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Breakfast in Charlotte

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It's the most important meal of the day. Here are my spots for getting it done.
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    25.9.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I still love going to OPH. Great service and terrific food. Today was the strawberry blintzes, which are crepes wrapped around a strawberry and custard filling, then topped with strawberry syrup and real (not canned) whipped cream.

    You can't go wrong here. Their omelets are baked rather than grilled, which means that they come out tall and fluffy, stuffed with goodness. Or try the Dutch Baby, a huge pancake bowl that needs only lemons and hold the powdered sugar. The pancakes are also rather fluffy and I love the doughyness of them, topped with fresh strawberries and hot syrup.

    I see people get the eggs and bacon and I wonder... dude! There is so much more here than the basic over easy and three strips. But it's a free country.

    On the weekends, this place is rocking. Expect an hour wait on sunny days.

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    2.8.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    OPH was the first restaurant I came to when I moved to Charlotte three years ago and it was exactly… Weiterlesen
  • 2921 Providence Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28211
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    I agree with everyone who has said that these are the best bagels in Charlotte. As a former New Yorker myself, I know a good bagel. While the interesting flavors they offer at Panera and those other chains are... interesting... the stuff they have here at Poppy's is the real deal. Everything, Sesame, Pumpernickel, all the classic flavored bagels and they're all large and fresh and fluffy with the great chewy and crunchy bagel texture that they are supposed to have.

    Tip: spend an extra buck and get the salmon spread on your toasted bagel.

    It's probably not the sort of place where you sit around all day, like a Starbucks or Panera, but it's nice for a quiet coffee (good coffee, by the way!) and a friendly meet with your buddies. In the nicer weather, sit outside in the sun. No wifi.

  • 14136 Rivergate Pkwy
    Charlotte, NC 28273
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    Saturday noontime, I stopped in for brunch while I waiting on my dog grooming at Petsmart next door. The restaurant was mildly busy though plenty of well spaced tables were available. Smaller 4 tops as well as a 6 and a round table, plus a long "family-style" table in the center. Lots of good space and windows on three sides of the restaurant - a great location, well designed to be welcoming.

    On the weekend, they have a brunch menu until 2:00 PM plus their regular sandwich, burger and salad menu. They also offer an eclectic selection of domestic and imported beers, as well as wine. Today seemed like an Eggs Benedict day, so I ordered that with coffee. I was given a number to display at my table and went off to prepare my coffee. A regular and a decaf urn were available with creamer and the usual selection of sweetener products. There is also a soda fountain with Coke products and urns of sweet and unsweet tea.

    The eggs were brought to my table a few minutes later. Fresh, hot and looking delicious. Two perfectly poached eggs and sliced ham on ciabatta with a good amount of hollandaise sauce, sliced melon and chicken sausage patties (bacon is also available). I found it heavenly and a good portion for $8.99.

    After finishing my meal, I hung around the restaurant for a while. There is plenty of reading material - newspapers abound and two large screen TV's were tuned in to ESPN and the Food channel. The free wi-fi was easy to connect to and was speedy. Because it was raining, I stayed inside, but they have a dozen tables outside that would be really nice on a sunny day.

    Good food, good location, good prices. What more can you ask for?

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    A lovely Paris-style bistro, I would never have found Cafe Monte without Yelp help. A fantastic looking selection of pastries in the counters and excellent coffee. Quiet French music plays in the background. Tables are pretty well spaced which makes for a nice environment.

    I stopped by looking for something different for brunch and I was pleased. My "Parisien" omelet was served with bacon and ham and brie (though not much brie), a small bowl of fruit and a potato hash-brown casserole. All was delicious and the coffee was refilled often - by five cups, I was well caffeinated.

    The ladies at the next table had a small problem with their meal and it was handled very well not only by the kitchen staff but by the waitress who just happened to be stopping by at the time with more coffee. (Something about an egg white omelet that looked like it had the cheese that she didn't want.)

    Would I return? Yes. It was good food and it was served well.

