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Being on vacation is always the best opportunity to Yelp! Here's my list from my Fall 2007 trip. Thank you to all my family, friends, and locals in Chi-Town that made my experience there a 5 Star voyage!!!
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    The Event
    This day was for the survivors, fighters, and memory for all that affected by breast cancer in Chicago.    Sponsors and participants put their dedications on display for awareness at this 11th Annual Komen Chicago Race for the Cure which included inspirational speeches.     The message I got that day was " things happen for reason... its how we live our life to the fullest that matters."    

    The Race
    Starting at the Upper Hutchingson Field, we took off on Columbus and then hailed a right on Roosevelt then onto Michigan.   After our right on Balbo street, the run took us onto Columbus (this was the majority of the run that separated elite runners and joggers).    One surprise during this race - the Randolph tunnel.    It was a quarter of a mile into the tunnel and then quarter mile back out.    Then we returned onto Columbus and bolted to the finish line.    My finish time:  29:46 seconds.    Race results:…

    I had to thank two strong men I briefly met during this run.    They kept saying to stay strong and keep going.    "We big guys gotta stick together!"     This help me force myself not to stop and accelerate even faster.    It wasbreally difficult for me to run this week because of the lack of sleep and momentum I lost during my Chicago vacation.
    This was the second time for me to travel outside of California to participate in another 5K run.   I was stoked about this one because I determined to beat my time of 30 minutes.    A week ago, I completed the San Francisco Race for the Cure with a finish time of 30:46 minutes.    That one minute meant everything.    It revealed to me that I could get better, faster, stronger.....    

    Thank you Trixie for joining me at this year's event.    We shared our personal stories.  And I hope the stories will encourage others like our friends and families to support this great cause.     It meant a lot when you added my mother's name to your dedication sign.    Love you homegirl!

  • 5700 S Lake Shore Dr
    Chicago, IL 60637
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    On Friday, August 28, 2007, I was able to embrace and explore one of the greatest historical findings and captures from World War II - the U-505 Submarine.   When I learned that the German submarine was intact and found its final resting place at the Chicago Science and Industry Museum, I had to make plans and set a course to visit it.    
    These are my notes I made during my two hour visit.  

    The Pre-Exhibit
    I was reminded of all the Discovery and History channel shows on the U-505 and the Battle of the Atlantic:

    - The displays of the newspaper headlines of the German U-boat campaign including the actual audio bits from the war.   They even had the actual war kills and victories from these submarines.
    - The war posters that were displayed around America during WWII (encouraging Americans to join the Navy).
    - The video presentation of the search for U-505 (on board view from the USS Chatelain).  Here's a YouTube video that best explains the dramatic story:…
    - The names and photos of the crewmen and Captain that captured U-505 and changed the outcome of the Battle of the Atlantic.     Most memorable:  The actual photos and names of the American crew that boarded the German submarine.   They are called the "Away Boarders".

    The Submarine
    As I turned the corner into what appeared to be the main hanger.  I could hear the background music of Star Trek... As I walked toward the light, the music became louder and finally .... There she is.... * pause *      She's beautiful!    Once a weapon of destruction is now a national memorial to the American sailors who lost their lives during WWII.   It was bigger than I expected.    I thought it be at least the size of three school buses.    Instead, she's 252 feet long and 31 tall.      For the longest moment, it felt like I was inside a battle station and we were ready to launch this spaceship.   At the same time, I felt like Captian Picard from the Star Trek movie: First Contact - the chapter when he found Cochrane's first warped powered ship.     I was able to touch the nose of the submarine.   There was a ledge right when you enter the hanger area.   So took a moment to say hello to U-505.

    The Tour Inside the Submarine (It's worth the extra $5.00)
    Here's the sequence of the tour.  
    1. AFT Crew & Torpedo Room
    2. Electric Motor Room
    3. Diesel Engine Room & Kitchen
    4. Captain's Quarters & Sound and Audio Room
    5. Petty Officer's and Chief's Quarters
    6. Fore Crew Quarters and Torpedo Room

    Keep in mind that the sub accommodated 54 crewmen.  During the tour, the museum had retrofitted an audio tour so that visitors can experience what it was like to work, live, fight, and sleep under these tight quarters.      Note:  Pictures are not allowed during the tour inside the submarine.

