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So sad! "Why do you build me up, (build me up) buttercup, baby...just to LET ME DOWN." :'(
  • 9920 Westminster Ave
    Garden Grove, CA 92844
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    Mehhhhh. I was underwhelmed by Beauty Zone.

    I am a nail polish addict. I have more nail polish than I care to admit. =x But there's a problem you see, nail polish is pretty pricey...at least the good brands.

    So one day, I decided to stop being a dummy and to find a discount supply store. *Enter Beauty Zone*. I was excited to go and see what goodies I could find! I heard China Glaze, Essie and OPI were all pretty cheap!

    Before I continue, I must add that I am not a girl who carries cash. I am debit, all day err'day. So in order to prepare for my visit, I called ahead and asked if they accepted credit cards. "Yes" they said. That's ALL they said.

    So as soon as I was off work I rushed over to Beauty Zone. I walked in and looked around excited. But that excitement soon wore off.  Like someone else mentioned, you get a very swapmeet feel while you look around and see everything in boxes. So I walked over to the China Glaze section and began making my selections. About 30 mins in, I move around the store and notice the sign on the cash register. "Credit Card: $25 Minimum".


    Girlfriend, I am NOT gonna spend $25 on nail polish. I'm crazy but not THAT crazy. I was pretty upset that the gentleman who answered my phone call had failed to mentioned this. Sure, I didn't ask him directly, but if the topic was credit cards, you would THINK he'd make the connection and mention it. But no.

    I was pissed but had already spent time picking out my colors, so I decided to go over to Target and get some cash back. Before heading over, I asked the older man at the register if I could leave my polishes on the counter and quickly run over to get cash. His responses: "No, we can't do that".

    Are you effin KIDDING me?

    At that point I should have just said "fuck it" and left. But again, I had already spent so much time. Argh! I put my polishes back, went to get cash and went back to RE-pick my colors.

    When I finally got to the register again, I was tired, pissed and ready to go home. The old man from earlier was still there and jokingly said "You got cash now?" Now this might just be a cultural/language difference. He thought he was being cute/funny and I though I should go Hulk on his ass and knock down all the fixtures with the polishes. Hmm. I stayed human and just handed him my money.

    What a freakin NIGHTMARE!!!

    And just to add insult to injury the quality of the polishes SUCKED. Their "low" prices can probably be attributed to the fact that the polishes are old. The application and quality was just plain AWFUL.

    Never again.

  • 13630 Atlantis Way
    Garden Grove, CA 92844
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    I came to Atlantis Play Center with very high expectations. Perhaps that was my biggest mistake. :(

    I went with my brother and his family, which includes three boys, ages 1, 5 and 8. The entrance fee is $1 per person, so it was only $5 for all of us. (we didn't have to pay for the baby).

    I gotta say that the highlight of the park was of course the big slide (dragon?) the rest of the park was quite disappointing. We came in 1 hour before they closed and had PLENTY of time.

    I think that there is a lot of potential and really like the fact that it's closed off but it is pretty dirty. The two water fountains that I saw were filled of dirt/mud/leaves. (See pics!) and the paint on most of the play areas seemed dated.

    There are also A LOT of trees at the park, which was a negative on the day that we went because it was REALLY cold. But I know this is a good thing during those hot summer days.

    With all that being said, it IS better than most other parks and the kids did seem to enjoy themselves for a while. With a little clean up job, this place could definitely get 5 stars.

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    Let me set the scene:

    It's about 5am on a Friday morning. My bf and I are at Flamingo, ya know..drankin' and gamblin' a bit...Then it hits me: I'm hungry.

    Hmm, well he HAD been stuck on trying some "steak and eggs" in Vegas. (Why? Your guess is as good as mine. lol). More specifically, steak and eggs from Bill's (which just happened to be RIGHT next door to the Flamingo). All the ads we had seen said that they had some breakfast specials from 12-8am. Perfect.

    So we head over to Bill's and as we get closer to the Victorian Room (It's in the far, back, right corner of the casino) I notice a line. WHAT?!!? Then the thought crossed my mind: Could this place be...GOOD?

    No. It wasn't.

    First of all we put our name on the wait list, and the hostess told us that they would call us within 10-15 minutes on the overhead speakers. So we agreed to gamble for a bit until they called us. 20 minutes later...nothing.

    We go to check, and there was no more wait or line. WTF? Our name was never called or anything. So we get seated and I ask for the 3 egg special that they advertised on the side of the building. I ask for egg whites and the waitress, shook her head and said "No, sweetie. The eggs have to be regular for the special". Seriously? If you can't do egg whites, fine...but you really don't have to be condescending. Get outta mah face. From that moment on, I knew it was NOT gonna be good.

    In short:
    -The table next to us was REALLLLLLLLY loud. Screaming/laughing..the works. It was just really annoying.  Not my type of crowd.
    -The AC was on FULL BLAST. I was shivering! I get that it's Vegas and it gets hot outside...but at 5am? =(
    -My eggs were awful. They were watery and seemed like powdered eggs. Very gross. I had to DROWN them in ketchup just to stomach them. =/
    -My bf's steak was rubbery and really tough. It took him a good 3 minutes to even cut the first piece. Just plain nasty.

    Overall, the best part of this meal was the toast. -_-

  • 60 N Venice Blvd
    Venice, CA 90291
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    Sooo...like every one else we saw "I Love You, Man" and were curious about this place. Especially my bf, who's was dying to try those Mahi, Mahi tacos. So for his birthday, I decided I should surprise him and take him to James' Beach, and a stroll around Venice...

