking orders and she was literally running around and outside. If you want to dine in, you just sit down and they will take your order. (don't order at the register unless you are taking out).

    She took a while to get to us because she was busy with take out orders and a party of 6 had just walked in before us. After we ordered, the food came out within minutes! We ordered the Orange Chicken ($8.95) and the Honey Walnut Shrimp ($11.95). The dishes are prepared to order and came out hot with lots of flavor (NO MSG!!)  Fountain drinks refillable and you help yourself.

    The portions are big! Next time, we'll just order one appetizer and share an entree. We had to ask for 2 to-go boxes.

    They also deliver (within 3 miles radius) and it's a $2 charge. You can also ORDER ONLINE through their website.

    This is definitely going to be one of my regular places now (no more Panda Express....blah).

    The restaurant is run by all Chinese staff (cooks as well) so it's probably why the food taste more authentic.

    UPDATE: I know they use plastic plates and utensils, but this isn't a 4 star restaurant or anything. The food is what brings my husband and I back and they prepare it pretty fast. We've also tried the Chop Suey, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Sweet & Sour Chicken, General Tso's House Special Chicken, Tom Yun Goong soup, pot stickers, milk tea, Thai tea. We've never been unhappy with any of their dishes.

    17/100 Reviews for 2014.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    3.5 Stars

    Hah, not sure if "Yay! I'm a fan." would be appropriate for a court, but I guess I'd apply it for the whole Jury Duty experience.

    I've been called to jury duty at the court in downtown L.A., Pasadena, and Compton.

    Seriously, I just moved to the Inland Empire less than 6 months ago, how did they find me so fast? LOL

    Anyway, it wasn't so bad. I got the summons about 3 weeks before my report date. As others have said, there's plenty of parking. The building is right by the Rancho Cucamonga City Hall just south of Foothill Blvd and east of Haven Avenue.

    As with any court, feels like a mix between an airport and the DMV. I did spot a lot of "scary" looking people while I was there. Yeesh, did they just get of jail?!?

    The jury waiting room is packed with seats and kind of stuffy (hence all the fans they have in there). Free WiFi!!

    They make you watch a video then put you into groups. Then you wait for any announcements regarding your group. (Which room you have to go to, if your group can go on break etc.). You can get a snack or drinks at the small cafe right outside the waiting room. Note that you can only bring drinks with a lid or bottled water back in.

    I thought the lady giving our orientation was really nice and she even cracked a couple jokes.

    Overall, I thought the process went okay and wouldn't mind coming to this particular court again to serve.

    18/100 Reviews for 2014.

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    So random, but I watched a short documentary about Chipotle on NetFlix over the weekend. It talked about the founder Steve Ells who originally wanted to open a high end restaurant and opened Chipotle instead. They also talked about how they emphasize organic ingredients and naturally raised meats (animals not locked up).

    This Chipotle just opened up in December 2013 and this was our first time dining here. Our other coworker refused to eat here because she says that their food is too salty for her so she and another coworker went somewhere else. The interior is a little small compared to others and didn't have that much seating. There are tables outside too.

    I got a chicken salad and my coworker got the tacos. We both found our meals incredibly salty (I didn't finish the whole thing). I guess they salt the meat, salt the beans, salt the salsa, salt the chips... sodium overload. My salad was totally watery too. I guess from the beans. I also went to the Chipotle at the Westfield Arcadia mall and didn't love my meal either. So.. eh, it's just Okay.

    19/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 1025 S Baldwin Ave
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Oooh, I mainly come here for those green onion (scallion)  pancakes. They're not like American pancakes - they are pan-fried, chewy, flaky and savory - like a flat-bread. (Main ingredients: flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, & scallions).

    I've had it a bunch of other places, but I really like the ones they serve here. They are located on the west side of Baldwin Avenue just south of Fairview.

    We usually order a noodle and vegetable dish to share to go with the pancakes.
    My friend doesn't like the dumplings here so we rarely order those. The noodles are good in my opinion.

