Artsy long weekend in DFW

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Jam-packed weekend for two away from Austin, with plenty of art-viewing included.
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    These talented fellas take what could be a rote delivery of generic jokes and jazz it up. They're clever, quick and kinda cool.

    Don't go expecting the edgiest humor or a demure audience (yeah, drunk hecklers!), but do go expecting some fun twists and genuine humor.

    Makes for a good night out, for sure.

  • 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
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    The perfect way to spend a couple hours on a rainy weekend afternoon. Beautiful building on beautiful grounds with a smallish but very enjoyable collection.

    Free, which is great.

    It was a bit crowded on a Saturday, but that might be in part because there were kids' activities set up outside, so there were a good number of families.

    The exhibits going on in early October weren't quite my cup of tea, but I'd certainly love to make a return visit if a show was more my flavor. The one thing that was abundantly clear was that the museum is able to cull pieces that 'say' exactly what they're looking to say within a particular niche or portion of a show.

  • 3200 Darnell St
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
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    4.0 Sterne

    The space itself is stellar. Really makes you feel, from the start, like you are in a capital-A Art Museum.

    The collection was only partly available for viewing when I was there (most of the first floor, one room on the second), but what I saw was interesting and great to look at, if not comprehensive in scope.

    I'd like to return to get a better look at exhibits, but seeing as I was a tourist, it's unlikely I'll make it back soon.

    Try first Friday events, when they're open till 8, for a classy start to your evening out. Music, cocktails and art all in one beautiful space ... what more do you want out of a museum?

  • 1701 Commerce St
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
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    Really nice place to stay when you're visiting Fort Worth. I'd definitely recommend it!

    There was some confusion about what type of room we wanted, which keeps me from giving the full 5-star treatment, but once we were checked in, there was really nothing about the hotel itself that disappointed me.

    Comfy beds, decent bathroom (like the other review says, low showerhead!), nice TV, great view.

    If you find yourself with a little downtime during whatever activity brings you to the city, be sure to walk across the street and check out the odd but interesting Fort Worth Water Gardens.  

    Valet service could be a bit slow, but they're very polite and seemed to simply be understaffed, especially on Sunday morning right around checkout time.

  • 1502 Commerce St
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Lots of man-made rock, lots of water, a few plants. Not exactly the typical order of prominence of these features at your typical urban park, but, hey, it works.

    I especially liked the aqua-blue and rust and tall trees of the quiet pool, despite the very slippery steps along the way (we were there on a rainy day though it only drizzled while we were at the gardens).

    I wasn't blown away, but coming in with no expectations, I certainly wasn't disappointed, either!

    It's definitely worth walking through if you're in the area, and as we said when we were there, if I lived in Fort Worth, I could see myself taking lunch breaks here.

    It's unfortunate that some elements are showing signs of age and disrepair, but it didn't seem like any of it was irreparable yet.

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    We loved the coconut-white chocolate pie. Get it!

    We liked the chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce, which wasn't labeled as a pie, but was shaped like one. Very rich.

    We had a nice waiter, but he couldn't get the kitchen to get its butt in gear, so to speak, so our desserts took their sweet (ha!) time in getting out.

    My cocktail was sweet and good in a fruit-punchy sort of way. Not the sophisticated herb-infused treat I was expecting, but certainly nothing I'd turn away if served again! His coffee was served nicely, but there seemed to be issues with keeping the hot stuff flowing.

    Jazz music (we were in the bar) was nice and we dug the singer, but the crowd got a bit tight at times.

    Overall, a class-act for dessert and after-dinner drinks. Not a seafood eater, so it's unlikely I'd come back here for dinner, but I would definitely consider visiting its sister location in Austin for a similar late-evening treat.

  • 404 Houston St
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
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    Back home in Austin, I've been to Starbucks once in the last 4+ years (I'd been up till 7 a.m. and had plans at 10 a.m. Sue me.), but when we were out and about and getting a little groggy in Sundance Square in the middle of the afternoon, this was just about our only option, and it definitely served to satisfy a craving.

