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A list of places that serve great food from around the world.
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    So the prices at Ipanema for the Rodizio are really steep if you don't go in the morning/early afternoon. The price jumps about $10 a person and I always felt like it wasn't worth it. I'm wrong! I finally went for a dinner service and the quality and the cuts of meat they serve at dinner time are vastly superior.

    BUT - if you go during their earlier hours you'll still be wildly impressed. I promise! Just go hungry because it's all you can eat and the salad bar is really tempting and you'll get too full if you don't save most of your belly room for the meat.

    I took a Brazilian exchange student here and he flipped his lid. In fact - I first heard of this place from a Brazilian co-worker. It's really authentic (even though rumor has it that the owner is Argentine). The food is fresh, the salad bar is fabulous and all the wait staff is Brazilian and they speak Portuguese. It's a really fun and festive place to go.

    Now - back to the dinner rodizio service.. the meat all day long is fresh and tender and tasty but at night they serve wild game and you get to taste more variety. It's really spectacular.

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    I've been to both this Blue C and the Fremont Blue C and they're great. The food is fresh, it's always rotating around the restaurant on a conveyor belt so you don't have to wait around too much for service and the prices are really really cheap. You could literally have a budget of $3.00 and eat here. You'll be hungry in ten mins.. but still!

    My favorite has always been the ahi seared tuna and the tempura vegetables. I have plans to go here tomorrow night and just thinking about it makes me crave it. Yum!

    If you consider yourself to be a sushi snob this may not be your favorite but I love sushi and find that the quality is great. Especially considering the price.

    Also, if you're a vegetarian you'll still find a few dishes to eat without meat. If you don't like seafood you're still good... there are noodle dishes, teriyaki dishes, salads, edamame plates, etc.

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    The Umi Sake house really impressed me. I've only been for Happy Hour but they have great deals, great food, and really great cocktails.

    The best thing I've had there is the lychee sake martini. WOW! It was really refreshing and unique.

    The sushi and the calamari are among other things I've tasted and tried and I was very pleased. The food is fresh, the atmosphere in the restaurant is great, and the place seems very clean and always busy.

    I didn't sit at the bar but I noticed it was quite large and sat a lot of people. That's great when you're stuck waiting for a table to clear.

    All in all my experience here has been the best sushi experience I've had in Seattle.

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    I've been to both this Blue C and the U-Village Blue C and they're great. The food is fresh, it's always rotating around the restaurant on a conveyor belt so you don't have to wait around too much for service and the prices are really really cheap. You could literally have a budget of $3.00 and eat here. You'll be hungry in ten mins.. but still!

    My favorite has always been the ahi seared tuna and the tempura vegetables. I have plans to go here tomorrow night and just thinking about it makes me crave it. Yum!

    If you consider yourself to be a sushi snob this may not be your favorite but I love sushi and find that the quality is great. Especially considering the price.

    Also, if you're a vegetarian you'll still find a few dishes to eat without meat. If you don't like seafood you're still good... there are noodle dishes, teriyaki dishes, salads, edamame plates, etc.

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    For the value of their food Dragonfish is A-OK. Everytime I've been there for Happy Hour I forget that the prices look astonishingly low before I recall that the portions are somewhat small. The food is still decent as are the drinks. You can't expect to spend less than $12 on a few plates of food and have it be the best sushi of your life.

    That being said.. it's still fresh (whenever I've eaten there) and the service has been prompt as well.

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    Although I don't frequent Todai because they are a little expensive for a buffet.. it's still a pretty great place.

    I've never actually been during dinner hours because the price spikes (and I imagine the food is the same..) but if you're starving and you have some time to kill in Pacific Place - I think this is the best restaurant in that mall.

    I know a lot of people are afraid of seafood and sushi but this place is great for all eaters, even kids! The buffet is massive and you can pick from fresh fruit, yogurt, jell-o, to fresh sushi, crab legs, terikayki dishes, potstickers, made-to-order crepes, mini desserts, and more! It's really a great spot for anyone that's hungry enough to eat $15 worth of food.

