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    1.7.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Upon subsequent visits I have found Robbie Fox's to be consistent in several things...
    1.  Sylvia, the server is amazing so ask for her to serve you.  The other servers are also nice, but Sylvia is personable, always ready with a smile and good at what she does...
    2. Wren and Chris in the kitchen are putting out AMAZING food.  Not your average pub food.  I have officially tasted all things on the appetizer list and also a few of their other items and have not had a bad thing yet!  ALL is good.  I hesitate to recommend any one thing as they update the menu appropriately, but their garlic shrimp, seafood roll, and samosas are really good!!! Ugh! how can i not also recommend their salmon wrapped in philo dough and stuffed with spinach!  And what about the blue crab stuffed avocado???  YUM!

    3. Are you kidding me? Michael the manager is so cool. And Robbie himself continues to lend authenticity to this super - after work location.  I really felt at home because they have introduced a "family" atmosphere there. Rachel, who works the door begins this process of transforming you from the heat of the AZ streets to the warmth of a true Irish Public House.

    4.  The clientele, which I know the staff at Robbie Fox's can hardly do much decidely mature, positive, cosmopolitan, and there is such good people watching here.  You might see me there a few times taking it all in!

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    5.6.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The third star on this one is because they have three ciders available including Strongbow on tap!… Weiterlesen
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    19.2.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    TOTT's aka "Talk of the Town" Asian Diner has reopened after a little hibernation forced by a silly landlord that couldn't see what he / she was losing!  The new address is 4030 W. Ray Road, Suite 1 , Chandler, AZ 85226.  It is on the northwest corner of Ray Road and McClintock...and alas, again...a Starbucks is down two doors from it.  Should I even mention the Gamestop neighbor?

    All I can say is that the grand re-opening was standing room only and the food is just as delicious as we left it!  This location is a bit smaller I feel from a seating aspect, and I anticipate it will feel that way for a bit while the family gets into place and the locals discover this place so be prepared to wait a little.

    But isn't no M.S.G, high quality veggies and meats, pure veggie oil only, well trimmed meats and poultry to keep the fat content low, and the general care and expertise in preparation worth the wait?  

    I can only now celebrate the year of the rabbit! I'm a Tott's fan for life!

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    14.1.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Temporarily we are TOTTless.  Sadness prevails the Valley and all is out of order.  We eagerly await… Weiterlesen
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    3.10.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Mr Jung must get tired of seeing me show up at his establishment but it really cannot be helped.… Weiterlesen
  • 1825 S Alma School Rd
    Chandler, AZ 85248
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    A very welcoming group of parishioners ensured that I knew where to go and that I did not feel weird in their world.  I just came to get my praise on and to fellowship and hear God's Word.
    I am a huge fan of any church that will give me a Saturday evening option,  and trust me... I took advantage of that option.
    I filled out the visitor's card and got immediate calls and emails regarding upcoming events and how to get connected in this environment.  I even got a personal call from Pastor Roger Storms.
    I enjoy a contemporary service with newer praise and worship stylings and this 5 pm service on Saturdays has that.  If you like the more traditional service, there is one at 8am on Sundays.  And there are a few other services to cater to the needs of many.

    I have to say that I am impressed and even when this place is about 20 miles from me, I will return...and perhaps make this my new family...

  • 800 Decatur St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
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    The one and only and not often properly imitated.
    Oh how I have missed your powdered fluffs...
    So golden brown in seeping in sugary salvation
    The chichory coffee cream filled cups await
    The tourists, the parishioners, the saints all partake
    Years of stories and people watching walls could wail about
    Weathered daily, hourly, available for your coming in and going out
    And me and my friend smile sticky with a double sized order
    Serviced promptly with care and a nice glass of water
    Had it been 1735 and not just post Katrina today
    It will always mark the vieux carre Decatur way!

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    I tried to give full marks to Lolo's having heard all the hype. Realize that I am coming from Louisiana and also New York City where one can obtain the namesake specialty rather easily and in variations.
    Instead of telling you all the cliche things that you will need to know about Lolo's, I am going to tell you why ultimately I did not "drink the kool-aid on a  5 star rating.  

    Better pricing is the missing star.  I found the place to be on the expensive side for what you get.  It is perhaps a part of my relationship towards this home cooking that makes me feel this way.  But please note:  Service was great...but don't plan on being in and out for a quick lunch unless to do a to go order... Also, these waffles are wonderfully flavored.  I detected a nice hint of vanilla and a touch of cinnamon.  The chicken is nicely seasoned...nothing greasy about this batch.  I will also say that if you are not used to Kool-Aid, or if you are like me and used to be able to water that thing down until the original colour had faded by simply adding batches and batches of sugar to it.... You will be in for a diabetic shock! Here's what to do: Ask for a side glass of water and then inject some of the kool-aid into the water.  My favorite is grape drink!!!  

    I am hoping to get back to Lolo's to try their gizzards.  I had the basics on this trip and it is really worth the return trip.  Bring your friends and go and eat late there on Friday night!

  • 4041 N 40th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85018
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    I am so very over a few of my friends who have been aware of this place but who have been hiding it from me.  I will list names at the end of this post.  But the Vig is one heck of a place to take a date for sweet potato fries and good wine!  And atmosphere...  The Vig is like so many other places that try to trend out a wine loving crowd and you will note that there is wine for days!!!! I had the Chilean Pinot Noir by the glass.  Very nice and about $13.