    The Exhibit
    The M4 Enigma Machine was one of many reasons why the Americans needed to capture a U-boat - a vital machine that help crack many German codes and end the war.   Finally, I was able to stand face to face and analyze the unique features of this well engineered typewriter / decoder.

    The weapons used on board the submarine (torpedoes) and weapons used by the Americans to take her down:   Depth Charges & the Hedgehogs

    The actual kitchen that used for the cooking quarters - It was no bigger than a bathroom.

    The original periscope, main guns, German documents, engine parts, and one the American U.S. 48-Star Flags.

    The images, maps, model displays that displayed the intensity of both missions of the Americans and Germans.

    Overall, I was blessed to have this chance to visit U-505.    I didn't find all my answers because it raised more questions and thoughts.    If I had to go back to the original question:  Was the book better than movie?   I would have to say.... Visiting the actual landmark is best.    

    Thank you to my buddy Randy for going with me and appreciating this visit.   I'm glad you appreciated military landmarks.      I will be back again to re-visit U-505.

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    As the most "misunderstood" person in my circle of friends, I tend to pull wise cracks and jokes to lighten up any ice breaking moment.   I deal with a lot of stuck up and 'into themselves" people in real life..... So taking up Alma and Randy's invitation to a comedy show featuring Alex Reymundo ( and Sherif ( was a chance to get my laugh on!     "Hey call Trixie and her sister to join us!  I'm sure they'd be done for some crude humor!"    On the cell phone with Trixie:  "You down for some shits and giggles?"    Trixie:  "WHA?"  

    First 3 minutes of the show...
    Me:  "What did he say (Alex spoke in Spanish)?"
    Alma:  "Oh my god... I'll tell you later!"
    Me:  "Huh?"

    First 10 minutes of the show....
    Me:  "Trixie was you crying?"
    TRIX:  "Shut up Walt!"
    Me:  "I bet your stomach is hurting from laughing so dayam much!"
    Both:   (Laughing)

    First 20 minutes of the show....
    Me:   "He did not talk about Mehiko and Hick-Spanic!"
    Randy:   "Yes, he did!    Mehiko the origin of carpooling driving through Texas"
    Both:  (Laughing)

    Family issues, blow jobs, marriage, the shots of patron, the 12 steps to becoming homosexual, gas prices, taking a bus from Indiana, people from Ohio, mothers, mother in laws, and newly weds.... Both Sherif and Alex brought back a lot of memories when I use to pull wise cracks and jokes.    And when they brought out immigration, government rules, relationships, and marriage in Mehiko... the whole crowd was roaring (yes, it was mostly a Spanish crowd).    Alex is from the Latin Kings of Comedy so you have to watch the DVD to understand this show!

    Setting:     Auditorium setting with dining and bar service.   Hosts will come to your table and service you for the entire evening (before and during the show).   This is the Improv so you'll see a long list of famous comedians on the wall.   This is one of the roots of them all before Chris Rock, Seinfeld, and Adam Sadler became celebrities.

    Dress code:  Casual.  Although on this night, there was some hot mamas ready to prance on Alex.    Whoa!   Put on some clothes pretty lady!   You girls are showing!

    Admission:  $19.95 per person.

    Free Parking:   The club is attached to Woodfield Mall.

    Automatic Five Stars:    Alex and Sherif invited everyone to their after-party so we had a chance to hangout, drink beer, continue with the shits and giggles, and interview this sick mofos!    I can't wait to catch their show here in Cali.     Thanks you guys!  It was great meeting you all!    Huh Trixie?!!!    LOL!