    In fact - if you go on your birthday it's FREE! So it's the best time to go with a friend. You split the bill and it's finally a lot more affordable. Better yet - if your friend is nice, they pay for their meal and you get a free meal!

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    I'd like to give this place a 4 because the waiter that served us was really bad... but it's a Tom Douglas restaurant! I've been to the Dahlia Lounge before and find that both of these restaurants are wonderful.

    The food is creative, delicious, and fresh. The ambiance is romantic and calm and the prices for an experience this great is very fair.

    Although the waiter seemed to be distracted and forgetful, he was polite and the night wasn't spoiled. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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    Being from California I'm not a huge fan of the Mexican places in Seattle. (I've had bad experiences).

    However - Mama's is an exception. The food is tasty, the atmosphere is nice and most importantly - the margaritas are YUM.

    What more is there to ask for?

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    I've been here twice now and realized I've never written a review! Shame on me ..

    This restaurant was my first Ethiopian experience and I have to say I was quite pleased. The food is simple, tasty, and plentiful! I'm also a fan of eating with my hands. (As long as I get a napkin!)

    During my first visit I was in the company of my sister who is a vegetarian. We didn't try anything with meat but I enjoyed the food a lot. This second visit was the opposite and again, the food was great. I am actually not a fan of lamb and LOVED it here. So much that I'd order it again.. it was the best dish we picked out. (Can't recall the name of it...)

    I am also a fan of Chai tea and they serve it in a half litre carafe. YUM!

    It's clean, not too pricey, the location is easy to find, and the service is fast and friendly.

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    3.7.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Some people want great food. Others want great service. Here we get both!

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    What a sexy spot! I walked in and immediately loved the decor and vibe of this place. I'd always… Weiterlesen
  • 422 Yale Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    This is a great bar for:
    -Beer lovers
    -Parties or groups
    -Social people (seating is communal and if it's busy you share tables)
    -People who like to drink AND eat

    Feierabend is great! They serve a really wide variety of German beers and they have great samplers. I was there on a quiet afternoon with some friends and they allowed us to hand pick our samples and go off the menu. Really nice! Each of their beers are distinct and delicious. On top of that, the servers know all about the beers including their wacky pronunciations. I like having a drink at an establishment where people care about the service and the quality of what they're serving.

    The food is also no joke. It's hard to decide on a dish because it's all so tasty. You have to always get a pretzel to start though!! Just watch out because they're REALLY hot and I always burn my fingers when I eat them because I can't wait to dig in.

    I've never been lucky enough to witness anyone drinking from the boot but I'm always happy to go back and hopefully get a sip outta that sucker one day!

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    Yipes... well, this place isn't amazing but it isn't terrible. I have to consider a lot in writing this review and the balance of everything comes out to an "A-OK" Not bad, right?

    FOOD - not that great. I've had better. It's not terribly expensive so if you're looking for something quick and easy ... ok!

    DRINKS - Awesome. They have a great happy hour and usually my friends and I go here strictly to have a few drinks. No food.

    BATHROOM - disgusting. It was quite honestly the worst bathroom I've ever been in. Upon emerging from the bathroom I mention to my friends that it was filthy and two of the guys in our group said, "oh yeah? You should see the men's room!" So... the thought that their other bathroom was even dirtier really made me nervous.

    The place overall isn't the worst but I'd never suggest taking someone here on a date. Consider this scenario: pop in for happy hour, don't order food, and when you have to use the restroom - bar hop and go somewhere else!

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    I'm going to have to TOTALLY agree with a fellow reviewer below me.. Rancho Bravo was OK. Not amazing.

    Will I go back? Yes.. maybe. Here is what's great about this place:
    -The food is cheap
    -The food is decent (maybe even excellent after a night of drinking)
    -The location is great
    -The service is fast
    -The horchata is tasty

    Here's what's not great:
    -It's NOT that authentic. Any real authentic Mexican place would make their own tortillas. The tacos I ordered were damn close to perfect but the fact that they buy store-bought corn tortillas ruined it for me. In all the years I lived in Mexico I never once ate a store bought tortilla! (or a flour tortilla for that matter).
    -They only accept cash and the closest ATM is 2 blocks away. Not convenient when you live in rainy Seattle.
    -The food needs salt. Maybe they're catering to the American palette but the red tamale I ate had no kick or real flavor to it. The maza was too dry and I just threw it out after two bites. Really disappointing because it looked so good.