    Note they take CASH ONLY and parking in this small plaza has a bad layout. All the spaces are always taken and the spots closest to the storefronts have a time limit (15 mins).

    20/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 523 W Huntington Dr
    Monrovia, CA 91016
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne
    3.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    First visit April 6, 2013 (3 Stars)
    Second visit January 31, 2014 (1 Star)
    Average Rating 2 STARS

    There are not a lot of parking spaces and you are not allowed to park in the lots next to the restaurant (like the vet hospital). Good luck with street parking or just park across the street at Black Angus. ALSO, if you are traveling eastbound on Huntington Dr, there is no left turn into the restaurant (there's a center divider) and there are no U-Turns allowed if you want to try to turn around. We knew there was already no parking spaces since my coworker called me so the rest of us just walked there from our office.

    I came here with 8 of my coworkers for breakfast on Friday 1/31/14 for an informal business meeting. Of course they don't take reservations, so one of my coworkers gets there early and the rest of us make our way over there. My coworker asked if she could get a cup of coffee while she waited and they told her "no."

    They knew we were coming at 8:30AM and cleaned a table for us BUT gave our table away at 8:25AM because our entire party wasn't present. OK, I get that, but they knew we would be all there at 8:30AM and it's hard to get two booths together.

    Yeah, this place is not good for larger parties at all. (It wasn't my idea to come here.)

    Whatever - we'll wait. The lady says it'll be a short wait but refused to tell us how long. After approximately 15 mins, we are seated in the booths just to the right of the front door.

    Our waitress was nice enough. She kept refilling our coffee mugs and took plates away. The drinking water is disgusting though. I took one sip and that was it.

    Last time I was here, I ordered the French toast combo and wasn't that impressed with it so this time I got the Waffle combo (fluffy Belgian waffle) with 2 eggs over medium and 2 sausage links.

    Wow, I did not enjoy my meal at all. My eggs came out super runny (even the egg whites were runny)... yuck raw eggs.   :(
    I asked for "over medium" which means cooked on both sides; the yolk is of medium consistency and the egg white is thoroughly cooked.
    My waffle tasted salty and it wasn't fluffy.  My sausage links were burnt and hard. (As I glance at my previous review, it looks like that was what I was unhappy about last time as well.)

    Even I can make better waffles at home (and I'm a terrible cook).

    100% disappointment

    The only bright side was that I didn't pay for my meal.
    Sorry, but I won't be back (voluntarily at least).

    22/100 Reviews for 2014

    3.0 Sterne
    11.4.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Finally made it in on a Saturday morning around 8AM. We never came here because there was never any… Weiterlesen
  • 4.0 Sterne

    My husband and I used to drive past here all the time when we lived closer in the area. The business looks a little run down from the outside, the parking lot hasn't been paved in a long time, but it adds to the charm, I guess...  :)
    They are located on the southwest corner of Covina Blvd & Citrus Ave right next to the 7-Eleven. There's always an old bronze color VW Beetle parked in front.

    There's indoor and outdoor seating.
    Note, that they only sell vegetarian food options here (not vegan). Yes, all their "meat" menu items are vegetarian. So don't be fooled, if you order chicken nuggets or a hotdog and start to think it tastes funny.

    One of the few places, we've been to where you can get your ice cream dipped in butter scotch (my husband's favorite!).  I always get a swirl cone (half vanilla, half chocolate). They only have soft serve ice cream and the prices are not bad.

    23/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 400 S Baldwin Ave
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Been here twice.
    1st time - 2005
    2nd time - 2013

    Ha, I know there was a gap in time, but the first time did nothing for me and we've never been back until my friend/coworker had her "Pre-Baby Lunch" here in November 2013.

    PROS - Large seating area, lunch specials, garlic bread was good,  they gave our large party individual bills and did not add "mandatory" gratuity (wow, that was a first!)

    CONS - They wouldn't seat us until at least 8 of our party was there (we had about 12 people in our party).  Food was underwhelming... I didn't find a lot of flavor in the BBQ and I was missing a portion of my meal (fries) which I had to remind them of.

