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Here's where I like to come alive after five!
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    I enjoy going to the factory gastrobar. I like the overall vibe that they have there. Its a good spot to grab a seat at the bar and watch a game or you can bring the family in for a nice meal.

    The factory is a bit on the pricey side but it is worth it in my opinion. On the night that I went, I tried a Chardonnay called Castano and I also had some bacon wrapped figs. After a few glasses of that wine I was feeling pretty good. You can see into the kitchen area if you are sitting at the bar and see your food being prepared which I think is a nice touch.

    There is an awesome patio area with very comfortable chairs and you are sitting at the corner of atlantic and carson and the traffic cruises by pretty slowly so its a nice spot to sit vs some of the other places that have outside seating on Atlantic Ave.

  • 250 W Ocean Blvd
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    I found The Wine Bar online and it looked like a pretty cool spot to go and grab a glass of wine with the wife. It is located on Ocean Blvd and parking is a bit of a problem down there so I ended up parking in the 3rd Street Parking garage and walking. I learned that The Wine Bar does validate so you can pull into that road right next to it with the stones on it and they will validate for you.

    I loved the vibe in here. We headed straight for the oversized super comfy house and got a cheese plate and a couple of glasses of wine. The also have a good selection of beer here as well if that is your thing.

    The music was nice and not to load, the ambiance was perfect! I wish all places could be like this. They have an art gallery and a packman game in the back so they pretty much have it all. I will be back to visit you soon Wine Bar.

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    Ok so everybody says they go to hooters for the wings. The do have good wings but I think what they mean to say is that they go to check out that Hooters girls.

    I enjoy going down there to watch the Lakers games or in the case of last night the NBA All Star Game that was in Orlando. When there is a basketball game on you know you are in Laker territory which is just fine by me.

    When you grab a seat at the bar you basically have about 5 different television to watch from just about any angle. They have a huge pull down projection deal in the middle of the place so if you sit down and grab a seat you will for sure be able to watch the game there.

    I have always enjoyed the bartenders and last night was no exception. I took it easy this time around and ordered a cobb salad and a diet coke and then I sat there for about 3 hours.

    My only complaint would be that parking anywhere in the Pike is kind of a hassle and you have to park in the parking structure. When there is a big game and everybody is pouring out of that structure at once you can get stuck in a line for a long as 15 minutes waiting to go down the swirly things you have to drive down to get out of there. That is my only complaint though.

  • Bar
    1126 Queens Hwy
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    The Observation Bar on the Queen Mary is probably one of the coolest bars in Long Beach. For starters its on the Queen Mary which is pretty cool all by itself and it has a great view of the Harbor and also Downtown Long Beach.

    When we went to the Observation bar, we sat outside behind this plexiglass thing and it was awesome. The wind was non existent so you didn't need outside heaters and it was really quiet and chill up there. On the weekends they have a band that played but I have not been able to check that out yet.

    One of the biggest things that kept me from coming to the bar was that you have to pay those crazy fees to park at the Queen Mary. Well I learned that they do validate and you can go in there and have a few cocktails and whatnot and get out of there for a few dollars instead of $12 or whatever the full price is. Also another option and my new found way of traveling around downtown Long Beach is on the Passport. The C bus will take you up and around Pine Avenue, down to shoreline and the over to the Queen Mary parking lot. This bus is free so you don't have to deal with any driving and drink all you want.

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    No-brainer five stars easily you get to see the Long Beach Harbor in its entirety.  A great place to… Weiterlesen
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    23.6.2014 Louie -

    I like your first review better - it was five stars. We do charge for parking - like…
  • 1712 S Catalina Ave
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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    I have to admit I did not get a chance to fully take advantage of all that Hennessey's Tavern has to offer. Instead I went ahead and ordered a low carb burger and a diet coke. Hennessey's Tavern is really known as an Irish pub and has excellent happy hour drinks and menu items. They also have live music on some days of the week. I am guessing it is probably on the weekends because that is the only time that I have been there.

    Hennessey's Tavern is situated in a great area of Redondo Beach called the Hollywood Riviera or The Riviera Village depending on where you are from. It is a really awesome spot that is close to the beach and there are a variety of really cool shops and restaurants in the area. Next time you are in the neighborhood stop by and check out Hennessey's.

  • 401 Shoreline Village Dr
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    The Yardhouse is always a fun place to visit. It is usually packed when I go down there which is fine. I have no problem with grabbing a seat at the bar and slurping down a few cocktails before my table is ready.

  • 407 Shoreline Village Dr
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    I ordered a glass of White Zinfandel and watched the end of the Portland Vs Clippers basketball game which was pretty cool. I noticed that their televisions at the bar are all over the board. One tv had a nice clear HD picture and the others kind of sucked. Maybe their tech guy split the signal to much or something but Tequila Jack owners if you read this you might want to check out the tv situation at the bar.

    With that being said there is nothing else bad about this place. Its in a very cool spot in Shoreline Village, they have really good tequila (even though I didn't drink any) and they were playing 80's music like Def Leppard. I was totally cool with that.

    I traveled in on the Long Beach Passport so I am not sure what the parking and validation situation is like. I guess I will have to get that info the next time I come to Shoreline Village. The have a great outdoor sitting area which is right next to the yardhouse and it overlooks the marina which is really nice.

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    I have been to Wokcano a few times but this time I went with a albacore sushi roll to start things off along with a couple of glasses of nice Rose Wine and then we ordered the basic sushi special with an extra order of salad and miso soup. The rolls that were included where a California Roll, A cucumber roll and a tuna roll. I really love the salad here and the salad dressing so that is a no brainer and the miso soup is good as well and they are not skimpy on the tofu like some places are.

    Wokcano is located on the promenade in Long beach and this place is massive. The inside dining area can seat a ton of people and when it is warm outside they open that up and there must be another 15 good sized tables out there. The sushi bar is in the middle of the dining area and those guys make the magic happen. Above the sushi bar is an upstairs area that is almost as big as the downstairs section.

    There is an actual bar and chill spot if your into that sort of thing and the bar is light up really cool. Behind the bar are those teppan grill things like they have at Benihana's. I have never seen this spot open which is probably due to the time I show up but it sure looks like fun.

    So there is free parking in the garage right next to Wokcano. It is a one way street so you get there by coming down Pine Avenue. You get 2 hours free in that garage and that is enough time to get you in and out for a nice dinner.

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    I arrived just before lunchtime on Saturday which was just after 12:30pm. I usually hook up here with my mom every couple of weeks because she loves to eat here and its pretty close to her house.

    We arrived just before the lunch rush, I guess it is a bit later on the weekends but the place seemed to be packed by 1:30pm so we got in and we were served immediately.

    My mom told me that she got the Carnitas Tostada last time and that it had a lot of meet in it so I decided to go with her suggestion and that is what I ordered. My mom ordered the Chicken Tostada so we pretty much ordered the same thing.

    The Tostada's arrived on a pretty big plate and had a huge pile of lettuce, chess and other goodies. Laying just below there surface were the big pieces of pork that I was longing for.

    Lunch was great and the conversation with my mom was good. I found that it is not to loud in the dining rooms to the right and also the sound of the bar was almost non existent. They have a really big bar so I am sure when there is a big game going on it can be pretty hard to hold a conversation.

    The patio outside is huge! The have a cool fountain right when you walk out and it is visible from the front door when you walk in. There is a ton of seating outside and it must have 50 tables or more out there. Later in the afternoon they close down a portion of the patio with those plastic things so that the heat is really kept in for those who want to sit outside.

    I have been coming to this restaurant for years and I like it very much. See you in a few weeks Alcapulco.

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