5 Stars in my eyes (Miami Edition)

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Places to eat, shop or just be merry that earned the 5 stars honor in my eyes.
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    17.6.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    After spreading the word of Mr. Chu's new place, some of our friends from West Palm made the 2hrs drive (in afternoon rush hour traffic) to meet us for dinner.
    Because Chef O.A. is a friend of the family, he came by, talked to us, and said he will take care of the dinner menu.
    We started out with sashimi appetizer - a mix of salmon, hamachi and blue fin tuna - amazingly fresh!!!
    We then had the Peking Duck - WOW, if you don't order the Peking Duck, you are crazy!!! They bring the whole fried duck to the table, the server slice it up (with the perfect amount of crispy skin, fat and meat) and put it in a warp with scallions and special sauce - I can eat that everyday!!!
    Once they serve up all the duck meat in the warps, they take it back to to kitchen and finish it off and bring the rest of the duck back to the table - it's Peking Duck 2 Way!!!
    The next dish arrived at the table is the famed Pepper Chicken - they are little pieces of fried chicken with basil. when you eat it, you have to eat the fried basil pieces with chicken, the sweetness of the basil mixes amazingly with the peppery flavor of the chicken. FYI, you'd never know the chicken pieces are fried but there is no greasy on the plate.
    They next dish that came to the table was probably the favorite of the evening, the Taiwanese Pork Soup. This dish is usually found at night markets and street vendor. It's pieces of pork meatball in a soup with mushroom, bamboo shoots and garnished with cilantro. The flavor was right on, it really took me back to some childhood memories.
    The last dish he suggested was Pork Noodles, really nothing to say but YUM!!!
    Of course, we had the end the dinner on a sweet note, we had some lychees.
    It's a amazing how great chef know how much food to serve, he gave us enough food and brought it out slowly so we can enjoy all the different flavors. We left satisfied but no stuffed.
    It was an amazing evening and my friends from West Palm are already planning the next trip down to Mr. Chu's.

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    11.6.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Finally, Coral Gables welcomes up scale Asian Cuisine... Mr. O.A. Chu's latest venture is serving up… Weiterlesen
  • 7971 Bird Rd
    Miami, FL 33155
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    I have been going to Sushi-Ko since it opened over a decade ago.  

    We stopped ordering from the menu about 5 years ago because
    when we go during the week (when they are less busy), Ray, our favorite Sushi Chef gets the chance to flex his creative muscles to come up with the most amazing dishes.  There are times other customers want to order what we're eating and it is often a sudden inspiration by Ray.  The Sushi Sandwich was one of those crazy creations that landed on the menu due to popular demands.

    It is hands down, the best Sushi Restaurant in Miami.

  • 1200 Anastasia Ave, 7th Fl
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
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    Beitrag des Tages 15.12.2009

    I was excited to have received a gift card for a spa day at the Biltmore from the BF. It has been almost 2 years since I last had the Biltmore spa experience and they have done major renovations and upgrade.

    Before, the spa was located in the lower lobby, it had the dim lighting and a very traditional spa atmosphere.

    The new spa (not so new, it's been 2 years now), is located on the 7th floor of the hotel with an almost panoramic view of the city and natural light brightens the rooms. I know I've said about liking the dim spa atmosphere better but I've definitely changed my mind. Though it's bright, it's still private. And with the mood music playing throughout the spa, you really don't think about were you are.

    Upon arrival, the receptionist presents you with a printout of your spa schedule and the names of the therapists providing the services. Then, the locker room attendant brings you into the spa and give you a mini tour of the facility. She  then takes you into the locker room to give you the robes, slippers and a key for your assigned locker.  

    Once you've undressed and are ready be attended, you wait in the Relaxation Room to be called by the therapist. This is about the size of an average hotel room which they have wood lounger for the guest to lay down and each lounger is separated by curtains for privacy.  Right outside of the Relaxation Room, the spa has set a refreshment station to further help you get into the relaxing mood. The refreshment station offers fresh fruit, water, tea, coffee and trail mixes.