    To be honest, my husband makes better BBQ than Wood Ranch (brisket, ribs, pulled pork, chicken....)... so I don't see myself ever setting foot inside here again for subpar BBQ.

    If I had to go to another BBQ place close by, I'd rather go to Stonefire Grill in Pasadena (on Rosemead Blvd).

    24/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 7305 Day Creek Blvd
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    3.5 Stars
    Coming from Los Angeles county, my husband and I have had our share of awesome authentic Mexican food. So now that we're in the IE, Tio's was one of the places to try. They're located in the same plaza as the Sprout's. There's also one off Haven Avenue by Lemon, but I heard the owners are more present at this one off Day Creek.

    I have a friend/coworker tell me he's the only Mexican who actually dines here. After dining in a few times, I know what he's talking about now. LOL

    My husband and I have been here a few times now and tried the following:
    Menudo (weekends only)
    Chile Verde
    Carne Asada Tacos
    Mexican salad (chicken or beef, comes with guacamole and sour cream on top)

    The flavors are good. The chilaquiles are tasty especially with the tortilla chips soaked in hot sauce and a fried egg on top.

    They have Taco Tuesday, but we found out they serve them in hard shells (which I'm not a fan of).

    They have indoor and outdoor seating. We've brought one of our dogs here and ordered a side of chicken for her. The last time we were here, we sat outside and they forgot to give us our tortillas and part of our order.There was a lady who took our order and I think she messed up. The owner seemed to be upset with her.

    Overall, it's okay and we've been returning several times a month.

    25/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 11920 Foothill Blvd
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    THURSDAY 2/13/2014
    I only came for one reason.. Thursday's Peanut Butter Cup cupcake! Since we were celebrating Valentine's Day early, I thought I would pick one up for my hubby.
    There aren't too many parking spaces and a gas station is directly behind the stores. The interior of the store is nice and displays are eye pleasing.

    However, once I got there, they didn't have any of Thursday's flavors! They were only selling flavors from their Valentine's Day menu.

    Not only that, but each "Special" flavor was $3.75 per cupcake. Eh, well I drove all the way so might as well get something.

    I opted for the Red Velvet Cheesecake and Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes.
    TOTAL came out to $8.10.

    TASTE: I love the freshness of the strawberries in the chocolate cupcake. The cheesecake crust on the bottom of the red velvet cupcake was a nice touch. However, I thought both the frosting on each cake was super thick (like a paste) and too sweet. Overall the flavors were nice, and I will be back next time for my Peanut Butter Cup cupcake.  ;)

    If you follow them on social media, they do announce Happy Hour times (usually between 4-6PM) and all cupcakes are $2.75-$3.00.

    I saw on their Instagram that they were giving away a free cupcake to the first 24 customers if you whisper their secret phrase. In the photo, it showed the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake which I've always wanted to try. Since my husband and I were down the street, we decided to come in! (Argh, they were out of Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes and didn't have Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes!! wahh!! So I got the White & Black cupcake instead which is a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. My husband saw their Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Madness brownie and passed on his free cupcake! LOL He got the last piece and it was AMAZING!! ($4.00). Anyway, I ate the vanilla cupcake by itself first without the frosting and thought the cake didn't really taste like anything. However the chocolate frosting made up for it. The frosting wasn't too sweet and had a nice chocolate flavor. It's so frustrating that every time I come here for a certain flavor, they never have it!!! I end up getting something else, and always a tad dissapointed with it.

    At this point, it's not worth the effort for me personally. If I need to get cupcakes for a special occasion or something, I'm headed to MyDelight Cupcakery in Ontario.   :)

    26/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 9788 19th St
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    *400th Review*

    Other than LensCrafters, the primary optometry offices I usually go to are at Costco (specifically Azusa and even Alhambra in the past).

    The only reason I don't like going to Costco is that they don't accept my insurance (VSP) so I have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed by VSP afterward. (kind of a pain with having to scan and send all the receipts in and filling out forms).

    So now that we've moved, I was on a search for a new optometrist. I found Yeh and Yu Optometry here on Yelp and decided to give them a call. I noticed that they didn't have any online appointment system and you have to actually call the office. Their office is located on the north side of 19th Street in the same plaza as the Stater Bros.