    I want to talk though about my favorite item in the Vig...the ladies room.
    Ladies, you know that this matters...  Space, sanitation, and scandal!  When I went there was no shortage of any of these.  I do wonder how it all turned out for Kelsy and James... Hold on...back to the venue...

    The Vig is a mature, merlot of a place with lots of air to allow it to breathe as you inhale the masterful meals and mix and mingle with new found friends.  

    I don't like the parking scenario at the Vig.  I parked in the large parking lot across the street but only realized that this was the official allotted space when I somehow detected a very small arrow on a traffic cone that said "Vig Parking".  You have to be kidding me. Please use the appropriate marquee to let us know where you are, Vig...

    Sheree, thanks.

  • 701 Bourbon St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
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    Nobody does karaoke better! Nobody. Nowhere . No how. The regular crew know how to host and how to get everyone engaged in the festivities whosever they are! It is no classy place though but don't discount them for much class can there be if you can obtain ginormous happy hour three for one bevvies any day if the week!?
    To be clear... the Karaoke and DJs get 4 - 5 stars.  Audience gets 5 stars usually. The place is legendary and full of the best tourists.  I wonder how many famous singers got their start right here? Hmmmmmm....

  • 6840 E Camelback Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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    So soon since swerving sinisterly southwestardly to seek stimulus in this sullen economic situation, I found the syrupy soaked security of a seemingly "regulars" secret scene to engage in mutual swelling!  
    My eyes were bigger than my stomach as each word on the menu left me wondering if they could truly deliver something more than the average diner when it comes to omelettes and pancakes.  Then I began to see what would become my breakfast dining goal for the next few years..." an apple pancake" more beautiful than any other.  But I did not allow that evil ice cream laden morsel to sway me.  Yes, I owe it to all my Yelp fans to remain objective and focused and what?!!  Did I just eat that Dutch Pancake "soufle"?  Did I really get lemons and confection sugar like the old country?  Was it the biggest rumour ever that I finished that ( and a side of canadian bacon) all by myself in less than 20 minutes?  

    Disclaimer:  I might have passed this place up on the road but, thank goodness my friend Henri knew where to stop and was able to look beyond the Motel 6 that is attached to the premises.  This attempt to remain incognito did not stop the line from peeling out of the door.  Nor did the fact that there is no way to pay with a credit card or debit card!  Thank goodness there is an ATM in there.  

    But if you decide to look past that, and focus on the awesome family like hospitality of the staff and the scrumptousness of the wafflisciousness of  whatever dish you decide to savour, you will become a hush hush admirerer who is not trying to make it harder to get in for food on Sunday!

  • 7111 E 5th Ave
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Rich the magic man masterfully mixing the most mesmerizing manhattans, mai-tais, and mystical momentos of what will be a good evening for any manner of person.  I can only say that I only viewed the barrage of creativity displayed by all the mixologists on hand to stimulate our curiousity and to address our needs.  This place is not only offering an atmosphere that is warmed by its staff, it is offering a place that you can be guaranteed will appeal to all types of people because it is fantastically delicious! The menu is thoughtful.  No item seems misplaced and all is prepared matching seasonings with meats and veggies that are not always naturally paired.  I love the lamb meatballs with tzatziki sauce.  And who does ribs in a deep fried cherry BBQ sauce?  Where can you find a succulent lamb burger?  I mean these guys are even making their own ketchup.  You have to try the bread pudding too...don't play... it comes fondue style!  

    When I feel comfortable about the potential of a place to accommodate my discerning appetite, I usually ask about Cinzano and Campari.  I have often been disappointed, needless to say, by the absence of one or the other.  Rich actually one upped me.  He offered alternatively Compano Antica sweet vermouth.  I have never smelled such a great scent on a vermouth.  Wow.  I love it that we could speak the same language!

    If you are looking for a traditional public house where you see the gang everyday after work, I think you'll be disappointed.  It is more of a special place to slip away with a new date, or a bunch of new friends, or to show off your town to loved ones visiting. It is special enough to add just the right flavour to Fifth Ave.  Cheers!

  • 403 W University Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Curry soup extra spicy with anything you want in it. Hella yelp yes... again hella yelp yes, 1000x, yelp yummy! Lunch specials moderately priced, and awesome service. If you must get Thai'd, bind yourself here. Completely fresh... no joke.

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    So here it was Lenten season and Friday.  I was starving and in a city not like New Orleans in its available seafood fare!  What to do?  Remember that the British are  known for one food contribution....Fish and chips!  So you get on your bike and speed over to the place you've heard you can have a pastie, a sausage roll, and a steak and kidney pie on a regular footie day.  And Fish and Chips and a Strongbow Ale on a post  Mardi Gras Friday night!  

    And this place reeks of British wanna-bes and malt vinegar.  I think I even saw the reflection of the Queen Vic in the pool or urine out back!

  • 20924 N John Wayne Pkwy
    Maricopa, AZ 85239
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    This is my place of choice for pizza in Maricopa.  
    I really like the service, the fresh ingredients, and the deals that they constantly offer.  They know what oregano and gravy are about.  Spend a little more and get a good quality taste of Chicago style pizza...delivered to your door with a smile.  And no after - problems with your stomach!  

    I especially enjoy their white pizzas!

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    Sketchy attention at best was received from our server who was pleasant whenever we actually got to see her, forces the rating way down for me. Food quality is however good and generously portioned. It can be said that the place is best at brunch-time. Ask for what you want assertively and follow up on your own and then you'll be more content. It's a good place to go for a group hang after a long day of rays beating down on you.  Sandwiches are named for famous authors which is cute since the bookstore is next door.  Sit on the patio!

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