  • 915 Charlottetowne Ave
    Charlotte, NC 28204
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    My first meal when I came to Charlotte was at an OPH, so the chain has a special place in my heart. I've been holding off coming to this one because I didn't want to chance that it would be anything less than the perfect experience it should be. (I'm actually embarrassed that the review of the Southpark location isn't even in my first hundred reviews!) Yes, it's a chain and it's a big one, but other than the heavily laminated menus it could be a one-off. So don't worry about it.

    I got here before the breakfast rush started on Saturday morning, but even without a line at the door there was still a full parking lot. (Tip for you folks with full-size Impalas or Expeditions: "C" means Compact. So don't park there!). An overflow lot is available across the street. I was fortunate to be seated immediately and at a comfortable booth no less. This gave me a good view of the door so that I could take up the table for a while (until the battery on my laptop ran down) but I knew when it was time to move on.

    Pancakes are the main focus of the menu here, with strawberry and pecan and even bacon ones. But I decided to go with my favorite, the "Eggs Michael." Sort of like Eggs Benedict, this is two halves of an English muffin with poached eggs but on top of that is a delish mushroom sherry sauce. Served with four potato pancakes, it's a great treat! I've also had the Dutch Baby many times, but didn't feel like a big carb hit today.

    The coffee is excellent  here and it's refilled often.

    They do have free wifi (the password today was 'pancakes' but ask the staff if it isn't) and I did not see any freely accessible power outlets.

    If you come here for the eggs and bacon, it's great and all that. But really, it's a pancake place. Try them, you'll like them!

  • 8045 Providence Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28277
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    It's rather difficult to find, hidden in the back of an otherwise boring office plaza. They clearly do not get much walk-by traffic here. It's also a little out of place in a city like Charlotte, where barbecue and Bojangles fried chicken usually rule the roost.

    Katz is a standard New York-style Jewish deli (though not kosher), decorated with assorted New York memorabilia including the front page of the Post celebrating the Mets/Yankees World Series and pictures of the World Trade Center. If they're trying to show their New York creds, they've succeeded.

    Depending on the server's mood, they'll put a bowl of cole slaw and some pickles on the table when you're seated. Katz serves the usual stuff you'd expect for such a restaurant - corned beef, pastrami, etc. What's not to be beat are the "Smokey Joe" - whitefish and nova on a bagel (get an everything bagel, of course!) and the classic Reuben sandwich. Doctor Brown's sodas available too. The chicken soup is just as good as what mom makes.

    If they have any left, take some rugelach to go! (They do not accept AmEx.)

  • 4600 Wilkinson Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28208
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    Not the nicest neighborhood in the area but don't let the painted cinderblock exterior deceive you. The food is excellent!

    I was there to meet friends for a late breakfast and went with the basic ham and eggs with toast and an extra side of sliced tomatoes. The steak was pretty thick and very delicious. A friend had an omelette with biscuits which he said were delicious and another friend had the three hotcakes plate, which were huge! At least 6 inches across and quite thick! Someone else at the table was in a lunch mood and had the bbq special.

    The coffee was good and hot and refilled often. Sodas are the canned variety, so no free refills there. The waitress has probably been there for years as she was friendly and knowledgeable.

    It's inexpensive food, cooked with care. Enjoy it!

    Note that they DO NOT accept cards of any type, so bring cash.

    Bonus: depending on the winds, you can stand in the parking lot and watch the planes on final approach into the Charlotte airport.

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    A friend invited me to meet here for breakfast, otherwise I would never have known about this place. I've been through the Park Road Shopping Plaza dozens of times and never spotted the Flying Biscuit. To my shame!

    One of the best from-scratch biscuits I've had. Tender, fluffy, slightly buttery, it was melt-in-your-mouth Southern goodness. And with a super breakfast of fried eggs, sausage links and, yes, grits, it was the perfect start to the day!

    Our waitress understood that we were talking and she didn't hassle at all. Really good service and she was excellent with my friend's youngster too!

    I have no idea if they do lunch or dinner, but this is breakfast. Forget the other meals, it's the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day!

