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    I think that I've mentioned how much I like chocolate, but let me reiterate.  I LOVE chocolate.  And chocolate paired with booze?  Are you trying to get me to drop my knickers?  'Cuz I'll do it.

    Carmelized Almond Clusters, Bittersweet Chocolate Fleur de Sel Caramel, Chocolate Almonds, and Espresso Caramel were some of the delights offered at this elite event.  How sweet it is, people.  Chuck also gave tours and talked about how the chocolate is made.  When he started in about the fresh ingredients, no preservatives, etc.  I leaned over to my friend Aubrey and announced, " I think that I just came in my pants, a little."  Because Aubrey knows how wildly inappropriate most of my public comments can be, she just laughed and nodded in agreement.  Oh, Charles Chocolate, I will return to you.

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    Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!  They say that chocolate can be a sexual surrogate....well,  flip me over, big daddy chocolate, cuz mama wants some more of that!

    Ok, so really.  This place is even too much for me.  My first visit was  with Mono O. and we had hot chocolate and a chocolate caramel cookie.  That's right.  "Cookie" in the singular.  We actually shared said cookie on account of the richness, and all.  Today was my second experience and I had the mini chocolate and peanut butter cupcake.  It was two bites, but perfect for scratching that chocolate itch without feeling overstuffed.  

    If you really like chocolate, then this is your mecca. Try the pudding.  You won't be disappointed.

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    I have a love/hate relationship with Berkeley.  My most wonderful memories of college days with my sweetheart have Berkeley as a backdrop.  So, there will always be a tenderness in my heart where Berkeley is concerned.  Now, here's the hate part (wait for it....)  damn, I can't stand those hippies/yippies who still can't seem to find their soap/deodorant.  That's right, I said it.

    I fully expected to run into these smelly peeps at Epharm, and I was not disappointed.  What kind of clientele do you expect when you sell hemp shakes, soy nuts, and neti pots?  But there's stuff for us regular folk, too.  You're not required to have a "Kill Your Television" bumper sticker to shop here.  I have had great experiences getting my prescriptions filled here.  A little out of the way for me, but I'd rather come here and do some shopping around while I wait for my monthly packet that insures I don't add to the population.  Did I mention the great chocolate selection?  It's not anywhere near the hemp shakes.

  • 5615 Bay St
    Emeryville, CA 94608
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    Oh, baby!  Come to mama!  

    I bought three cupcakes to share with my esteemed dining partner later in the evening.  Ok, I ate one right away outside of the Teacake shop because I just couldn't wait to get that chocolatey goodness into my mouth.  It was oh, so good, but I refrained from shoving the other two down my gullet so that I would have a lovely dessert that evening.  Upon sharing my cupcakes that night, I decided two things:

    1. Not everyone likes chocolate as much as I do.
    2. The Teacake cupcakes are meant to be eaten immediately.  They weren't as good after sitting in their cute little box for half a day.

    Oh, well.  Lesson learned.  The cupcake offerings change daily, though they always have chocolate and vanilla.  I will return to try their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Mmmmmmm, frosting.

  • 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    I just stood and stared at the amazing chocolate fountain until my panties got wet!  Then I thought, "hey, I'm just ogling chocolate when I could be eating chocolate!"  Duh.

    Didn't get the chance to try the gelato (next time!) but the pastries are tres magnificent.  The pain au chocolat and a house coffee are the perfect things to have at the Bellagio to start your day of gambling, shopping, people watching, etc.  I will return!

  • 4184 Piedmont Ave
    Oakland, CA 94611
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    The gelato here is good, but not great.  I mean, really, how can you mess up gelato?

    The little gal working here is very nice and would probably let you try everything before making a decision.  I tipped her well since (rumor has it) her dad is some a-hole on Yelp.

  • 3426 Fruitvale Ave
    Oakland, CA 94602
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    In between Trader Joe's (maybe they're brothers?) and Whole Foods.  I didn't find as much as I wanted, but they have a few items  that I have decided I can't live without (dark chocolate caramel cups).  This place will supplement my regular trips to Trader Joe's and Piedmont Grocery.  Plus, it's on the way home from work, so bonus!

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    This place has so many mixed reviews, I just had to go see for myself what is up.  I ordered the chocolate banana pancakes only because I felt like I should since it was a chocolate place, and all.  I wish that I hadn't.  It wasn't that the pancakes weren't good.  They were ok.  They were just regular pancakes with hershey syrup and bananas.  You could make this at home.  Don't believe the other reviews. The pancakes are nothing to write home about.  Trust me on this one.  To be fair, I will return to try one of the savory brunch items, as they looked and smelled delicious.

  • 1318 Tennessee St
    Vallejo, CA 94590
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    I've been coming to this place since I was a little girl.  It's been around forever (well, since 1936) and legend has it that the recipes for ice cream and candy have been handed down from owner to owner.  When I walk in, the smell takes me back to a much simpler time....when I had to decide between chocolate or bubble gum ice cream, because I was only allowed one scoop.  Well, I'm a big girl now, so give me both, will ya?!  OK, maybe not bubble gum.  I did outgrow that flavor.

  • 3407 Lakeshore Ave
    Oakland, CA 94610
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    17.11.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I still love Mezze.  And was glad to return to Oakland to have dinner with one of my favorite Yelpers (what's up Nik?).

    My only complaint is that the dreamy executive chef is no longer there.  I mean, the scallops taste so much better when I can bat my lashes at the tattooed culinary genius.  Le sigh.

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    30.7.2007 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Great food, delish drink creations, good service, friendly staff, dreamy chef.  What more could you… Weiterlesen

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