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Places in and around Boston to get some juicy patties of meet and some buns!
  • 702 Assembly Sq Dr
    Somerville, MA 02145
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    Officially open as of today, Burger Dive is the first of the many new businesses that are set to open in Assembly Square as part of the revamping and renovating of the area. At the edge of Somerville, almost in Medford, it stands as a standalone venture, backed by the same guys that are behind Max & Dylan's and Papagayo.

    Walking into the joint tonight, I expected them to be working through some kinks, and they were a few, but overall I was quite impressed. We proceeded to order a couple of burgers. I got the blue burger ($7.99) which featured bacon and blue cheese, alongside a ton of guilt and shame. But it was good. Greasy but good. The misses got a regular burger and liked it as well. We almost got tater tots to go with it but instead opted for the pretzel-coasted, fried pickles which were quite tasty and washed the whole thing down with a couple of fountain sodas. The damage? About $23, which isn't bad. However we weren't quite fully satisfied yet and decided to get a s'mores milkshake as we hit the road, a dessert which set me back a further $5.99 and which was pretty good as well although far from outstanding.

    Everything there is cooked to order and the place looks very promising. The kitchen held their own however the front of the house had a couple of issues with the POS system and their credit card processing system went down for a few minutes as well, right as I was about to pay. It is their first day though and apparently it was Verizon's fault and by the time we left everything all of the systems were back.

    All in all, the place is a welcome addition to the area and dare I say better than Five Guys? Yes, I think so. Definitely like the decor better and the menu feels less greasy as well. However it was very dark in there, a tad too much for my taste. Maybe add a few more lights?

    I will give it  four stars for now, mostly because I have faith in them and because I'm feeling generous. However the front of the house needs more training as the person who took our order wasn't all that knowledgeable and didn't seem comfortable with the POS system. And not all that friendly either. But I'll give it time. That being said, I still think that Whalburgers is better although this is much closer so they can have an advantage if they play their cards right. Oh and how about adding a 'seasonal' burger in there?

  • 19 Shipyard Dr
    Hingham, MA 02043
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    Beitrag des Tages 19.9.2012

    Decided to hit up Wahlburgers randomly on a Saturday night with Erick H. and after a 35 minute drive from Somerville, we arrived in the large shopping area known as the Hingham Shipyard and drove around until we finally found it. We didn't really know what to expect, especially since the reviews on here are mixed. I was pretty nervous, thinking that it would be overpriced, tacky and average at best but to our surprise, it was actually pretty damn tasty.

    I really liked the color theme which is grey, green and yellow and upon walking in was impressed by how clean and organized the place was but was also quite disappointed as to how small it was. When I saw the pictures, the place looked a lot bigger. Doesn't really matter though, I'm here for the food. We were immediately greeted by a hostess who told us that on the left is the area where we can either sit at  the bar or at one of the community tables and where a waitress will take care of us; on the right side however you order and seat yourself, waiting for the pager to go off. The place not being too busy, we took a left and managed to snag two seats at the bar.

    We ordered up a couple of the happily renamed Wahlbrewskies which are Harpoon's unfiltered ales which are simply renamed and ordered away: we got some sweet potato tater tots ($3) to share and I got a double decker burger ($6.95) which featured two 3 oz. burgers with some lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. Oh and some wahl sauce.

    Let me just start by saying that while I'm not 100% sure what's in the sweet potato tots, I left convinced that there had to be some highly addictive drug in there; heroin? Crack cocaine? Not sure but either way we inhaled those things in seconds and they were very good.

    Secondly, the burgers, much to my surprise were very good. Not as good as In-N-Out but possibly the best I've had in Boston. Maybe I lucked out? Maybe it was wishful thinking to justify the long drive? Nope, the roommate agreed. We both thoroughly enjoyed our burgers. We swaped the government cheese for some blue cheese and added some bacon, which obviously helped a bit but the meat patties were juicy and tasty, the wahl sauce was solid and the buns weren't soggy. The whole thing wasn't messy either which was nice and best of all, it easily fit i my mouth. The lettuce was thinly sliced in a chiffonade which was a nice touch which you don't often see around these parts. A solid, solid choice and an affordable one at that.

