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The Orient, The Far East, whatever you please. Basically, all cuisine East of India and the places that do them best.
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    I love Yelp for introducing me to places that quickly turned into favorites. We found this place randomly, with yelp's help, a year ago and have been back many times since. After taking a three hour exam And driving for 5 hours I really really wanted to go here for some comfort food and my boyfriend was as obliging as ever. The people here are super friendly always, even when we have walked in minutes before they close. Even though they are cash only, the prices are so fair that you can feed two hungry people for $20 easily. I've had many things on their menu so I'm not going to go through all of them. I will say that EVERYTHING has always been good.

    The Dan Dan noodles are sesame based which is different from most other places I've had them and a welcome change. You have the option of thick or thin handmade noodles but we've always opted for the thin noodles.

    I broke my rule of no beef after I saw the look of joy on my boyfriend's face after he tried the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. I just had the broth, but it was so flavorful and rich tasting. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

    My absolutely favorite thing on the menu is the braised ground pork on rice. It comes with a hard boiled egg and some garnish and I mash the whole lot of it together for this amazing, filling, savory, concoction that cheers me up on my darkest days. I love this dish.

    I think I became an avid yelp supporter the day it led me to this place.

  • 1353 Stelton Rd
    Piscataway Township, NJ 08854
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    3.1.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I tried the Fried Soft Shell Crab with basil sauce there recently. It was as good as I've had in fancy schmancy restaurants.

    Also, they had wifi here! It's not the greatest, but that automatically puts it near the top of my list of places to study. With all that great food around, who could resist?

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    16.11.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This is my favorite restaurant in the area! I went due to a recommendation from a friend and since… Weiterlesen
  • 24 W 56th St
    New York, NY 10019
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    I have never had soup dumplings that have been better than Joe's Shanghai Pell Street location and that includes this Midtown location. I don't know why anyone would ever come here other than convenience. There is a significant price increase and an equally significant drop in quality. The scallion pancakes were not crispy. The soup dumplings not as richly flavored. I will say the service was good though. We were in and out in 30 min.

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    Beitrag des Tages 1.2.2013

    It seems most of my reviews on Yelp lately have been places I've been going to for a long time that I recently went back to. My family and I went to Penang for perhaps the 30th time this last weekend and the food did not disappoint.

    Roti Canai (2/5) - This used to be the star of the show, but I don't know what's going on nowadays. The once ultra crispy, perfectly cooked crepe has turned doughy and tough. Majorly sad. The accompanying chicken curry is still really good.

    Penang Tofu (5/5) - This was superb. The tofu really soft with this egg batter skin on it that's gives it a great flavor and then the whole thing is in this seafood lobster sauce.

    Ayam Rendang (4/5) - Great, rich curry and the meat was very soft.

    Shrimp Fried Rice (3/5) - My mom loved it, but I thought it was just standard issue fried rice. It was flavorful enough to be eaten on its own without curry, which is not always the case I suppose.

    Pad Thai (-/-) - I've had this before and it's a tad sweet for my taste, so I'm reserving judgement, but my family has always loved it.

    Kueh Teow Thong Soup (3/5) - Great, light, gingery soup. Warning though: the meat is just boiled and dropped into the soup.

    The makeover this place got a few years ago has given it a more trendy, glitzy appearance.

    PS: We didn't have the fried ice cream this time, but its really quite good.

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    I haven't had dim sum in many places, but Wonder Seafood has always squared up pretty nicely against places in DC and NYC. The great thing about this place is that they have dim sum on the weekdays too. The selection isn't as broad as on the weekends, but they make it to order on weekdays so it always arrives super fresh, which I like. Their Wonder Pork dumpling and Wonder Shrimp dumplings are great. If they are fresh, the fried taro balls are excellent. If not, they sit pretty heavy on your stomach. During the weekends, they have roast pork buns and a sweet fried rice, which I love. Some of the more "delicacy" items, like duck feet and pork intestine, can be a little pricey compared to everything else, but the portions are very generous.

    This past time that we went, we also ordered off the regular menu and got bok choy with garlic and a whole steamed flounder. The flounder was huge, delicious, and for $6.50, a bargain.

    On the weekends, if you want to eat without sharing a table, its best to get there before they open, like around 10:45. Otherwise, come at like 12 when the first round of people are finishing up and you might get lucky.

    Overall, great dim sum at reasonable prices that you don't have to travel all the way to NYC for.

