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Some of my favorite dining destinations in the city.
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    Yan Can is the only place that makes Kung Pao Chicken I can't stand. Nearly every dish here has a weird twist to it, so if you're expecting the familiar flavors from a Chinese or Thai place, you're in for a surprise.

    That said, the spring rolls are quite tasty and I have fallen into the comfy habit of always getting the Thai Curry Chicken, which is fantastic (though I don't eat at regular Thai places to know if it tastes like Thai Curry should). Yan Can is my standard fall back when Red Robin is too busy (which is any time between 11:40 and 1:30 or so). Haute cuisine? No. But fine for lunch on a workday.

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    I hardly know what rating to give this place because it varies so wildly when I go there. Sometimes the service is fantastic, with friendly and personable staff eager to help. Other times, it's as though I am being a huge pain in the ass for wanting to buy some food. Likewise, the buffet (I've never gone for dinner or ordered off the menu at lunch) is sometimes awesome, with tasty Chicken Vindaloo and other goodies, and sometimes mediocre, with bland and uninteresting food.

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    I used to live right around the corner from Cathay and it got to the point where they knew my boyfriend and me and joked with us, we went there so often. It's been over a year and we go a lot less often now, but they still remember us. It's a nice feeling.

    Food-wise, this place can't be beat. Awesome chow mein, fantastic kung pao chicken, you name it. Sometimes the cooks will go through a phase of making the kung pao insanely spicy, but I love the spice so I don't mind. But if you're not a spice person, watch out!

    Tasty food, speedy takeout, solid dine-in service, and friendly staff. What more could you ask for?

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