two men walked into a bar, the second one should have known better...
  • 3141 16th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    This is one of my favorite beer bars anywhere...

    The staff knows a lot about beer and can tell you a number of nuances in what youa re tasting or drinking. I love that there is a constant turnover of beer and always something new to try and taste/enjoy.  In fact they have mini steins (1 oz tasters) to see if you want to get the beer on tap that you are intrigued by. The beers are not well known like a Spatan or Guiness, however they are International and great beers that are not commen in the US like a Bitburger, Radeburger, etc

    Perhaps its obvious I like Kolsch and Pils' but they have a large selection on tap of 20-25 beers/ales and a number of additional brands in bottles.

    The place is a lil small, but it is definately cozy and almsot always filled to overflowing... Almost everyone gets something to eat with their beer, but I have only had the garlic fries which were really good with thebeer I was drinking at the time...

  • 1218 S Baldwin Ave
    Arcadia, CA 91066
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    So I ended up at this joint with some friends the other day to experience something new. It was definitely a great place to go have a few drinks and hang out.

    They have live music, a pool table, a couple of tv's and a ton of fun people hanging out. The bar is long and easily accessible. They have chairs and small tables across the back wall and the area in between is filled with happy chatty people.

    Pro Tip: Dont expect to see this joint from the street, you have to pull into the lot behind it to find it. I found this out the hard way.

    The bartenders use a slightly heavy hand and dont short change your drinks whatsoever. A lot of folks appear to be regulars here. Definitely a nice regular watering hole to go to.

    I found the service nice the drinks reasonably priced. The patrons fun and  a great overall time. Very very very fun evening =)

  • 3000 Los Feliz Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
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    So what do you need when you step up to a bar and go to place an order? A footrail obviously! This is perhaps the single most important aspect of a real bar. Do they have a footrail? The Griff sure does! So it is a real bar to me woo woo =)

    Not only does it have that iconic conveyance for a real bar, they serve some decent drinks, have some reduced lighting, some tasty vittles, and an honest pour! I was here for a happy hour not too long ago and it was definitely a happy  enough time for me to have spent about 4-5 hours here before running off to another joint to go dancing with some friends for a while.

    Pro Tip: Park down the street in the neighborhood for free parking.

    If you cant find this place due to its being rather inconspicuous, look for the Tam O'Shanter prime rib joint which is directly across the street. The building is very nondescript and unassuming from the exterior. It is 2 stories as well.

    Pro Tip #2: Do NOT wear any sports team regalia as they do not allow that inside.

    They have a smoking area out on the patio for all the chain smokers and a large number of chairs, fireplaces, benches and tables set up around the interior to make a unique and comfortable environment. The atmosphere is conducive to having a good time with a small, medium, or large party. Heck, if you just want to go grab a drink solo, you can be easily accommodated for that as well.

    Overall I really enjoyed this place. The food was pub food, the drinks were tasty, the environment superb, hell they even had decent service. So overall, you bet your bibby I am going back here when I get the chance!

  • 6005 Shellmound St, Ste 160
    Emeryville, CA 94608
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    This was one of my regular hangouts when I lived in the bay. I really enjoyed coming here every chance I had a friend or ten that wanted to go and hang out. Not somewhere that I came to eat, but half the time I would eat when i was here.

    Like most good pool halls, they have a full bar, a bunch of tables with some grub in a separate area than the tables, and over 25 tables. This allows everyone to come in and shoot a few games, have a couple of beers or drinks (sometimes I came just for drinks), and sometimes I was here to shoot / eat / drink all at once.

    As far as pool halls go, the tables were always all in good repair. I always suggest bringing your own cue stick. Like every other pool hall in the world half of the house sticks (a lot more than half but you never can tell) are slightly belled out and not as straight as they should be.

    But for some regular pub fair, good beer at decent prices on tap, a full bar, and a fun activity like shooting pool. This place is a cant miss destination. It is my favorite place to shoot in the bay area. Prior to playing here, I had loved shooting at Edgies in Milpitas… So enjoy this place if you get a chance to go. It is worth hitting up without a shadow of a doubt.

  • 4321 W Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    Well I loved my time here. I was honestly disappointed that we had to leave on our party bus to another crappier club. While here this place was jamming and then some!

    We arrived with a walk-in usher to get us inside (definitely you need to hook up with a service to avoid the lines!). This was massively huge for us and not only saved significant time and hassle but made for a much more pleasant experience.

    We got to the top of the Palms and the doors opened and we felt the hot humid temps begin to roll over us... it was like 85 at about midnight when we rolled in. They did open the ceiling while we were in there too!!! Fun experience to watch/participate in!

    PRO TIP: Cameras with detachable/exchangeable lenses are not allowed, but any attached lens camera was kewl to be taken in.

    The music that had playing was a bunch of Techno and House (I love this) and the top of the palms was just thumping hard hot and heavy. The crowd swayed palpably to the grooves that were being spun out across us all.

    The ratio wasnt that great (but that is usually what I notice in Vegas clubs). But definitely one of the best clubs I have been to in Vegas. The viewing deck was packed tighter than a *&^*&'s (*^*&%!! so yeah it was fun to get some air and take a pic with the skyline in the background.

    I would definitely want to hit this place back up on my next trek to vegas. Dont forget the key to enjoying the bars is to pre drink =) save some scrilla and enjoy that ish! just dont plan on getting in trashed!

  • Bar
    25374 Big Pines Hwy
    Wrightwood, CA 92397
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    Erster Beitrag

    So you are hitting the slopes and decide that you are a bit thirsty and your flask is empty... what are you going to do? So you got to Mt High despite that splitting hangover headache and want a killer bloody mary... where can you get one? Your friends brought you along just to drive even though you thought a "snow day" to play would be as much fun as your friends are having on the slopes... Is there a big game that you want to get updates on and warm up for a bit during the day on the hill and wonder where you can watch it?

