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  • 967 Kenmore Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14217
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    Now that I've lived in Buffalo I have learned all about what a place needs to be a true Buffalo establishment.

    It has gotta be in a neighborhood with character, there is probably some Quick Draw TV happening, bar games, some friendly older folk who are regulars. There has to be a fish fry on the menu along with burgers. Occasionally there's beef on weck, wings or fried bologna sandwiches.

    Vizzi's has almost met all of these requirements. It's a cozy place with a bar that has a few TVs and a small restaurant area. My fiance and I arrived late on a Thursday but everyone was still friendly. We were seated quickly, the table was a bit dirty but they cleaned it off right away. The wait for our food was reasonable. I ordered the 1/2 cheeseburger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. For my side I chose the pasta salad. My fiance got the bacon cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese and all the fixings. He got fries for his side.

    The burgers were monstrous. Like, almost comically large. The meat was a little tough around the edges but totally delightful. My pasta salad was awesome. It was the kind that your friends Mom always made and brought to BBQs. Tricolor rotini, italian dressing, shredded cheese and no olives! Yum. There was a giant heap of it with my huge burger. My fiances burger was the same size and topped with lots of bacon, flanked by a pile of fries.

    Our waitress was friendly and efficient and didn't seem annoyed that we were one of the last people in the restaurant. Very reasonable prices, burgers were between $8-9 and we got two ice cold blue lights for $5. Next time I'm craving a burger and my budgets a bit tight this will be my stop! Just remember to stop at an ATM, cash only!

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    Decisions often elude me. So occasionally (or almost everyday) I turn to my beloved Twitterverse for answers. Despite my "rolodex of restaurants" I have stored in my brain I can Never. Ever. choose a place. Especially if I'm not craving anything in particular.

    But whenever send out a tweet about a "cheap dinner option?" at least 3 people will recommend this place. The other (very hot) night I decided that this would be the day I go to Shish Kabab Express and order their insanely inexpensive food.

    It's a cute storefront on Hertel, small but pretty clean spot. Friendly staff will greet you. The menu is small (my decision was relatively simple) and very... loud. I find all the arrows and WOW! type bursts to be amusing but convincing. I ordered the beef shwarama on the Iraqi samoon bread. You must get the samoon bread. Many trusted "tweeps" passed along this tip to me.

    My partner in crime ordered the falafel and we also got a side of the baba ganoush.

    Everything came out quickly, the bread was HOT but I didn't love the baba ganoush. I plan to try the hummus next time. Our football shaped sandiwches followed shortly and were enormous. The bread is chewy and the perfect texture. The beef was tender and well seasoned, I just wish the sandwich was arranged with a better plan. Too much tahini, all the beef on the top, the bottom had the lettuce and tomato. I'm a big "bite" person and I like it when each bite has every flavor. But overall it was yum-delicious. My fiance also enjoyed his falafel.

    They offer take out here which I plan on getting next time I want something delicious for cheap. $17 for 2 sandwiches, an app and 2 drinks. Awesome.

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    22.7.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Sun Food, I love you so much. So dearly. I am so, so happy for this business. My first visit here was during the days when it was a shop with a little restaurant in the back, beckoning you to try their delicious food. Now they have expanded the restaurant, updated the seating and the lighting and even added a beautiful second entryway.

    Their food is always delicious. No matter what dishes I try I am never disappointed. My fiance and I even have a "tradition" of aiming to go to Sun Food on Sundays. The staff is always so sweet. My fiance and I went for dinner last night and it was their "grand opening" for the newly renovated restaurant. We went around 8 and there were so many tables full! It just shows how much more popular this place will continue to become.

    The story of the owners is inspiring. Burmese immigrants who worked at a Wegmans sushi counter before opening their own business. I love the food and the people here. You always see Stephanie, the part owner and wife of Kevin, the other owner, in the dining room. She's waited on us a few times. Always sweet and makes sure the customer is in mind.