    So, to sum it up - if it's 1am and you've had a few drinks, this place is the best Mexican around. If you're sober you'll be impressed at how close it is to being authentic but you'll still be left craving those tacos you were expecting these to taste like.

    If I go back, it's only because I'm walking past it anyway and I happen to have some cash on me. Truthfully I'd rather buy a dick's burger.

  • 600 5th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98104
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    The only problem with Uwajimaya is its location - why can't it be closer to my apartment dammit!?

    I don't go here often enough but whenever I want cheap, fresh, and even rare produce - DONE! Not to mention the fact that they carry a TON of foods that I can't find anywhere else. Who else sells okonomiyaki mix? Or okonomi sauce? Better yet - Uwajimaya sells like 4 different kinds of each. Super awesome. Still don't believe me? They even sell durian, lychee, starfruit, you name it..

    I would steer clear of the western foods that are for sale though. Things like dryer's ice cream, frozen pizza, bagels, etc. It's overpriced and you can get it anywhere else. The real reason for shopping here is to get the foods you can't find elsewhere.

    In addition to Asian foods you can also find a variety of plants and flowers, cutlery, cookware, clothes, trinkets, books, candy.. just about everything! You could even lie to your friends about going on an exotic vacation and just stock up on stuff from Uwajimaya to give away as souveneirs from your "trip."

    Anytime I've needed assistance I was helped by someone who was polite and knowledgeable and I always find parking because they have a big lot.

    No reason not to love this place.

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    Now, I'm no connoisseur of Indian cuisine but I had a pleasant experience here. One: it's near my house... that's always a bonus because parking is so difficult in Capitol Hill. Two: the service was quick, the prices were decent, and the food was good. What more can one ask for? In fact - just thinking about this place makes me want to go back. YUM.

  • 613 Broadway E
    Seattle, WA 98102
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    Wow - in writing this review I'm just now realizing that Rom Mai Thai has been in business for more than 6 months.

    I live on Broadway and have lived in the same location for 3 years. I noticed Rom Mai Thai when they refurbished the building and painted the outside. OOPS! That was good for them because I must have walked past 1000 times before and never looked twice.

    Anyway - the experience was strange. In fact, now that I know this is a preexisting establishment and they are NOT new to the area, it makes the experience even more strange.

    The food was excellent! Let me get that out of the way. It was very tasty, reasonably priced, and it was cooked and served in 10 mins or less.

    This is what bothered me ... have you ever been somewhere that the customer service is just OVERBEARING? People are watching you eat, they're constantly refilling your water? I find that there's got to be a balance between being helpful and attentive and looking over someone's shoulder and interrupting their quiet meal.

    I initially thought - well, they're new. They're just trying hard! But now that I know otherwise, I'm just weirded out. I looked around and noticed that there were so many staff members that people were standing and twiddling their thumbs. Only about 10 people were dining at the time so it just seemed strange that there were 2x as many people working as people eating! Because of this employee/diner ratio - there were 4 people coming by every minute to refill my water glass. At one point I had to laugh out loud because I had literally  taken only a sip of the glass before someone came along and filled it back up. I even had to tell them "please - it's ok. I don't need more water." Of course ... someone else just came along and refilled it! What a waste of water! The glass never even got below 2/3 full. Again ... there's just got to be a balance. I don't want to run out of water - but please don't come to the table 10 times in 10 minutes and interrupt my meal.

    My brother (whom I was with) thought this was hysterical. It almost made the meal awkward. Even the owner came to the table to talk to us. All in all we must have interacted with about 6 employees during our 20 min visit. Water boys, water girls, the owner, the waiter, the host, etc. It was crazy!

    I will still go back here for food.. but maybe I'll get take out? The dining experience was exhausting and although the food was great, sometimes you can really kill people with kindness.

  • 17650 140th Ave SE
    Renton, WA 98058
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    I just got back from lunch at Chiang's and it was EXCELLENT!