    Well at Mt High bEast resort there is only one option... and well it is a kick azz option. It is the Snowshoe Bar... This is a great place to wait out traffic as well as all of the above listed items.

    Hopefully Brad is working since he is an awesome bar tender and takes care of the whole crew non-stop, inside and out! Dude works his butt off and it shows in his loyal patrons. So much so that this patron had to set up a review to show his appreciation.

    Pro Tip: If you have a group, you need to take a "shot ski". WTH is that you ask? well its an old ski that is built to take 4 shot glasses inset and simultaneously have 4 different people drink them! Awesome fun set up for sure, for the daring!

    One of my friends described his bloody mary's as the best she has ever had, and this woman knows her way around a bloody mary my friends. He is willing to hook up whatever he has and its all pretty cheap.

    Pro Tip #2: The drinks are $5 bucks here!!! talk about a good deal.

    They have a lot of items available and a few brews on tap. I am not sure if they rotate or stay the same, but regardless its great stuff and not just the cheapo crud you find everywhere.

    I rarely have found a watering hole so surprisingly tasty, cheap, friendly, and refreshing! Heck you can just stand/sit at the bar and get water to your hearts content without an issue while chopping it up with the other folks chilling at the bar.

    Awesome off the hook place! Perhaps i will see you there. I know I will find a few of my friends there from time to time!

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    So one night after hitting up the LA Auto Show I ended up here for my first trip. Well I was very happy checking this joint out!

    Very kewl small bar down a hallway in the midst of a larger building... we went to the bar itself and had a couple quick hits... great prices very fun environment.

    I need to get my ass back here so I can do a full review other than just that they had an awesome beer selection that I think rotates. They also have a full bar and lots o grub.

    Who wants to join me to go back and just chill here for an hour or three??? but its also very close to a number of great lil restaurants in Japan town and great  for a pre dinner beverage or an a post dinner treat...

  • 460 8th St
    Oakland, CA 94607
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    Do you like ale? Do you like dive bars with a unique feeling? Are you willing to explore a new joint in downtown Oakland? Well get off your arse and get it over here.

    While they have grub here, you can drink it like the Trappist monks of the middle ages instead :P  This is an awesome joint. Sit at the bar if you can. Hell find a seat if you can. Every time I have ever been here, there is never a seat to be had unless someone leaves. So grab a standing spot, hold your ale, and commence some great times with your friends.

    They have a huge number of ale's on tap and in bottles. Be open to trying something new, but anticipate a lot of hefweizens and other wheat based ale's. It is unique, parking is not the easiest, the bathroom is not always the cleanest, but there is ALWAYS great ale available to be drank and enjoyed!

    I suggest that if you want to go have a fun time in a hole in the wall downtown Oakland joint, that you treat yourself to a few hours at The Trappist. I know that I really enjoy this place and imagine that you will too!

  • 5018 York Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
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    wow... that is about all that I can say... Great beer selection... along with mastodons in animal print skirts uhhhh whoa is about all I can say. I didnt try any food at all. Its kinda hard to eat more after doing a 4 taco truck crawl on the way over...

    so after slamming al pastor, carne asade, and pollo tacos... well it was time for more beer (I had only had a couple while on the crawl). So in a bunch of us go into this fairly crowded pub and dive into beer or cocktails and I was pleasantly surprised at the lower than anticipated cost for a pint of good or micro brewed beer.

    They do have live music sometimes and dj's on other nights (like when I was there). Its not quite dive status but has some fun stuff going on. Its definitely worth swinging through sometime. I think I need to go again before too long. It would definitely be a well worth it adventure.

    Worth going to. Hell I may really like this joint with some grub or having more room since the place was wall to wall bodies most of the time while I was there. But it definitely is worth a tryout and a repeat sometimes soon with friends...

  • 3499 Main St
    Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
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    well ummm HELL YES I do like a Saloon especially one like this! Great service, strong pours, and grub flipping in from John's pizza through the gaping hole in the wall...

    The only problem here is getting a seat, but once had, well yeah its a nice set up and you WILL be properly taken care of IMHO. The decor is awesome and fits to the theme. Primarily wood paneling, bar top, columns, chairs, etc. The black cushions n table tops definitely contributed to the experience.

    They had a number of Happy Hour Power specials... but we sucked since we didn't get there in time for that. Happy Hour lasts from 4-6pm. If you can find a seat, grab it, they come at a premium over here. No joke at all on that one.

    Pro Tip: The inked blondie is hustling like no other and very nice, so hope she is your waitress...

    My friends and I had just finished eating on the other side John's Pizza and then we decided we wanted a post dinner aperitif. So a few of us moseyed on over and found seats and promptly ordered makers on the rocks. Talk about soothing delectable tastiness. These were heavy pours, what seemed to be a double + for $7. Definitely not a bad price at all for a bar and a name Bourbon.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our time over here. It was not too loud that we couldn't chat, yet we could still see the TV's and take in the ambience that a Saloon should have. Consequently, it was a great time for us, especially since there was someone who was escorted from the premises and was a complete hot mess. Real life drama in lieu of made up tv drama was a nice surprise to say the least.

    Great selection of beers and a full bar made this my favorite stop this last trip into Mammoth. Their serving of food from next store is definitely a gigantic advantage for them I cant wait to go back here soon =)

  • 830 S Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
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    Cruised in here to meet some friends and lo and behold guess what... it was Jager girl night! Ohhhh yeah! Free swag, cheaper jager shots... you know how it goes...

    So we had a horseshoe table a few shots, a couple of beers and were well on our way to a great night. This place was definitely in line for what we wanted.

    Pro Tip: Arrive early and grab a slice of pie from two boots next store...

    Service was quick efficient and the drinks were flowing regardless of a waitress or the bartender helping you out. They all had a friendly smile and few words of whatever the patron needed.  We had a number of drinks here and were really enjoying our discussion when  suddenly the music started to flow...

    Apparently they have a DJ in on Friday nights and well, yeah it was pretty rocken to have some tunes in the background while we were chillin and having a blast. A bunch of people were dancing around the circular bar or near the tables.