    I hope you never go away and only continue to grow. Sun Food, you are awesome.

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    25.1.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I came here for a late lunch with a friend who was familiar with the menu. We just missed the lunch… Weiterlesen
  • 1545 Hertel Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14216
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    Love Bob & Johns. Took friends here on a whim as 'payment' for their help painting. Good food. Nothing crazy here... just very tasty. And a great deal!

  • 3316 Bailey Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14215
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    I freaking love fish fries. I get to be a little naughty and deep fried goodies, but I feel somewhat justified because it's fish. Pseudo healthy!

    On some night I really wanted something a big naughty and delicious. I decided this would be the night for me to finally try out Bailey Seafood. The online ordering is really easy and efficient. The extra 15% off for my first online order was nice. I ordered the haddock combo dinner which came with haddock, 2 fried shrimp, a few hush puppies, 2 chicken fingers and french fries. The fries were my first sampling (in the card ride home, duh) and they were awesome. The fish was good- not battered like I prefer, but breaded. it was not a very thick or tender piece which was sort of disappointing. The chicken was good, pretty standard non-sauced fingers. The shrimp were good. I mean it was fried shrimp... yum. But then there were the hush puppies... I've had hush puppies numerous times at southern diners and fish fry spots but they were always sort of awful. These ones were awesome! The cornbread used in it was so tasty and had corn kernels in it. There was also a side of coleslaw. They smartly bagged it separately from my hot take out container- props for that! It was sort of blah and mushy, not my favorite.

    The dinner was under $10 and had a lot of food, I shared it with my fiance and still had a bit of leftovers! But it wasn't outta this world delicious. I might have just caught them on a night when the fish was less than fresh so I'd definitely give them another try. You can't beat the prices!

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    I was one of the lucky members of the Yelp International Supper Club that descended upon this cute market/restaurant on the Westside. This place had been on my lengthy "to try" list for ages, so when it was the chosen destination for our monthly meetup I was quite excited!

    Being first to arrive I spoke a bit with the staff and they were fretting and preparing many extra tables for our group. They were incredibly friendly and accommodating. While I was waiting for the rest of our group to arrive I looked around at the goods in the market. Lots of seafood, fresh and frozen, interesting candies and frozen treats (taro popsicles!) and food only labeled in languages I can't read!

    I'm not very familiar with Vietnamese food, I have limited pho experience and that's about it. The photo menu helped me choose something, but also made it difficult since there's so much to choose from! I ordered a #7, grilled pork meatball with vermicelli. I also got a special, a spicy mango salad with shrimp. I also could not resist a taro bubble tea.

    Even with our large group service was pretty quick, but after comparing my meal to the photo I think they might have mixed up my 7 with a 6. It was fine because the dishes were similar and it was tasty! They have all the necessary condiments on the table (fish sauce, hoisin, hot sauce & chili paste) and I felt man enough to dab some hot sauce on there. The mango salad we ordered was tasty and definitely had some unexpected spice. I shared some spring rolls with another diner and enjoyed them. Very fresh tasting. The bubble tea was very sweet but delightful. My fiance tagged along and ordered the catfish fry, which was a pretty standard fish fry. He enjoyed it either way!

    I enjoyed my meal here but the company might have been the highlight to this meal. I regularly dine in a party of two so it's nice once in a while to have a large group... I get to try more dishes that way! I'm thankful for the Supper Club to introduce me to another great spot to try something new!

  • 2350 Delaware Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14216
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Lately I have had this ridiculous craving for tuna salad. I cannot get enough of it. I keep joking that I might have memory loss from all the mercury I am consuming. Nonetheless, I cannot stop. I am on a never ending quest for MORE tuna sandwiches and tuna melts. During a casual conversation with friends one of them mentioned this spot for a cheap and tasty tuna melt. This small joint bumped its way up on my list immediately.

