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    This is a car shop that I personally love to go to when I want work done on any of my vehicles. ASP is a small shop located in Daly City, not to far from Colma Bart. This is one of the more popular go to shops for all you're aftermarket needs. Because it's extremely popular my advice is to stop by an make an appointment. It allows you to meet the great staff there like: Vlad, Trevor and Ray (who does most, if not all of the electronics).

    Vlad is the owner and my go to person for anything that I need. He will always make you feel welcomed and has no problem answering any questions that you may have. He also takes time to try and educate people about their vehicles and the parts going into them. Something most shops won't do anymore because (in their eyes) it's to time consuming. Vlad's friendly & honest when it comes to the products and services that his shop provides. All the guys there care about creating a fun and relaxed environment at the shop which makes customers feel welcomed.

    Unfortunately, This shop is small so the maximum amount of cars they can work on at one time is three. Which can become a downside when you want work done but don't have the ability to wait or you're just anxious to get it taken care of. That's why I recommended making an appointment. It makes things so much easier for people new to this shop. Another downside is there is not enough workers for the amount of business they do daily. If you can be patient then they will always help you out. But for those who are not you may want to reconsider a different way to handle things.

    This is a great place to go to if you want a shop that does great work and charges you a reasonable amount for it. They don't try to screw you over with high-cost and bad services. They simply create relationships with their customers which always leads to happy and returning customers.

  • 2907 San Bruno Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94134
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    This is a car shop that I personally favor to get work done on any of my vehicles. Speed Zone is a small mom-and-pop shop where you can go to, too get all kinds of aftermarket stuff done too any vehicle. It is extremely popular in the San Bruno Ave. neighborhood.

    Raymond is the owner and go to person for anything that you need or any questions that you may have. He's friendly, humble & honest when it comes to the products and services that he provides. This shop is small so the maximum amount of cars they can work on at one time is three. So the best advice is to always call and make an appointment, that way it guarantees you the ability to get work done.

    Some of the key component they're known to do on cars is: the installation of stereos, GPS, car alarms, cameras and the tinting of windows. All of their work not only comes with a lifetime guarantee but it's also something that they stand behind and take pride in. This is a great place to go to if you want a shop that does great work and charges you a reasonable amount. They don't try to screw you over with high-cost and bad service. They simply create relationships with their customers.

  • 278 Post St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    Since the remodel from the original layout this Niketown has become six floors of wall-to-wall merchandise, footwear and accessories all catered towards the Nike brand.

    What makes this place unique from other retail stores is the fact that each floor (in fact each section) of every floor is dedicated to a particular sport or activity. Nike town make sure that anything that you need is easy to find an accessible to your personal needs. Within each section there is a helpful sales athlete, that's what they call their staff members, to cater to your specific needs. Needs such as feel, style, or even color palette. The only drawback to this place is theres so much to choose from that you may find that your going to spend way more time in the store then you wanted too. Which technically isn't necessarily a bad thing especially if you love to shop.

    Unfortunately, with the new layout of the store, instead of having cash registers on every floor, to expedite the process. They only have cash registers in Town-square a.k.a. the first floor. Which means that lines get pretty long and I can be very frustrating to have to wait there until they're ready to ring you up. Other than that the shopping experience can be pretty fine here.

  • 838 Market St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    If you're nostalgic for the iconic and popular sneaker known as the chuck Taylors or anything Converse then this is the place for you.

    This place is amazing from the look and feel, to the energy, this Converse in-line store has everything that you're going to need. The staff is warm & inviting plus they make it a point to make you feel welcome and has a very thorough knowledge of the brand and it's history. Every time I've come into the store the staff has shown a willingness to do almost anything to help me find what I was looking for.

    The look of the store as a modern & hip but still keeps it's classic rock, grunge vibe to it. Two of the major things that make this store incredibly special and will catcher you're eye is first: the chandelier in the middle of the store that's made completely out of old Chuck Taylor sneakers. It's something that I have never seen before and I'm sure once you see if you realize how cool it is. The second thing is: the fact that they have their very own customization section inside the store. That's something I've never seen before and apparently it's the only customization Center in San Francisco, how cool is that?!

    They also have a full kids and women section located on the second floor. Also on the second floor is the Jack Purcell section which is their higher end department for Converse. Everything there is made with amazing quality but will come a little bit of a higher price point.

  • 1 Ferry Bldg
    San Francisco, CA 94111
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    I've never been disappointed in anything that I have gotten from Sur La Table. I find that they have everything you could possibly need for your home needs.

    The staff are friendly & knowledgeable with the products they have in store. The one thing that I find refreshing is that if one person doesn't know the answer to your questions, they find someone in the store that does. Their motto "is they want every customer to always leave happy." At this location they sharpen your home knives for small fee and will have it back to you within 24 hours.

    Sur La Table can be a bit pricey but compared to most other high-end home furnishing retailers, it's a pretty competitive. Plus when you combine it with their lifetime guarantee, with certain items of course, you're really are getting a good value for your buck.

    One of the drawbacks to this location is the isles can be extremely tight, especially on the weekends. It requires some pretty good maneuvering in order not to knock anything over.