    They had the upper floor closed unfortunately. However that looked like it would be a lot of fun. There are a number of tables around the edge of the wall and the bar, if you see the photos is a circular design.

    This is a great place to just go and chill hang out have a few drinks at a reasonable price. Their is no cover charge but they do have a gentleman checking you as you come in to make sure you are of age and not packing heat. Definitely a place to repeat some visits at. Hope you check it out sometime its a nice relaxed joint.

  • 6201 Minaret Rd Suite 153
    Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
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    Erster Beitrag

    This place used to be another bar/dance joint called the dubliner I think. It wasn't that great. This joint is under the ownership of Mammoth Mountain and is a pretty nice place to go have fun here in Mammoth.

    I was there last night and for a Friday night in Mammoth, well this place was a rocken. They had a dj spinning A combination of modern hip hop, club, rock n roll and a few other random songs mixed in. It definitely had a lot of people dancing. There is also a restaurant n bar for some late night eats n drinks as many clubs are multi use now, this definitely fit that kind of mold.

    Pro Tip: There is no cover charge =)

    Tis place is divided into basically three areas, the bar/restaurant area, the club/dance area, and the bathrooms/enterance area that divides them. They have table service available at 4-6 tables. I didn't check the far side but I think there were 3 tables on the opposite side from where I was at. They have blackout drapes all around the dance area. The one bad thing about the dance floor was that there was a 12x12 column in the middle of it! Otherwise it was a great little dance area and definitely the best one that I have seen in Mammoth. They even tossed out a bunch of nerf-like glow rods with funky pattern lights in them that added to the fun.

    This was one of the most fun places here in town and I am sure that I will ago back to this one multiple times. Sorry I can't add any info on the food or drinks as I didn't get anything while here, but everyone was having a great time and my friends didn't complain about the cost of drinks or anything like that.

  • 3200 24th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    So I was up in the area and rolling around SF with my homegirl Mai. We cruised over to the Mission as she wanted to hit up Knead and afew other hot spots. Well as we are cruising around just after Mission Carnival, we see this low marquee that advertises $6 for Rum Punch, Margaritas, and Sangrias. Since we were thirsty, well we just had to have a quick drink.

    Being a lover of Rum, I had the punch. They had some citrus and strawberry flavors mixed in and it was delightfully refreshing. I would love to have a little neighborhood corner irish pub like this here in so cal. The corniced ceilings, wood paneling, mirrors, windows galore, I mean it was a great lil hot spot (arent all the corner bars in SF???). They were very busy here and it shows with quick efficient service with a smile. Rather peculiar for the Bay, but not too hard to believe in the mission.

    The seats were comfy, and they had a sit down area further back with lots of tables to house the grub part of their service.

    What was really crazy, was that this is an Irish bar, kinda obvious by its name. However due to the Carnival theme they tailored drinks to it in addition to playing some swanky latin music that easily made you sway to the rythem of the day.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this lil joint! Awesome stuff, check it out if you are in the area and need some refreshment ;)

  • 4519 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
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    ok I have been here with friends and with yelp and its a kewl swanky joint... but its almost impossible to chat at all here... None the less I went here again last week and realized that I have never reviewed this place outside of the yelp elite event that I attended here...

    It's set up with a number of rooms and there are two bars. However one bar is next to a stage and that makes it off limits when they are setting up for a show and it's tough to get a drink from that area if a show is playing. a however when they are prepping for a show the otherbar usually loses too many bartenders to set up on the other side and drinks are extremely hard to get and to come by.

    Pro Tip: Park on the street if you can and thus you get to avoid the valet... I hate having other random people driving my vehicles.

    There is a lot of seating here but with a live band a jukebox and the overhead stereo belting out various music, it gets to be ridiculously loud to me.. I can barely hear myself think...

    The drinks are fairly honest pours and they have a number of specialty cocktails that I haven't seen in other places. This makes for a very pleasant experience. They also run random specials, like the last Tuesday trip that I made here they had all of there signature specialty drinks for $5, when they are normally $10 ea... Consequently I started off the night here double fisting baby!

    Check it out sometime. It is definitely a fun place to chill and enjoy an adult beverage or three...

  • 3891 Piedmont Ave
    Oakland, CA 94611
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    Pretty good place to go for a beer... One of the beertenders knows beer, the others dont know the difference between a boch, pilsner, and kolsch...

    They have a good selection of beer on tap (around 20) with quick service.

    Literally you order your food through a hole in the wall and pay individually, good for self paying individuals in a group setting. The burgers and sandwhiches are great. Cato Fries are a seasoned type of steak fry that is nice.

    I have taken my two year old and earlier on in the evening or on a weekend day it is fine for kids.

    This is a fun place where you can carve in the tables if you so desire... a lot of interesting beer paraphenalia but always an enjoyable atmosphere...

  • 17428 Beach Blvd
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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    Ok ok ok... we all call a lot of joints a dive... but what truly makes a dive a dive... well for bars... I would submit the following qualifications:

    * POW-MIA Flag
    * Graffitied walls
    * Womens underwear hanging from the ceiling or walls
    * Dark subdued lighting
    * A pool table
    * Some kind of random lower end brew on tap
    * A crowd of regulars who stop in on their way home for a snort or three
    * Random artwork of some dubious nature
    * Indoor/outdoor carpeting or wood floors

    Well Johnny's delivered on all of this. Yet they also have one more super duper uber importante thing... they have a Yelp Check In Offer!!! *snickers* bet you didn't see that one coming did ya!

    PRO TIP #1: Check yo phat azzz in to get the aforementioned offer!

    This place has specials on PBR. Yeah it is flavored water, but you get to fill your glass yourself :D they have a few self service taps in opposite corners of the bar! They also happen to love Jameson Whiskey here. A lot of the regulars have locked boxes with a bottle inside with their name on the outside. Nice feature it seems to me.