    I had never heard of this place before but a bunch of co-workers piled up for a "farewell" meal for a fellow employee and we decided to eat here. It turns out it's about a 20 minute drive from our office but it was WELL worth it!

    We were a group of ten people and we were seated right away, given water, and poured hot tea. Within 5 minutes we ordered the food and it came out promptly, and piping hot!

    First we tried the stinky tofu. I'd never had that before so I was eager to try it. It was good ... not as daring as I expected it to be.

    Then our hot dishes came out:
    -Cashew chicken
    -Spicy tofu
    -Sweet and sour chicken
    -Ginger beef

    and more ...

    It was all to die for! Everything was very tasty and there were no leftovers. We even ordered a dish of shrimp that was fried but candied and served with walnuts. Amazing.

    I will definitely be taking my brother here soon when he visits me in Seattle. It's totally worth the drive! I haven't had good Chinese food since I moved to WA 2+ years ago. Finally I found it!

    Lastly let me note that 6 of 10 of the people in our group were Asian. Some of us were Chinese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese. Although that's quite a variety - the food pleased the pallets of everyone and was about as authentic as it could be for a restaurant in the US.

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    I'm so sad that Olsen's is gone! I realized months ago that I'd never written about them when they were still open.

    About 15 years ago my grandfather passed away. He was an amazing cook and talented butcher. One thing he took with him to the grave was a recipe for rullepolse, a Scandinavian meat roll that was a favorite in the family. After moving to Seattle a number of years ago, I used Yelp to find Olsen's and low and behold, rullepolse! My Dad was recently in town visiting and asked me to take him to Olsen's so we could buy some. Of course I had to give him the bad news.

    Anyone know of another place that sells rullepolse?

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    5.1.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I have ordered from Happy Garden's downtown location at least four times now. Having never been inside the restaurant I want to make it clear that this review is based solely on their food and delivery services.

    Every time I order the man that answers the phone is super friendly! From start to finish the ordering process takes less than 2 minutes and I always get a warm greeting. Tonight he said, "Happy New Year!" Well Happy New Year to you too Mr Happy Garden man. :)

    In addition to great service they have a pretty extensive menu. I'm aware there are other places around town I could order from, but Happy Garden made the wonderful decision to print out their menu and put it in my mailbox! So instead of calling around asking is certain places serve certain dishes, I have the entire menu at my fingertips.

    In fact, on more than on occasion I've had friends call me and ask me to read their menu so they can order from Happy Garden too! Pretty funny. I guess their menus didn't reach as far as South Lake Union. But they do deliver there!

    It certainly doesn't hurt that their delivery time is always less than an hour (usually 30 mins) and that they only have a $12 minimum order.

    I've ordered plenty of dishes and none have been less than tasty. Their General Tso's chicken is always a favorite, as well as their spicy Mongolian beef. I'm also a stickler for pot stickers and these are among the better ones I've tried here in Seattle. Not burned, not cold, not too wet. Just right!

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    Normally I toss out the menus I get in my mailbox. But a Chinese food menu? OOH!

    On a rainy day this…
  • 510 Broadway E
    Seattle, WA 98102
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    Oh boy. Where to begin...

    I wanted so badly to give this spot at least 3 stars. Heck, I would love to give it 5 stars. My boyfriend and I were looking for a pretty healthy, yet filling lunch today. We drove down Broadway and decided that Indian would be yummy. Now I haven't been to more than 10 Indian restaurants in my life, so I'm no pro. BUT -  if I know anything about yummy, fresh food, this was NOT it.

    As we enter we realize we're the only people in the entire restaurant. Just as we consider ducking out, a woman comes to offer us a booth. We sit, she explains the very complicated lunch menu and we order away. The deal was great! Enough food for two for only $8! Maybe this should have been seen as yet another warning sign.

    Our hungry bellies ache and it causes us only to think about what we're going to eat. I focus on the noises in the restaurant and hear a microwave. I think to myself, "WAIT... WHAT????" In less than 10 minutes our entire order of hot food is ready. And by entire order I mean 4 dishes, to servings of rice, dessert, salad, and drinks. It seems impossible that this food could possibly have been made just for us.