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    Perfectly situated near the newly developed North Chicago River (upscale condos, waterfront views, and the local dive bars) Japonais is extremely eclectic.   Known by the locals as a best kept secret, I was amazed to walk into this Japanese theme setting with a diverse crowd that set the scene with house music, velvet deep red decor, patio setting, and massive lit candles.  

    Upstairs (The Restaurant):  
    This is a must return place for me since we didn't have any dinner reservations.    We came to get our drink on with friends so I took time to glance at the patrons and ask questions.   According to the restaurant managers, they present a fantasy of Japanese inspired dishes that deviate themselves from just sushi, bento boxes, and steak dinners.   Visit the website (or have dinner) and explore the exotic creations of using fish and plant life into masterful and intricate dishes.    I was pretty much jealous that we didn't plan ahead to try this opportunity.   No worries.    I'll be back in the spring.    

    Downstairs (The Lounge):
    The point of relaxation, enjoyment, and de-stress.   Since this was the evening of my 5K run, I embraced the vibe of great conversation and fine cocktails.    I was able to kick up my feet, unwind, and enjoy the hospitality of the crowd.    We were lucky that the Chicago weather kept its warmth so chilling by the open patio next the river was amazing (74 degrees outside).   This setting had inspired me to do wonders with my own backyard.  Again deep reds with cherry wood furniture and white cushions and shade curtain.   Dayam!   Who's the interior decorator on this place?   On this visit... three stars for keeping me chill.    Let's see if the dinner part will hail the two remaining stars.

    Cover charge: None
    Drinks:  Pricey
    Appetizers:  Moderately Priced.
    Vibe:  Supreme.   If you're not in the mood to go clubbing and looking for an upscale lounge with a diverse crowd, this is the place.    This is perfect for a big crowd to gather for drinks and conversation.    Hosts are very friendly.  
    Dress Code:  Dress up.   You stick out like a hood rat if you arrive in " trendy G-unit threads ".

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    "If these walls could talk... I'd hear the voices from Heaven."

    It's not unusual for me to attend church on my vacations.   It's a must.   Its part of my own serenity to meet with God and thank him for I had made it safely to one of his homes.   This was a spiritual journey for me to travel down to South Chicago (a very rough part of town).     This was the only national shrine of St. Jude (shrineofstjude.claretian…) in the United States.    The reason why this special journey was important to me was because my mother often prayed to St. Jude to help her through her cancer.     During that time, I wasn't familiar with St. Jude.    I would read my mother's newsletters from the National Shrine of St. Jude.    I was inspired to begin prayer to him in hopes of saving my mother's life.    I know.  I was already feeling the deep pains and passage of our mother's faith.   I was a fool's prayer asking for help in a time of need.     Only to understand that not all miracles can be given.    When my mother passed, I discovered within myself to continue prayer and find my own inner strength through difficult times.   To expect the unexpected in life and believe in God that all good things will come in the end.      But I felt drawn to travel to the shrine.   Maybe something my mother wanted me to find.    Finally on September 28, 2007, I found the answer I was looking for when I prayed to St. Jude.    My answer was written on the wall.    Who would have know that chills and slight touch from a super natural feeling would make me cry and remember who I truly am and what I was meant to do here on Earth.

    Looking up at the shrine and taking in all the architectural symbols of the ancient times, I was intrigued by  . . .   (to be continued)

  • 33 West Illinois
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    Reasons why I chose the Hampton Inn

    Downtown in the middle of it all!  Walking distance (its good for the mind, body, and soul)!
    - 1 minute to Ruth's Steak House
    - 2 minutes to Rockit
    - 2 minutes to one of my favorite sports bar:  Mother Hubbards
    - 5 minute walking distance to Magnificent Mile
    - 5 minutes to the clubs (Excalibur, Cabaret, Andy's Live Jazz)
    - 7 minutes to Brazzaz (Brazilian Steakhouse)
    - 8 minutes to Hooters
    - 15 minutes to Millennium Park
    - 15 minutes to Sears Tower
    - 18 minutes to Bukingham Fountain
    - 20 minutes to Field Museum
    - And when I walked... I found all these intriguing hole in the wall places you can't experience when you take the taxi.