    Parking is a lil dicey, but after all the other places in this mini strip mall behind the Chevron station close it's not a problem. It's super easy to find if you look for the UFC training gym stuff.

    PRO TIP #2: Be laid back, that is always the best approach to any bar situation IMHO and this is definitely a laid back joint.

    The restrooms are clean but don't plan on anything more than a leak here... its just not the best option at all.  

    Overall this place has a lot of interesting ambiance and if you haven't been to a real dive, this is definitely a good choice to check out sometime.

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    Lets just say taco Tuesday kicks azzz the rest of the menu hasn't grabbed my attn and the beer is a bit average in my opinion but the tacos are beyond excellent!

    just think taco Tuesday... 2 taco's 2 beers 2 hours 12 bucks

    the big problem I had was parking was a royal pain in the heiny... i mean seriously i couldn't park my car in the only open spot in the parking lot so I had to go behind the mini strip mall to park...

    otherwise it was kewl... I did like that you can get a sample of the beer before you get a pint so you can get the right one to match your grub or mood...

  • 123 S Lincoln Ave
    Monterey Park, CA 91755
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    So this was a fun little bar/lounge that John L… mentioned and we decided to go have a couple of drinks last night. We got over there around 11 something and ended up having a few drinks each and taking in the ambiance.

    They had some pretty fun deals as well... The beers are about $5 ea and and they have craft on tap. They even have a special draught dispenser that holds about 80 oz for $40 it comes with a frozen ice tube in the center of it.

    The bar itself has two TVs and not enough bar stools. They also need a foot rail big time. When  you are standing at the bar and there isnt anywhere to put your foot, its kind of weird. The other thing that I didnt like was that if you use a credit card, you are not able to pick your tip, as they use an ipad with a credit card swiper and it only gives you preset or no tip options.

    The outside area has a fire with rock garden and some fun little decor that can someday be turned into a bamboo stand or something along one wall. A lot of u-shaped booths a couple of tables and a large platform type seating thing.

    The outside area is over-viewing monterey park as its a high second floor making for a nice rooftop view. Being able to go in or outside is a definite plus for this joint.

    The co-owner Kim is a kewl dude and hooked up John and I with some of their rum punch at no charge. He also agreed with us about the need for a footrail at the bar and also said he was looking into purse hooks as well.

    Overall it was a lot of fun. I think I will go back to this place sometime. I would suggest checking it out.

  • 11572 Beach Blvd
    Stanton, CA 90680
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    So I came here with some friends to watch the USC loss to Stanford. Well overall we had a great time, it just wasnt our teams night. None the less we had a good time. Primarily because it was one of my friends birthday.

    Since we ended up having a bunch to drink (countless pitchers it seems $7.75 domestic crap or $9.75 for imports or good domestics) we kinda lost track. They had a bunch of good options as well, primarily the usual suspects.

    Pro Tip: $20 minimum for a cred card charge for grub or booze, but there is an ATM on site.

    I ended up ordering the fried shrimp basket. It came with fries. It was quite tasty. However it was a bunch of mini shrimps, but that actually fit in perfectly for watching the game. The fries were standard crinkle-cut (not something you find very often these days).

    Pro Tip #2: There is a separate portion of the bar considered the "sportslounge" which is separate from the "adult entertainment" portion.

    The sportslounge portion of the bar has about 9 or 10 TVs in it as well as a partial bar. There are also a couple of pool tables in this area as well.

    Overall some of the waitresses/dancers were very helpful fun and entertaining. And some were not.  This was definitely an enjoyable night out, with the exception of my team tanking it and loosing =\

  • Bar
    6702 Hollis St
    Emeryville, CA 94608
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    Well I used to be a total regular when this joint was Kitty's. A bunch of my friends who lived in Emeryville or occasionally some who lived nearby would swing by here at least every other week for HH. Well maybe we were there more than that! Everything about the Prizefighter appears to be everything that Kitty's was for the most part.

    You have the great patio area to enjoy a cocktail or beer and talk about anything and everything with friends or strangers. The ramp around the edges made a great overflow area to hang out at until a table(s) would open up. Perfect to bring a bite of grub to and just let time go rolling on. The flora and fauna outside was very peaceful and relaxing as well.

    PRO TIP: Stay outside, unless its inclimate weather, as it is a much nicer way to enjoy this place.

    The interior was a typical bar set up with several tables and a U Shaped bar set into the middle of the room. Occasionally there would be some kind of music (DJ) or a game on (football). But mainly this was/is the local neighborhood hangout.

    Parking is anywhere on the street nearby and there is always a spot within a block. Several apartment complex's and condo towers are nearby here as well. Let alone a number of companies are located around the corner. This has always been a decent neighborhood hangout.

  • Pub
    300 S Raymond Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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    4.0 Sterne

    I wanted to congregate over ale with a friend for a long azzed time. Hence when a buddy of mine said lets grab a bite to eat, I suggested that we go here so I could finally check this well known place out.

    Overall it was a pretty fun little trek. This is one of those places that you order grub and beer/booze at a counter and then find a seat (semi cafeteria style) and then they bring the grub to you. However, at times during the day/night they have waitresses to help the process along.

    Pro Tip: Have one person order grub and the other find a seat at the bar or a table.

    I got a german lager I hadn't had before while here, a Schoenhammer Kolsch style lager. It was tasty but not as good as a Spaten, Radiburger, or Bitburger. Definitely cheap for their menu at $5.50 for a pint! Not a bad deal I think at all. My buddy was drinking some brown ale that he seemed to enjoy.

    We both ended up getting the prime rib cheeseburger. It was definitely tasty. However I asked to skip the aoli and they still put it on. It wasn't that bad so I didn't send it back. The burger itself was quite tasty but a bit on the small size. When I looked at it, I was like look they brought me out a mcdonalds sized burger patty that is twice as thick... granted it was 1 billion times better than I remembered ever getting at mcdonalds (I haven't eaten their grub in several years).