    We dive in and the first thing I notice is the Basmati rice. It tastes and smells just like a dirty kitchen rag. I am so hungry I tell myself I'm just paranoid but eventually I can't eat anymore. The chicken in the dish appears to be from a can and although lots of the food is tasty, there's no crunch or fresh flavor to anything. It all tastes reheated and mushy.

    Instead of eating a healthy veggie meal I ate a bazillion pieces of garlic naan bread. My plan backfires.

    To make matters worse, the woman who served us and took our orders comes back and in a concerned voice she says, "is... everything... ok?" It appeared that she was asking to make sure we weren't getting sick, and not to make sure we were having a great time.

    Long story short, I can't imaging returning any time soon.

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    By far some of the best Pho I've ever had.

    If you're a neat freak and you want frills, a big menu, and a million options, keep walking! Pho Bac (like In N Out) has just a small number of options. Basically large or small. They specialize in pho so there's pretty much nothing but soup here. Why bother making anything else if they make the best pho in town right?

    Servings are generous and I always encounter more meat and noodles in my soup here than at any other place.

    Tables are often sticky, the place looks like a wind storm can blow it over, but service is quick and the soup is unphogettable! Get it?

    You're missing out if you don't eat here!

  • 4543 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105
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    7.2.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    It's been years since I've written about Thai Tom but I still LOVE this place! I will warn that the dishes are on the spicy side so be careful with your stars! But that said, who eats Thai if they can't take the heat ;)

    Everything here is incredible, the service is fast considering there's almost always a line out the door - even in the rain - and the decor is kitschy and adorable. If Tom is working he's sure fascinating to watch. The best seats are right at the counter, so come alone or with just one other friend. This place is not ideal for large groups!

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    26.8.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Over 500 reviews and I'm FINALLY able to say I've been to Thai Tom. I'm embarrassed to be hopping on… Weiterlesen
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    Great place to stop in for a quick meal. Not the BEST sushi on earth but it's always fresh and almost always ready! I rarely have to order anything from the menu because it's already prepped for me and coming at me at a whopping 2 miles an hour.

    They do make some of the best veggie tempura out there, so I always make sure to order it up nice and hot.

    Cute decor, friendly staff... never a bad experience!

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    Finally!! I've lived in the same building in the same neighborhood for nearly 4 years. So sick of ordering cheap, icky Chinese food for delivery from other neighborhoods, I was SO thrilled when Chungee's moved in a few months back.

    My sister was visiting from out of town and wanted something new. The opportunity was there and after months and months of wanting to check out Chungee's, I did!

    Having read a number of reviews I knew the place would be pretty small. I was surprised to see that although it's small, quite a lot of people could eat inside. In fact, at the time I was there it was totally packed!

    We were warmly greeted upon our arrival and our drink order was taken almost immediately. Then a man approached to ensure we had been taken care of and just said, "Sorry to be nosey. I'm the owner and I just want to make sure you've been helped!" (Cool!) All night they provided excellent customer service and we were very pleased.

    The food was also exactly as I'd hoped. Not so authentic that the menu intimidated me, but tasty and reminiscent of Chinese food I ate back when I lived in California. I swear, in 4 years I hadn't found any Chinese in Seattle that I liked enough to eat more than once! Chungee's has totally solved that problem for me though. I can't wait to take my brother here! I'll be back to try other dishes. Everything I ate was great.

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    6.11.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I sure am a sucker for a price fixe menu! Chez Shea is a wonderful spot for a date, dinner with an old friend, or even folks from out of town. The views are killer, the location is perfect and the food is divine.

    Tonight my dining partner (shout out to Mindy E!) and I enjoyed a TON of delicious food here. Opting for a 3 for $30 menu as part of a local promotion, I enjoyed a bartlett pear and candied pecan salad, a wild mushroom risotto, a creme brulee and a faboosh wine pairing!

    The salad was insanely good. Each ingredient was delicious and when piled together to make a salad it was like an explosion of yumminess in my mouth. Everything from the simple dressing, the cheese and even the dish it was served it was simply perfect.