    But with the beautiful location, being in the ferry building and close to the waterfront you'll find tons to do in the area. So do some shopping or grab a bite to eat, whatever you decide to do Sur La Table will definitely be able to help you to find every knick knack you could possibly need for your home.

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    Located in the heart of the 280 Metro Ctr. in daily city, the Home Depot is the place I always go to when I need to find anything hardware related that I will need for any project.

    Although their customer service could use some help I still find that this is a much better place to go to then the Lowe's that I did too. When I'm going into the Home Depot I find that it takes me at least 10 to 15 minutes to find somebody who is willing to help me out. I'm not somebody who's creatively inclined to know exactly where I need to go to find certain supplies. So it would be really helpful if they had somebody there (like a door greeter) that could direct their customers to the right locations in order to find their needs, whether it be home or office related.

    Once you finally get that help everything else is pretty easy to find. When I'm there I usually spend between 15 to 20 minutes locating the supplies that I need. I will say that once you get someone's attention you will always get every question that You have answered. So it's can be quick and easy process if you have the right resources to help you navigate through the large store.

  • 491 Bayshore Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94124
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    My first experience of this Lowes was terrible. Although they had a ton of selection to choose from the fact that it is almost impossible to get a staff member to even stop to answer questions is frustrating. When we finally got someone to stop and help us out, they disappeared for over 20 minutes. that's right 20 minutes, with no updates or even touching base with us to let us know what's going on.

    When we finally were able to ask another staff member to help us we found out that the product we ordered, paid for and were told online was waiting for us, was in fact sold out. This place is a complete joke if it wasn't for the holiday sales I would never even show up to this place. From now on I'm taking all my business over to Home Depot.

  • 2774 Paragon Outlets Dr
    Livermore, CA 94551
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    When this outlet mall was build it was then latest and greatest and stores, selections and location.  First, everything is clean, updated, and brand-new which means that it makes your shopping experience just a little bit better to handle. Now as far as variety, yes! there are many stores to choose from, from true religion, Burbury, to even Converse. But as far as price point, I've seen better at the San Leandro outlet mall. The fact that the mall is outside is a breath of fresh air, literally, the nice breeze in the evening does wonders for your ability to deal with longlines and crowds of people. If you don't mind the drive out to Livermore then it's definitely worth looking into.

  • 1221 Marina Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94577
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    A great cluster of shops that's located right off the I-880 freeway located in San Leandro.

    Shops like Ann Taylor, Nike outlet (which can be insane to navigate through but has awesome sales). You have the GAP, Converse, Nordstrom Rack as well as a Panda Express for those who get hungry doing all day shopping. A flaw about the shopping center is the parking can be bad and stressful, especially during a major holiday due to sales. There has also been vandalism issues In the parking lot area so be careful where you park. issues usually happen there towards the evening or on the weekends at night.

    It's still a good place to go and find everything you may need at discounted prices. Outlet shopping center like these are convenient for entire family shopping as well. Marina square is a much smaller shopping center that packs a punch because it has some factory outlet stores. Just make sure to get there early because things do and will sell out fast here. Especially cause it's the only shopping center for that area.

  • 1275 Marina Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94577
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    This is a very busy and chaotic store to go to but very much worth the drive and at times the headache. First, if you can make it to find a parking spot without having to wait longer than 10 minutes you're definitely doing something good. Second what you get in you'll find that there are hordes of people in the store looking for the best deals and prices on everything Nike. The employees have tons of knowledge about their products and make you feel comfortable about coming in to purchase things. I highly recommend this Nike store to go to for shopping. you'll find anything you need for any sports related activity or even just for a relaxed outfit to run errands In.

  • 1807 4th St
    Berkeley, CA 94710
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    It's an outdoor boutique district section in Berkley right off the I-80/ I-580 freeway, located on the opposite side of CalTran's train tracks. It offers free parking just around the corner from the shops with options for paid meters on the same street as the shops. The fourth street shops have restaurants, traveling boutiques, and cafés.

    One of the great aspects of fourth street is it has a small town feel just located outside of the downtown San Francisco area. Shops in this part of Berkley are on the higher end side but the the quality and the options of the products in these shops make it worth it.

    With an Apple store, crate & barrel outlet as well as a CB2 for the younger generation with funky taste in furniture, just to name a few. There are also other options. Options like a wide array of restaurants that serve American fusion, Italian, Etc...If you happen to go during the daytime you can find jazz bands playing free concerts for shoppers. When the holiday season comes around it turns 4th street into a charming shopping bizarre. Both sides of the street are laces with holiday ornaments and Filled with wonderful Christmas lights and sounds of the holiday season.

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    If you love crate & Barrel this is the place to be. Crate & Barrel outlet in Berkeley is the only one I have seen in the bay area. You will find great prices and great sales on everything from kitchenware, home needs, or even great glassware. This place is definitely worth coming by and shopping at.

    Unfortunately nothing here is guaranteed, so it's pretty much hit or miss if you find something that you like. Unlike other crate and barrel stores you cannot put anything on hold here and the selection isn't as large, simply because its an outlet store. But when I come I'm generally pleased because you will be amazed by what you can find. Another perk of coming to the outlet store is every week that goes by the price point on items goes down. That means if you're lucky enough to find something that has been around for three to four weeks at the store. Then you can get it for a lot less then what it was when It first arrived.

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