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We ate some super tasty sweets during a long stay in Austin. I wish we got to eat at these places all the time!
  • 1503 S 1st St
    Austin, TX 78704
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    After seeing pictures, I had been *dying* to try Gourdough's and it did not disappoint. While we were waiting for our order, our friends were griping, "$4 for a donut??" We hadn't had them but from seeing the pictures, knew that these were no ordinary donuts. "Just wait, you'll see why" we said.

    The order came out and he skeptically peeped in the box. He immediately let out a cackle. They were freshly fried and covered in ridiculous toppings. He understood.

    We ordered 4 but the unanimous favorite between the group was the coconut. If you like coconut and chocolate it's a must.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Thank you, Yelp. You have once again led me to deliciousness.

    Based on various reviews, I intended to order:
    The Carrot Cake
    Pink Champagne
    Honey Peanut Butter

    When I got there, all four flavors were recommended by the guy behind the counter.

    The winners were definitely the carrot cake and coconut, followed closely by the honey peanut butter. Their cream cheese frosting is just phenomenal and I love it when carrot cake has golden raisins and walnuts. They were both super moist and flavorful.

    The Pink Champagne tasted a little of food coloring - a pet peeve of mine but if you're a fan of red velvet it probably wouldn't bother you. It was still good.

    I also loved the honey peanut butter. It had this beautiful pool of honey in the middle of the frosting, topped with honey-roasted peanuts. The peanut butter and honey went so well together and made for a very moist cupcake.

    I also liked how they have a handful of cupcake flavors that are there daily as well as a weekly menu with different flavor options each day. It makes you want to go back every day and try a new one!

    One more compliment: their cupcake names (mostly after famous people or classic desserts) are fun to order without feeling too goofy. They added a bit of personality to the experience as well.

    Loved it!

  • 2820 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    What a lucky find. We had a long walk home from dinner one night and smelled donuts from a block away. It was fairly late - late enough to expect we wouldn't find any fresh donuts. We walked in and asked what was freshest.


    "These just came out..."

    "These are fresh too..."

    "So are these..."

    "These too..."

    Seriously? That much fresh stuff at night? We ordered a dozen donut holes (chocolate and blueberry) and were on our way.

    They were super fresh, perfectly coated in a crusty glaze and delicious. They may not have been quite in the same league as Gourdough's but we practically skipped home anyway.

    Oh- and I think we spent a dollar and change on the order. The pack of gum in my pocket cost more than that.

  • 343 S Congress Ave
    Austin, TX 78704
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Man, this town knows how to do donuts and it makes me so happy!

    We hit 3 donut places during our stay in Austin - Howdy, Ken's and Gourdough's. All were great. Ken's and Howdy were pretty comparable - both serve pretty standard flavors of classic donuts that are fresh and sweet.

    We walked into Howdy around 3 and it did not appear that they bake em fresh around the clock like Ken's does since there were a bunch of random mismatched donuts splayed on just a few trays. However what we had was real good. I think my favorites were the blueberry donut holes, the regular glazed donut holes and the buttermilk donut. We ordered a bunch and it all cost less than 1 Gourdough's donut. Not to say Gourdough's isn't worth it - cuz it absolutely is - just sayin'.

    They also threw a few free donut holes in our bag. Aw. Austin peeps are so nice!

  • 6900 Ranch Rd 620 N
    Austin, TX 78732
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Not only do they bake up delicious cupcakes, but they are super friendly and their truck is super cute. Just being near it - even if I'm not getting anything - puts a smile on my face.

    But so does the Michael Jackson cupcake (chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting). Oh man. I think I offered to share it but ended up eating it all myself. The cream cheese frosting was so rich and not too sweet and I think there were mini chips in the cake. SO good.

  • 515 S Congress Ave
    Austin, TX 78704
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    We were looking for a cozy coffee shop to park with our laptops for a little while and this place fit the bill. The music was decent, the space is comfortable and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement between patrons that it is a quiet space. Most people took their cell conversations to the outdoor patio.

    I didn't try the coffee but the pumpkin spice muffin was fresh and tasty! I like that they sell discounted day-old's as well. The selection of food and snacks looked great, with breakfast tacos and empanadas. Mmm.

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