    Dr. Yu picked up the phone himself to schedule my appointment. Wow that was a first! I came in for my appointment and they took me in right away. Dr. Yu was very thorough in his explanations of why they do each test and even a short biology lesson. He also gave me a lot of tips on how to keep my eyes healthy and how to cause them less strain (especially at work) while keeping a sense of humor.

    I mentioned the online scheduling and Dr. Yu mentioned that even though their office has been around for 10 years, he still likes using paper and talking to his patients. That's a nice touch

    All in all, it was a very positive and easy experience. After an eye exam, contact lens fitting, and ordering two boxes of contacts.... I only paid $30.00 out of pocket. (usually at Costco I pay $120 just for the contact exam plus $100+ for the contact lenses).

    27/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 6403 Haven Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    3.5 Stars

    Corky's was the first restaurant we ate at when we first bought our new house. After getting the keys, my husband and I came here for a celebratory dinner and came here a few times after.

    My husband and I have tried their burger/fries, fish & chips, French toast, omelets, and various pies. The service has been so-so.

    We are regulars of Flappy Jack's in Glendora on Route 66 so it was the main restaurant to compare to. Even though Corky's also provides good portions and always has long lines... it just didn't do it us. The food is just "okay" and not worth coming here if there is a long wait.

    Corky's does have good pies! We've tried their Boysenberry, Chocolate Cream, Apple, and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Pie with an Oreo topping. Everything has been delicious!  So although we may not eat in here, Corky's is definitely our place to get a whole pie to go.

    28/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 9878 Carmel Mountain Rd
    San Diego, CA 92129
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    My husband and I were on our way to my cousin's house and pulled off at this exit to use the Carl's Jr's restroom. In the same plaza, I saw the Bad Ass sign. They have a Bad Ass Coffee in Rancho Cucamonga as well, but this one has a drive-thru!

    These are franchises and looks like this one is a different owner, but same look and feel as the one in RC. They have indoor and outdoor seating and offer free Wi-Fi. The code is displayed at the front counter.

    If you like strong tasting coffee then try the coffee at Bad Ass! Since it's no where near "cold" weather, I got two ice blended Snickerlicious (Dark Chocolate, Caramel, & Hazelnut). TOTAL came out to $9.70.
    (a Starbuck's Frappuccino tastes so weak compared to their ice blended drinks.)

    My husband and I have been to a tour at a coffee farm on the Big Island and are familiar with Kona coffee so it's hard to impress us with any kind of "Hawaiian" coffee, but Bad Ass sure hits the spot. The only time I ever set foot in a Starbucks these days is only when someone gives me a gift card.....(since I've converted now).

    The prices here are not bad and will run you around $4.00.

    All lattes can be served hot, iced, or blended upon request.
    *All beverages with * are available sugar-free, hot or iced.

    29/100 Reviews for 2014

    Connie A.
    Kommentar von Connie A. von Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
    18.2.2014 Mahalo for your kind words about both of our stores, San Diego and Rancho Cucamonga.  We appreciate… Weiterlesen
  • 4.0 Sterne

    North of the Trevi Fountain, you'll find the Piazza di Spagna. This is one of the most famous squares in Rome, a popular meeting place and great spot for people watching . If you ever visit Rome, you should try to make a stop here.

    What you'll find here:
    Spanish Steps
    Church (Trinità dei Monti)
    The Sinking Boat Fountain (Fontana della Barcaccia)

    Many tourists tend to flock here, so don't be shocked if there are a ton of people.  Some days, you'll see people selling paintings and artwork in the square. There are also plenty of fancy boutiques and places to grab a bite to eat in the area.

    Some people aren't so appreciative or impressed, but hey at least you can say "I've been there" and recognize it immediately if you ever saw it on tv or in the movies.

    Happy Traveling!