    King Suite
    - King size bed with tv, breakfast tray, and privacy doors.
    - Personal bath and closest with a security safe.
    - Living room to host your local guests.
    - WI-FI (so I yelp when I get back to the hotel room at 3:00am)
    - Kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave, and small dining table with chairs.

    Complimentary Breakfast each morning from 6:00am-10:00am
    - Its not Denny's but its enough to get a big breakfast before I started my tourist day.    Now I do compliment the hospitality of the morning servers...they're friendlier than Denny's.
    - Okay.. its not that great.   Mostly pre-made meals like waffles, processed eggs, and a juice machine.    But I enjoyed the fresh fruit, buttermilk biscuits, and sausage.

    Service & Hospitality
    - They got it down.   Smiles at the lobby.    I know I should have told her in person, but ISABELLA ... You're freakin HOT!   Thanks for helping out with my room selection and your smiles at the elevator!   * yes, i can't stop smiling when i think about IT!  *
    - Firm greetings by the bell service.    Easy to load and unload upon arrival or departure.    They got the great connection for taxi service and local recommends.

    Other Amenities & Services:
    - Tiny lap pool (worth visiting if you want to spend time alone and distress).
    - Fitness center - Skip it!  Way to small to declare it a workout center.   You're better off exploring Chicago on foot.
    - Luggage Hold:  Thank you Nathan for securing my luggages while I finalized my downtown Chicago visit.    This helps alot when you have a busy schedule.

    - It's next to a fire station.   So at night, you might get the sirens depending where your room is at.
    - I wasn't lucky enough to get a great view of downtown Chicago.   I opened both my windows and saw a great big business building.   Argh!

    No major complaints here.    More compliments!   I spent about six hours a day at the Hampton Inn.    I didn't need a five start hotel because I really need a place to get some rest, keep my drinks cold, shower and change, internet access, and SPACE!    I really hate staying at crowded hotel rooms.     So this was a perfect palace for me.      Cleanliness and excellent service exists here (we'll that's because this was a King Suite).    

    So I officially crown Hampton Inn as my official Chicago hotel to stay.   I'll be checking in again soon in Spring 2008.

  • 2118 W Lake St
    Melrose Park, IL 60160
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    I'm back home in Cali!!!     Yes, i'm near Mehiko!!!    O-Ra-Lay!!!   Shots for all Cabron'!!!

    This was the official aftermath party for Latin Kings of Comedy star Alex Reymundo.    So we had chance to play pool, drink with Alex and Sherif and scarf down some BAD ASS SOFT TACOS and Chicarons!!!   Okay... this billboard and bar place doesn't serve food, but if I remembered that night... it came from the taqueria next door.     Sorry guys.... I was buzzing hard that night!  

    - Ate Tyta is a pool shark / hustler
    - Trixie is a pool shark / hustler
    - I still suck at pool.
    - Drinking beer will not improve my pool skills
    - Mix beer and a live Mariachi band and you get Alma singing.
    - Bring cash.   They don't accept debit or VISA.
    - Open late til 3:00am
    - $10.00 for the pool balls and $10.00 an hour
    - Bring your own pool sticks (the house provides sticks but they're not in great shape).

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    Hampton Inn recommended that one of my destinations should be traveled using a limo town car instead of a taxi cab.    

    Reason # 1:  Flat rate from point A to point B.    For this special trip, it would have cost me nearly $100.00 if I took the cab (16 miles).    American Party charged me $45.00 one way and I was in a limo!   SWEET!!!  

    Reason # 2:   Thank You Luke (my driver)!   Luke didn't mess around.   He knew the fastest way to get to my destination in South Chicago.     Great conversationist and friendly service.  I kept his business card to Yelp this limo company and call them again when i'm in town.   Water bottle service included.