    We also ordered a pub pretzel and basket of fries. The pretzel was super tasty and had a great chimay and cheese blended dipping sauce that I totally enjoyed. I also liked that the salt on the pretzel was crushed and not giant rock salt like on some pretzels. The fries were outstanding as well. They had a seasoning salt and perhaps regular salt combo on them that was very tasty. The fries come with your choice of two dipping sauces (several mustards and katsups). I didn't end up using the dipping sauce as I liked the taste how it was seasoned.

    I just wish that they had had pickles to go on the burgers. Otherwise it was very enjoyable to grub here. The bad part though was the price of the grub. The itty bitty burger was well over $8 and the fries and pretzel were $4 ea! So not for the frugally minded constituent wanting to congregate. None the less overall it was a great time and good food and the TVs had some basketball games on. Also be aware it is kinda loud here too!

  • 93 E Green St
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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    4.0 Sterne

    So I went here with some friends for late HH. Great time and loved the cheap tots. Definitely a place with happy hour power!!!

    The tots and sliders were super cheap on HH pricing. I did however skip the cheap beers for a better beer that wasnt on HH pricing.

    Having an outdoor area to grub was very nice and we all enjoyed being outside. The inside was practically empty and all the tables outside had been full. Talk about the best part of being in sunny southern california...

    Overall A fun little joint for some grub and brews. I meant what more do you really want? Im in to go back at just about anytime. Some good grub, fun times, nice friends, it was just a great time.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    So yeah I braved the hellhole better known as The District… and let me just say I should have committed Seppuku or  or  ahhh crap FML I went anyways =\

    Luckily it was a Tuesday night and I ended up at JT Schmids with a bunch of friends to grub and talk football over a couple of beers. This place is like a higher quality TGIF, BJs, etc. I like it, but the food is mostly average kinda unmemorable stuff. Except for the Pretzel Bread... That and the JTS Micro Brews are worth the visit IMHO.  The best part is it is free but its soooo good. I would brave the crappy location again (had I not known that there is another in Anaheim across the street from the Pond) just for the pretzel bread...  Its pure heaven! I even asked for and received a couple with my left over steak!!! woo woo!!!

    PRO TIP: Go run into Costco and get the $100 worth of gift cards for $79.99 its only across the parking lots hahaha (good luck with that ROTFLMAO)

    Well I had the ribeye and was disappointed as it was poorly seasoned. Well I grabbed some A-1 and fixed that issue right the heck up! It came with asparagus that seemed slightly tubey and garlic mashed potatoes that looked and smelled better than they tasted. I could taste the garlic but again there was a lack of seasoning. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coincidence? I think NOT... I think they just dont use enough seasoning on the stakes etc.

    We had great service and they had clean bathrooms. I was disappointed only one TV was showing a playoff hockey game and they had like 25 TVs it seemed... =( grrrrrrrrrr

    PRO TIP #2: try the micro brews and get a schooner... not a pint... its a lot better deal.

    But this is one of those places that I have no idea if I will return or not. It was my second trip here and the while the food is under seasoned, the wait staff is excellent, I am just kinda hmmmm.

  • 1340 S Sanderson Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92806
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Welcome to the review of my second favorite German restaurant in OC. This place has a lot of good and great German beers on tap or in bottles. The full bar runs along the back wall with a number of tables in front. They have live music a couple of nights a week. This really brings a big oomph to the bar/restaurant.

    The grub is tasty as can be and they have great brats and Spätzle. I havent had a lot of different menu items here, but what I have had is light (for German faire only) and quick eaten before walking over to the pond (honda center) for a hockey game or concert.

    The decor is dark forest green and dark wood, however the bar itself seems to glow.  The service is not the fastest, so dont try and force a rush dinner before an event. Also be prepared to ask for your bill, as the staff is not pushing to turn tables over as fast as possible like many other establishments, which is both good and bad.

    PRO TIP: If you go eat here before a game or concert, you can park and leave your vehicle here during the game. Its about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile walk, but you can save a significant amount of parking $$$. Let alone get some great food and a beer at reasonable non stadium prices before going in for a game.

  • 3200 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This was a chill place to get a drink after the golden gate bridge celebration... a bunch of girls were there dancing, some geeks being wall flowers, a reasonable selection of beers, lots of tables and bar stools.  Overall i could see hanging here often if I lived nearby.

    This place is split into a couple of distinct areas; the bar and the table zone (dancing in between). The bay is a full circle just about and has bar stools all the way around it. They have TVs suspended to give a view from all parts of the bar. definitely a smart set up. The tables are plentiful with hard backs on one side and chairs on the other. They are also spaced out perfectly to allow for dancing in between the tables. This really made it fun to chill here with a few friends while bar hopping and exploring the Marina's night life.

    PRO TIP: Have someone grab a table while someone else gets drinks :)

    The beer was good, and we only got beer and water, so I am not sure how strong the pours were. However the beer was properly poured and you wouldnt believe how many bars serve you a beer with an inch less beer than the flagon is designed to serve.

    Even while super busy, they had one or two guys bussing tables and keep things clean the whole time. I have to really commend those guys for working hard to keep the place looken good.

    I enjoyed this joint!

  • 125 W Santa Fe Ave
    Fullerton, CA 92832
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Hero's is a fun place with a bunch of tables and a great beer bar. The live entertainment has always been more annoying than fun. The food is average hence my low rating.

    However this is a great place to go and cchill for a few hours if you are in the mood for some various random beers. They have close to a 100+/- brews on tap and a large selection of liquor bottles wedged into little nooks around the taps.

    The only way I can figure to describe this place is an upscale dive bar... everyone gets a bag of peanuts that you shuck the shells onto the floor as you eat the peanuts. It gets a lot of trendy folks as it is in DTF and has a nice ambiance.

    This is just a place to quote garth brooks not that its a country bar but its a place where the whiskey flows and the beer chases...  with a few peanuts and average food tossed in.

    Definitely a place to hit up and hangout in though if you have some time to kill and are in DTF.

