Chicago Christmas

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For the past 3 years we've visited Chicago during the holiday season, and these are some of my favorite places to eat from the Christmas 2012 trip!
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    Great selection of cafeteria-style food (but definitely doesn't taste like food from any cafeteria I've ever been to)!!

    Three of us hungry Chicago shoppers ate for under $30, INCLUDING a bottle of wine!

    We tried the chili lime tilapia and salad bar contents (which were extensive and would please any salad-lover), and my mom also tried a kale salad, garlic spinach, and chilaquiles.  They had SUSHI, soup, rolls, and other items as well!

    There was also a WINE-BAR on the outside, which has glasses of wine from $6 to 9 and some light cheese and snack items... great for a midday shopping snack/drink... especially if you're going back outside to battle the cold and wind and you need a little something extra to warm you up inside!

  • 449 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    If I had more of a sweet tooth, I probably would've bumped it up a star.


    I tried the chorizo and egg (and avocado and cheese) torta which was absolutely delicious.  It's definitely a must-try if you're in Chicago for breakfast, and it's not too spicy and full of flavor!  I'm pretty sure our cashier said house-made chorizo too...

    CHURROS FOR BREAKFAST!!   3 for $4, with a melted, thick, creamy, rich chocolate dipping sauce (order in addition).  What a way to start off the morning!  The churros are rolled in some spiced sugar so they're a bit sweet for me but perfect for someone craving sugary-sweet food for breakfast!

    They also have some great breakfast drinks; my sister's lactose-intolerant so she definitely appreciated their ALMOND MILK chocolate drink!

    I also saw some mouthwatering french toast go by when I was sitting down...

    Breakfast is from 8 am to 10 am (make sure not to get there a minute too late!).  We went the day after Christmas at 9:30 and it wasn't busy at all!

    They also do take-out for breakfast which is a great on-the-run option!

    Xoco was good enough for my sisters to eat it 2 mornings in a row... and they probably would've done 3 if we had stayed in Chicago!

  • 201 E Grand Ave
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    Amazing service, phenomenal food.

    The atmosphere is definitely on the casual side for such a pricey place!  But a great Christmas Eve dinner.

    We ordered the grilled calamari appetizer and prosciutto, both of which were delicious.  My sisters are both prosciutto-crazy people and I barely had the chance to grab a piece when it reached the table because it was GOBBLED UP SO FAST!!

    Entrees: the lamb and filet mignon were both on the expensive side ($36 and $32 respectively) but were worth every penny!!  Everything was cooked to perfection, juicy, and packed with flavor.  EVERY BITE was a DELIGHT!

    Desserts: The chocolate cake and tiramisu were both delicious, but I do believe that this is the BEST tiramisu that I've ever had.  It's so creamy and light, you MUST leave room in your stomachs for these sweet treats!

    MAKE A RESERVATION at least 24 HOURS in advance and you'll be seated immediately!

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    Great atmosphere, great food.

    The only thing I wish was that I had room for my elbows at the table!  It's definitely part of the vibe to have the small tables in a condensed space, but I still wish it was a bit roomier.

    Some of the highlights in terms of food were:
    -The monster roll (sushi with SOFT SHELL CRAB!! so yum)
    -The ribeye (pieces or ribeye "yakitori" style with a delicious dipping sauce)
    -The soft shell shrimp (I didn't even know these existed!!)
    -The whole grilled squid (came with a spicy mayo dipping sauce)

    Everything else I ate here was also yummy (I didn't taste a bad dish) and coming from someone who lived in Japan for 13 YEARS, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in Chi-town searching for a Japanese food fix!

    Also, BYOB.  I'd recommend the food with white wine (chardonnay or a pinot grigio) because it is on the lighter side.

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    Went here for breakfast this morning with the family and I had a great "eggsperience"!!  I ordered the California omelette with eggwhites and without sour cream (it had mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, avocado, and a dab of garlic and cheese on top) and that was delectable!!  A great omelette, but nothing TOO special.

    What I did love though were the MULTIGRAIN PANCAKES!  You don't have to pay extra to get the multigrain pancakes on the side instead of the buttermilk (you DO have to pay an extra $2. something to get the specialty pancakes) and they were super filling but light, fluffy, and delicious.

    Also, great medley of fresh fruit with my omelette!  A slice of honeydew, pineapple, some orange slices, and a bundle of VERY juicy, sweet, and perfectly plump red grapes.  It's always an extra treat when it's yummy to be healthy :)

    The only issue that my family had was that the corned beef hash was not "house-made", according to the waitress (my mom predicted that it came out of a can...).

    Lastly, to top off the experience we walked by a SWAT team eating breakfast in full uniform at a nearby table.  If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me!

  • 2168 S Archer Ave
    Chicago, IL 60616
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    -1 for the wait (on Christmas day).  There was a maitre d' yelling out numbers (but it was only so loud that only the closest people could hear...) and if you weren't there (or couldn't hear) he moved to the next number!  Quite hectic when waiting... but once you get your food it's definitely a 5 STAR experience!!

    The dim sum comes out FAST when ordered and the service was impressively good (for a dim sum restauarant).  NO CARTS... so you don't really get that full dim sum experience.  You order off a paper menu where you write the quantity you want by the picture of the food.

    Some of the HIGHLIGHTS:
    -siu mai
    -hargao (shrimp dumplings)
    -bows (steamed AND baked)
    -THE JOOK/CONGEE (wow... we got the dried vegetable and pork one... so delicious!!)  They could probably be a Jook-only restaurant and they'd still do well!
    -shrimp crepes
    -sesame balls (huge fried balls, where you bite into them and oil oozes out)
    -black bean spare ribs
    -sticky rice (wrapped in leaves, quite yummy but I'm not a fan of the gingko bean/nut things)

    So basically everything was a highlight!  Amazing food, good service, but get ready for a long long hungry wait.  You CAN make a reservation but you have to make it a few days in advance.

    DEFINITELY a must-go-to restaurant if you're craving dim sum in Chicago!  Only about $80 for 5 hungry people eating, and the waiter said we're the fastest eaters he's ever seen!!!  (with 1 man and 4 women)

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    WOW!  Great small ALMOST hole-in-the-wall Korean place with great food for a great price (5 of us BIG eaters ate for under $70).

    We had the Chaldo-gui, which was unmarinated thinly sliced beef.  We tried to cook it on our own but were too slow by cooking it slice by slice, so the waitress came over and grabbed a hunk and just threw it on the hot stone bowl in front of us.  The restaurant was a bit cramped and they were definitely trying to expedite our eating process (which is the only reason for the -1 star)... I felt as if I was in an eating race!


    The meat that comes LOOKS like a gigantic heap, but trust me, it shrinks down when you cook it and it's so thinly sliced (and scrumptious) that you'll eat through the entire pile!  5 of us did order the Chaldo-gui for 4 though...

    Also BYOB!

    My favorite food of the night was definitely the scallion pancake.  So flavorful, moist, and the dipping sauce (slightly spicy, and I think soy sauce-based) brought another dimension to the already delicious dish!

    After cooking the beef, they make a "bibimbap-style" rice dish in the stone bowl afterwards, and that was (of course) so yummy as well.  Gotta love scraping that stone bowl for the crunchy rice!

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