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Overpriced or underwhelming
  • 726 Lake St
    Oak Park, IL 60301
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    We went to Flat Top for their Breakfast Buffet and it was just meh.  I mean, all you can eat for $9, I didn't expect a lot.  They serve breakfast foods that can be prepared on a grill.  Pancakes, omelettes, bacon, sausage.  I had blueberry pancakes with no flavor and bacon that was so flaccid I had to take it back to the grill so it could be cooked properly (trichinosis anyone?).  Even the coffee was weak.  Service was inattentive. I won't be back.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    There are much better Mexican restaurants in Oak Park.  Lalo's for one, New Rebozo if you want something fancier.  The food is just ok, there is no children's menu, and they charge a lot for a soda, which is small and  does not get refilled.  The atmosphere is dark and dated.

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    Every few years we go to Poor Phil's, but the food is just bar food.  Then we forget how blah the food is and go back a few years later, just to make sure. For the last 14 years it has been the same, so at least they are consistent.  If you just want a beer on a nice day, it's great to sit out on their sidewalk cafe -- otherwise, there are better places.

  • 374 Old Orch Shop Ctr # M13
    Skokie, IL 60076
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    The Gap's new offering to women over 35 was a bit of a disappointment.  The store was not crowded, yet not one staffer acknowledged our presence or offered to help us.  The styles were not that attractive, and the prices were on the high side.  Also, the pants I tried on all had that annoying low-cut waist that is not at all flattering to anyone who has given birth.  Isn't that what I'm trying to avoid by shopping at the old-lady store?

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    Three day blinds?  Translation: "You can get them in three days for an extra fee."  I'm in a house with naked windows and I need blinds fast, so I went online one week ago for someone to come with samples and measure.  They cancelled on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, so I'm taking my business elsewhere.

  • every - freaking - where
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    Why do people drive these things?  And why do all of their drivers seem to be suffering from testosterone poisoning (regardless of gender)? They're ugly, they waste gas (the ones with yellow ribbons supporting the troops make me want to spit) and they hold no more people or bags than a regular car.  They're just higher up so they can blind us little guys with their headlights and make them feel superior.  Hello! There are no hills here! The roads here are paved and plowed in wintertime!

  • 7530 W Roosevelt Road
    Forest Park, IL 60130
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    This place was just sad. I love bargains as much as the next girl, but I refuse to paw through tons of crud to get to the good stuff.  The racks were completely disorganized.  I'm talking adult clothing in the children's section.  I'm talking size 3X tops among the misses' smalls.  To make matters worse, there was only one person at checkout at about 1:45 on a Tuesday, so there was a huge line to pay.  I actually put back the things I was going to try on and left.

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