    I went for the Revitalizing Package and received a bamboo lemongrass body scrub (30min), deep tissue massage (70) and an European facial (60). The body scrub and the massage were done by the same therapist, Luce. She was amazing. The pressure was just right and she was great. She said she's been a massage therapist for over 17 years. If you ever get her, you're in good hands. With Andrea, I had a great facial and we chatted up the whole time.

    I had an awesome experience at the Biltmore Spa and cannot wait to go back.

  • 350 San Lorenzo Ave
    Coral Gables, FL 33146
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    Not only do I love every little cooking gadgets they sell at Williams-Sonoma (and I want to all), I love the technique classes they offer on Sundays.  
    Marcia, the official teacher at this WS location.  She's from Brazil and is a La Cordon Bleu graduate.  She is very nice and very knowledgeable of her craft.
    I have attended 2 classes so far, one on making Paella and one on Knife Techniques.  I think the cooking classes are great for everyday cooks because it lets you spice up your cooking and allows you to add special twists to your meals.  As far as the technique classes, it definitely helps you to get to know your tools and to use them in the best way they are designed for.
    These classes are great for foodies like us.

  • 78 Miracle Mile
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
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    It is very hard for me to share Essence because I'm afraid that once the word gets out, I won't be able to find the stuff I want in my size.  However, it is a very good little store and people must know.

    Essence is tucked away on Miracle Mile, right next to the Crepe Maker.  Just by looking at the window, you'd think that it's just another expensive boutique on The Mile that you can only afford a shoe.

    On the contrary, Essence carries the last est fashion at a very competitive price, especially for Miracle Mile.  They only carry 1 of each S/M/L sizes per item, so it's first come first serve.  Besides the clothes, they also carry a nice selection of shoes and accessories.  You can walk out of the store in all new gear from head to toe.

    It's my addiction, I'm there at least once a week and walk out with at least two things ( I hate just buying one thing, it's like what's the point) and I hope you don't wear my size.

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    It is important to support the arts in this city and I am very happy that we have such an amazing facility that houses performance arts events.
    I have been a season opera subscriber since the FGO moved to the Arsht Center 2 years ago and have enjoy many ballet performances (e.g., American Ballet Theater and Miami City Ballet) in the Ziff Ballet and Opera House.
    You know that we have the state of arts performance house b/c the Arsht Center can put up operas that Broward is not able to due to technical specs and stage needs.
    And much kudos to Lisa A.'s remarks, thanks to Ted Arison for bring more culture into this boorish town.

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    The maximum capacity is maybe 20 people and it only has 2 seatings per night.  LIke others mentioned before, there is no menu.  Chef Romeo comes to the table and greets the guest to find out the likes and dislikes and then he goes to work.
    Everything is served in tasting potions so you leave fullfilled but not stuffed and want to die.
    It's intimate, romantic and unique, a true hidden treasure.

  • 159 Aragon Ave
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
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    You don't go to Izakaya for the sushi, they have a sushi bar there because it's a Japanese restaurant and people expect sushi when then walk into a Japanese restaurant.

    You go to Izakaya for the "tapa" style food.  The daily and weekly specials they write on the chalk boards along the wall.  

    Best things on the menu: calf tongue, salmon cama and the grilled smelt.

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    We love the Sunday Brunch at Perricone's.  They don't over do it, just a few simple cold dishes (lox, muffins, pasta salad), few hot dishes (pasta in pink sauce, potatoes, sausage links, bacon) and a station that's set up for fresh made to order omelets (or just plain eggs) and it includes fresh O.J. or mimosa.
    Perricone's is also great for parties, almost every weekend they host some type of a shower; baby showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and of course graduation luncheons/dinners.

    Make sure you save room for the Banana Cake.

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    9.2.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Just recently revisited the my fav Korean restaurant in Miami because I was in the mood for some seafood pancake and the shorts ribs.  
    Had a great lunch with my mom and brother, just wish it was closer to the Gables.

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    18.7.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's hard to find quality and authentic Korean food in the Miami, this place hit the jackpot.
    Since I…

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