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Some of my favorite dining destinations in the city.
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    This place received a rave review from one of New Jersey's most respected critics, and I heartily agree.  In my opinion Bacio is the gem of "the Jersey side" of the Philadelphia area.

    Located in the unlikely Cinnaminson area, just minutes from the Betsy Ross and Tacony bridges, Bacio's interior is bright, attractive and promotes a most pleasant ambiance.  The very talented owner/Chef, Robert, came to us from a stint as Executive Chef at one of the Atlantic City casino restaurants.  His charming young wife, Pam, serves as hostess and appears to assist in general managerial duties.  She is a model of eager-to-please, cheerful efficiency, as is the young wait-staff.

    I have visited this place more than a dozen times and found it to be consistently excellent.  On each occasion I tried the Soup de Jour, which was always different, always interesting and invariably wonderful.

    My favorite entrée here is the Fillet of Sole Francese, a very generous portion of perfectly sautéed sole topped with lump crabmeat and an incredible sauce.  My late wife doted on the Scaloppini of Veal Marsala.

    Bacio offers an excellent lineup of meat, seafood, fowl and some very inventive pasta entrees . . . all excellent..

    The desserts are varied and sinful, and despite firm convictions to resist, I frequently succumb to the Tiramisu.  I  try to mitigate the 10,000 calorie hit by sharing, and then work hard on overcoming  my hostility toward the "sharee."  I'm afraid that some of the other desserts, like the 'Chocolate Obsession' (warm dark chocolate fudge cake with pistachio gelato) and the "Creme Brulee di Bacio" (vanilla creme layered with limoncello custard in a cinnamon-graham cracker crust, topped with fresh berries) aren't much easier to resist and don't offer promising weight-control alternatives.  

    Bacio is located in a small strip-center which provides more than adequate parking, and it is well worth the short drive from Philadelphia.

  • 515 Fellowship Rd
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
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    Over the years I've dined here dozens of times and never been disappointed.  

    First the bad (but not very) news:   Although GG's permits people to come dressed down, at lunch you see a lot of "suits." At dinner, however, many of the hotel guests look just a level above street people.  This not withstanding, the decor is very nice and the ambiance pleasant.

    On the plus side, GG's is a seriously upscale place.

    Cocktails are expensive, but very generous and expertly prepared.

    With respect to food, you can order anything and count on being pleased. Their seafood is dependably excellent, and although I've never ordered meat, friends report that it's right up to par.  I should also mention that their breads are top drawer, especially their multi-grain offering. In this place I regard bread and butter as a separate course.

    Another thing I should mention is that while dinner prices are in line with what you expect in an upscale place, luncheons are a steal.  You can eat sensibly for little more than you would spend in some of the chains, but I can't resist fattening my bill with an order of gazpacho, which is beautifully presented.

    The staff here is most excellent.  Most of them are seasoned veterans and all are very pleasant, quietly efficient, usually right at hand when needed, but never intrusive. Also the hostess,  Helen, is delightful.

    On most evenings, GG's has music . . . a talented piano man who sings nicely and manages to be on the job most of the time, as opposed to some I've encountered who take breaks that border on vacations.

    If you're looking to impress a date (or even a spouse), this is a place to go.

  • 2 Washington St
    Mount Holly, NJ 08060
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    Robin's Nest is a lovely little restaurant ensconced in an ancient house in Mount Holly, NJ.  One of the dining rooms is an old, old décor that is quite charming. Another is a closed-in outdoor porch, and the third is a small bar and lounge with suitable low-level lighting.

    The menu is always interesting, and although it leans toward heart-healthy food, there is never a lack of creative new dishes.  On a recent luncheon visit, we enjoyed a cup of German Apple Onion Blue Cheese Soup and a bowl of Turkey Chile.  The former was unlike anything I had ever tasted, but a definite winner. The Chile was quite spicy and served piping hot . . . really enjoyable, and accompanied by a salad  of mixed greens with a Champaign Vinaigrette dressing that was also new to me, and utterly delicious. Their menus are available at….

    The bakery is in the front entrance-way, and presents a large glass showcase filled with a dazzling array of pastries.  Samplings of these offerings over the many years that I have been patronizing this place convinces me that there should be a law protecting dieters from this sort of temptation.

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    This is a lovely restaurant . . . pleasant country inn ambiance, excellent food, and a very cheerful,  efficient staff.  

    The dinner was paced beautifully, allowing us to fully savor each course without fear of something else approaching; also, our experience was heightened  by a couple of "surprises" from the chef . . . first an interesting, tiny antipasto, and later an "intermezzo" of citrus sherbet.

    The only problem I encountered, if you can call it that, was that the entree was such a generous portion that I had to take half of it home.

    I can heartily recommend this place to anyone who seeks fine dining.

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    On a second visit the Mediterranean Salad was excellent.

    The menu is quite pricey, but in line with other upscale places in this region.

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    Up front, I'll admit that rating a restaurant on the basis of one entree is a bit presumptuous, but… Weiterlesen
  • 1906 Rt 70 W
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
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    Blue2O Seafood is new on the Cherry Hill scene, occupying the location of the defunct and burned-to-the-ground Porterhouse Steaks.  The room bulged at the seams with diners, showing no sign of being impacted by the dismal economy. I haven't yet figured out the derivation or significance of "Blue2O," but I suppose it will be revealed to me on a future visit . . . that is if I return.

    Our experience here was both good and bad.  On the plus side we have upscale modern ambiance and very good seafood.  On the other side, an extremely disappointing steak.

    The dinner rolls were too good . . . almost destroying my appetite.  The seafood bisque was also a winner, and my oak-grilled scallops excellent.  A friend ordered the tuna and was pleased with it.

    The demerit came in the guise of an expensive filet mignon, touted by our waiter as one of the house specialties.  It was ordered Pittsburg rare, and arrived rare enough, but cold.  After being returned to the kitchen, it made an appearance at the desired temperature . . . but tough.  My friend ate very little of it, and the waiter commiserated, but offered nothing by way of replacement or compensation.  A definite downer!

    We haven't yet made up our minds about a return visit, but my carnivorous friend doesn't even want to talk about it!

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    Rembrandt's is a very pleasant place . . . nice "old neighborhood hangout" ambiance, and good food, which upon occasion rises to the level of excellent.

    The staff is competent, efficient and eager to please, and the prices moderate.  You can count on a nice experience here.

    An added advantage: Because on-street parking is frequently available, and there is a huge parking lot across the street, you don't start the evening with a half-hour of frustration.

"Haute Cuisine and Beaneries"

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