    30/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 7777 Victoria Gardens Ln
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    If you are here to "browse", give yourself at least 3 hours!
    This Bass Pro Shop (Outdoor World) is 180,000 sq ft and opened in 2004.
    180,000 sq ft?! Sounds impressive, but the one in Grapvine, Texas is 200,000 sq ft and the one in Springfield, Missouri is even bigger at 300,000 sq ft!

    Nonetheless, 180,000 sq ft is massive! Other than the Rancho Cucamonga store, the only other location is in Manteca (San Joaquin county) and one opening up soon on the north coast (San Jose).

    It's funny how people describe this place like "Disneyland". I guess it does have that feel to it. There's just so many displays and things to look at. Even tour buses stop here and my friend has even seen a group of pregnant women come here to walk around. LOL

    My husband and I came here in mid-December last year right before they opened and there was a huge line outside already. My manager is an avid hunter so I came here to get a gift for him. I got his German Shorthair Pointer a faux pheasant and also a dog safety vest.

    You can also come here for all your outdoor needs from camping, fishing, boating, hunting, BBQ-ing etc. Not to mention, they also have all the Duck Dynasty stuff here too. They also sell food.... hot dogs, fudge, popcorn and have a restaurant inside called Islamorada Fish Company. (they have their own Yelp page, so if you eat there, put your review on that page)

    Their prices are okay - depends what you're buying though.. ammo, clothes, a boat, a smoker...? My husband doesn't buy his ammo here, but I guess I would come here to pick up some camping gear when needed.

    From what I've heard from other Yelpers, this place used to allow dogs inside, but changed in 2014 after someone complained. So as of now, that policy is changing....

    31/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 7945 N Vineyard Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne


    Since moving, we really haven't found a good Italian place in our new area. A local favorite of ours used to be Spaghetti Eddie's in Glendora (they had pretty good flavors, nothing over the top).

    My husband and I traveled all over Italy in 2013 (Milan, Florence, Rome, Sorrento etc) so now the search just got even harder. My husband's carpooler recommended Antonino's to us. It's in the same plaza as the Fresh & Easy and the Souplantation (kind of hidden in the back).

    We stopped in for an early Valentine's dinner on Thursday 2/13 around 5:30PM. As we entered through the doors, there was a lady waiting at the front desk and the phone was ringing. Hmmmm, where's the host?? We stood there for about 3 minutes and a man finally came and she ordered a few desserts to go. The phone is ringing again and the man takes us to a table.

    There were 4 other couples seated and after looking over the menu for 5 minutes, nobody stops by to take our drink order. My husband takes his iPhone out and said... "if my timer hits 10 minutes, let's just go somewhere else." The man who seated us comes back and drops bread at our table. It's hot so I start nibbling on it. (We were 1 minute away from walking out!!)

    The same man who seated us comes back to take our order. He didn't tell us what their specials of the day were. I overheard the waiter at another table telling them about them. The man who was waiting on our table sighed heavily every time he came over. (dropping off our drinks etc.) Maybe he was stressed, annoyed??

    Anyway, we ordered:
    Pollo Parmingiana - Boneless chicken breast lightly breaded, baked with mozzarella cheese ($11.95)
    Pizza - Mozzarella, basil and tomatoes ($10.00)

    Our food didn't take long to come out. My husband's dish came with some broccoli and potatoes. My pizza was a decent size with a nice crust. You have to eat it with a knife and fork (not so easy to pick up). As we were eating, they dimmed the lights ever more and it was so dark in there I could barely see my food. A new server came on (a lady) and she asked us if we needed anything. Our original server walked past us when we were trying to ask for the bill.

    Overall, first impression on service wasn't so good - It was slow and made us feel ignored.

    However, the food wasn't bad. We've had better, but it was decent. If we were to return again, it might have to be during lunch.

    32/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 733 W. Naomi Avenue
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    The staff here is nice and will let you try as many samples as you want.

    I checked their website to see what flavors they were going to have today. Flavors change daily!

    Italian Ice: Alex's Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Island Fusion, Mango, Swedish Fish
    Sugar Free: Pink Lemonade
    Cream Ice: Birthday Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha
    Custard: Vanilla, Light Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry
    Variety of premade Cookie Sandwiches.