    I forwent the coffee, but my soy chai was just right. I remember having one six years ago at a Starbucks as I waited nervously for an interview in downtown Austin and thinking it tasted like crap, so perhaps they've improved their formula.

    Fast-forward six or so hours. We've finished dinner at Cabo Grande and feel like we better get out of there, but we've got advance tickets in an hour to see Four Day Weekend, so we need to kill some time. I'm not feelin' another alcoholic drink so soon after my grande margarita, so we head BACK to Starbucks.

    We both went for tea this time, and my gingery green was not quite fully brewed, but it was pretty good. His Earl Grey was Earl Greyish.

    It's relatively cute for a Starbucks and was busy, busy, busy at around 9 on a Saturday night. I just can't hate (though I can suggest they cut back on the Streisand. Not a Streisand crowd.).

  • 406 Houston St
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Remember Y'all's Texas Store that was in all the Texas malls in the '90s? Kitschy Texana to the max?

    This is like that store, but far less atrocious. I don't recall seeing a single taxidermied armadillo or jackalope or neon-light guitar here, but that might be wishful thinking on my part.

    If you're from out of state and find yourself in Fort Worth, this is probably a great souvenir shop.

    I live only a few hours to the south, so I'm not gonna forget that people wear cowboy hats here anytime soon.
    It's fun to browse, though.

  • 3200 Darnell St
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
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    First Friday of the month, every month, I believe, the cafe stays open late for a special dinner.

    The prices are quite high ($20-30 for entrees) for decent but unspectacular food. My roasted acorn squash with nutty pilaf, crisped mushrooms and maple cream sauce was served on a too-small plate, and while certain elements were interesting (the sauce was excellent), it just didn't gel properly. His beef roulade was rather tiny and suffered from similar issues.
    Our shared bread basket had some decent herb and sun-dried tomato rolls and disappointingly dry bread knots with a nice, sweet butter.

    Service was nearly non-present and far too eager to get us out (well, after they noticed us at all, which took quite a while!).

    The lunch menu looked interesting and definitely featured lower prices, the sort at which our meals should have been priced to begin with. I'd try it if I were at the museum again and hope for a less harried experience in the artful, open dining room.

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    The entrees were delicious in that rich, simple but not boring way that makes Italian such a great choice when you're in a new city, it's raining, and you're at a loss for what to eat.

    My ricotta gnocchi were a lovely, soft, smooth contrast with the slightly acidic pomodoro. His eggplant parmigiana came out looking like a lasagna, almost, surrounded by an unattractively glowing-green pool of basil oil, but it was satisfying and well-cooked.

    We couldn't decide if our waiter was in his first week ever of waiting tables or if he was simply spacey. He took his sweet time in getting to us for each step of the meal process.

    Most puzzling was when he set a dish of olive oil and vinegar on our table and didn't return for more than 10 minutes to ask if we needed drink refills ... at which point I guess he realized there was supposed to be something to go with the oil and vinegar.

    The bread we eventually got was nothing special, and once my entree came, it made me wish I hadn't even bothered. The oil and vinegar wouldn't emulsify, so we were basically just dipping our bread into mediocre oil.

    Really, the entree was enough to make me want to return (to the one in Austin, where I'll hope the service is better!), but the rest of it was generic and definitely not better than your typical Italo-chain.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Decidedly average.
    The push-and-pull of even the extremes wasn't enough to pull me away from 2.5 stars.
    Extremely big: The margarita. It was sweet, and it had some tequila in it, but I wasn't all that impressed by flavor, buzz or presentation.

    Extremely efficient: I don't know if our waitress just wanted us to get in and out very quickly, but she was incredibly rushed, if quite friendly, and didn't have a clue what "vegetarian" meant (She suggested the lettuce wraps because they had the word "lettuce" in the name ... neglecting the fact that they were stuffed with CHICKEN.).

    Less extreme: We ordered enchiladas (me: cheese, him: chicken) and they were very middle-of-the-road. The rice was definitely the highlight, and I assumed the beans had some kind of broth (fat floating on top) but didn't bother to ask because I wasn't sure the waitress would understand what I was getting at.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this place. It's a festive and friendly joint with a great location, and when you're not looking for gourmet, it's sure to fill your belly (good salsa and chips, if your entree doesn't satisfy). It just doesn't WOW, ya know?

