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Because sometimes my company needs to work with other companies, and I want to know about that company
  • 11109 Kenwood Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    Have you ever seen those giant Happy Gilmore like checks? Come on, everyone has wanted one in their life. My company works with these guys once a year, just for that purpose.

    These guys do a great job and can normally turn around in less than a week. They're easily accessible by phone or email. Their show room shows all sorts of signage though. From giant letters to hang outside, to lighted to pvc type signs, these guys have it. Marble, metal wood, plastic, I'm pretty sure they have darn near everything. They also cater to smaller presentation type materials. They're friendly and quick and normally priced decently. If you're having trouble finding something you need, they're willing to try to help you out and run ideas around with you.

  • 9933 Alliance Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    I needed a print job done for work in a weeks time. These guys were quick to reply, could meet my deadline, and had great pricing!

    There were a few misciommunication errors that leave me from a 5th star but they were good at coming through. I needed the order for a friday morning meeting and calld them Thurs morning to double check everything. I was told it was the next one in the queue. Ok so I might be able to pick them up that afternoon. Still no word at 4:30 and I got a little worried. The guy I had been dealing with wasnt in the office and the girl on the phone didnt know anything about my order. Uh oh. She gave me his cell number, got mine and she said she'd call him and find out. He called me 5 minutes later and told me he wasnt sure what had happened since he was out that afternoon but assured me he would have someone in the office early and he would make sure that I had them to pick up at 8am.

    Sure enough, once I found the actual door to get in the building (its all the way at the front), they had my order sitting there and told me theyd send me the invoice. The project was done perfectly on the type of medium i needed, i didnt know how to describe it but they were on it! And I wasnt charged a rush fee or anything! I will definitley look to them when something needs printed. They were great, quick, and worth the money!

  • 5897 Pfeiffer Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    I've been in here a few times for work supplies. All but the first they've been super helpful.

    This is one of those places, where you do want help and want guided in the right direction when you walk in the door. At least I do. There's like 15 aisles of paper! Just tell me where I find the one I need. So plus for that. The store though is very open so you can see the signage directing you to what you may be looking for.

    The bad thing is if you don't know its there, you probably don't know about it. It's off of 71, up a hill/side/access road, that goes to a hotel and a Bob Evans. It's behind the Bob Evans. Just an FYI... I've been there a few times and still screw it up

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    This is a great lunch spot, if you're looking to just grab something and go.

    They make amazing sandwiches at amazing (read cheap) prices! It's a small convenience store as well as a deli. That means they also have salads, cole slaw, potato salad, fruit, all sorts of sides if you want a nice healthy lunch. They even make their own chicken salad!

    You can pick your toppings, bread, meat, cheese, everything is custom made to order, yummy, and filling! Bonus, its good for you too.

    The place is behind the catering building, so just watch out for that. But a great little shop! oh, and they sell liquor too :)

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    Sharonville's library is that cute, quaint little place that I used to get lost in when I was little. Except it wasn't the Sharonville Library as I'm a Cincinnati transplant, but it gave you that feeling.

    The only thing that I even saw remotely kinda of just off-ish, was that it seemed so tiny. Don't get me wrong, they still had an extensive selection of all sorts of things, it was just more compact. The computers were nice, and quick. And the staff is super friendly if you need help, even if it's about the entire Hamilton County library system itself.

    But the atmosphere and the ambiance, is so relaxing and so nice. Kids are quite, there's a nice big picture window into a courtyard out back, and it's all just surreal and relaxing.

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