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Here's where I like to come alive after five!
  • 195 S Rosemont Rd Ste 105
    Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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    With my gift certificate, I was treated with a one-hour massage with aroma therapy from a graduate today.

    My massage started in face down, which was new to me because I'm used to beginning my massage supine. This was probably due to my expressing that my shoulders, back and calves were sore from nursing school craziness. The table could've been a little more sturdy because the table and I were shaking as the therapist began massaging my back. Further into the session, I felt relaxed and refreshed. She removed the knots and focused on my sore areas. She also used massage techniques that were new to me. The lavender aromatherapy enhanced my relaxation. At the end, she offered me water and said to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    This was my first appointment at the Advanced Fuller School, and I'd love to come back. The prices are fabulous as the therapists are students or graduates. I wouldn't mind having the same therapist, and I'd like to work with new therapists as well. There are always special packages available. This Spring's package includes an hour massage, honey or green tea facial and foot reflexology - all for just $75!

  • 1850 M St NW
    Washington, DC 20036
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    The Salon Balayage staff is friendly, stylish, upbeat, talkative, knowledgeable and accommodating. The salon has excitement, flair, a lovely layout and decorations.

    My co-worker who is a regular client highly recommended this salon to other fellow co-workers and me. My first appointment included a pedicure, and for my hair, a deep-conditioning treatment and blowout.

    For manicures and pedicures, sterilized tools in a sealed packet are used for each client to prevent spreading germs and infections. The massage chairs have heat, which was relaxing after a long day at work. The nail tech also vigorously massaged my legs and feet. The amount of nail polish coats looked pretty and shiny. Additionally, the magazines are up-to-date and in good condition.

    The deep-conditioning/moisture treatment is an interesting procedure where a machine is attached to your head for heat after a deep conditioner is applied. My hair was smooth, soft and silky after the treatment.

    With my budget, I was iffy about having my hair blown out which costs extra; however, I considered it an early birthday gift to myself! The stylists fixed my hair exactly how I wanted it - loose curls, shine and volume. They even demonstrated how I can maintain the hair-do over the next few days.

    The products used on my hair are amazing. The hairspray does not flake nor become greasy. Furthermore, the owner informed me of when and how to shampoo, condition and style my hair.

    My hair and nails found a new home at Salon Balayage! =)

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    While exploring Shirlington Village back in 2006, I hoped to find a great hair salon. Lucky magazine called Illusions of Shirlington one of "The Best Places" in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area. was a mistake to go to a novice hair stylist at that salon. She did not understand my request to have darker hair with subtle, red highlights. She dyed my entire hair the brightest red!! After a few days of not being able to live with the hair color, I went back and asked to have the color adjusted or toned down free of charge. My hair ended up as a darker red...which was livable, but not what I wanted.  

    Overpriced! Not worth paying nearly $300 on highlights and hair products. And she was inexperienced!

  • 1708 Pleasure House Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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    I've been researching professional wedding make-up artists who use Bare Escentuals and came across Dupre's. I haven't visited Dupre's; however, I spoke with the receptionist and one of the associates over the phone. Both seemed reluctant to help because I'm not a current client.

    I asked if the make-up artist(s) would come on location to do wedding make-up for my bridal party and me. The lady with whom I spoke said the make-up artists might be able to do this on their own time outside of the salon time. She said she'll pass along my contact information to two make-up artists and they would contact me within 48 hours.

    Well, I called around March 12th, and today is March 29th! All I wanted was a phone call and response to my inquiry. Oh well...I crossed Dupre's off my list.

    Jay D.
    Kommentar von Jay D. von Dupre's Salon & Day Spa
    8.6.2012 Thank you for considering us. We certainly hope your event went beautifully and regret we could not… Weiterlesen
  • 1800 M St NW
    Washington, DC 20036
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    While continuing to explore hair salons in the DC area, I went to Salon Molecule for a complimentary hair consultation. The hair stylist seemed knowledgeable on what worked with my hair. I immediately made an appointment within the next week to have him trim and color my hair.

    While I was in the chair, he went on and on about his personal drama, which I did not want to hear. He discussed his age and said that he was supposed to marry a 23-year-old the previous weekend, but the wedding was called off. He also mentioned that he didn't get along with his family and hadn't talked to them in seven years. I think he talked about other crazy things about himself, but I zoned out by that time. Then he asked me where I lived, but I was vague about the location of my neighborhood, because apparently, he lived near me.

    The salon was stylish with all bright-white decor, but lacked warmth. Although my hair style, hair products and prices were decent, I chose not to return to Molecule just to avoid listening to the hair stylist's drama.

  • 1952 Laskin Rd, Ste 508
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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    When I entered Balance, there was a row of doors or massage rooms straight ahead, and a small lobby or waiting area where we met our therapists. The decor was simple, colorful and relaxing.  

    I was not 100% satisfied with my massage session. It seemed as if my therapist was just "rubbing" my limbs and back. I felt her fingertips more than her whole hands. She also took her hands off me too many times, which I thought interrupted the flow. She did, however, give an excellent scalp massage, and take the knots out of my shoulders.

    There was no water available nor offered after our massage. Hydration is important!

    Also during the massage, I noticed that the walls were thin. I could hear people laughing, talking and doing laundry outside the room. There were also pizza boxes on the tables in the back area. The employee area should be more secluded or have a divider so that clients are not disturbed.

    My massage was under $40 each since I used a coupon received in the mail.

"My time and money are valuable!"

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