Eat, Drink & Do: BALLARD!

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Here are just a few of the reasons why I live here, work here, and RARELY leave here!
  • 4912 17th Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Do you love craft beer?  No... I mean, LOOOOOVE handcrafted, delicious, flavorful, nano-beer?
    Do you love to support the fabulous people who devote every free moment they have to create some amazing brews, not only for their own consumption, but for the community that they're built around?
    Do you love hanging out in your bestest bud's place just shooting the ish and drinking beer?

    NW Peaks Brewery gives you all of the above.  
    This non-hipster, REAL, unpretentious nanobrewery is the heaven that craft beer afficionados all search for.  You can have great beer, hang out with the brewer himself, and just kick it in a comfortable setting (the only thing missing is the comfy couch).

    Tip #1 - On a nice, sunny day, make sure to come in the afternoon to soak up the last bits of Vit D before sunset.  The west facing entrance and outdoor patio invites any sun searcher to enjoy a piece of sun, every time!

    Tip #2 - If you really love their craft beer, sign up to become part of their CSB (Community Supported Beer).  One-time fee of $20 (growler) + $11/month = great beer each month.

    Tip #3 - Bring cash, otherwise, be prepared to pay a very small ($0.50) surcharge to use plastic.

  • 5431 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    24.1.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    The BF & I know we LOVE a place & their food when during the meal neither one of us is talking! CHICKEN MOLE, never disappoints!!!

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    21.10.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    My search for amazing authentic Mexican food in seattle ended the day I walked into La Carta de… Weiterlesen
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    This place is awwwwwesome!!!  

    The guys here will greet you warmly EVERY.DAMN.TIME!  And, if you stop by more than once (regardless of how long it's been between visits), the guy behind the counter will remember you and your previous order - he's awesome!

    The food will be delish EVERY.DAMN.TIME!  The BF and I love their gyros... it doesn't matter if it's the sandwich or the plate!  They load them up with lots of meat, veggies and yummy sauce... OMG, it's so good!  Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

    These guys get 5 stars from us just for their customer service... the fantastic (always dependable) food def puts them in a cut above the rest.  I'd give them 10 stars, if I could!

  • 500 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Dear Veraci Pizza,

    I try to turn my back on you. I try to cheat on you. I try to fall in love with other pizza joints... but I ALWAYS come back to YOU!

    No matter how much I try to avoid you, I can't... I pass by you every time I head out of Ballard via NW Market Street. You're even at my "church", the Ballard Farmers Market every Sunday, rain or shine! I struggle every week to fight the urge to get a slice...

    No one does it for me quite like you! You always have the most unique pizzas; pepperoni just won't cut it anymore.  Your mole slice is heavenly; it's my most favorite pizza of your's (Who doesn't like Salumi's mole salami?  Salumi salami is freakin' BOMB!)!  Your crispy, perfectly charred, thin crust pizza is topped with the freshest ingredients - it is sooooooo yummy!    

    Veraci Pizza, you're so bad for me - but I love you!

    Your BIGGEST fan,

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    The usual for us:
    - pork egg rolls or fresh shrimp spring rolls (we opt for fried on cold days and fresh on warm, sunny days)
    - #17 grilled pork and egg rolls with rice noodles (one for each of us... it's soooo good, you won't want to share!)
    - coconut juice with coconut meat (again, one for each of us... it's too good to share!)

    The food here is soooo yummy!  We've never been disappointed with anything we've ever ordered.  Occasionally, we'll steer away from the usual to try something new, and we always walk away pleased with our meals.  We've had the pho, sandwiches and vietnamese curry... all are excellent!

    I don't think we've been to any other Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle... there's absolutely no reason to when we've got an amazing place within walking distance of our house!

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    Beitrag des Tages 18.11.2012

    This is the BEST organic, vegan, gluten-free bakeries in Seattle, and I'm thankful I live and work within walking distance of this place!

    While the name has changed, the owner has remained the same.  The fabulous treats they serve has not changed either.

    Jonesing for a chocolate cupcake?  Forget Cupcake Royale, Wild Prairie will hook you up.

    Feel like having a chocolate chip cookie?  Or an almond croissant?  Maybe a cinnamon roll?  Wild Prairie has it!

    Need to custom order a cake?  Megan (the owner) will work with you.

    The prices are comparable to other organic, vegan, GF bakeries, but the service and food are second to none.  This place gets 5 stars for carrying Daiya cheese! (love it!)

    Wild Prairie Bakery - thank you for serving the organic, vegan, GF community!

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    There is definitely no shortage of establishments that curb the sweet tooth cravings... I mean, we've got Cupcake Royale, Full Tilt, Yozen, D'Ambrosio Gelato... but nothing for the people who have food allergies/sensitivities, like myself!  For the longest time, I would walk the streets of Ballard yearning for an organic, vegan, gluten-free bakery!  

    Then, Bouteloua Bakery opened up, and I could not have been more pleased!  Megan does a fabulous job of not only creating beautiful tasty cakes (the windows always have some great cakes on display), but the most flavorful vegan and GF treats!  I love that I can go in to get a flaky, buttery croissant, or a chai cupcake, or a lemon poppy muffin, and not feel totally guilty about indulging because everything's totally allergy-free for me!

    I have special ordered mini cupcakes on numerous occasions... some for me, some for other people, some cupcakes GF with no soy, others with no cane sugar and soy.  Megan has always honored my crazy requests without hesitation.

    And, I just learned that they use Daiya cheese in their broccoli & cheddar croissants.  Having just discovered the awesomeness of Daiya cheese, I am thrilled whenever I learn a place uses it in their items!