    The risotto was also tasty and the portion size was just right. Dessert was also great and the overall experience was one of the best I've had in Seattle.

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    3.11.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I sure am a sucker for a price fixe menu! Chez Shea is a wonderful spot for a date, dinner with an… Weiterlesen
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    Finally!! I've been wanting to hit up Barracuda since it opened and today was the day. I see some reviews in here about the service and I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't the best. But hey, I was there to eat the food, not the service.

    If you're wondering why photos of the food are abundant and photos of the business are lacking, it's because this place is TEENY TINY! There are 4 or 5 tables of varying sizes. In total about 15 people could eat at once. This didn't seem to be a problem at all however, because I was here for about 30 minutes and only 4-5 other people came in to eat while I was there. Plenty of space!

    Our pitcher of water ran out pretty fast and maybe the server could have been more attentive but overall I think the experience was great. Not enough to dock any starts... especially considering how good the food was. People complain that the tacos are $4 each but if they've ever been to Mexico, they'd see that tacos there are 1/2 the size and 1/3 the toppings. $4 is just fine for these. They're tasty and they have a great variety. I was starving so in addition to the Everest sized pile of nachos that could feed a small country (or maybe 4 people) I ordered up: carnitas, al pastor, pollo en mole, and planchado. All of them were great and I was so full from the food I could only take a bite of two of each and still ended up taking half of the nachos home. Oh... and I ate with my boyfriend, not alone! So this really was a ton of food.

    NOTE: If you've never been there, don't do what I did and ask about seating. There's a somewhat obvious sign (at waist level) that says SEAT YOURSELF. You'll feel kinda dumb :)

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    Tasty! I didn't know what to expect from Mexican food in Everett, WA but had heard great things about the Gorditos in Seattle. Starving before a hockey game, my brother, (vegetarian) sister and I all found something yummy to eat.

    I ordered ceviche which wasn't the best, but again... maybe that was my fault for thinking Mexican seafood would be super authentic in Everett. It was ok, not the best, but I was super impressed with with steak burrito and their selection of salsas. If I'm back in Everett for a hockey game I'll be sure to give them a second shot.

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    I know when I think of the word 'jerk' it's usually negative. But when it comes to Island Soul, it's very, very positive. The menu has jerk ribs and jerk chicken, and they are no joke! Additionally they have curried goat, and oxtail, and a whole slew of other animals and parts of animals that taste great.

    Carla (who so graciously greeted me at the door) mentioned her favorite dishes including these amazing coconut cornbread muffins and sweet plantains. Every suggestion was perfect and I loved that she took a seat with us at the table to talk about the menu and everything we needed to sample. I also loved that they had hibiscus tea! This is my absolute favorite drink on the planet and they made it perfectly.

    The entire time we dined I could overhear Carla warmly welcoming guests, offering suggestions, saying hi to regulars and making everyone feel special. This is exactly what Yelp is all about! This restaurant is a true gem and while there are lots of great restaurants popping up in Columbia City, this one takes the cake on unique cuisine. I haven't found a place in the entire city that makes food with so much soul in it! I've only been once and I already feel like family.

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    Pretty cool place.

    I'd read dozens of reviews about about amazing their waffles are... and while they're super tasty and creative, I was a little disappointed by this spot. I had a tasty waffle - it was kinda small - and so was everything else! Right in the heart of the business district, this waffle spot is perfect for people on the go. It wasn't clear to me from the reviews that this place was almost more like a fast food spot. Don't get me wrong... this is WAY BETTER than fast food quality food, but the ambiance isn't there and there is only room for about 8 people to eat in. If that!

    They recycle and collect compost... and the place is spotless. It just wasn't quite what I'd expected. When I eat breakfast out, I like it to be a sit down meal where I feel welcomed to hang out and enjoy the food. When I came in here I felt like I needed to order and leave, or try to grab one of the few seats available. Service was friendly though, so there's another bonus. Definitely worth a shot at least once! But next time I'm headed for breakfast with a friend, I'll go somewhere cozier.

  • 700 Bellevue Way NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004
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    Holy soup dumplings, Batman!