  • 12808 Victory Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91606
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Tiki Tiki Time... yeah yeah... and we are not talking about some 40s joint like trader vic's we are talken drinks and more drinks... ohhh yeah this is a dive... it's a perfect lil tiki dive... Definitely not your Grandfathers "South Pacific". What was missing was some sexy lil Polynesian waitress!!!

    Yo Ho Yo Ho and a bottle of RUM! Just about every single tiki tiki special drink is 1 to 4 rums and some yummy juice to mix it up. They have your standard Blue Hawaiian, rum punch (with some tiki tiki type of name) etc...  But Yes I love RUM! So this was a great thing.

    The ambiance is dark and with a bit of flowing water, faux tiki hut tables, cushioned benches (literally lil cushions spread on benches), a fire place in one corner (which I didn't understand, especially since it was hotter than can be in there), an older style jukebox and some random tiki god stools and chairs.

    What really sucked was the jukebox volume and the idiots popping quarters into it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! These people made no sense. Literally you went from Social Distortion, to some Random Country song I have never heard the twang of before (and maybe never again if I am lucky), to Ballroom Blitz, to Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles... I swear I do not understand that kind of thinking. Let alone they had that jukebox turned up as loud as they could to their speakers could go. A place like this is just a spot to chill you would think. Not be blasted by horrible choices out of the jukebox. I swear this place would be ten thousand times better if they turned the music volume down and let people just chill and chat a bit.

    Pro Tip: They have a lil portable taco truck/stand deal right behind the bar. So if you want a quickie bite o grub, you are in luck! I didn't try it, but it is there!

    So overall this is a unique dive that is fun to go check out. The problem is that the music is just ridiculous. I also do not understand why they have the fireplace going working on heating up a 70-75 degree+ room. Crazy stuff to say the least...

  • 3772 E Foothill Blvd
    Pasadena, CA 91107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    After driving past here for over a year regularly... I had to stop in and chill and ummm yeah not exactly what I had expected but then again it is exactly what I had suspected... it's a local crowd of regulars who seem to mostly be single and not exactly part of a larger group of friends...

    It reminds me of cheers a bit the place where you go where everyone knows your name, because no one knows your name anywhere else. The crowd seems to be very well acquainted and I felt a bit outsiderish as did my friends.

    None the less we sat and enjoyed a drink or two and they had honest pours with decent taste. The bartendress was a nice gal who you have to go to to order and pick up your drinks unless its slow she doesn't bring them out to you.

    Pro Tip: Park in the side lot not on the street as its very close to the fwy entrance and you may otherwise get clipped.

    The ambience is very dark and dreary except at the bar where its more lit. They have some deep booth seats as well as regular chairs here. The tables occasionally wobble so be careful about leaning on them or putting your arms on them if there are drinks on top.

    There is a side area that they may set up for dancing or music later on at night, but not sure what they play there, as nothing was going on except set up while I was there with my friends.

  • 2001 Chestnut St
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Be aware, I have friends who live right across the street and this is a D-bag hotspot. However its got some great beats, an improptu dance floor, and a well stocked bar. Lots of good times can be had here if you wanna go enjoy some fun times with friends, if you are looking for the singles game, this is not the bar you are looking for.

    Well my friends and I arrived here a little after 1 got a drink and started to dance. The line that had been wrapped around the building earlier had died down. The drinks were decent pours, not quite as stiff as they could be, but not watered down crap either.

    PRO TIP: Come here to start or end your night. Otherwise the line just isnt worth it!

    The dance floor is quite unique. They shove all the tables and chairs from the raised dias to the edge and create a 30x20ish (maybe larger) dance floor. This was rather nice and left plenty of room to get your groove on. The music seemed top 40ish with a few well known others and was not too loud as sometimes can happen.

    I really enjoyed ending the night here as it was an absolute blast. Just be warned, many of my friends who are local, know this place has a lot of douchey types coming and going.

  • 5410 W San Fernando Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    So if you are a hipster cyclist you know this place... if you are not, then maybe you like craft beers. Otherwise you are not exactly the regular clientele of this joint.

    They have a contest for some kind of fixie bike, the menu is written in chalk. A lot of eclectic folks that belong together as they do not fit in elsewhere frequent this joint. I can just tell that its for special folks. If you can handle the different and peculiar fringe folks, then you may like it.

    They have a number of sandwiches on the menu that are thinly sliced baggette style with a bit of meat and lettuce. I didnt eat or drink anything while here, as I stopping by to see a few friends UYE on my way to a party. However, seeing the reactions of what people ate and drank is fairly obvious how things work.

    They serve the food to your table. But you do not get waited on. You have to wait in line for beer and grub. The tables are plentiful. The bike racks are plentiful as well.

    So whether you pedal, ride, or drive in, you can check it out if you want. So check it out if you like eclectic, random, hipster, or the random check it out...

  • 1746 Victorian Avenue
    Sparks, NV 89431
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Dive bar I have no other words for this place... They have some interesting people here and my dad used to frequent this place regularly... They have a pool table, some bar slots, a couple of TVs, and a dancing floor. It is always worth checking into for something different and low-key...

  • 4700 Airport Plaza Dr
    Long Beach, CA 90815
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Well this hotel bar has some good stuff and is pretty crappy all at the same time. Its happy hour drink prices are decent $4 per draft or bottle and most of the mix drinks. However the grub and service makes a molasses look like a fast moving substance.

    I was recently here with my parents as they had flown into town for an HS Reunion being held here. We had dinner and drinks and enjoyed some time together. However some of my step moms classmates showed up and joined us at various times and we had to jump tables not long after getting there.

    The lighting in here makes a dark damp cave jealous. My dad literally couldnt read his menu it was so dark (and the sun hadnt even gone down yet). Very irratating to say the least. We ended up getting a couple of apps and a couple of regular menu items. I had a burger n beer combo which was very very avg on the burger and the beer was tasty, FAT TIRE WOO WOO!

    PRO TIP: The bar doesnt have bathrooms inside you have to follow a maze out to the lobby to use the restrooms there.