    There's some interesting elements in the menu, ones that I might need to check out. Mark Wahlberg's choice apparently is the Thanksgiving Burger which features turkey patties with some stuffing, some orange cranberry sauce, some roasted butternut squash and some mayo. There's also some hot dogs and some $12 adult milkshakes which I didn't try but apparently are good as well.

    Then there's a few things that bothered me: the whole place is an homage to the Wahlbergs which I didn't think added anything to the experience and in fact made it tacky. Honestly, under a regular name and without their endorsements, I'm convinced that this place would succeed. The quality of their food is that good and the price point is spot on. Another thing too is that near the entrance is a case full of really tacky items that you can buy which feature the Wahlburgers logo. Shoes, hats, t-shirts and stuff; does this mean that they are trying to build a chain? I kind of hope not. I found it unnecessary. And then the divide between the self-service and the full service is confusing and also creates a weird segmentation which I found awkward, especially on my very first visit. Why not make the entire place one or the other? Oh and while you're at it, add a few more community tables maybe, there's only like 3-4 of them...

    That being said the place was great and I'd definitely drive down again in the future to get a burger fix. Despite some conceptual issues, what matters most is their food and they did a great job. I left happy and impressed.

  • 282 Beacon St
    Somerville, MA 02143
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    Although I'm not usually a huge fan of burgers, I decided to venture out to RF O'Sullivans on a snowy day to check this place out after hearing that it might contend for best burger in the Boston area. And by venture I mean drive about a mile because I live nearby and was lazy... But enough on that.

    We walked in during the lunch hour and the place was about two thirds full. It's a pretty generic-looking Irish pub. A bunch of guys sitting at the bar eyeballed us as we walked in and instants later we were seated - I then looked at the menu as our hostess disappeared and was not seen again for what must have been about fifteen minutes; I was here for a burger but what I didn't realize is that they had nearly thirty different kinds of burgers. After considering getting a standard burger I decided to go for a blue cheese burger plate instead, cooked to a medium. At $9.50, it was supposed to come with a half a plate of fries, the other half being onion rings; but I'm on a diet and the burger was already bad enough, and I decided to skip those and get a salad instead.

    I did glance at their other burger offerings and some I must say are rather unusual but all seem very enticing. One of them is a Hawaii-inspired one which features pineapple and another one features Boursin cheese which they spelled completely wrong (they spelled it Bourson -  and it's not a typo either since it's spelled like that twice in the menu). It did sound good though. Along with these burgers they have all kinds of other items, mostly pub food though, like chili, salads, nachos, etc... All great if you're not counting calories.

    When our waitress finally showed up again to take our order, we were more than ready and promptly placed our order and then... fast forward a good twenty minutes and our food arrived.

    I had not seen that much meat since ___ (insert your very own, dirty joke here)____. The burger was huge. The patty must have been at least a couple of inches thick and perfectly cooked. It was speared with a toothpick and features lettuce, onions and tomatoes (which somehow cost extra). The blue cheese in there was a bit on the liquid side, almost making me suspicious as to what they used; Could it be blue cheese dressing? I'm not sure but either way it tasted great. The side salad wasn't bad and came with a raspberry salad dressing. I almost wished they had made their own vinaigrette; the dressing sucked, just like in most places...

    While I love the burger and look forward to returning so I could try other ones, I refuse to give this place five stars because the service flat-out sucked. Our waitress was very slow and not very attentive. She might have been new and I hope for her that she was because otherwise... well... good luck to her in life. She also double-charged me for the meal which I'll have to fix with my bank at some point as well. Had the service been better, along with the salad dressing, the place would have probably gotten a five but sadly they fell short. Also, what's the deal with charging extra for lettuce, onion and tomato? It's not like you're using an entire head of lettuce, an entire onion or tomato? You're using a slice or leaf of each, big freaking deal. Seriously though, that should have been included in the price of the burger and not been set as an extra...

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Went to this neighborhood gem after reading about their $10 burger that many have raved about. Located in the heart of Inman square, this small establishment doesn't seat many but we lucked out and were promptly seated into one of the few dimly lit tables this establishment has.

    We came on a mission. It was pouring rain outside and we were both tired and hungry. We wanted the burger and promptly ordered them just seconds after sitting down. A few minutes later, the piping hot, medium-rare burger arrived; it featured real lettuce leaves, not iceberg and tasted great. It was well seasoned, not too high and you could taste the protein on it.

