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    Listen. I wanted to suck the bone of my steak.

    If that doesn't have the makings of a 5-star review, what does??
    No second guessing it, Capital Grille is clearly as good as it gets for a steakhouse. Shame on me for waiting so long to visit.

    This was round two of my 2011 Summer DC Restaurant Week adventures. And WHAT a meal! I must say, I went in skeptical as to the experience I'd have given the very limited RW menu--but Capital Grill over-delivered.

    I started with a classic Caesar, which I was not excited about. Soooo boring. But more appealing than the chowder and mixed greens options.

    I can report that the salad I had here was plentiful with a VERY memorable dressing. In fact, a dining partner commented this was the best Caesar she's ever had.

    On to the MEAT. My hubs and I both chose the Kona crusted sirloin--14 ounces. It was honestly one of the most flavorful steaks I've had--and I eat a LOT of red meat. It arrived cooked medium rare with a light sauce of sorts on it, which at first glance, was a turn off. (No sauce with my meat, please!) But the combination of whatever the meat was seasoned with + the flavorful yet unimposing sauce was killer!

    I think I could have eaten this steak a bit rarer and should have ordered it cooked to what our server mentioned as a "Rare Plus."  

    Anyway, this was one of those moments you WISHED you weren't in a dining room full of suits so that you could do what you REALLY wanted: pick up the BONE and go to work!

    Everyone at the table agreed the steak was stellar. And it was a restaurant week SIRLOIN offering? I would love to see what this place could do with a Ribeye or Delmonico...

    Lastly, dessert. I don't eat dessert, but as 6-year-old choco-holic was present I chose the chocolate-espresso flourless cake thing. Rich and wonderful. And to say that about a dessert, for me, it had to be a standout.

    I should not forget to mention the two accompaniments we ordered with our meats (outside of the restaurant week menu). HERE is where Capital Grill soars above other steakhouses. The sides we had--Truffle French Fries and Au Gratin Potatoes--were SUPERB. When I look back on this memorable meal, they are both a part of the memory.

    *Excellent* restaurant week meal. Superb meal all around. Spendy, spendy, spendy for sure. But for the occasion, I'd choose here knowing you get what ya pay for.

  • 4000 Campbell Ave
    Arlington, VA 22206
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    Have done dinner and Sunday brunch here within the past two weeks, and I must say, I am very impressed!
    The ambiance, SERVICE and food are all top notch.

    I love the way this restaurant 'feels'. The food they are putting out plus the professionalism of the staff make it feel nothing at all like a chain restaurant.

    I adore weekend brunch, but I guess I am late to the party here...
    The brunch menu is FABULOUS.
    It satisfies all of my requirements for the making of a perfect brunch:

    1. Menu that is diverse and not heavily egg-centric
    2. Reasonably-priced
    3. Full-sized portions
    4. Inspired brunch beverages

    Number 1 on that list is of paramount importance for me. I dig brunch because I DON"T dig breakfast. I hate eggs and all breakfasty-foods. If I wanted to eat eggs or bacon or french toast, I could go to IHOP.

    I'm that person who lights up at the sight of a pork chop as a brunch entree.

    So, the brunch menu at Carlyle, while offering some 'eggy' dishes, also has options for steak and potatoes, smoked salmon filet, appetizers like their yummy salt and pepper calamari, burgers etc.

    Which brings me to their **Smoked Salmon** entree. Ummm. How about that thing was the most divine, best piece of salmon I've ever consumed. The smoked flavor and the medium-rare texture complemented with a spicy mustard, perfectly cooked 'home-fry' style potatoes, onions and asparagus.

    THAT dish is righteous.

    Also, the portions are huge and a great value....

    I would be remiss to not mention the brunch bread basket that we received which included fresh warm banana nut bread and some hot, powdered, beignet-like thangs that I nibbled around as I'm low-carbing it...

    Anyway,  will be here for brunch at least once a month for the rest of my forseeable life in the DC-area. lol!

  • 700 W St Clair Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44113
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    Not sure how as a seafood lover from Cleveland I have just now ventured into this classy joint, but I am damn glad I did!

    After indulging in some cocktails, raw oysters and ridiculously good calamari at the bar one evening, I was left wanting more and returned for lunch here the following day.

    (**Note the fried calamari here was top 5 ever. I prefer my calamari grilled/sauteed of late, but the squid here is crusted in cornmeal, tossed with peppers and sits in some creamy sauce. 5 stars**)

    For lunch, I had a tomato bisque with bleu cheese (different and good) and their house specialty, the Nag's Head grouper with lobster mashed potatoes and spinach but requested it blackened.

    It arrived seasoned to perfection, fresh, perfectly cooked and divine.