    I chose to combine the Birthday Cake Cream ice with the Chocolate Frozen Custard.A regular size costs $3.85 and with tax it came out to $4.20.

    The cream ice and the custard taste great on their own, but once you start mixing them together.. it's icy-creamy heaven!! I love that texture... and is probably why I love Hawaiian shave ice with ice cream so much.
    NOTE for some people the custard by itself may be a little too overwhelming since it's like eating heavy/dense whipped cream. So my recommendation is to get the gelati since the texture makes it easier to eat.

    My friend got the Swedish Fish Italian Ice with Strawberry Custard. (He's a Swedish Fish fan). I tried some and it does taste like the candy! If you've never had it, it's like a Sour Patch Kid.

    My manager got a Blendini with Heath Bar mixed into it.

    As we were sitting outside, one of the staff brought each of us a sample of a Strawberry Shortcake Blendini they just made.

    Wow, I'm impressed with both their customer service and their product. I'll definitely be back! You can also sign up online for their Birthday Club and download the Rita's app on your phone to get a vitural punch card.

    I rounded my rating to 5 Stars because the staff here knows me by name now... LOL

    UPDATE: I've also tried their Mocha Ice and also February's Chocolate Dream Blendini (mochi ice, chocolate frozen custard, Heath bar and toffee chunks.. OMG!)

    33/100 Reviews for 2014

  • Via Marina Piccola 33
    80067 Sorrento
    5.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    Ristorante Bar Ruccio is located few feet away from the sea located at the port. This area is an ancient seaside village and has one of the most beautiful views of the Sorrento Peninsula. All their food is made with local products. Lots of seafood dishes from mussel soup, cuttlefish with shrimp, octopus pie, seafood salad to spaghetti with clams, seafood risotto, fried shrimp, and also chicken, beef and pizza!

    My review is mainly for their gelato! The folks that own the restaurant also own the little gelato stand just a few steps away. We came here 3 days in a row!  

    They have flavors from:
    Tiramisu, Nutella, Cocco (coconut), Melone (cantaloupe), Cannolo (cannoli), Nocciola (hazelnut), Fragola (strawberry), Yogurt, Banana, Mint Chocolate... just to name a few.

    Awesome food with an even more awesome view! Can't beat that.

    34/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 10220 Topanga Canyon Blvd
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    3.5 Stars

    Not bad... not bad at all.
    My sister and brother-in-law treated us to lunch here over the weekend. Since my husband is the smoking and BBQ master, it would be really hard to eat any other BBQ.

    Rosie's BBQ is located on the east side Topanga Canyon Blvd, just south of Devonshire St. The building itself was built in 1964. There's parking behind the building. You can't help but notice the bullet hole in the window with the large cracks.... HMMMMM.....

    Upon entering, there's ample seating inside and a nice big menu. They have $5 burritos as their specials, Rosie's Famous Tri-Tip, turkey, chicken, pork, burger, hot dog, veggie options etc. They also have Family Packs available.

    We ordered the following:
    $8.00 - Tri-Tip Steak + Side Order (Steak Fries) + Roll
    $5.00 - BBQ Chicken Burrito (comes with tortilla chips)
    $5.00 - Pulled Pork Burrito (comes with tortilla chips)
    $2.00/ea - Large Drinks
    TOTAL $22.00 + tax

    The Pulled Pork Burrito is not on the menu, but my husband convinced them to make one for him. The food came out in less than 10 minutes. However, instead of BBQ Chicken, they gave us a Tri-Tip burrito instead. The BBQ sauce itself is more a vinegar based sauce with a hint of sweetness.

    I thought the Tri-Tip had good flavor. The meat was tender and a little chewy. My husband adored his Pulled Pork Burrito and the crispy fried onions were a great touch.

    Overall, the price is reasonable and the food tasted great.