    As someone who has only had soup dumplings once before (in San Francisco) I didn't have the loftiest of expectations. I did of course hope that the good would be great though. Especially because my friends and I got our names on a list a solid 2 hours before we were seated. (Good thing this restaurant is attached to a shopping mall!) And yes - the food was pretty good!

    My friend Jenni was so eager to eat here that the excitement over the arrival of this Din Tai Fung was contagious. A good 20 or 30 people wanted to join in on our dinner here and the final list of people came out to about a dozen or so. We got this nifty VIP room which was much quieter than the rest of the dining area and the service was pretty quick as well. Tons of water, tons of hot tea, and delivery upon delivery of different courses of tasty food.

    It wasn't the BEST Chinese food I've ever had but it was certainly very tasty. I think the crowds, the noise, and wait time for a table really turned me off. I'll come back again, but probably not for months. The pork dumplings and soup dumplings were among my favorite items... but a few of my friends have eaten Din Tai Fung in Taiwan and assure me it's still better there than it is here. Darn!

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    Not the best but most certainly not the worst!

    Living near Cyclo is great because on cold winter days they're the closest pho spot to my house. They also have great bahn mi and delicious lemongrass dishes. Whether you want lunch or dinner here, they have a large menu with a great variety of options. Nothing I've eaten has ever been disappointing and they have pretty quick service to. You're in, then out! Perfect for people like me who get too lazy to cook at home.

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    I was a Dim Sum virgin before my visit to Harbor City on Thanksgiving. After reading the reviews I wasn't not surprised by this visit at all. There was plenty of food, service was fast, prices were low and customer service was absent!

    That's not to say this was a bad meal though. Carts rolled past with piles of food so high they almost toppled. There was plenty of fresh and yummy food to choose from and it never stopped rolling past the table. It was great! Don't try to place special orders more than once or twice though because a waiter won't come to your table to check in on you, serve you more water, or ask how the meal is. This is like a factory... come in, sit, eat, pay, LEAVE!

    I'll have to try some other spots in the ID to compare but I loved their potstickers and the walnut prawns.

  • 4909 Rainier Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Shizzz... what a 'slept on' little spot! More people ought to make the drive down Rainier to Columbia City. In a 3 block radius you'll find sushi, Thai, Italian, BBQ, gourmet ice cream, and MORE!

    The Spice Room is on this block and though I've eaten at Wabi Sabi next door a MILLION times, I always thought to give this business a try. Well - I finally did! Not only is the food spicy, but so is the atmosphere. It's a rather small restaurant but its stylish, sexy, modern design makes it feel quite spacious. The pretty periwinkle wall was exactly the color of the sky when I went too. Very neat!

    I tried the Spice Room sampler (excellent!) the yellow curry and the phad thai. Everything was tasty and came out pretty fast. When I first moved to Seattle many moons ago, I was all about Thai. I ate Thai take out like 4 days a week. After a long break, I'm glad to have tried the Spice Room. Just thinking about the meal yesterday makes me want to eat Thai again today.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Thai restaurants are something you could trip over in Seattle. It's not often that they're wonderful either. Fortunately, Thaiku is!

    I came here with a rather large group of friends the other night after a quick walking tour of Ballard. Ducking out of the cold and into this hoppin' restaurant, we really had our fingers crossed that at 8pm they would have a table for 9 on a Friday, and they did!

    First we were asked if we wouldn't mind waiting in the bar. Umm, yeah, SURE! The bar seats almost 20 folks and we happily parked ourselves there for 15 min or so while they made room for us. We each tried a specialty cocktail to tie us over. The bartender was quick and friendly and had my drink served up within a minute or so.

    The table was turned over so fast we were seated and ready to look over the extensive menu. A few members of our group were vegetarians and they were very pleased with the options. Other members of our group were into super spice and also felt pleased with their orders. I was somewhere in the middle...meat and tofu, 2 or 3 stars. The food was definitely good and everyone had a good time. Definitely an A-OK restaurant.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Oh heck yeah! This place is awesome. Bear in mind that I had a hankering for Chinese at 12am and Honey Court was one of few places open. I don't think I'd bring my parents here at 5pm but late at night it's great for a quick, cheap meal and for some awesome people watching.