    From the business card - Limo services for:
    - Airport O'hare and Midway Loop of Chicago
    - Weddings
    - Proms
    - Bachelor / Bachelette Parties
    - Conventions
    - Suburbs
    - Charters
    - Concerts

  • 201 E Randolph St
    Chicago, IL 60686
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    Envy the chrome on this silver jelly bean.  

    I could see myself.   And look closer because I did not shave nicely.

    I could see the pretty tourist behind me.    And her tall boyfriend quickly approaching my direction.

    I could see my Yelp t-shirt clearly.    And it says !pleY and its drinched in my sweat (it was like 89 degrees at the park).

    I could see the time on my watch....  Its 4:37PM.... I gotta meet Jimmy at the Sears Tower at 5:00PM  ......

    * pause *

    SH**!  Gotta go... I'm going to be late.... That's what I get for playing MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL!  WHO'S THE HOTTEST YELPER OF THEM ALL!

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    What more can I ask for when i'm on vacation.   The place hasn't changed much since my last visit in 2000.    Although there's wasn't a major headliners again on this trip, its worth the moment for me to check in, enjoy the ambience, and rock out in a chill type of way!

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    Some fountains were made for decoration.

    Some fountains were made for wishing.

    Others for drinking or cleansing.

    Only one was created to symbolize the unity of brotherhood between four states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan) that share Lake Michigan.

    This historical landmark was worth more than taking 4" x 6" pictures.    I must have taken over 30 shots on my digital camera.    Somehow the sound of water crashing has a distress feel especially when it's massive like this.    I forgot about my tired legs and feet for moment as I absorbed one of Chicago's own.

    Engineering Facts (from the official website):
    . The water displays are powered by three pumps:
    - Pump 3: 75 horsepowers for 1,600 gallons of water a minute.
    - Pump 2: 190 horsepowers for 5,500 gallons of water a minute.
    - Pump 1: 250 horsepowers for 7,000 gallons of water a minute.
    . The fountain has 134 jets in the following configurations:
    - 36 jets point upwards from the top basin, including a central jet to produce a 150-foot geyser.
    - 34 jets at the consoles.
    - 12 jets in the upper trough that arc into the top bowl.
    - 12 jets in the inner trough that arc into the upper trough.
    - 12 jets in the lower trough that arc into the inner trough.
    - 8 jets spout from the sea horses' mouths.
    - 20 isolated jets.

    That's a lot of water, power, and energy.    But it's one of man's many creations so I cherish it not only as a work of art, but as extreme engineering.   I've built a pond in my backyard once.   Now I have the inspiration to build a better one.

  • 5 W Hubbard St
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    Being an out-of-towner I need the following:

    - A local sports dive bar (its football and baseball season right now)
    - A place to eat (this place serves until 3:00am)
    - Friendly service where the hosts and waitress don't give you a hard time for being a tourist.
    - A place to meet up with my Chicago friends and family.
    - Diverse crowd!    Everyone from the business peeps to the locals.
    - And finally.... someplace walking distance from my hotel!

    I don't care what you might think... five stars?  Yes, five stars!!! This place was a hit for me.    

    First, convenience!   I visited Mother Hubbard's twice during my vacation.    Our party was able to enjoy drinks and walk back to hotel safely.  In addition, we were loud... and that's okay at Mother Hubbards!    Get your laugh on!    

    Fat Tire!   I didn't realize how much I missed Fat Tire!    When I asked for it, the bartender smiled and said no problem!    SWEET!    Automatic two stars!

    The Mother Hubbard's 11oz burger!!!    This beats most gourmet burgers!     OMG!   Filling, juicy, and hits the spot when you're starving!    If you're watching your diet, don't come here!    The food is great!    Mix the HDTV screens and you have place to eat and catch your sports highlights.

    Smiles.  Yes, again.... i'm a sucker for pretty waitresses!    Especially when we have great conversations.   I didn't realize I kept saying, "Hella!"