    The waiter was pretty friendly and efficient, but had a thick Irish accent that was not always easy to hear and understand considering how packed and loud the place was. The beer was cold and the atmosphere very unique, especially because of that giant druid statue they have floating from the ceiling. Weird but neat. I was surprisingly impressed and would go back for more burgers or maybe their notorious Brunch at some point.

    - Good service
    - Good prices
    - Good beer selection
    - Good burgers & food

    - Cramped
    - Poorly lit
    - Tiny & loud
    -  Street parking on week-ends

    Regardless of the few cons, the place is neat and stands out, which is something fairly remarquable in the sea of bars we now see that are pretty much clones from one another.

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    On my numerous visits to RHT, I've been struggling to figure out what I like or dislike about the place; it's very much been a love and hate relationship between myself and the establishment. Whether I went there for a Yelp Elite event, for drinks or for food I've noticed many inconsistencies in either the food, the service and/or the drinks.

    While I think that Aaron Butler, their bar manager, is a phenomenal staff member, one who's expertise was finely crafted and tuned at Barbara Lynch's Drink before he moved to RHT to takeover their bar, I think that their drinks have been hit or miss a lot of times. While they've nailed some of my drinks, often times they haven't been nearly as good as what I've paid for. It's just been inconsistant; I'll order a Vieux Carré and it'll be excellent but then I'll get it again the following week and it won't taste nearly as good. I can't explain why but consistency is key in this case and I have yet to find it there. Another big disappointment in their wine on tap. While the concept is great, I've had two glasses of wine from their innovative, forward-thinking mechanism. One of Pinot Noir and the other of Pinot Blanc; Each time I could only have a couple of sips before discarding the rest because of a metallic-like aftertaste in each sip. While the glasses were only $5 each, it clearly wasn't worth it as the wine was mediocre at best.

    On the upside most of their cocktails are affordable for the quality that you receive and will be worth it most of the time.

    As far as the food there goes, I've experienced both their regular dinner menu as well as their bar menu. The neat thing about their food is that the value is usually pretty great (except for one item, but I'll get to that a bit later) and they have all kinds of offerings, including  a raw bar. I've had their house burger which is a pretty solid meal in itself but when I ordered the roasted bone marrow dish from their bar menu I was extremely disappointed; while it tasted good, the portion was TINY! A half a bone. At $9. There's no way I'm doing that again, I felt like such a sucker.

    So despite my few complaints, why give it 4 stars? Well for one, the RHT fills a gigantic void within the neighborhood. Very few places offer a solid selection of cocktails, wines and beers and accompany them with worthwhile food options. And in this case, the place remains a neat, well decorated, casual but slightly upscale option where  you can go have a few drinks with friends or have a meal. Just be careful as to what you order as the value is not always there.

    Inconsistencies aside, they do have some nice deals for the oyster loves in you. After 11PM, every single day, oysters are half-off and can be ordered at $1 each. Not bad at all. Oh and next time you're there hungover, you can always try the following: "The Quickening". - A Collins glass filled w/ Meletti Amaro, chartreuse green, & Rogue Dead Guy Ale, before being chased by a shot of Fernet & a plate of bacon. Or their secret burger, which is their regular burger topped with a fried egg.

  • 1246 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I like this place. I'd love it more if it were to be more spacious. It's packed just about every single time I go. I'm sure it's great for them but having a little more breathing room would help make my experiences there much more memorable and positive.

    Aside from that it's just great. They have a hilarious menu featuring a wide variety of burgers. All sorts of burgers. Delicious ones. And they have two types of fries too, regular ones and sweet potato fries as well. They have delicious frappes to accompany the burgers.

    Oh and it's loud but I guess that because they've been there for so long and have pretty much become a Harvard square landmark.. they can just get away with that.

    Yeah the place is awesome. Seriously. Oh one more thing, no credit cards, cash only.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Had a cheeseburger there topped with grilled onions, tomatoses and lettuce along with some A1 sauce and it was delicious. The paddy was juicy, the bun toasted. The cajun fries weren't bad either.