  • 8152 S Tryon Street
    Charlotte, NC 28273
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    A great place to go to get out of the house, Panera offers free wi-fi and free refills on drinks and coffee!

    Sandwiches, soups and salads are their specialties, as well as a large offering of baked goods. Cookies, bagels, muffins and whole loaves of bread are all made fresh in the store every day.

    The "pick two" deal is two of either a half sandwich a bowl of soup or a salad, and they have an excellent selection of all. I went with the tomato and mozzarella sandwich which was fresh mozzarella and roasted and fresh tomatoes and basil on a ciabatta loaf, and the broccoli cheddar soup, which was very cheesy with big pieces of broccoli. Absolutely delicious.

    The soups rotate on a daily basis, so it's never the same thing.

    At lunch time, it gets a little busy and I've seen the place with every table filled. They also have a few outside tables that are in range of the wi-fi.

  • 1358 Hwy 160 E
    Fort Mill, SC 29715
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    Cute family-style diner in what appears to be a new shopping plaza in metropolitan Fort Mill, South Carolina. When our first choice was closed on Sunday, my friend suggested this place. He eats here at least twice a week and that was more than apparent because he was recognized by a couple of the staff.

    I went with the "Deuces" breakfast - two eggs, two sausage and two bacon with two pieces of French Toast. Nicely cooked and presented, I had to remind the waitress to bring over the syrup. But the toast wasn't coated with powdered sugar - hooray!

    My friend opted for lunch, the liver was served in a swamp of gravy as he requested with mashed potatoes that could well have been hand made and a bowl of fried okra. I stole a couple of 'em - they were great.

    Super cheap and good service. If you're looking for value dining in the Mill, this is it.

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    I stopped in today for a brunch after picking up a rental car for the long ride on I-85 south. I was seated immediately and my waitress took my coffee order while I looked over the menu.

    When my meal arrived, I was amazed at the quantity of food. Two eggs, hash brown casserole, a nicely cooked pork chop (their sausages and ham are extremely salty, this wasn't at all) plus grits and gravy. The eggs were cooked exactly as I ordered and my coffee cup was refilled often. So much food wasted though - I was stuffed

    Great food, great price, great service. What more can you ask for?

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    Uptown Charlotte's 24 hour diner,  it's a traditional one. Right down to the chrome all over the outside. Nicely placed with a large parking lot. Very close to the stadium, so expect it to be filled with fans wearing their Black, Blue and Silver on game days. Booths and a few tables inside.

    Traditional diner menu with burgers and eggs and things. I did see other people with waffles and wings, but it was actually breakfast time when I was here. I chose to go with the "Uptown" which is two eggs and hash browns with a waffle. Eggs were cooked perfectly, the hash browns were both crunchy and soft. The waffle, however, was beyond desciption. Crispy on the outside, flully inside, it was still nice and hot to melt the butter and it soaked up the hot syrup. Excellent flavor.

    Service was great. My waitress refilled my coffee often and cleared plates as I emptied them.

    Free wifi, though no power outlets that I could see.

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    As Waffle House's go, and I've patronized a handful, this one is above the middle of the grade. The parking is sufficient for the number of seats inside (it's the standard size Waffle House) and the appearance from the outside is good. Inside, the floors and restrooms are clean. The grill area is well organized and stocked. Dirty dishes do not sit on the tables long. I'm somewhat sure this is a non-smoking Waffle House, because on my two visits here I have not been bothered by smoke.

    Wait staff is attentive at taking orders promptly and calling them out to the cook staff. They are always around with coffee refills and brew fresh pots.

    The food is what the food is at a Waffle House. Loads of grease and fat, tons of carbohydrates and, if it's your thing, excellent taste. The price is right, too. They're not looking to steal customers away from Ruth's Chris, nor would they succeed if they tried.

    Open 24 hours, this Waffle House is very conveniently located right off I-77 where it meets I-485. Take the Westinghouse exit. Be careful getting back on the highway going north as I learned that it's easy to accidentally get onto the I-485 ramp instead of I-77. The traffic light getting back on to Westinghouse is an insanely long one - I ran it the first time after waiting nearly 10 minutes.