    Parking: I know people mentioned that there was valet and being the fool I am I went looking for it at about 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon. -_- I didn't realize that the valet is only for the evening/dinner, so we had to pay $20 for a lot a block away because the underground parking near by was $25. (bitches be crazy!) But when we left venice later on in the evening, I did notice that the price dropped to less than $10. So if you're going, go for dinner! :)

    Service: We walked in and stood around for a bit because we didn't see a hostess. If it weren't for one of the busboys noticing us, who knows how long we would have waited. We arrived like at 4 and were sat quickly, in the covered patio area.

    It took about 5 minutes before our waiter came over to our table. And when he did he seemed stuck up and uninterested. He was this way throughout our whole visit. After we ordered he only came back for the check. Overall, just really shitty service.

    Food: My boyfriend of course got the mahi mahi tacos and I decided to get the grilled chicken tacos. They were equal in price ($19) so I thought they would be equal in tastiness...WRONG. The chicken had absolutely NO FLAVOR. All I could taste was the burnt/charcoal. REALLY? $19 effin dollars and you can't bother to season the chicken? Add a little lemon..some pepper perhaps? NO? UGH. I was SERIOUSLY disappointed. I had to drown my "tacos" in guacamole, beans and pico de gallo to make them edible. Seriously though, I could have gotten better chicken tacos at Del Taco for A LOT less money.

    On the contrary, my bf LOVED his mahi mahi tacos. He said they "kind of" lived up to the hype but that he was sure he could find better ones. ;) His satisfaction balanced out my disappoint, because, after all, it was for HIS birthday. :)

    Drinks: I ordered a a White Peach Margarita ($12) and my boyfriend got a raspberry mojito. Once again, he loved his and I hated mine. I'm starting to think James' Beach was after me. =/ The margarita  was 'strong' but tasted NOTHING like peach. It was just very bland, and small for $12. 0/2 James' Beach.

    Overall, the only reason I am giving this place 2 stars instead of one is because my boyfriend enjoyed his meal and that's what mattered to me. :) I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the patio. But I'm starting to think that was because of the weather...it was a beautiful, breezy day. :) But as for everything else, this place sucked.

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    Perhaps I just went on a wrong day/night.

    We ordered carne asada fries with no pico de gallo and guess what we got? Carne Asada fries with a SHIT LOAD of pico de gallo. The onions overtake the whole container. The car reeked of them all the way home.

    The worst part is that the food was cold!

    Eh, I'll stick to the Alberto's in GG.

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    I wanted to like The Forum. I really did. My beloved Lakers played here during the glorious Showtime era, and I kinda idolized it, as a place where greatness took place.

    I finally got a chance to experience this "magical" place for a Foo Fighters concert, and boy was I crushed. It was pretty much the opposite of everything you wished for in a venue:

    -Parking is bananas. $20-$25 for a compact space with not much safety guaranteed. Seriously?

    -Entrance to the actual arena is inconvenient and confusing! I sweaaaar we spent like 15 minutes trying to find the right door to get in through. And I promise it's not because we're dumb! But the order of the 'columns' make little to no sense, and they won't let you in just ANY door. Estupid.

    -Nobody helps to point you in the direction of your seats/sections. Which sucks bc it's difficult to find your seat/row after they've dimmed the lights.

    -The steps leading up to the higher sections are steep as hell! Not even the Stairmaster gives me that kind of work out. -_- There's a slight chance that I might be out of shape tho'. =x

    -It is SOOOO hot. It seems like there is just NO A.C. on during the show, which is ridiculous when you consider how many people and their body heat attend the show. You will DEFINITELY end up leaving sweaty and gross. Don't bother with the pretty makeup, ladies.

    -The sound SUCKS! I could hardly hear when Dave Grohl was telling his stories!! =/ Super lame.

    -And most importantly the bacon-wrap hot dogs were $5 instead of the usual $4!!!! Are you kidding me?!!? -___________________-

    Although it holds a lot of memories and makes people nostalgic about "the good ole days", it really is a crappy venue and I cringe at the thought of coming here again.

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    *sigh* I don't want to be THAT person but this place was truly overhyped. :-(

    The place is tiny. And the food is decent. But that wasn't the problem. My issue was with the staff.

    I am a frequent taqueria/Mexican food visitor and whenever I order food, I do it in Spanish. It's just what I've always done and I've never had a problem...until the little caboose.

    I ordered my food in Spanish and the guy replied to me in English and with an attitude. Apologies for "assuming" I guess, but I didn't think me ordering in Spanish warranted the attitude that I received. "dispensa" if I ever go again I'll order in my perfect, proper Inglés. -_-

    Other than that, the carne asada torta was REALLY good. It was overflowing with carne asada. Yum!

    I also got a potato taco just because everyone raved about it but...I dont get it? It was mediocre at best. My mom can make better ones in her sleep. -_-

    Overall, the carne asada torta would be the only reason I would visit again.

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    So...my boyfriend and I went at about 2:30 am, and it was pretty packed. My guess was that since the In-n-Out next door was closed people had no other choice for their post-clubbing/bar-hopping munchies.

    We walked in and were told to just sit wherever. So we sat down and as I looked around I could tell that this place was super old. The waitresses were all wearing old Hawaiian shirts. Similar to what I see old men rockin' in Vegas.

    After we sat our waitress took our drink order. It took her a while to bring them to us. Then she took out order, I had been craving French toast for about three weeks so I got super excited bc I finally had a chance to grub on some.

    About 15 minutes later our waitress decides to tell me that they ran out of bread for the French Toast!!!!

    The only reason it really upset me was because it took her so long to come and tell me. UGH. So I substituted with a mediocre waffle.

    As soon as we finished we left. Perhaps things are different during the day. But this experience blew. I look forward to never going back. :]

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