Born on Date celebration

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All the fun things that I did and the yummy food I ate to celebrate my birthday.
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    Lessaiz Les Bon Temps Rouler in Viva Las Vegas,

    Came here for dinner with the BFF's to celebrate all of our belated birthday's. I've actually dined at several of Emeril's establishment and have been here twice before.  Each time I enjoyed a very good meal here.  

    We started off with drinks and shared 2 different salads which were very good.

    Pork chop was my entree…  This sounded really good and it was very good.   A nice double cut pork chop atop a very creamy and flavorful mashed potato. The sauce that accompanied the chops was perfect I wanted more of it.  It was a pretty big piece of pork chop.

    Banana cream pie…  For dessert it is a must for me to get the Banana cream pie.  I first had it at Delmonico's in New Orleans and ever since the first bite many many years ago, if its on the menu at any Emerils resto I'm ordering it.  As you can see it not just all custard but it has slices of fresh banana's and the custard is firmer.  Its just tasty bite after bite!…

    Eyes ~ Lots of happy diners!
    Nose ~ I smell something yummy.
    Ear ~ Plenty of chatter but not too loud
    Mouth ~ Pork chops and Banana cream pie goodness!.
    Tummy ~ So very stuffed!

  • 3333 Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    I am a turkey baby meaning I was actually born on Thanksgiving.  That's probably why I like to feast LOL!

    Well a very dear friend of mine happens to have the same birth date so her an I go out to dinner together every year.  I have been really busy and didn't have a place picked out to dine at.  With all the yelping and bookmarking I've don't this year it was hard to choose.  I saw Chad A's review of this place the day before and mentioned it to my friend and she agreed on this place as it was close by our offices.

    Made our reservation for a early dinner as we tend to linger and chit chat the night away.  Once we arrived we were seated promptly and got our drink on.  Ok I'm not a drinker so I only had one martini which I barely finished.  Yes sad I know but it's the asian in me who cant seem to handle liquor very well, thanks mom!  

    I didn't get the name of all the dishes that we had, sorry!  I know bad yelper!!!  We started off with sharing a salad and appetizer:

    Radicchio with warm burrata salad… This salad was really very refreshing.  The vinaigrette was light.  A nice way to start the night.

    Roasted Spanish Octopus…  Wow this I didn't want to share that how tasty it was.  The octopus were so soft and a the small pieces of potato, celery was a great touch.  Oh man I would get this dish again and again!  

    For my entrée I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass…  What a delicate yummy fish.  I do like this fish, and couldn't pass it up although there were others on the menu that sounded just as good.  I mouth is watering just thinking about this dish as I write this review.  Its freaking damn good.

    My friend order a dish called the The Seafood which is a thai inspired soup dish.  It had all kind of stuff from the sea from fish, shrimp, scallops, octopus etc.  I really liked the taste of it.

    We ended the evening with Panna cotta.…  It also came with like a bundt cake with a really very tart lemon glaze.  Both were really very good but the panna cotta was a notch or 2 above.

    This was from start to finish a very delish experience.  I know they have a $20 Spontonae menu during lunch which I will need to come back for.  They do have a 5 course chefs tasting during dinner as well for $79 with an additional $40 with wine pairing.

    This was a great birthday dinner, so much so that the food was good that I didn't make note of what I ordered yummy goodness!

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    Who like's popcorn?  
    Who like's gourmet popcorn?  
    Who like's gourmet popcorn in their mouth?

    If you answered yes to all 3 of these questions you will be happy happy to be getting these tasty gourmet popcorn's.  I luv popcorn so my friend sent these to me for my birthday, woohooo.  I got a flight  box containing 7 bags of some of the tastiest popcorn's I've had.  These bags are perfect tasting bags as it holds a good amount of popcorn to try out and see if you like them.  She knows I don't have much of a sweet tooth so the flavors I got were more savory or had the sweet/salty combination.

    Listed of what I got.

    Buffalo & Blue Cheese ~… Um yeah its almost like eating buffalo wings.  It definitely has a kick with a little hint of sweetness. Can you see the blue cheese popcorn, it so freaking yummers!

    Truffle Formage Porcini ~… Seriously you read that right.  I luv truffles and these were pretty good.  Unlike some foods that state truffle you can actually taste it in these popcorn along with the porcini.

    Maple Bacon ~… One of my fave combination.  Come on its Bacon, you can see bits of them on the popcorn, helloooooo!

    Hawaiian Salted Caramel ~… Kind of like your typical sweet and salty caramel dessert item.  If you like salted caramel stuff you would like this popcorn.

    Brandy Eggnog ~…  Kinda like the holidays in your mouth!  You definitely get brandy and eggnog and with the chocolate drizzle is yummers!

    Cinnamon Bun ~… If you like cinnamon you will like this flavor as it has a good amount of it.  Almost like biting into a cinnabon.

    Brown Butter & Sea Salt ~… This had a very light flavor compared to the others.  It was a light brown butter flavor and w light seasalt.  

    They have bigger tins that you can buy of your favorite flavors for yourself or put a happy face on friends and family and send them a flight box.  I wish they would serve gourmet popcorn's at movie theaters!

    Eyes ~ POPCORN!
    Nose ~  Definitely smells like popcornl!!!
    Ear ~ Dont hear any popping LOL!
    Mouth ~ OMG these are freaking deeeeeellish!  
    Tummy ~ Whats with all the popped corn!

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    It's that time of year when you try to figure out where you want to go for dinner on your Birthday.  My friend and I share the same bday and every year we get together for dinner.  This year we decided to come here.  Its been on my bookmark forever and I also wanted to see my friend from HS that is a long time waitress here.  Good Food and Good Friends how can you go wrong with that.  As we sat down we quickly realized there were several other tables around us that were dining here to celebrate a birthday so it was great to be amongst so many that were born on the same date, yay November Sags!!!

    Started off with some drinks and appetizers.  Had to order up some Oysters which were shucked fresh and tasty…   I still miss the big honkers from the gulf though.

    The fried Ipswich clams…  were so darn addicting. I couldn't stop popping them in my mouth.  I could have easily eaten all of it to myself.

    Chowda as they say back east.  I went with the New England and friend got the Manhattan.  The New England… was creamy yet light and had the right consistency with loads of clams and the flavor was on point!!!  I also tasted their Manhattan Clam chowder… and all of a sudden I was in a quandary.  The flavor of the red was I think, tastier than the New England.  Can that be!!!!   I would def have to order the red next time since my friend only allowed my 2 spoon full to try LOL!

    We decided to get the same thing for our entrée.  In previous years we would order different things but my friend always ended up not like what she ordered and would be upset that mine was better.

    So Grilled Chilean Seabass… was the entrée.  Grilled to perfection.  It was soft and buttery and oh so delish.  By this time I was pretty stuffed with all of the food that came before that I barely touched the sides.

    Chocolate mousse pudding with Dolphin chocolate… as complimentary bday sweets.   It was not too sweet and if you're a fan of chocolate you'd like it.

    Overall it was a great night out.  The restaurant has been around for years and is definitely a place you have to some at least once a year whether your celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just wanting to eat some fresh tasty goodness.

    Eyes ~ Lots of people here!
    Nose ~ I smell tasty seafood!!!
    Ear ~ Lots of hungry diners!
    Mouth ~ Chowda, Chowda, Chowda!!!
    Tummy ~ So freaking stuffed with tasty seafood!!

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