Big Island Places

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Here are the some of the places we've visited. Some are great, some are good, some are ok.
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    Yeah.  Da Poke Shack is the da best on the Big Island.  If you don't know poke, this is a great place to see and taste it.  They have all da different kind flavored with wasabi, shoyu, ginger, limu, kimchee, chilli, tobiko, onions, salts, whatever.  I like the simple kind.  Get a poke bowl or get individual servings and share.  Have a pupu/poke party at the beach or back at the hotel, condo.  This is a great way to enjoy island life.  Don't forget to have some beers handy.  Two hands: one for poke and one for beer.  

    I have a shirt that says "Out of Beer... Life is Crap."   I'm looking for one more that say "Out of Poke... Life is Crap."   Easy fix.. go get some beer and poke.

  • 75-5629 Kuakini Hwy
    Kailua Kona, HI 96740
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    I know.  I know.  You think that I'm giving them 5 stars just because they serve island pupus and beer.  oooh yeah, so what?!.  But no kidding, the Beer is really 5 stars.  The outside dining in the evening (warm sultry with cool breeze) is 5 stars.  The pupu is 4 stars.  But where you going to get all that in Kailua-Kona??  Besides, at KBC you drink beer where it's made and you can take some home in growler jugs to enjoy back at the condo/hotel.

    I just wish that I would have stopped there right off the plane.  I would have had some their pupu and a sampler of beers.  Then, I'd select a couple and take em home in growlers.  After you drink one or both, you can take em back and exchange em for full ones.  It's green, good for the earth, and everyone is happy.  We should all do that and make the world a happier place.  I could comment on my fav but beer drinkers don't care, they like what they like!!

  • 79-7251 Mamalahoa Hwy
    Kealakekua, HI 96750
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    We last visited the Big Island ten years ago.  At that time, we searched out local diners that featured traditional home cooking.  Our friends recommended Teshima Restaurant and Manago Hotel.  Both places are prototypical of local island food (not cuisine).  Both serve plain ol good food that doesn't cost much but has the aji/flavor of local island and japanese dishes that people growing up in Hawaii enjoyed.  Teshima is not the only Japanese restaurant on the Big Island but it is one of the best in the niche of old school traditional Japanese restaurant featuring dishes like tonkatsu, tempura, sukiyaki, teriyaki and sashimi.  Mrs. Teshima is 104 and still greets customers and now and then serves her makisushi.

    Teshima is not asian fusion.  It is not Roy's.  It is Japanese comfort food.  IT IS NOT spider roll, rainbow roll and not that junk kinda roll that you see in most Japanese sushi restaurants on the mainland.

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    Pork Chops is comfort food and Manago serves da best pork chops on the island.  So, in the niche of 'good ol comfort food," Manago reigns King.  Manago has forties decor and features a menu that probably hasn't changed much since then.  None of the food is fancy.  It's just good food at a great price.  Even bottle beers are cheap and make for the perfect pairing with their main dishes.  The sides are old school too.  Don't be looking for fancy pupus and you'll be happy here.  Since the island closes up early, plan on dinner from 5:30 to 7:00.  Don't be late!  For large groups, you can pre-order and it speeds up service.

    Put Manago and Teshima's on your must try list for the Big Island for the taste of local grind.

  • Mamo St & Kamehameha Ave
    Hilo, HI 96721
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    Great variety of fresh ripe ready-to-eat local fruits, vegtables and eats make a great farmer's market.  Hilo Farmer's Market has that.  They have lots of stuff that you won't find anywhere else (not even in local markets).  They have rambutan, dragon fruit, bread fruit, warabi, taro and taro leaves, several variety of guava and banana, and much more.  I love those apple banana.  You can get a bunch for just a couple of bucks.  Deals like that make this a great farmer's market.

    BTW, even thought HFM is a five, if you have to travel all the way around the island it's not worth it.  It's a long way and it'll rain on you.  Just hit a local farmer's market instead.  There's a good one in Kailu-Kona.

  • 75-5702 Kuakini Hwy
    Kailua Kona, HI 96740
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    If you like Loco Moco, this is the place to eat it in the Kailua-Kona area.  The price is right and they fix it the way it's supposed to be fixed.  I could go on and on but if you've had L&L, I think that their concept must have been modeled after a Big Island Grill kind of place.  BTW, you can order your Loco Moco just the way your want it with the kind of meats you like.  How's that for "Having it your way?"

    BIG is easy for at least a couple of meals when on the Big Island for a week.

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    Very good food.  Location is a strip mall.  Decor and signage are mostly purple glass.   I felt that everything about it was pretty good but not great.  The burgers looked damn good and I was tempted but I didn't.  Maybe I should have!!  My Poke and the Mac Crusted tofu were pretty good but not over the top.  I was happy though with that and a couple of Kona Lagers.

    I gotta attribute my so so opinion to what I ordered.  The service was excellent and the other dishes being had by others looked betta then mine.

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    I'd like to give them a better rating but that will have to wait.  We were there a week ago and they had opened just a couple weeks prior.  We went for breakfast and the food was very good and at a reasonable price but service was slow.  It looked like mass confusion in the kitchen.  Sam Choy, son of Sam Choy, came out and greeted us and chatted.  He's all about his food, restaurant and island life style.  BTW, he looks just like his dad.  

    I recommend going there for breakfast or lunch.  In a bit, when they are better organized, they should be mo betta!

  • 65-1227 Opelo Rd
    Kamuela, HI 96743
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    Outstanding food.  Great flavor, fresh ingredients, skilled prep and cool presentation.  I liked the pupu/appetizers, main dish, and drinks.  It was all good.  Service was tops.  You can tell by the photos on the walls and descriptions of menu items presented in the menu and by the server that Merriman's takes great pride in what they present.  We did salad and lamb shank.  I wish I would have had some of the seafood selections.  They looked wow.  Everyone in our party of 20 were blown away by the food.  Those who shared the dessert were very happy.  I was too with a glass of the cheapest tawny port.  Even their cheapest is like plenty good.

    If you do wine, I'm sure that you'd be HAPPY with their suggested pairings.  BTW, we went to the Merriman's on Kauai and this one was mo betta.

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