    The time was right when I needed some food fuel before a night out, but it was a little late for most restaurants. Not Louie's, which is open 24 hours! The inside of this place is a little dingy, and honestly, a bit depressing. The woman behind the counter surprisingly friendly and not miserable and let us take a bit of time to choose what to order. The decision was easy for me but my fiance had a tough time. He decided on 2 hot dogs with all the toppings. I, of course, got a tuna melt.

    Joseph L.'s description is so fitting, the dogs do seem like a "Sh*tty canoe" but my fiance enjoyed them. He mentioned the boiled, not grilled, reminded him of the dinners his dad made. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. My melt was tasty, I could taste the butter that they must have used to fry my sandwich with and the tuna salad was good.

    Louie's may not cater to my inner gourmand, but it certainly gives me some cheap eats to enjoy at any time. And allows me to survive my current addiction to tuna.

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    I'd never had pho. I knew, as a self proclaimed "foodie" this was a crime. On a cold, rainy day I decided to finally make a pho pilgrimage. I used to live very close to the restaurant so I wasn't put off by the neighborhood, but it can get pretty questionable. The restaurant was much larger than I thought it'd be and I loved the aquarium.

    My fiance and I each got a spring roll with pork. They were good, a little flavorless but I think I just don't like spring rolls. We both ordered the 27 pho with raw meat. Our bowls came out piping hot and came with the little plate of goodies along with it. Being pho noobs we were not entirely sure about the jalapenos and bean sprouts but assumed we dumped it in the soup.

    This soup was hot! Leaning over the bowl caused my glasses to fog up. But it was really tasty. I added sriacha to  it, not sure if that is a pho sin, but it was really delicious. I got a small but I felt like I was in one of those never-ending-soup-bowl research studies. It was very filling!

    I think I'm officially a pho fan! Can't wait to try more.

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    31.7.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    My best girlfriends visited this past weekend from Albany for my bachelorette party. There was drinking and debauchery so of course, there was brunch. One of my friends is vegan so I wanted to pick a spot where everyone would be happy.

    Amy's Place had it all... the most amazing vegan "b"lt with amazingly prepared tofu and a garlic spread. Light, buttermilk pancakes and hearty buckwheat ones. Unlimited iced tea. An enormous lentil sandwich. Just what I needed.

    The one thing that my sensitive, hungover self desires at this place is a little less gruff service. I suppose it is meant to add to the atmosphere, but I'm not particularly a fan. We did luck out the first day (yes, so nice we went twice in one weekend!) with a really nice server. She remembered us all on Sunday when we came back!

    Definitely a dive, not a ritzy brunch spot. But it totally hits the spot.

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    8.2.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I love Amy's Place. I used to live right in the neighborhood and discovered this place right before… Weiterlesen
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    Finally tried Llyod's on campus today. Normally I'm put off by the loooong lines (must mean its good!) but I guess no one at UB was all that interested! Got a chicken and bean burrito- was super yummy, very meaty and the beans had a great flavor. I wish I'd gotten a bit more adventurous and tried their side of the day (not eve sure what it was!) but my burrito was tasty and SUPER filling! Can't wait until I have an opportunity to try them out again!

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    I really like coming here for lunch. Their specials are really inexpensive and the rolls are pretty good. I once got a sesame chicken lunch and it was just delightful. I don't think I'd come here to shell out major cash for dinner but the quality is good enough for lunch specials!

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    Okay ETS, you've got me. The first time I came here it was for a proper dinner and I was not pleased. But a couple weeks ago I found myself out on elmwood, late at night, with a grumbling stomach. I didn't want Jim's but I needed nourishment.

    The inside of this place is really clean and tidy which makes me feel better about eating fast food. They have subs (chicken finger on the menu- of course) along with some tex-mexy dishes. I ordered black bean taco and it was actually quite decent. Nothing crazy here but nothing mouth-wateringly delicious.

    A perfectly acceptable place to cure your drunchies.

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