    Would I visit this establishment again? You bet! Because sometimes in the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon, you just want a delicious waffle. And because this one is better than others I have visited, it gets four stars.

  • 601 Providence Road
    Charlotte, NC 28207
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    I find myself gravitating to Panera when I need a breakfast on the go and usually find the free wireless keeps me there for a little while. Great bread products, including bagels and pastries as well as whole loaves, Panera also makes delicious soups and salads. I particularly enjoy both the cinnamon loaf and the sourdough for making French toast at home.

    The menu can certainly be confusing with one section near the breads that also has all the pastries. The other section has all the "meal" options with clearly labeled prices, but if you're not familiar with it, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. The staff are helpful with suggestions if you're not sure what you want and patient if you need to make a decision. Once ordered, the food is prepared and ready for pick up within minutes, even during the lunch rush.

    On the negative side, it is a little on the spendy side for such casual eating. A cup of coffee, a bagel ("premium" bagels are another 25 cents) and a small tub of cream cheese is $4.09. The "special" pick two with a drink will run you close to $10, which is two of either a sandwich salad or soup. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious and very fresh, but for the setting, it seems a little bit on the high side of the price spectrum.

    Like all of them, this Panera is very clean and the staff circulates regularly to clean up abandoned dishes on the tables (you're expected to bus your own) and refill the four coffee urns (bold, regular, decaf and hazelnut). The coffee and soda fountain has free refills and there have been a few days where I've just bought the one cup in the morning and then watched the breakfast crowd phase into lunch and then dinner, and never been hassled.

    Panera is quite the hangout. I usually see people picking the location for casual meetings (does the phrase "showing the plan" mean anything to you?) and get togethers. Lots of people with laptops, there are electrical outlets near about half of the tables. The wi-fi is pretty stable (though I've occasionally had problems) and easy to connect. I see 7 or 8 other people with laptops and the connection is surprisingly fast.

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    Fast and free wireless, plenty of electricity everywhere, I like Bruegger's. You do have to arrive early for the best seats. The place is pretty popular for the "out-of-the-office" types, sitting with their laptops at tables for hours at a time.

    The only two things that I would say are negatives is that the place tends to get very loud with a lot of background noise from neighboring tables. And the coffee refills aren't free.

    Great bagel flavors, including several that they don't have at Panera. I like the Pumpernickel and the Jalapeno. Both are excellent. These are "real" bagels, unlike the stuff you might pick up a supermarket. They're made the right way, even if they aren't as good as New York. (Ha ha.)

    They have a "deal" for a bottomless coffee mug. Only $129 for the year. So if you stop by Bruegger's often enough (at least twice a week), it might work out for you. I was hoping for something way cheaper!

  • 5940 Fairview Road
    Charlotte, NC 28210
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    A great place to go to get out of the house, Panera offers free wi-fi and free refills on drinks and coffee!

    Sandwiches, soups and salads are their specialties, as well as a large offering of baked goods. Cookies, bagels, muffins and whole loaves of bread are all made fresh in the store every day.

    The "pick two" deal is two of either a half sandwich a bowl of soup or a salad, and they have an excellent selection of all. The soups rotate on a daily basis, so it's different every day.

    I usually stop here to pick up breakfast on the way to work and the store is busy. Expect to wait a few minutes for your order to be taken as they are busy. The bagels are very good quality and very fresh. The "everything" bagel has plenty of sesame and poppy seeds plus garlic, onion and salt. I'd recommend that you ask them to toast it to give it the right flavor and go with the sun dried tomato cream cheese. They have a "baker's dozen" special with 13 bagels and two packets of cream cheese.

    The coffee urn choices are light, bold, hazelnut or decaf and at this location, they put a note on it with the time the coffee was prepared. Skim milk and half and half are offered with the usual selection of white, pink blue and yellow packets of sweetener. Pepsi product as well as iced tea.