    35/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 8023 Archibald Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I like supporting local stores more than large chain stores. I came here with my husband to pick up some dog treats for my 3 girls. The store itself is a decent size and after walking around, I realized they didn't have a lot of selection. (I guess it's because I also go to the Anaheim Feed and Pet Supply and that place is massive)

    Although selection is small, they do carry good name brands! (You can find Pedigree, Beneful, Purina at any supermarket, Wal-Mart or Target. ) Pet Joy carries brands like Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild.

    For dog owners who don't know the difference in dog food brands, check out dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-f…

    Rule of thumb, is to always look at the ingredients and read the first 4 or 5 things listed.
    Why would you feed your dog ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols, rice flour, soy flour, propylene glycol, sugar!?!?!?!?  You want to see things like turkey/chicken/beef,lamb , whole ground brown rice, oatmeal, peas, flax-seed.

    Anyway, looking at their prices, they are very comparable to PetSmart. The lady who works here is very personable and friendly. So yes, I will be back.  ;)

    36/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 921 S Baldwin Ave
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    We had a party of 8 people for lunch on Friday 2/21/14. The restaurant is located in a small plaza (by Go Go Chicken, Curves, Dentist etc.) on the northeast corner on Baldwin Avenue and Fairview Avenue. You can access the parking lot through a narrow driveway on the east side of Baldwin Avenue or there's another entrance on Fairview Avenue (which I recommend).

    We arrived around 11:30AM and were seated right away. We ordered A LOT of food (12 dishes I think?). We were all stuffed halfway through and next time probably don't need to order this much.

    Pan Fried Pork Dumplings
    Juicy Pork Dumplings
    Chive Pan Cake with egg & spinach
    (2) Green Onion Pancakes
    Chow Mein
    Beef Roll
    Eggplant with Garlic Sauce
    Beef & Broccoli
    Bok Chow with Mushrooms
    Fried Beef Ball
    Fried Rice
    TOTAL came out to $13/person after adding tax + tip

    I really like the eggplant with garlic sauce and would order that again for sure. The service was okay. They were quick to take away empty dishes, but wished they would have checked on us for refills. (tea, water)

    I usually go to Luscious Dumplings in Monrovia when I get a dumpling craving.It was a nice change coming here since they have a larger menu AND they take credit card!

    37/100 Reviews for 2014

  • 217 E Foothill Blvd
    Monrovia, CA 91016
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    2.5 Stars
    Fish Taco Review

    My friend at work and I have been on a serious taco binge for the past 6 weeks. (we rotate between tacos and dumplings lol) They are cheap and delicious, especially if you find a place with $1 tacos.

    Baja Mar Fish Tacos were not really "fish" tacos at all. We came in on Wednesday 2/26/14 around 12:20PM. The entire place was filled up, but it looked like we had just come in at the tail end of the lunch rush.

    The small plaza (with Sakura Sushi House and a Laundromat ) is on the north side of Foothill Blvd just east of Myrtle Ave and Ivy Avenue. There's a small parking lot.

    Two fish tacos came out to $2.18 with tax.
    The provide you with free chips & salsa. Nice!

    The staff will bring your plate to you if you dine in. Wow, the tacos looked huge! I bit into one and it was hot and crispy. However, once I continued to eat, my coworker pointed out that the inside of my taco was yellow. So upon inspection it was like eating an inch thick of just batter. ALL the tacos were like that, just fried batter. What little fish we did taste, wasn't the freshest to say the least and the white sauce on it didn't have much flavor either.

    If you have "fish taco" in your name, then I would expect them to be top notch.

    My other coworker ordered carne asada nachos which came with sour cream and guacamole. When they brought it out, the chips were burnt and the meat was dry.

    With Tacos Ensenada so close (on Huntington Drive in Duarte), it doesn't look like we'll be coming back to Baja Mar for Fish tacos anymore. Tacos Ensenada also has $1 fish tacos (on Tuesdays). My other go to place for fish tacos is Taco Nazo (closest one is in Azusa).

    38/100 Reviews for 2014

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N'Sync  (lol)

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Singin' in the Rain (1952), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Pitch Perfect (2012)

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A spoonful of Nutella will do

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Tim Tam Slam (the practice of drinking tea through a Tim Tam)

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