  • Chicago, IL 60686
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    5 FamousChicago Attractions for $49.50

    I'm always looking out for people like me that want to know if something is worth getting or not.  Especially, if you're planning your vacation right.      Get the CityPass for Chicago.     It includes the following:

    1. Shedd Aquarium VIP
    2. The Field Museum & Underground Adventure
    3. Adler Planetarium
    4. Museum of Science and Industry plus OMNIMAX
    5. The Hancock Observatory

    Keep in mind that you need about three days to enjoy these sites.   So if you're going to spend some time as a tourist in Chicago, its worth the cost.   The CityPass is valid from the time of purchase to nine days.     Due to time constraints, I was able to enjoy two places:  Field Museum and Science of Industry.    

    There's coupons on the back that could save you 10% at the gift shops.

    You can get the CityPass at any of the five locations listed above.   I strongly recommend buying the CityPass at the Field Museum and start there because the Shedd Aquarium VIP and the Adler Planetarium are in the same campus.    By doing this, you might be able to hit three places in one day.  Just remember to start your day right when the Field Museum opens at 9:00AM.

  • 1400 S Lake Shore Dr
    Chicago, IL 60605
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    12.8.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I'm going to be the first to person say that the new Real Pirates Exhibit is so not worth the $8.00 upgrade.   I was expecting skeletons, human remains, tombs, or something spectacular.    Instead, its an exhibit with wax figures (that don't move), artifacts recovered from a real sunken ship, slideshows, maps, and audio commentaries.     I will give credit that there is a glass display of a real treasure chest with real silver coins.   And another credit for having a piece of bone from a child's leg.  Minus one star for this disappointment!

    This should have been FREE in my opinion!

    Four stars for getting to visiting an awesome museum again!   This time I was able to spend a family day with the ex and her son.     First moments taking him to the museum and part of my "Dad In Training" program.

    - Basic Admission is still $15.00 for adults.
    - Toddlers are still free.
    - Parking available at S. Lake Shore Drive (next to the Solider Field).

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    16.10.2007 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Finally, the opportunity arrived for me to indulge myself to history - And what better place to do… Weiterlesen
  • 540 N Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    The Virgin website still has it posted as existing!  So on 09/28/2007, I walked up and down Magnificent Mile looking for you!     And like an idiot, I scratched my head and said.... "its suppose to be right here!"    So I walked into the Borders and inquired.....   THEY TOLD ME YOU CLOSED DOWN LAST JULY!!!      SUCKS!    You guys ROCKED when I visited last time in 2004!      I had my shopping list ready!    


  • 2009 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
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    On this early Sunday morning around 1:00am, Jimmy and I ventured to Lara's.     We skipped all the other joints because was a must try before I head back to Cali!

    With a vast Mexican food selection and the probably the only 24 hour restaurant to draw hordes of late night club goers on the Northwest side of Chicago, Lara's truly delivers that late night meal.   One factoid:  Its been in business since 1980.   So that tells me that this place has been a local favorite.  

    I ordered the Chilles Rellenos and a side of two soft tacos.     Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, and a side salad, this Antojitos dish was huge for $8.95.     Not bad considering that I really wanted a big plate with a lot of portions.      The stuffed green peppers were nicely tendered and caramelized well - DELICIOUS!.    I didn't have to use a knife to cut into it - my fork did all the work.     The cheese was still warm and it didn't harden.   That's a big plus for me when it comes to Chilles Rellanos.   It's all about the cheese on this one.     As for the soft tacos, they were good enough to fill in the blanks in my stomach.    I really didn't want to go to bed tonight feeling hungry.    Three stars for my late night grub.  

    One star for the service.   Our waiting wasn't that long - 12 minutes at the most.    We were probably lucky because we beat the clubbing crowd.    As we were leaving the hostess already had a line up at the door and the waiting area.        

    - I always tell everyone to order water when you have late night Mexican food.    It's easier on your digestive system especially after clubbing.    On this night, our waitress was very tentative on our refills and checking up on us.
    - Live band in the early hours of the morning?  Yes, they played until about 2:00am and there were patrons that got up and danced.    Gotta give up to Selena's Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!   It's like Achy Breaky Heart to Filipinos!
    - "This is home away from home!"      In Southern California, I often find myself dining at late night taquerias.   So for a brief moment I thought I was in LA or San Diego because of the late night Mexican eats, the atmosphere of the place (very mom and pops with a little twist of Chevy's), and dressed up hotties that are taking off there high heel shoes and make up.   Sorry I had to throw that in there!