    The menu is extremely simple, 2 types of fries (regular & cajun), 4 types of burgers (burger, cheeseburger, bacon burger & bacon cheeseburger) each come in 2 sizes and fountain drinks (including Coke Zero which I had never seen in a soda fountain!). Prices are fairly cheap and the parking is plentiful. Service is prompt. Me liky!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I work right opposite Leo's Place and often go there when they are open (their hours seem sporadic at times) during my lunch breaks for some solid, cheap & tasty food. They have all kinds of items and serve breakfast fare all day long. Omelets, eggs, bacon, toast, sandwiches, burgers, hot dog, salads... you name it, and they have it! They also have a gigantic selection of root beers which is something that I love. I often try new ones. I had one imported from Hawaii the other day. I can't say that I've seen establishments with that kind selection before and that is pretty cool!

    The place isn't too big but offers ample seating and even a counter facing the griddles. The owners are very friendly and always wear their signature hats at work. It's quite funny and gives this place a very nice, old school vibe from the blues/rock & roll era! They also play some pretty damn good music there which is nice!

    The prices are as low as it gets, especially for the quantity and quality! I almost feel ashamed acquiring food there, seriously. Makes me want to meet Leo, shake his hand and thank him! I'm also happy to see that they haven't changed much over the years. They aren't pretentious, what you see is what you get, and that I find awesome

    I highly recommend this joint, especially if you want a cheeseburger or some breakfast!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Lewis's is pretty much a Norwood staple. It's been around since before the 40s and it features some great, affordable food options alongside some cold drinks. Whether you want to grab a cold one and a snack or feast on one of their famous burgers, there's something for everyone. One thing that does help them stand apart from other bars though is their OVC cocktail: an orange vodka collins which features some freshly squeeze OJ. It's amazing.

    While I have yet to return and try one of their famous burgers, on the other hand, I've had their buffalo chicken bar pizza ($10.50) which was great and had a nice kick and featured all of the appropriate accoutrements including scallions and gorgonzola. I also had a size of tater tots ($3.50) which I split with the girlfriend as well.

    The place itself is very well maintained and is spacious. There's multiple rooms and I believe that there's two bars? I'm not 100% sure, the layout was a bit weird but the place is pretty busy with locals and everyone seemed to have a good time. We sat at the bar and the service was friendly.

    I do intend on returning at some point soon and try their famous steak tips (they have 5 different kinds!) or maybe a burger instead. But if you're looking for a spot with reasonably priced, American food or to grab a beer, or both, this is the spot. And they also host Stump Trivia every Tuesday. Personally, they converted me when I saw the barkeep squeeze the OJ to my order of the OVC. Awesome touch.

  • 33 Brattle St
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I found Flat Patties to be really good and effecient. Their menu is simple and clean; burgers, fries, desert along with a few stand out things like their pulled pork sandwich which I thought was very good. Their buns feel buttery which is also nice and their fries feel a lot more natural then the ones you find in most places. As far as their drinks go, they offer a similar selection that one you could find at Boca Grande with the classic, big name sodas along with the Jarritos Mexican flavored soda. Cheap, quick and good is key!

  • 1918 Beacon St
    Brighton, MA 02135
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    After seeing this place multiple times over the span of a few months on the Travel network on multiple shows including "Man vs Food", I decided to step up to the plate and drive out to Cleveland Circle and check it out for myself. According to the shows, their gigantic burgers have been feeding the masses for a while, especially all of the BC students nearby, putting them on a map and giving them National recognition.

    After parking nearby and entering the establishment, I was humbled by their menu. It's HUGE and offers everything from breakfast items to salads and subs, sandwiches, burgers, wings, you name it. To all of the faint hearted who can't eat anything unhealthy, if I were you I wouldn't come close to this place. Don't even walk by it. For those who aren't counting calories, this place is for you.

    I ordered a double cheeseburger (~ a half a pound) and it came served with a huge portion of fries. The prices are competitive for the quality and the service is quick although you do have to get up from your butt and get it yourself at the counter once it's ready.

    The walls are covered with BC sports memorabilia and the atmosphere is very casual. Both times I've been there it wasn't too crowded although I'm sure that it's packed during the lunch and dinner hours. A great place to chow down on some burgers!