  • 5112 E Independence Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28212
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    There aren't enough of these "greasy spoon" places in the Queen City. I was here a couple of years back (when they still let people smoke in restaurants) and it was good then (other than the smoke). Now, it's the same tables, the same waitresses (I think) and it's the same exact food - grilled and fried excellence.

    Typical breakfast options (eggs and...) and the usual non-egg meals that I tend to expect in a diner. Rather than a grilled cheese, my brain took me to the club sandwich, which is a good bellwether for determining diner quality. If they can't do a club, they're not worth eating.

    Well, my club was great. Perfectly formed with the toothpick through the center of each quartered sandwich, piled high with good tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon and sliced turkey. A large pile of very hot steak fries on the side were an excuse for pouring ketchup onto the plate.

    Decent prices - under $10 for a good meal including tip.

  • 6416 Albemarle Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28212
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    Shopping local and therefore eating local, I hit up the Sunrise while I was a few doors down waiting on my car to be tinted. A nice family-run restaurant with all the comforts of short-order cooking and unusual specials. I opted to go with the month's special, a baked spaghetti dinner that came with garlic bread and a salad. The salad was typical mass produced, but the lettuce wasn't damaged with freezer burn and the thousand island dressing seemed to be freshly made. The spaghetti was piping hot and had a good amount of sauce that I chased around with the last of the garlic bread.

    Good service and a very filling meal. It kept me going for several hours!

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    25.9.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Sunday morning breakfast, I brought my daughter and we dug in. It's not high end food, this is short order and they still do a great job of it.

    My daughter ordered the Western omelet with hash browns. A lot of eggs, a lot of potatoes, this is a full size meal. I got the pecan waffle with a side of eggs. The waffle had a ton of pecans in it and was light and fluffy and crunchy and doughy in all the right places.

    Good food. We'll be back!

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    12.9.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Pretty standard diner fare, I was pleasantly surprised. I had been a little skeptical, but it's… Weiterlesen
  • 5011 S Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28217
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    Mad Greek has been a couple of things, including what my wife called "The Best Waffle in the Queen City." I don't know if they do waffles any more, but they do have a good selection of short order food with a Greek focus. My eye was drawn to the gyro platter and so that's what I went with.

    Good service - the waitress was attentive and took my order and refilled my glass without needing any prompting. Unobtrusive but attentive.

    Check out the picture. The gyro dinner a good pile of slice lamb meat (I assume from the spit) that had been grilled again. A sliced pita on the side. And a huge pile of tossed salad with Italian dressing, feta cheese and some olives which make it a Greek salad, I suppose. And some nice crunchy fries on a separate plate.

    I left stuffed for $12 which I think is a pretty good deal for an "out of the box" dinner.

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    Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage. Mmmmm... breakfast! Sure, it's fatty and salty and greasy, but there are options for healthy-ish choices at the IHOP if you want. It is, however, quick food!

    Yes, they have stuff that's not pancakes. But who comes to IHOP for a cheeseburger or a fish and chips platter? I mean, really!

    Service seems a little hit and miss. Sometimes you get a waitperson who comes by quickly to take your order and bring your check, sometimes you get one who apparently decided now was a good time to take their 15 minute smoke break. (And you know it was a smoke break, because they stink of it when they come back.)

  • 10517 Park Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28210
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    Diner food and there ain't nothing wrong with that! Without even reading the menu, my eye caught the specials board and I had the two eggs and pancakes special With coffee and tip, well under $10. A pretty good deal for a nice sit-down breakfast.

    I would absolutely return!

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    Upscale from the usual diner breakfast, this was solidly delicious with great service and great food. After reading the reviews and the tips, I chose the pancakes, which came with bacon and an egg. Bonus points for being able to poach it and as well for the bacon being cooked just the way I like it - not burned and crispy but cooked through. And the pancakes? Excellent. Thick and fluffy and tasty.

    Coffee was good. Served with a carafe so I wouldn't have to wait for a waitress to notice my empty cup. Why don't more places do it this way?