  • 277 Eisenhower Pkwy
    Livingston, NJ 07039
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    For years, I have been Zen's unappointed champion. Everyone that I know who doesn't shrink away at the thought of raw fish (and even some that do) has been invited, cajoled and even coerced into coming here at least once. Not a single one of them was disappointed. I have been to many many sushi restaurants in multiple states (though not in Cali or NYC) and I have to say that this place is the best. Here's why.

    The fish is super fresh. I'm not an experienced food critic by any means but even I can tell when fish is old. It gets hard and, well, fishy. That has never been the case at Zen. The few times I have gotten the sashimi, everything was melt in your mouth soft and bursting with flavor.

    The portions are huge. Even a voracious eater, like myself, has to struggle to finish two specialty rolls. The fish to everything-else ratio is very generous.  

    The specialty rolls are really creative. Take the Linsane roll. An assortment of delectable goodies topped with a truffle oil sauce. Who would have thought?? If you like cooked rolls, Volcano roll is pretty great. The Frosty is one of my favorites due to giant mound of spicy shrimp on top.

    The non-sushi food is pretty good too. My parents don't like raw fish, so we get them bento boxes with shrimp tempura. Perfectly crunchy. Everyone's happy.

    ITS AFFORDABLE. I know. I know. Review after review has said "It's pricey", "not worth how much you pay". But they don't know about the COUPON. Yes, there is a coupon. It's on their website under "Coupon". 10% off for order under $50. 10 DOLLARS off for order $50 or over. Before tax. (that's 20% off right there) It's always there. You can print it out as many times as you want, but you HAVE to print it out. They are old school like that. No pulling it up on your phone.

    So, to recap,  fresh, giant, creative rolls that average out to about $8-10 after the coupon.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • 1167 Raritan Ave
    Highland Park, NJ 08904
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    6.1.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Since first going here less than a month ago, my boyfriend and I have been back, no joke, 5 times. We've only gotten delivery since the first time, but there has been no compromise in quality of food. However, it is frustrating trying to place an order over the phone because of two reasons 1) they don't have a menu online that matches their store menu in price and they don't have paper menus at the store that you can grab. I had to resort to taking pictures of the menu in the store and EVEN then, there are discrepancies between the prices depending on the menu. 2) It's hard to communicate what I want exactly over the phone because of the language barrier, but I think the owner recognizes my voice when I call and has an idea of what I like (good or bad thing?)

    We have discovered that their lunch specials are extensive and offer a lot of the favorites at 1/2-1/3 the price for dinner. The portions aren't bad either, so if you are in the area, definitely go for lunch.

    Pork Kidney with Spicy Sichuan Vinaigrette 4/5: It's funny. I've gotten this three times and EACH time, the preparation of this was different. I really don't understand what's happening here, but it was good every time.

    Chicken with Eggplant 4/5: not your standard brown sauce. I like, I like!

    Lamb Sichuan style 4/5: This was a great flavor. They used some sort of pickled hot peppers in the sauce and it was fantastic. The flavor of the lamb didn't really come through until you bit into the meat, but it was pretty tender

    Fish and Bean Curd in Spicy Soup 5/5: Ok, this isn't exactly soup, but more like fish fillets and soft tofu in a thick sichuan sauce. The dinner portions for this was enormous. It filled one large and one small soup container. We ate it for days.

    They really should have a frequent diner card for me.

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    17.12.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's getting hot, Hot, HOT! The food here definitely packs a punch! Being lover of Sichuan cuisine,… Weiterlesen
  • 410 Hungerford Dr
    Rockville, MD 20850
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    Ever since we vowed never to go back to a certain other Sichuan restaurant in the area, we have been on the hunt for a proper replacement restaurant. I am happy to report that Sichuan Jin River way surpassed my expectations. We've been there twice in the last month and and both times, its been great. My standard at any Sichuan restaurant is the fish fillet with soft tofu. While Jin River's isn't the best I've had, its pretty darn good. The only thing is that if you get this dish to go, they give you the tofu separately and I find that you have mix the two together and heat it up on the stove to really get the flavors to mix well.

    I personally prefer their fish fillet with veggies in spicy broth. The "veggies" are mostly varying types of greens and celery, but that's fine because they absorb the broth really well.

    The cumin chicken was also a crowd pleasure, especially because it wasn't drenched in oil and overwhelmed with cumin like similar dishes I've had.

    The pork tripe in chili oil was a tad too salty in my opinion but a generous amount and good flavor

    Their dan dan noodles are also worth trying. Very simple, but a delicious flavor.

    The decor and the location are fine. The food is really the star of the show here. Oh, and they have an incentive for paying in cash. I just wish they would do it so that you got a stamp every $10 dollars instead of every $20.