    Also, I was impressed that the little chunks of lobster in the mashed potatoes actually had flavor that came through! Awesome.

    Will return for dinner the next time in Cleveland to dig further into the menu and try the filet oscar or some lobster.

    I have had great dining experiences at Delmonico Steakhouse in Independence, Ohio and apparently this place is owned by the same people. Love it!

  • 15910 Crain Hwy
    Brandywine, MD 20613
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    Clearly this is one of the better chain restaurant's in life and they do a pretty good job with their niche: seafood.

    This particular location is fine. It's cute. Outdoor loungy patio. Cozy, 'community'-like bar. The Brandywine restaurant itself is REALLY small and a bit cramped, which would be my only criticism.

    Everyone rave's about the Bang Bang shrimp, and I strongly concur that it is VERY tasty and I once was a diehard fan.

    But over time, as I've ventured out into other menu options, I've been just as pleased.

    Mussels are very good. And as shrimp goes, I think the Thai Coconut shrimp are the REAL steal here.

    You get six REALLY big shrimp. You can really taste the coconut. It's a huge portion for a $8 appetizer. And it's so good. I could come in here and eat that and be satisfied.

    I think the appetizers here outshine the entrees. And that includes the yummy warm bread basket and olive oil pesto dip that accompanies.

    At this point in my life as a mom of 2, I also dig Bonefish because it works for kids, yet the atmosphere still manages to be very adult and date-night-like.

    Price is very reasonable, also.

    Honestly, I would sooner eat here than at some of the higher-end seafood chains, for example, McCormick and Schmick's or Legal Seafoods. The product is comparable and price point considerably lower.

    Given that fact + how consistent Bonefish has been over the years + some pretty memorable dishes (i.e. BangBang) + the fact that I have dinner  here on average every other month or so and am always happy to return= 4 star solid.

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    Aiight. I REALLY did not *want* to review this place, because there are so many other reviews and BBP is a DC institution that most people feel they already know well...

    But, I just have to get something off of my chest.

    Being the foodie snob I am, I must admit that it greatly bothers me that I truly believe the FOOD at Busboys and Poets to be some of the tastiest I have eaten IN. THIS. CITY.

    Yeah...I said it.  The food.

    I will go as far to say that the food here outshines that of the *cuisine* at sister  restaurant Eatonville. And I like Eatonville. But I'd rather eat at Busboys.

    Where shall I begin?

    -The blackened catfish with capers over a pancake and collard greens
    -The CRABCAKES which happen to be some of the best crabcakes I have had in this city or anywhere (who woulda thunk??)
    -The shrimp and grits (jalapeno grit cakes) with the veggies and champagne sauce
    -The MEATLOAF. Sweet jesus...that meatloaf!!
    -The mussels in the lemongrass/wine

    Everything I have had off the menu here has been good to the point of being memorable.

    The food here is inspired (without trying to be inspired).
    It is consistent.
    It doesn't try too hard, and it over-delivers

    The value for a meal here cannot be beat for the product.

    People seem to love this place for brunch, and although brunch is generally one of my favorite life events, I do not like Busboys for brunch because the menu is too egg-centric and their amazing non-breakfast entrees are not available!

    In a nutshell, each time I find myself at 5th and K (my preferred location) I ask myself why in the world I don't eat here more often??

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    Yes.Yes. Yes.

    For the quality of food, consistency and service you get at this place, it is a GREAT value and one of my fave area chains.

    Having worked in restaurants, I pay attention to the details and it's the small things that set a place apart. I love how Clyde's sets a pitcher of water on the tables for you to pour at your leisure and pours martinis from the shaker table side. Small but thoughtful gestures.

    At this location we usually sit on the enclosed patio. It is less formal than their dining room and kind of noisy, which we actually like when out with our two young children.

    As critical as I can be, I honestly think the food here is very good--especially at the price point and being a casual eatery. And it is always at the top of my list when considering where I can take my kids, eat well and not impose on other diners if they get cranky.

    My vodka gimlet (up) was wonderful and poured from the shaker tableside.

    The pork belly appetizer was phenomenal. The flavors on the plate worked together perfectly, and this appetizer could easily pass in an upscale restaurant.

    My crab cake entree was also excellent. I opted for the one crabcake and it was more than enough filling (I brought some home with me). Loved the sauteed spinach and fried parmesan potatoes that accompanied.  Interesting setting for a crabcake that worked well.

    Finished with the S'mores coffee drink. Also very good--not sure it was worth $10, but it was a nice finish to a very enjoyable meal.

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look: point is, happy hour ain't all about the drinks! For me to be genuinely happy, there must also exist some great food deals!

This is a law of the universe.

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"Equal Opportunity Foodie. I don't discriminate."

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