  • 4 Cambridge Ctr
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    30.5.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I have returned to this beer sanctuary, this time for food alongside some delicious beers. While their dinner menu is rather expensive, their all-day menu features a pretty decent selection of dishes that are much more affordable. I picked from that menu instead of the other.

    I decided to share the hummus plate with my dining companion - At $8, it featured some house-made hummus alongside some house marinated olives,  some delicious whipped vermont chevre and some crostini. It was pretty light, easy to eat and great for sharing. Tasty as well.

    For my entree I decided to get their burger which cost $12 and decided to add some cheese which cost another buck. While they cooked my burger to a perfect medium, I found it to be lacking in terms of balance. The bun wasn't all that great and it lacked any kind of deep flavors. It was decent. The fries that came with it were way too salty - a comment that my friend who got a side of pommes frites made as well.

    All in all the place seems to finally find it's balance although the service is still pretty horrendous there. The beer selection is great, per usual but they still haven't introduced flights of beers.

    All in all if they were to fix the service there, add a bar menu and flights of beer, the place would be incredible but for now I'll settle for pretty good.

    Oh and what's with the hostesses there? They don't greet anyone nicely and don't try to seat you. They just look at you and when you ask for something they aren't that nice about it?

    3.0 Sterne
    12.5.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have previously lived in Kendall Square for over five years during which I had no go-to place to… Weiterlesen
  • 704 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    There aren't a lot of places in "Camberville" that dedicate themselves to serving primarily burgers but this one of the rare ones, Boston Burgers in Davis Square aside and of course the famous Mr. Bartlety's Burger cottage. I'm not saying that there aren't any good burgers, plenty of joints offer some good ones, but a place dedicated to it? There's very few...

    Walking in, I was surprised to see that they had a liquor licence, which they put to good use because they carried some pretty good beers; I immediately saw and ordered a Sam summer.

    After a quick glance at the types of meat they offer, and one can easily understand how they got their name. Essentially, they have four kinds of burger patties: beef, salmon, vegan black bean and turkey. You pick one, can add just about anything from lettuce and tomatoes, to three types of onions (caramelized, raw or grilled) and various other things.

    They also offer a few sides like fries, o-rings, side salads and even sweet potato fries. The prices are a bit high, but you're in Cambridge so I guess it's fairly justified.

    I asked for my burger medium, my friend rare and both came well done; a real shame and we were a bit worried that they weren't going to be juice at all but our first few bites said otherwise. They were pretty good, and this is coming from me, a person who usually isn't a big fan of burgers. Mine got a bit messy and I eventually had to use a knife and fork instead. I blame the buns which weren't toasted and instead soaked the juices from the meat and disintegrated.

    Overall it's a nice addition to Central square but the high prices and the poor cooking of the meat makes it fall a few stars short.

    Also please note that some inconsiderate people might block a table a four even though you are alone. We had to stand for a few minutes in order to finally find seating. They should really build a counter for people who are eating there alone in order to avoid people blocking some precious, scarce seating, like tables of four.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    I've been to this spot a couple of times now and my experiences there have been rather inconsistent. On my first visit there I decided to get a salad and it was rather disappointing. A sad excuse of a salad if I've ever seen one.

    But more recently, I returned to this place to meet a friend of mine for lunch and decided that I would not leave this place until I tried one of their burgers. After much hesitation in trying to pick my burger as they have a pretty varied selection of them (24 of them to be exact), I decided to skip their Hawaiian themed one which featured pineapple and instead get a pretty classic and favorite of mine: a blue cheese burger, medium. As a side, I didn't try anything fancy and settled for sweet potato fries although they do offer a few interesting takes on it by offering a bunch of options like having your fries with cajun seasoning or buffalo cheese, or even a lemon pepper coating. I thought that was rather unique and interesting.

    The black and bleu burger arrived a few minutes later and the patty was coated in some cajun seasoning which provided a nice, spicy contrast to the soothing blue cheese. It was actually rather tasty and the burger was cooked nicely. The bun wasn't all that great and the condiments weren't all that great. I actually had to remove almost half of my leaf of lettuce which stuck out like a sore thumb - Maybe it's my OCD but I felt like the attention to detail was inconsistent.

    The service was minimal, just present enough to take our order, bring it a few minutes later, and clear our check after the meal. It wasn't all that friendly but it was somewhat efficient.