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    A great breakfast spot, Cracker Barrel is one of the most consistent brands I have ever encountered. On this particular morning, I went with their new "special", a whole grain and granola pancake breakfast which also came with two eggs and a meat. Good Lord, that's a lot of food. I ate the two eggs (cooked perfect 'over medium' as ordered), a bite of the bacon (salty as usual) and barely half of the pancakes. I was stuffed.

    Service was good. The waitress refilled my coffee and my friend's unsweet tea often. No hassle that we were waiting on two others who failed to arrive.

    A slight bump at the register, but these things happen. Something about a check that wasn't closed properly meant that the clerk couldn't take a payment until it was solved. That took a few minutes to get the manager up front to override.

  • 1511 Central Ave
    Charlotte, NC 28205
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    I wanted sweet, I got sweet.

    Chocolate croissant = excellent. Chocolate rugaleh = excellent. Coffee = good.

    Friendly service, decent parking.

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    Well, that was a mistake. I thought I would just pop in for a nice and light meal, making a healthy choice for a late breakfast. It's a "bistro" so they should have light stuff, right?

    Well, it turns out that on Sunday, Bistro La Bon does a huge spread for a brunch buffet. And since I simply can't resist a buffet, I ended up "forgetting" my plan for a light meal and ended up stuffing my face with a couple plates of absolutely excellent food.

    I don't know if they rotate out the meals, so your spread might be different. I had hand-rolled mozzarella, Swedish meatballs, beef brisket (a little salty, but tender), smoked salmon, hand-made sliced ciabbata bread, yummy potato salad and a pile of Caesar salad. Oh, but there's more. In the kitchen, they hide the hot foods and they are all included with your buffet. So I also had some scrambled eggs (fluffy!) and bacon, a chocolate waffle (I only had half) and the topper, a slice of French toast that was topped with real (not canned!) whipped cream and powdered sugar and syrup.

    So much for light, eh?

    I opted to sit at the bar and so I had excellent service. A really good deal at $24 or so with tip.

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    I was in the shopping plaza at breakfast time and so I popped into here for a quick nosh. Good choice, the bagels are made on site and the staff (there were at least 8 of them behind the counter!) was friendly. My western omelet was solid and the bagel with cream cheese on the side was nice and fresh.

    Free wifi is always a win for me, but the "background" music was way too loud. You shouldn't have to shout to have a conversation unless you're in a bar. On a Sunday morning in a bagel place, that's a little weird.

  • 2400 Park Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28203
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    How have I managed to miss out on Toast for so long? I had bookmarked it after its ROTD for the longest time, but I've just not managed to make it over here at breakfast time. (Which is not to suggest that Toast is *only* breakfast!)

    At 10:00 in the morning, I was wanting something delicious. And since I can't go to the Flying Biscuit at the moment (don't ask - it's cool), I let my Yelp app bring me here instead. Not much of a crowd - three other tables had some folks at them. Some mommies at two, a business meeting at another. And me, a table of one.

    What to have? What to have? Eggs, of course. And toast, of course. What arrived a short while later was a mushroom and cheese omelet with two half slices of sour dough toast. The omelet was perfectly cooked and the toast was perfectly toasted, but to be honest, I was a little sad that a restaurant with the name of Toast only gave me a single slice that was cut in half. Sad face.

    Service was friendly and good. Plenty of good coffee. The wifi worked great and I sat there for a good 45 minutes until my battery ran down.

    I'll be back!

  • 6902 Phillips Place Ct
    Charlotte, NC 28210
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    After the Yelp event here where I heard about how fabulous the Sunday brunch is at Upstream, I brought Mrs. K to give it a try.

    Great service from the staff, starting from the hostess who brough us to a semi-private booth to the waitress explaining the buffet and cooked-to-order process and even the busboy who refilled our water glasses. I thought it was interesting that the waitstaff was all dressed like chefs - I don't know if that's intentional or not, but I liked it.

    As for the food, well, it was excellent! The usual buffet staples like a cooked-to-order omelet station and a slicing station. But also a huge raw bar with large prawns, oysters, clams and mussels. On another table, salads and savories and sweet treats. Bacon and grits and smoked salmon and fresh sushi more!