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    Went here very late night after karaoke to satisfy some munchies. We loved the selection of banchan. This is the first place that I've seen that gives an entire small fried fish as one of the options. The mixed tofu and the kalbi were delicious and the service was prompt even for a late night.

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    I've only ever come here with a Groupon, which come around pretty often so its good to wait for them. i think otherwise, this might be a little too pricey for me given the portions. Two dishes for two people will fill you up if you eat the panchan and the rice and the salad that comes with and that will cost you about 20pp with tax and tip. There are Korean BBQ buffets for cheaper or the same price where all you eat is the meat.

    The interior is reminiscent of an industrial factory. Corrugated steel walls, cement floors, steel tables and chairs, giant vents everywhere. It is very very fire proof. The entire place runs like an assembly line. The minute you sit down, someone comes over to bring you panchan and turn on the grill. Then soon after someone else comes over to take your order. Within minutes your order is placed on the grill by yet another person. For the next 20 mins you watching hungrily as women in t-shirts stir, cut and flip your food right in front of you, all the while wondering if its safe to sneak a bite.

    The spicy pork belly is our favorite along with the pork and squid. I love the spicy sauce that they ubiquitously pour on everything labeled "spicy". The steamed egg is a must try, but only the first one is free. The seafood pancakes, from what I remember, are pretty good too.

    The best thing about this place is that its 24/7. It makes for great late night runs or in our case, post-ballet munchies.

  • 4828 Cordell Ave
    Bethesda, MD 20814
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    My boyfriend's favorite cuisine is Thai, so we've been all over the DMV looking for good restaurants and this place is in our top five. That actually works out really great for us because this place often has a groupon or living social deal going on AND it's only 2 blocks from his apartment so we often use the groupon to get take out. They are pretty good at all the standard Thai dishes but they are the best at noodles. The portions are very generous given the price, which is supremely affordable.

    Green curry (3/5) : Pretty standard green curry. The taste is great but I expected a little more variety in the vegetables. Normally green curry comes with eggplant or beans but this just had bamboo shoots.

    Tom Yum Goong (3/5) : This soup was ok. When something is sour at Sala Thai, it's really sour so that was a little off setting. Also the portion was a bit paltry.

    Yum Woon Sen (3/5) : This would have been really good if it wasn't *really* sour.

    Drunken noodles (5/5) : These were great. Big fat wide noodles that are really soft and great flavor that is not too greasy.

    Pad Thai (5/5) : My boyfriend loved this dish and he has had pad Thai from many different restaurants. In addition to whatever protein that you get, they put in egg, tofu and sprouts. The spice level is just perfect and the flavor is great.

    Fried ice cream (3/5): Definitely not the worst I've had but not that great either. The shell should have been a lot crispier.

    Drinks (4/5) : Pretty good! I was surprised. The Bangkok sunset made me feel like I was on a beach in Cancun again. Their margarita is not too shabby either.

    Great place to have nearby!

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    From the outside, this place looks like a typical hole in the wall chinese take out joint. It's only the name that give you any clue that there's something unique going on inside. Calcutta, India (now Kolkata) has its very own Chinatown called Tangra and the owners of Calcutta Chinese are from there so you know its the real deal. Just how Chinese cooking in America has evolved to cater to the taste of the population, Chinese cooking in India took on a more spicy, more bold, more fragrant persona to cater to the Bengalis. The fusion has resulted in one of my favorite cuisine in the world. I stopped in there last week and they did not disappoint. The portions are very generous. The price is very fair and the food is very, very good.

    We had...

    Szechuan Lamb (3/5) - It was a little too sweet for my taste, but the lamb was very tender and there was a lot of it

    Chili Shrimp (4/5) - Simple, but delicious. Battered shrimp smothered with onions and chili peppers

    Manchurian chicken (4/5) - The flavor and the gravy were both very good! the only complaint I have is that the chicken seemed the slightest bit overcooked.

    Hakka Noodles (3/5) - The amount and consistency of the noodles were great, but I thought the flavor was just a little bland.

    This is not the place to impress a date (unless your date only cares about the food), as the interior is very simple and small. You order at the counter and pay and they bring out the food. Nothing fancy, just delicious food.

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    You know how people drink to stay warm during the winter? I go to Xian's. Their food just sets a fire inside of you. This isn't American-friendly spicy. It's belly warming, tear jerking, tongue numbing spicy. Ya, there are less spicy options, but who wants those?