    Totally decent food, decent prices and they offer forks if you struggle with chopsticks. I didn't know whether to take offense or not but a woman came up to me and asked if I needed chopsticks after she watched me eat. She didn't ask my Korean bf though... hrmmm! I politely declined. I swear, I know how to use 'em!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    You have GOT to be kidding me! How could I walk by Panevino for months and not have gotten dinner here sooner.

    1) I'm a sucker for Italian food.
    2) I love wine.
    3) It's like 3 blocks from home!

    I was such an idiot..

    But no more! I ate here last week before taking a trip East to wine country and boy was it a good idea. My girlfriend and I looked at the menu and both decided we couldn't live without the gnocchi. I've been places where it can be hit or miss but they nailed it. Not only was the food served in a timely and polite manner, it was cooked to perfection and drenched in a rich, creamy sauce. It wasn't the house gnocchi... I wish I could remember the exact order but the food was so good I was knocked into a damn coma!

    Having eaten every single bit of food on our plates, we rolled out of there like globes dreading how much we'd need to workout in order to burn all of that food off. Huge portions, hugely worth it. Can't wait to come back again soon!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Usually when I think of eating food in the ID I prepare myself for a place that's a wee bit run down, perhaps not so clean, and where service is fast and prices are cheap. More of a "eat and get out!" type of place.

    This is NOT so with Red Lantern. It's a sparklingly clean restaurant with attentive and polite service where supplies of water and tea never run out and the food is good and still cheap!

    I came here with my picky brother. No, he's not 8, he's 31! But nevertheless he won't eat seafood. Not even tuna or shrimp or basic intro stuff. Wanting to try the potstickers, I was bummed to see that they include shrimp as an ingredient. We ordered some super basic dishes prepared with chicken and beef and were both pleasantly surprised. Wanting a little more variety I bought a dish of walnut prawns for myself and loved them as well.

    I'll be back for the potstickers. Just without my brother.

  • 8550 Greenwood Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Can we say yum? What a fabulous late lunch I had here a while back. In fact, I couldn't write about it until now because I've been too busy being so FULL!

    For tasty French food and fine cocktails all served up in an adorable setting, look no further than Gainsbourg. I was so impressed with the food and the service here. Can't wait to come back again soon!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    NOTE: I have yet to eat any food hear and while I've heard and read that it's amazing, I came here after dinner specifically to drink at Naga Lounge.

    Evan and Michael are among the best bartenders in the NW, making cocktails that rival Murray Stenson's with creativity and flare. I came in to pay Michael a visit and just gave him some vague guidelines. Something light, something fresh... nothing too fruity. I mentioned I like gin and he was off to mix up something magical.

    He hands over this beautiful glass and I sip down this perfectly delicate, smooth, tasty treat. Knowing that I had to drive in a bit, I asked for a light pour and he was thoughtful enough to concoct something that would taste great but not impair my ability to drive an hour later. I felt safe in his hands and appreciated how he listened and took some super vague directions and turned them into one of the best cocktails I've had in a while. Michael... does that drink have a name? I want another!

    Can't wait to go back, eat some food and drink some more. Of course, I'll find someone else to drive next time!

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Pho Than Bros was my intro to Pho. Lucky for them, I ate here all the time not knowing any better. They do serve up a mean bowl of soup but after trying new places over the last few years, I hadn't re-visited in a while.

    Because I was running errands and happened to be right nearby, I stopped in and decided to treat myself to some fat brisket in a bowl. I do still love the super cold ice water they give you (don't drink it too fast because it's rare you get a refill) and of course I always loved those free cream puffs.

    When the piping hot bowl of soup was placed in front of me, (less than 5 mins after ordering it) I dove right in only to find that the flavor I'd expected wasn't quite there. Don't get me wrong, it was decent, but it was no Pho Bac!

    The good thing is that Than Bros is cheaper and you get the cream puff. Plus they take cards now! Don't know when that happened but I'm glad because I was sick of having to get cash out just to buy $4 of soup. Definitely a spot worth trying. Short lines, cheap food, large menu, fast service.

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