    But where the brunch stands out is the tapas menu. From your waiter/waitress, you order delicious plates that are a perfect little bite. Egg benedict - one poached egg on a crab cake. Smoked fish tacos - a 2 inch corn tortilla filled with smoked fish with guacamole and salsa on the side. Belgian waffles. French toast. Oh, I am stuffed!

    Parking in Philips Place isn't easy but Upstream sometimes offers complimentary valet parking. It's well worth the tip to save the headache of finding a spot in the parking deck.

  • 7901 Forest Pine Dr
    Charlotte, NC 28273
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    We were really sad to see Bob Evans go as we really enjoy their breakfasts and especially their dinner plates. So when Cafe South eventually opened in the same building with very few changes, we thought we would give it a try.

    Yep, nothing structural has changed. The same doors, the same hostess stand, the same tables and the same counters. The menu, on the other hand, has changed quite a lot. It's what I would call "New York deli" but with a Southern flavor. A wide variety of plates and meals, ranging from meatloaf to burgers to baked chicken to Thanksgiving turkey dinners. Breakfasts include the usual egg plates, but also a challah French toast and grits and biscuits. Like I said, Southern.

    For dinner, I went with the meatloaf and for some reason, the brown gravy. Dumb mistake on my part. Meatloaf should be with a tomato sauce. Don't get me wrong, it was okay. But I feel like I let the side down.

    Service was very friendly. Helpful and sincere. Enjoyable, even.

    We will absolutely be back again!

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    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or at least that's what "they" say. Whoever "they" are, they are right. With a good meal in my belly, I was ready to take on the world! Or at least, I was ready to show my daughter how to take on some paper targets at the range in Matthews.

    I've never seen any of their biscuits actually "fly", but they are excellent. Light and fluffy, I don't know why anyone would swap out toast instead. Mmm... big squeezy bottle of apple butter to top it with. Fab.

    Other than the biscuits, I had two poached eggs (cooked perfectly) and two chicken sausages that were spicy and delicious. The small bowl of grits were nice and firm but not crunchy. Delish!

    Service was pretty decent and the place was very crowded on a Saturday morning. It was raining, so we weren't able to sit outside.

    Okay, world. Let's go!

  • 134 W Woodlawn Rd
    Charlotte, NC 28217
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    For such a busy location on a Saturday morning, it was surprisingly how incredibly SLOOWWWWW the service was. 25 minutes for pancakes and eggs? Seriously?

    It's open 24 hours and after dark, they usually have armed security or a local cop on duty in the lobby.

  • 9604 Longstone Ln
    Charlotte, NC 28277
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Following the recent Yelp shindig where Cast Iron gave away samples of their waffles, I came here. The next day. And I brought Mrs. K and K Junior, because there's not much that we love more than wonderful waffles. And wonderful waffles is what we had. I went with mine plain, but the others were ordered with nutella and whipped cream. And let me tell you, these things are plenty sweet all on their own. You really don't have to add anything.

    An hour later, the sugar crash hit us all pretty hard. Nap time. But it was SO worth it.

  • 2420 Westinghouse Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28273
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Stopped in here on the way to doing errands for some home-style cooked breakfast. I was extremely pleased. it's not haute cuisine, but it's also far from the chain restaurants and fast food eateries around town.

    I ordered a Western omelet with hash browns and dry toast and that's what was on my tray when my number was called. Good size, with plenty of cheese and fillings. A big pile of delish food where you can actually sit down for a bit, read the paper and get change back from a $10.

    I'll be back!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Ssslllooowww service, from the nearly ten minute wait at the hostess stand to the five minutes waiting at the table for our waitress to take our order to another ten minutes to pay the check. The only thing that wasn't slow was the food - once we placed our order, it was brought out very quickly.