    They have many branches all over, but I've only been to the Bayard street and East Village locations so this is a combined review. Note: the Bayard street store has a bathroom, though that is a generous term for room that is literally 2'x3'.

    Liang Pi Cold Skin Noodle (5/5) - Well Anthony Bourdain raved about these, so they come highly recommended. And I have to say I agree. It's a really unique (in a good way) texture with an tangy sauce and spongy tofu.

    Hot Oil Seared Noodles (2/5) - Nice, fat fiery noodles but in need of salt.

    Lamb Burger (3/5) - For $2.50 its a great deal, but the bun is a tad hard for my taste.

    Lamb Offal Soup (4/5) - Obviously, not for the squeamish. Great flavor to the broth and a nice variety of organs.

    Great filling food with nice bold flavors.

  • 1089 Inman Ave
    Edison, NJ 08820
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Ok, first things first. Any AYCE place that includes sashimi is already a winner for me. Add the fact that its fresh sashimi and you have won my heart. They may not have exotic offerings like uni or toro, but what they do have is quite adequate for 20 bucks. I most enjoyed the mackerel, eel and white tuna. The salmon, albacore and squid were pretty good too.

    As for the special rolls, I wasn't a huge fan. The soft shell crab roll was decent, but I think the consensus at the table was "SASHIMI! LOTS AND LOTS OF SASHIMI!"

    All of the kitchen items we tried were good. The fact that they are made to order means they come out piping hot. The shrimp and chicken tempura were well battered. The pork katsu was moist and not overly breaded. The gyozo and shumai were nothing to write home about. The croquette was actually the surprise of the afternoon, especially paired with the orange-mango dipping sauce from the calamari. The miso and mushroom soups are great palate cleansers and the spicy seaweed salad really is a great as everyone says.

    On to dessert! The "fresh fruit" is really just half an orange, so don't get fooled. The green tea and red bean ice cream were spot on and comes in manageable quantities.


  • 9 Pell St
    New York, NY 10013
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    We went there specifically for the soup dumplings and were not disappointed. The flavor of the broth in the dumplings is that of a stew that has been cooking for hours. All the flavors of the marrow and the meat is well infused into the broth.

    We tried both the crab/pork soup dumplings and the pork soup dumplings. The crab/pork soup was good, but we thought it interfered with the rich flavor of the pork. Therefore, we recommend saving two bucks and getting the pork soup dumplings if you have to choose.

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    16.12.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Made my way back here sooner than expected. The Peking Duck Sesame Pancake is just as good as I remember it... in fact I think it was better this time. Also, tried the spicy wontons and the pork and chive dumplings. The former was really delicious - basically shrimp and scallion filling topped with a sauce similar with what you would find on top of Dan Dan noodles.

    However, the pork and chive dumplings were pretty disappointing -- the wrapper was pretty hard and chewy. It also seemed like it had been sitting out for a while and it was a little greasy.

    Overall, good place for cheap eats with a couple of winners.

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    28.11.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The only thing I had here were the Peking Duck Sesame Pancake, but it was so good that I'll totally… Weiterlesen
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    Normally, at a restaurant, as long as the food is good and the price is fair, I'm down with whatever. The ambiance and service really only factors into my rankings if its exceptionally good or exceptionally poor. Nice Green Bo has the pleasure of being one of few restaurants that managed to annoy even me.

    Where to begin? With the waiter jabbing my friend with the menu to get her attention? With them complaining to us that there's not enough room on the table for the food we ordered? With them giving us a lipstick stained cup and then snatching it out of my hand without so much as word, let alone an apology? I don't even care that they brought us the wrong thing. Mistakes happen. But the surly attitude with which it was remedied was unnecessary.

    Being Indian, I am well accustomed to having to lower my standards for service when I go to an "ethnic" restaurant. Especially one that is cheap or busy or both. But, this was really quite something.

    So that's why, if you look at my individual food rankings, you can see a little bit of discrepancy between those and the overall ranking.

    Scallion Pancakes (5/5) - Best I've had. Not greasy. Crisp. Perfect.
    Steamed Tiny Buns (5/5) - Also known as soup dumplings. They were my first but spot on.
    Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (5/5) - Got these accidentally, when we ordered seafood dumplings, but they were delicious. And this from a total carnivore.
    Boiled Seafood Dumplings (4/5) - Not as good as the vegetable dumplings (Big surprise!) but still good!

    It's really unfortunate (or was it fortunate) that the food was so good, because I am totally ready to never return here again. However, this is the heart of Chinatown after all. I'm sure I can find a suitable replacement.

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