  • 4716 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    I still have my package of Smooth Moves here in the kitchen.

    I'm still unsure if I want to take it.

    Trixie....You and your friends at Merz convinced me to buy this body de-tox.    At the time, it sounded like a good idea.     But when I sat in the hotel room in Chicago..... I just stared at it.    I still stare at it.   Never tasted it nor touched it yet.    I'm still contemplating.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    In today's commuter world, the real question isn't about whether your commute to downtown has traffic or expensive gas prices.   The real question is -  how long is my nap from the suburbs to downtown and then vice versa after I get off work?     I had to Yelp about my ride on the Chicago Metra!     This is my third time riding on the train.    Not bad.  Just like home in the Bay Area with the BART system.    I caught a twenty five minute nap from downtown Chicago to Elmhurst.      I can totally understand the benefits of taking Metra (during the heavy commute hours):

    - Catch a power nap before and after work although you still have a few riders that won't stop talking about work on there cell phones.
    - Avoid the stress and aggravation of sitting bumper to bumper traffic.
    - I'm on vacation so I did some people and suburb watching.   So this is what the other side of the world is doing at 5:00PM.

    Useful Tips for Out to Towner's and Visitors:
    I strongly recommend taking the Metra if you're going to meet up with family or friends in the suburbs.    Since I was staying in the busy part of downtown Chicago, I didn't want any of my friends to travel from the suburbs to come get me.   So I opted for the Metra.   There's plenty of pick and drop off points in the suburbs.     Plan your trip accordingly and visit the website (    There's enough information to complete your journey.    Avoid taking a cab or using the bus system.   You'll just waste time and money.     No major worries here.  It's clean and safe during the mornings and afternoons.    I wouldn't take the Metra at night unless I'm traveling with my friends or in a large group.      The conductor takes cash payments only.  So if you're rushing and can't spare time at the ticket machines, bring cash with you onboard ($10.00 cash).    My ride fare was $3.25 (one way).   Not bad at all.

  • 744 N Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60610
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne


    Nice winter sweater with hoodie ......   GRAB!
    Nice black long sleeve casual shirt...... GRAB!
    Nice winter jacket... OH!! My size......  GRAB!
    Nice polo shirt.... oh...two of them!   GRAB!  GRAB!

    Damage:    priceless....  I love shopping when you're on vacation!

    Highlights:    Sophisticated and downright upscale atmosphere.      I love the interior decor of tans and browns.    No flashy colors... all neutral and natural colors.  This Chicago BR makes the San Francisco and Toronto BR look like a swap meet.
    Easy to shop and GRAB the things that strikes you the most.     OH!   Elevator in the store?  Nice!    There was this lady with nine bags coming down the elevator!    I'm not kidding... she did some damage that day!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Anyone can make fried chicken but there are those who truly create a masterpiece that stands with creativity and passion.    Keeping it alive for 20 years and counting.... I give it up to Great Sea Chinese Restaurant.

    On my arrival from the Chicago O'Hare airport, my buddy Trixie strongly recommended that I abandon my search for Chicago style pizza.    She brought us to Great Sea and totally convinced me to indulge on this local favorite.     She had no idea that I was writing for Yelp, so I agreed to her offer and was prepared to write about this restaurant.   This was a hit!   I was amazed that this " hole in the wall " establishment had a strong audience.     "How Many Chicken Wings Can You Eat?"   I was shocked as I saw a huge display of visitor photos that have taken on this chicken wing challenge.    The reigning champ:  86 wings!!!    Oh My God!   In one sitting?   No!   Well, according to Karen of Great Sea, there's no trophy or cash prizes for each champion.    The current champ spent about four hours devouring all 86 pieces.   The chicken challenge is for "bragging rights' and "way of saying thank you to its big eaters".    This is an awesome way of making your mark on the local community and Chicago visitors.   On this visit, there was no way I was going to take this challenge.   I was here to try the chicken and Yelp about it.