    My dad got an average turkey sandwich and the apps were a couple of orders of toquitos. They were all decent. However the food literally took at least 45 minutes to get to us. We ended up asking about it at least 3 times. Some very messed up crap to be honest.

    The drinks were good, not the strongest but a decent pour for happy hour. When we left they were setting up for what we think was a karaoke thing and they were even charging to gain entry to the bar. So perhaps there is some kind of club set up or similar thing at nights on Fridays here.

    Overall it was bleh and we only were there due to the convenience.

  • 395 Santa Monica Pl
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    So I came here for a mixer and didnt eat anything but got a couple of drinks at the bar... I was a lil bit disappointed in the overall atmosphere of this place. Perhaps I am just not used to the pretentious west side feel. But the ambiance seemed nice.

    Well they have a full bar but only had two beers available; Hoegarten and Heineken. What was really crazy was that they were $8.50 and $7.00 respectively per beer. Obviously I didnt think that they would have a lot of beers, but they had a full bar and only two types of beer... so not that great a situation to start with.

    My server took about 15 minutes or more to bring me a beer!!! This is insane especially since I paid cash...

    Out on the lounge area of the patio they had a number of space heaters, umbrellas, and couch kinda deals. What was not so good about the patio is that a number of the space heaters somehow ran out of gas and kept spewing some gas into the air as it was easily smellable.

    None the less the event that I was there for was outstanding. I definitely had a lot of fun meeting a number of new people.

    Unlike my friend Laura, I would eat rabbit and think coney stew is awesome stuff. hehe but I didnt eat any of the food. The fries, and pizzas looked interesting and a lot of them were ordered. I suspect that they were tasty as well...

    QUICK PRO TIP: They do not validate parking. But they do validate Valet parking here.

  • 210 Swanson Ave
    Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    This place is not the toast of the town that is for sure. The micro brewed beer was so so. It seems like they strictly followed the traditional micro brew/restraunt plan and did nothing to stand out. This may work for the resort town that Havasu is, but elsewhere, it would be totally underwhelming.

    The food was average at best (2 friends didnt want to take their excess away)

    The beer sample is brought in a tray that takes up way way too much room. Yes its fun to have it in a shark carrier, but when you have 5 people at a six person table and 2 beer samplers took up a space and a half total, that is kinda ridonkulous.

    regardless, I doubt I will be back on my next trek to havasu... there are too many alternative places to go try out...

  • 1025 E Ball Rd
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    wow... this is not what I anticipated. I showed up for a friends bday and had the most rude waitress just about ever :(

    So yeah if you want the name of the crappy server check my quick tips. I will say those that have spoken about the extremism of the security staff appear to be correct. They had one super long bar and a second standard length bar that were both fully loaded. However, it sucks when you are at one of several tables and feel that you must go to the bar instead of have the waitress bring you a beer or cocktail as she is so unhappy that she even refuses tips at times. Listen I am sorry your life is so bad and all, but making everyone in our group think that you may have been doing something to our drinks or whatever is really sad.

    The atmosphere was fairly festive and many folks enjoyed dancing in lines or promenading around in circles. A few city slickers and just regular folks were there having fun. I didnt eat any of the grub, I had a few drinks and they seemed to be decent pours and full beers without a huge head.

    However a $5.00 cover to get in after 7pm is a bit funny. They also wouldnt let you smoke outside unless you were standing in the road/parking lot. Isnt that a bit dangerous when people are driving up to drop off/pick up patrons? A few of my friends smoke so this jumped out at me as well. It seemed a safety concern but the bouncers were adamant that you couldnt smoke while not in the parking lot/driveway!

    I dont think I will go back to the saloon side. The restaurant side may be worth a trek, but the saloon side, no thanks.

  • 4227 San Fernando Rd
    Glendale, CA 91204
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Yeah runnin' down a dream
    That never would come to me
    Workin' on a mystery, goin' wherever it leads
    Runnin' down a dream

    That is what I think led to this joint. It's a themed dive beer bar. When you walk in you immediately realize that this could be any of a billion bars. They have a ton of vintage (you know the new term for old errrr classic) beer signs, 60s era throwback  racing décor for both bikes and cars. You get the feel of an older biker bar or a racers bar. At any moment I anticipated some dudes walking in with crisp white t-shirts leather jackets and blue jeans...Then again most of the folks there had a hipsterish feel to them. So who knows.

    Pro Tip: Parking is a &%$@ so if you find some then swoop that ish fast! It's all street parking btw!

    They have a rotating list of taps and reasonably priced draughts.  If they aren't too busy the beertenders will make a few suggestions for you, so long as they aren't out of it.  Several of my top choices were already off the list. So while that sucked, they were hopefully popular enough to be brought back onto the list, but this place might have a little bit of the feel of a place like The Monk's Kettle up in SF where it's a constantly rotating selection of beer! We shall see.

    They have a pie case there. But they have 6 packs, empanadas, and some other stuff in there if you are interested in a bit o grub or need some beer for the house. Kind of a fun little service and not a bad way to do things IMHO.

    Just about my favorite thing here was the fact that they issue out peanuts with your beer. So you can shell them and toss the shells all over the floor. Definitely a sign of a proper dive bar to me. I really enjoyed having that ability. I may prefer a gastropub for a bite to eat now and then, but if your strictly hitting the brewski's with a peanut or two, this is definitely the spot for you to hit up!

    So This theme bar definitely caught my attention and I think I will be back... even told of my buddies who lives in Glendale about it and we may go hit it up in a week or two...

  • Lake Mary Rd At Minaret Rd
    Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    The Whiskey a go-go this is not...  A Zagat rated 5* joint it isn't either. A joint with HH in Mammoth, not all that common...  It's just an interesting Mammoth joint...

    HH is only in the upstairs bar. I haven't eaten at the posh (for Mammoth) sit down restaurant downstairs in years.  However they do serve several steaks and its tasty, but for my money's worth, I would rather go to the mogul or the restaurant at convict lake.