  • 4705 Camp Bowie Blvd
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Croissants and crappy coffee for breakfast.
    The croissants weren't bad, but I'd really have liked more options than two of the last three remaining crescent rolls, three jelly doughnuts and a few overly decadent-looking muffins for breakfast.

    We didn't see any kind of sandwich menu (and we asked about breakfast options but were told WYSIWYG), but perhaps they don't serve sandwiches on weekends? We were the only people sitting down to eat at noon in the messy eating area.

    Some of the treats looked all right, but nothing was calling out to me (and not that I'm in the market for a fancy cake, but their displays didn't stun, either). You can put frosting of any color or design on a sugar cookie and it's still gonna taste like a sugar cookie, I guess.

    I'd give them another shot if they were my shop-on-the-corner, but since they're not, I'll pass on a return visit.

  • 302 Main St
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Erster Beitrag

    Gag me with a dainty, silver collectible City of Fort Worth spoon, please.

    The "Painter of Light" is truly dull, and I was disappointed to see his "gallery" here. Really harshed my mellow, man.

    That said, if fake idyllic is your thang, get your butt over here. They've got it in spades.

  • 1717 N Harwood St
    Dallas, TX 75201
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Just the sort of museum a city like Dallas should have. While I didn't find many blow-me-away pieces, the whole collection is impressive in scope and size.

    We couldn't see every last thing because the museum closed two hours after we arrived, but what we did see was enjoyable and a great survey of international art. Aside from a rather awkward wing of British decor, the flow and allotment of space impressed me.

    I'd definitely go back for traveling exhibits in the future and to get a better look at the whole place. Be aware that it's $10 per adult for admission, plus $10 to park, so it can make for an expensive couple of hours.

  • 1033 Young St
    Dallas, TX 75202
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I'm a sucker for well-thought-out comfort-modern design. Aloft had me from the start on that front. Pretty cool-looking joint.

    I'm also a sucker for a little bit of luxury. Aloft isn't exactly the Ritz-Carlton (ha! like I've ever been in a Ritz!), but it's definitely a leap up from a Days Inn (ha! like I've ever stayed in a Days Inn ... in downtown Dallas), and that's enough to make me happy!

    I could do without the "aloha" every time you walk past the desk, but other than the so-new-you're-afraid-to-break-everything feeling, this is a nice space. We played a couple games of pool on the table downstairs and despite being pretty much the only ones around (no one at the bar or small cafe(teria?) area, it was easy to relax.

    Our room had a nice shower, a comfy bed and a big ol' TV we couldn't quite figure out how to turn on in one simple move but eventually did work.

    It was super quiet until 8:30 a.m. when a ROARING JACKHAMMER started four stories below us in the parking lot. Not that I'd expect that to be a regular occurrence, but for people who'd been up fairly late, it was jarring and obnoxious!

  • 1212 Skillman St
    Dallas, TX 75206
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Funky-grungy. Just the way I like my dive!

    On a Sunday night it was relatively uncrowded, which I liked because we weren't exactly there to mingle. We had to talk loudly at times, but for the most part were able to enjoy the dimly lit, eclectic space while playing iPhone pop culture trivia (we're pretty dang geeky) and having plenty of room for our pizza and drinks.

    The pizza was sufficient if not amazing. The Greek had feta, tomato, and olives, which were disappointing (canned). Crust was just not that stunning, a little floury but definitely not overcooked (I'm one of those who don't love too much char on my crust). However, we were pretty hungry and ended up eating most of a pie between us, so it certainly wasn't anything to sneeze at. Better than average bar pizza.

    Blue Moons kept on coming, which kept me happy.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    We'll call this one a 3.4. Not the creme de la creme, but good company and a nice patio even on a rainy day.

    Whiny kids all around
    Watery omelet
    People we were meeting had to wait good while, we had to wait a few minutes

    The bathroom smelled like blueberry pancakes
    Everyone else liked their food
    Free pumpkin bread was good

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