    Note that they have a television with sports on and a pretty decent beer selection considering the size of the place. There's like... 10 tables, 15 at most and it's all rather cramped but pretty pleasant.

    Would I go there again? Sure, why not, it is after all conveniently located in Davis Square itself but is it any good? It's average and has nothing compared to the delicious burgers at R.F. O'Sullivans nearby but it's good enough to compete with the local establishments nearby. Overall the place is pretty good.

  • 204 Cambridge St
    Boston, MA 02114
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Went there on a whim with a friend recently on our way to a Bruins game. We hadn't planned on going there and didn't even know about it, but as we walked by it, I noticed it, knew that it was knew since I'm in the area quite often and made it our destination.

    Upon entering we were greeted by what hopefully was an employee in training (if not please order him a helmet, he might be a bit slow...). We promptly ordered away.

    I got a couple of items since I was hungry and wanted to test out some of the menu. FIrst I got the reuben dog (I was inspired by Anthony Bourdain - he would have loved it.) which was a hot dog with some sauerkraut, Swiss, bacon and thousand island dressing ($4). I also ordered up one of their tasty sounding Gooey Griddlers which is basically two patties stuffed with American cheese, more cheese, lettuce tomato and pickles with some buns: basically a heart attack in between two buns. I got the single one which ran me another $7 but it featured two patties so therefore making it a pretty good deal.

    I then sat down, head low, in shame, as I awaited to punish my arteries with the upcoming feast.

    A few minutes later the food arrived, in waves. First arrived my hot dog which was awesome. I mean how could it not be? It was the best part of the meal and featured five very enjoyable bites. I was pretty happy and already feeling pretty satisfied... but... then arrived the gooey griddler.

    It's basically a giant mess of a burger. Think of a cheeseburger with even more cheese on it. Personally, I dug into it with a knife and fork because it felt like the better tactical approach and also because there was cheese everywhere. A few bites into it I couldn't finish the thing and ended up only eating about half. It tasted decent however the meat was overcooked, under seasoned and the cheese tasted more like nacho cheese than American. I wasn't crazy about it. It would have been way cooler had it been 2 grilled cheese buns with a meat patty in the middle or something; it's basically a glorified, very cheesy burger.

    All in all the place is affordable and is a nice addition to the area but the staff was a bit clueless, especially our cashier who was pretty clueless and couldn't answer any of our questions. Thankfully an attentive manager finally stepped in and bailed him out. Hopefully they'll tighten things up; I'm sure that I'll return in a few months to see if things improve and I hope that they will, or they'll end up tanking much like every other business that has been in that forsaken spot in the last decade.

  • 228 Cambridge St
    Boston, MA 02114
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    16.10.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    This place has gone through some upgrade in the last year and how has a much improved craft beer selection, probably in order to compete with the neighboring Tip Tap Room nearby.

    While I had been disappointed in them after a series of underwhelming visits in 2011, they have now bought their way back into my good graces. The staff is much better than it used to be, and Sam is still awesome as always. The food is still awesome, and they still do their happy hour, 50% off deal on weeknights on appetizers from 4PM to 6PM. The best part though is the craft beer selection which now features nearly 30 different bottles of craft beer which they also rotate seasonally.

    Looks like I am a regular again and you know what? It's good to be back.

    3.0 Sterne
    1.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    After what seems like a zillion visits to the Hill Tavern, it is now time for an update.

    My friends…
    4.0 Sterne
    29.6.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Was invited for lunch there by my best friend's father before heading to a Bruins playoff game. This… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    This place is alright. The service is really, really slow and the food is alright. Considering that they specialize in burgers, I'm actually a bit disappointed. I find their buns to be not that great and overpriced for what they are. The meat itself is good but the rest of the ingredients are just... meh...

    The decor there is cheesy as hell, and I find it ugly. I also find the place a bit stuffy, almost like they don't ever open any windows... Parking on the other end is very good, lots of places to park.

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will hopefully be bone marrow on toasted bread with a bit of sea salt. YUM!

Erzähl's nicht weiter, aber...

I'm a Dodgers fan and a Yankees fan!

Meine neueste Entdeckung

The ramen burger (want!!!)

Ich schwärme gerade für

My wife Marissa :-)

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