    None the less $4 off a pitcher or a buck off a pint and some cheaper apps makes for a great post ski meal upstairs in the bar area. The tables and bar are all open seating so if you spot one, I suggest you jump on it... no not literally that is just too wwf-like but yeah you know what I mean...

    Pro Tip: In the evenings on Fridays or Saturdays they sometimes have free drinks for ladies in the bar...

    At night at least during the winter they have a DJ spinning with the ability to dance, granted not many are out there dancing and some that are dancing are rather scary looking. It's almost like watching drunken camels and kangaroos trying to dance. Humps, Bumps, Pouches, Arms and Legs are flailing everywhere with a lil bit of slobber, spit, drinks sloshing around...

    So if you can make it here for HH and/or some free drinks then it's definitely well worth it. If not, then its kinda ehhhh... nothing that outstanding or making me want to get out of the cabin specifically for...

  • 17 S Raymond Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Ok so they have some tasty vittles and some tasty beers... but lets be honest... Yelp reviews dont disclose that much truth... I asked for what I thought was fairly basic and got a crazy answer that didnt quite go with everything that I had scanned from tips while waiting for my buddy to show up here... They are not beer know it alls here... in fact they dont even appear to train the staff on all of the various draughts on hand here.

    However this place is much more than testing the servers beer knowledge. I am happy to have been here a couple of times and tried some various stuff from here.

    Pro Tip: Know what you want to drink, or search for it yourself. Unless you are unsure what you want whatsoever, or not someone who drinks anything but bud/coors/etc regularly...

    I did order a bit o grub on one of my treks and for that venture I had the bangers n mash. It was served with fresh or frozen peas and the whole meal was quite tasty. The bangers were about an 1"-1.5" wide and 4" or so long... The mash was super smooth and creamy. The peas were even tasty when mixed in with the mash. My buddy was happy with most of his meal as well. He isnt a fan of the peas but otherwise he was happy with his fish deal.

    As for the draughts, they have a lot of different ones. Mostly of the Belgian/Trappist style. The house brand is called craftsman and its not bad at all. I have found that they have some tasty stuff including some of the Belgian Strong Ales, Hef's, and so on... But as often happens at a place like this, they have no clue what a Kölsch Style Lager is. I absolutely love those. However when I realized that they did not know or have a clue what the differences were other than to say what was fruity or some basic nuances, it was up to me to delve into the short listings on their menu to find something tasty...

    In the end I was able to do so. I like the upstairs hangout and during good weather the exterior is awesome. Parts of the interior while warm in the winter/early spring, may be a bit stifling during the summer. If you are a soccer fan, this is a place for you to go to. I however am not much of a soccer fan... but if they have the "ice soccer" on, I am down anytime that I can make it... Gotta love the kings =) GKG!

  • Wilshire and Western
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Is it bad that I am drooling just thinking about K-Town? I seriously could sit down to about one serving of bulgogi and forget everything else!

    There are a ton of great restaurants here. There really are. There are also some pretty shoddy restaurants here too. Beware of the roads as they need to be repaired with a passion. At least the main thoroughfares. A number of the side streets are pretty nice I must say after having driven around trying to find parking. They have some fun events now and then like bike rides and festivals at a park or two.

    Pro Tip: Parking is a nightmare, so if you see a spot, swoop dat ish fast! But make sure you have enough coins or cash to pay the piper...

    However this part of town is known for its Barbeque... and we aint talken texass brisket or ribs... we are talken galbi, bulgogi, short ribs, brisket, etc etc etc... those delightful Korean delicacies that have made the rest of the world go crazy for it in AYCE portions...

    I love coming to K-Town and eating till I am rolled out of the restaurant by the staff, my friends or whomever... none the less I will rinse n repeat as often as I think I can. This is an atkins dieter's dream city...

    Maybe I will even run into you there one of these days =)

  • 7000 Garden Grove Blvd
    Westminster, CA 92683
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    So it is Taco Tuesday and you wanna grab a few beers and some tacos. Yet you don't wanna go to the regular taqueria down at the corner... you are ready for something new exciting and stimulating. What are you going to do?

    Well you could go to the library. Its perfect. Hey Mom, Hunny, etc I am off to the library for a bit... Who will be mad about you ever doing that? Seriously... its purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfectly labeled for a fun night. So you roll in early (parking sucks otherwise) unless you pay the valet fees...

    Pro Tip: Additional free parking across the street.

    So in you stroll into the velvet lined seductively lit interior covered in mirrors TVs and coyly placed spot lights intermingled with neon or red mood lighting... Check the tables since that is the best option for where to sit. Grab any that are open with a few chairs and enjoy the show. The waitresses will come to ya and get you what you want to drink... Don't worry on Tuesdays Its $2 dollar Tuesdays! All basic domestic beers (you know the watery ones) are $2 ea, well drinks are $2 ea and they have a few specific regular drinks for $2 ea like Jack n coke etc...

    Tacos are by tits n tacos and out on the patio $2 ea or 3 for $5. Separate review for them!

    Pro Tip #2: $5 cover charge when we came in around 8-8:30pm

    They have a patio area where the tacos are at as well as a couple of pool tables and I believe you can smoke out there as well. It's a nice contrast to the rest of the facility.

    Then there are the ladies. All are wearing various states of lingerie or bikinis with accoutrements. Some covered in ink and some without. They come in all colors, flavors, hair styles, and condition. They have gym rats to dancers to regular not doing anything special girls.

    Pro Tip #3: They have 2 for 1 dance specials throughout the evening. By far the best bang for your buck... no pun intended...

    Now an interesting observation; I have never seen so many women in a venue like the library. They came in with groups, pairs, and even one or two solo. It was very interesting to observe this. So not the typical cabaret by any means.

    Overall it was a fun time. I enjoyed this taco Tuesday quite a bit. My buddy whose birthday it was was having a great time as well. I believe that I will return here with my friends another time at some point.

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