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Some of my favorite dining destinations in the city.
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    This place is now my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. I don't care much for the aesthetics or lack of parking, but they have some of the tastiest marinated meat I ever tried (and I used to live in K-Town).
    Service was excellent too, although if you're a first timer and asked too many questions, they would start treating you like a tourist. Didn't try the JB, but their bulgogi & galbi are mouthwateringly good.

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    26.2.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Last night, I had yet THE BEST Korean BBQ experience ever!!

    So I've been to Soowon before and I came back last night (smarter this time - we made a reservation! We came way late due to crazy rainy-friday-night traffic, but we called and they extended our reservation). Once we got there, it took them 5 minutes to prepare the table (the restaurant was packed with people waiting, but they honored our reservation & held our table).

    Since I had an all-star experience the last time, I came with high expectation. But last night, our server just went above and beyond just to make sure we're all happy (& returning) customers! He anticipated everything we need - made sure our side dishes were refilled pronto, bringing us the lettuce wraps (I don't think this is their standard side dish offering, but when we asked for them, he didn't hesitate), brought us "fresh out of the kitchen" new side dishes without us asking for them - he said he wanted us to try, filled up our dessert drink to the brim of the glass when my friend mentioned I love that stuff, even cooking for us almost the entire time. I'm not usually easily wow-ed, but, WOW! Now THAT's customer service!

    Oh yes, of course, the food was as great as ever. :) We ordered 2 marinated galbi, 1 beef tounge (extremely thin cut - the way I love it!) for the 4 of us.

    Soowon, you're now my number one favorite K BBQ spot! I can't wait to come back here...

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    28.12.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Love everything about this place: The succulent meat, the selection, the side dishes (I've never… Weiterlesen
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    I've been meaning to write this review for a long time. I must've been back here at least 10 times in 2010 alone. Given the vast array of choices in LA, doesn't the frequent visit say something? This is one of my favorite fix-my-hungry-pang places of all time.

    My absolute favorite dishes from this place are the noodles (both no. 1, no. 2) and Crispy Pork w/ Chinese Broccoli rice (with fried egg, for additional $ - totally worth it). I always struggle having to choose only one item, so I usually go there with a few other hungry foodies and order a bunch of stuff. Other notable dishes are the garlic (beef/chicken) rice, drunken noodle. Pretty much everything from this place tastes good - although, I could've sworn it was a notch better when it was still called Ord Noodle. Nowadays, they toned down on the spicy-ness (good news to people who can't handle it, but I want all my 5-stars worth of chili!) and did something different with the crispy pork (although it's still good).

    Portion sizes for their noodles are relatively small and proportional to the price. Some of them comes in 2 sizes (Small, Large). The small size noodle is not quite enough to be called one meal (unless you don't eat much). The bowl might look big, but don't let the bowl size fool you. BTW, you can also specify what kind of noodle you want. I love their egg noodle (very thin, yellow noodle), but you can ask for big white noodle (flat rice noodle) or small white noodle (like the noodle used in pho).

    The crispy pork w/ chinese broccoli rice dish is heavenly. The crispy pork is part crispy/crunchy, part meaty. The sauce that they use smells & tastes so good, I can eat the rice just with the sauce! If you add fried egg, the egg will have crispy crust around the white and semi-runny yolk. The portion of the rice dishes is decent, quite filling.

    Service is decent. They're very nice people. Never have to wait long for a table (no line most of the time).

    There's a itty bitty tiny parking lot behind the restaurant, but (usually) plenty of metered parking nearby.

  • 850 S La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    If I have to pick one word to describe Umami's burgers, I'd have to say "Tasty!" I've tried Truffle and Hatch burgers. I love both of them. In general, each burger's patty is a crispy around the edges, but so-very-extremely juicy on the inside. The buns are also a bit crispy around the edges, but very moist & soft everywhere else. Each burger is rich in taste.  My favorite condiments: garlic aioli.

    I'm not too crazy about the sides and definitely hate the ketchup (why can't they serve regular ketchups?!?!) Their sides are also so-so at best (McD has much better fries than Umami).

    What you should know before going there:
    1. Parking SUCKS! Lot is tiny, almost non-existent. Some street parking, but good luck finding it without getting honked at on busy La Brea. Sure they have valet, but they're not there all the time, and I don't trust valet service (have you seen what those valet guys do to customers's cars?) So - carpool, people. It's better for the environment & your pocket anyway.

    2.  Food is greasy, especially the burger patty. Their food is definitely not for those on low-fat diet.

    3. Patty is cooked medium rare - might be too bloody for some people. I can handle beef sashimi, so this is not a big deal for me.

    4. Unless you love waiting in line, come during odd hours (between lunch & dinner).

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    This place has the absolute BEST egg noodle soup in So Cal, if not ever! I'm totally in love with their egg noodle, wonton, and dumpling. Hence, I always order item no. 5 in their menu, with soup on the side. Serving is hefty (talk about getting the bang for the buck). Their wonton & dumpling were freshly made in the restaurant!

    Service was great, fast & courteous.

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