    The food was good. Consistent with my Bob Evans experience. Hot, plenty of it and flavorful. I like their turkey dinner, which comes with a good size portion of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Maybe not enough cranberry, but I love good cranberry sauce. Sausage gravy (my wife was in a breakfast mood) had a good amount sausage in it.

    Perhaps they were just having an off night.

  • 1436 South Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28203
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    Beitrag des Tages 2.2.2014

    We enjoyed our brunch this Sunday. Arriving right in the middle of the rush, it was a surprisingly short wait. The tables turn over quickly here!

    Even though they have tons of other stuff - sandwiches, waffles, salads - there are two pages of crepes on the menu - one of savories and one of sweets. Tough to choose!

    After our waiter brought us two swimming pool sized cups of coffee, we chose one sweet crepe (the Apple Streusel) and one savory (the Crispy, which is cheese stuffed). Both took a little bit to be prepared, during which the coffee was refilled. Good coffee, btw. Even though they have lattes and cappuccinos and other 'elite' coffees, you can't go wrong with a cup of Joe here.

    Both plates arrived looking excellent as you can see from the pictures. The apple crepe was massive and quite sweet. The "Crispy crepe" was excellent. Tons of cheese and lots of flavor. I think I made out better for having that one. Oh, and the side of potatoes? Heavenly!

    Plenty of parking in the parking deck behind the restaurant or on the street if you can find it.

  • 1201 W Roosevelt Blvd
    Monroe, NC 28110
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    BREAKFAST for BREAKFAST! Almost as good as breakfast for lunch but pretty distantly back from breakfast for dinner, aka "brinner".

    This is a short order sort of restaurant. Maybe not as short as the one in My Cousin Vinny, but short. Two pages of eggs, waffles and such. Keep It Simple and Short.

    I went with the two eggs (over medium) with corned beef hash, grits (based on Melissa's recommendation) and toast. And coffee.

    Coffee comes in a large mug, which is awesome. While the gals did come around with refills often enough, it's nice to have your coffee fixed just the way you like it for more than two sips before the cup is empty. And it's decent coffee. Not that fancy caramel macchiato latte half caf stuff. This is coffee, nice and simple.

    Breakfast arrived on three plates. Eggs and grits on one, corned beef hash on the next and the toast on the third. Nice big eggs and the portions of grits and hash were excellent. As for the flavor, all were really good. The grits were maybe a little salty, but it's hard to match everyone's taste. The hash was plenty meaty and the eggs arrived just as I had ordered them. A good value of fat and carbs and protein for $5.10.

    With the coffee and a tip, it was rounded off to $10. Good deal. I like this place.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    I didn't realize until I popped in here that Another Broken Egg is a chain of restaurants. I'd been to the one in Birmingham AL a few weeks back.

    My veggie omelet was quite decent but the coffee refills were slow. Home fries were crazy hot but after the cooled enough to eat, they were tasty. The English Muffin was a little on the underdone side.

    No wifi service in the restaurant. And strangely, I got zero bars on T-Mobile. So if you're thinking of using your phone to read the news while you breakfast, think again.

    And yes, parking is a major pain!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Breakfast in Matthews and the main reason I chose this cute little spot was because they were a) well reviewed and b) they have wifi.

    As much as I've missed poutine since I spent a few weeks in the Great White North, I chose a classic American breakfast. My eggs were a little greasy but the rest of the meal (turkey sausage, tater tots and toast) was cooked perfectly. Absolutely delicious. Gallons of coffee.

    I do love getting called "Darling" and "Sweetie" by the wait staff.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Lunch with Mrs. K. who really wanted a New York Jewish deli but we didn't want to drive all the way to Arboretum today. Instead, we headed to Rusty's. Sandwiches and other platters, nothing quite "New York" style.

    I chose the Turkey Reuben. Grilled and topped with sauerkraut the way Reubens are supposed to be but the amount of turkey in there just didn't meet (meat?) my expectations.

    Mrs. chose the "mixed cheese baked potato". Lots and lots of cheese on here and the potato was nice and fluffy but WOW was it hotter than Hades.

    Overall, pretty good. I think the Reuben is better at Katz's though.

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