    So how's the Korean Chinese Fried Chicken, Walt?   SUPREME!     I rarely give a restaurant with my phrase, supreme.   Our chicken arrived with a pleasant warm aroma and glistened in its unique sweet sauce (see picture).     It met all my pertinent requirements for fried chicken:

    - Crunchy on outside without the oily mess.
    - Moist with the natural chicken oil intact - not the cooking oil.
    - Sauce was spicy but not over powering for me to struggle with its taste and herbs.  
    - Bonus feature:   They removed the unwanted parts like the tips and fatty skins leaving behind the actual meat cuts.   This exposed the bone making it easier to hold and eat the possible lean meat of the chicken.    I don't find this style of cooking anywhere except in expensive five star restaurants.

    The atmosphere of Great Sea presents the mom and dad home style restaurant with its glass mirrors, bamboo plants, and antique dining furniture.    This is another example why some restaurants don't need to invest into flashy dcor or high end furniture or dining ware in order to impress the world.      

    Unfortunately, I can't remember the other dishes we ordered for lunch.    I'm still hypnotized by the chicken.    One thing I forgot to pick up.   They sell bottles their famous hot and saucy sauce for $4.00.     My food comatose kicked so bad that I forgot.    I would have picked up a case.

    In the spring of 2008, I'll be returning to Great Sea with friends from California.    With that being said.... this has made the "Must Dine Here in Chicago" list.    

    Tips to make your visit enjoyable:
    - Street parking only.   Try to find parking before lunch time.   The meters won't be waiting for you.
    - Arrive hungry.   Don't waste your time and money by visiting this place when you're half full.   You're really going to enjoy the chicken.
    - Perfect for lunch or dinner.   In this case, we had lunch here and were lucky because all we had to do was errands.   But if you have to go back to work after your lunch hour here at Great Sea, be ready for food comatose.
    - Romantic?   Not really... but I'd rather say its perfect for get-togethers (family and friends).    Dining alone isn't bad either.

    Thank you to Karen for great service and hospitality.     Trixie and I enjoyed this visit.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Trixie and I didn't wait around for our party to arrive.   "We iz hungray!"   After finishing our 5K race, Diana got us started with our sinful plate of hot wings and beer!   Thanks you Diana!  You so ROCK!     Unlike some other Hooter waitresses, Diana joined us in conversation.    It felt like chatting with an old friend over chicken and beer.  We even invited her to join us for lunch.    Sorry, we forgot that you worked there!    When our friends arrived, she took their order and helped me out with my souvenir t-shirts.   Very attentive and friendly.     So I decided to tell her about Yelp and hopefully she's find us on here!    Keep in touch girlfriend!     Hopefully you can join us next year for the 2008 Race for the Cure.

    Five Stars all go to Diana!!!

  • 3.0 Sterne


    If you guys weren't sooooooo late, we could have stayed here all night long!    OH DAYAM!   This place definitely ROCKS!!!    One hour wasn't enough for me!

    - No cover charge.  But get here early on Friday night... the line and waiting for a table is long!
    - SNAKE BITES AND ROCK MUSIC!   Can't go wrong.   And i'm talking about ROCK like: Van Halen, Jimi, Joan Jett, Guns & Roses, Aerosmith, Blink 182, Green Day, U2, and all the classic groups.... no live band... but DJ knows his playlist and can read the crowd.
    - Diverse crowd and hotties.     I don't care what you think.     If she's willing to ask you to dance.... go for it!   Nobody knows me here... so WOO-HOO!!!    I love dem hot Chicago white chicks!

Kürzlich aktualisierte Listen von Walter P.


Thank you to all that voted and complimented on my ROTDs.    I enjoy sharing my thoughts and entertaining you all!   - Walter P.

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