    The prices are totally reasonable!  Bouteloua Bakery is a fabulous addition to the Ballard 'hood!  If you or someone you know needs a tasty treat from a place that caters to those with food allergies/sensitivities this is definitely a place worth checking out!

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    How could you hate a place that gives you a pint of beer and a huge slice of pizza for $5?
    The pizza is soooo good. If you're a fan of thin crust, Snooze Junction is a must! A cold slice the morning after is just as amazing as hot and straight out of the oven.
    They strive to be green - Snoose offers bike delivery and their tables are made from recycled wood from Leilani Bowling alley lanes, how resourceful... even more the reason to love this place!
    The service rocks... the girls are witty and the guys are funny!

  • 5310 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    There are three sushi joints in Ballard I frequent: O'Shaun, Moshi Moshi, and Shiku!  Shiku is my fav!!!

    I've been here for HH, which is awesome, as well as for dinner (also awesome!).  I've been here a few times with just the BF, and a couple times with a group of 6 or 7 gf's... they are always accommodating.  I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 5 mins for a table.  

    While I'm sure everything on the menu is exceptional, I ALWAYS make sure to order one (eh, who am I kidding? TWO!) of the following:

    - Bruce Lee Roll (yeah!!)
    - Homeless Roll (ask the server about the story behind the name)
    - Spicy Crispy Tuna (there's nothing like it! just order it! DO IT! And thank me later!)

    The service is always good. The servers are extremely patient, helpful and playful.

    They have a full bar... their cocktails are yummy!  Try one with ginger vodka.  And the sake is oh so good!

  • 5324 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Where should I start with this place...

    I absolutely LOVE walking in to see the huge cherry blossom tree in the middle of the restaurant.  It's so beautiful!  It reminds me so much of my year abroad in Japan so many years ago!  The decor of the place is very much like Japanese culture: simple, yet stunning!  

    The food is aaaamazing!  They make THE best spider roll outside of Osaka, Japan (no lie!) and the poke is so fresh the fish melts in your mouth!  The red hot roll is another favorite of mine and the BF's.  It's spicy, so if you can't take the heat... don't even  bother!  But we LOOOOVE heat, so we will sometimes order two, so we don't have to share.  The assortment of rolls is great!  I can't say I've ever been disappointed with anything I've ever tried.  

    The sushi chefs are extremely talented, and they will prove it to you...If you're lucky enough to sit at the sushi bar, be prepared for one hell of a show!  It will leave you wishing you, too, had a kitchen sword and could roll out such beautiful looking sushi!

    Their specialty cocktails are pretty good.  I love sake, so I usually just order sake flights.

    Most of the time I come here for dinner and sit in the restaurant, which is great!  Last week, I was here for HH with a gf.  We decided to sit in the bar area.  While the HH menu is great, the service in the bar area can be a bit slow... the bartender is, not only the bartender for the ENTIRE place, but he's also the server for the bar area.  So, be prepared to wait a while between ordering drinks, then getting drinks, ordering food, getting food, getting your check, blah blah blah!  Maybe it was just that day... we didn't really mind, since the two of us had A LOT of catching up to do.  For the two of us, large hot sake (shared), edamame & 4 different rolls came out to be $26... GYEAH!

  • 2301 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    9.2.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Meh! I want to love this place like I once did... but we (me & I.B.) will probably never have another rendezvous again!

    - absolutely no spice! Spice is one of the best qualities of Indian food, IMO.
    - price does not match the quality warranted by the dishes we recently ordered.
    - and the BF got a real bad case of food poisoning from the chicken tikka masala he had (it was the only dish we ordered our last meal here that I did not have, but he did)

    Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for good Indian food, don't bother with India Bistro. Seek food from somewhere else.

    And, if you find a GREAT spot - please, let me know!   Thanks!

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    13.1.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    As soon as you open the door, you are greeted by the sweet aromas of delicious Indian food...… Weiterlesen
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    12.2.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    The BF and I decided to hit up La Isla for HH yesterday, since we were home early!  We got there a little after 5pm.  

    We walked in, and stood by the stand that reads "Please Wait to be Seated" for a few minutes before anyone came over to seat us.  The place was not packed at all (which I was surprised about); there were only 4 parties sitting throughout the restaurant.  A guy walked out of the kitchen, surprised to see us standing there... he clearly was not a host, but he greeted us and brought us to a table nonetheless.  He brought water over to us before our server came by.  

    The BF and I decided on drinking the porter they had on tap (which was really good... I'm blanking on the name) and shared empanadillas (beef, pork and potato), medley de platanos, and gandules dip.  OH.MY.GAWD!  The empanadillas are so crispy and light with the perfect amount of filling.  The beef is flavorful; the pork is slowly braised and super yummy (my personal fav of the three); and the potato is great!  The platanos are so good, especially with the garlicky yumminess served alongside it!  The gandules dip is our fav!  The tostones cups are fried to perfection and the onions, peppers and peas that make up the dip are the perfect compliment to the cups!

    The restaurant filled up soon after 5:30pm, so I was glad we arrived when we did.  Our server would come by periodically to check on us... our waters were always refilled and the beers flowed!  

    What I REALLY appreciated was our server came by just before the end of HH to check in with us.  She asked if there was anything we wanted to squeeze in before 6pm.  By that time, we were stuffed, but I really liked that she asked.  Often times, servers don't ask (or at least in my experience)... so I thought that was pretty cool!

    So, our HH "dinner" (with 2 beers, each) for the two of us came out to be $26 with tax... awesome!

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    6.9.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I was in last night for a late dinner. I was prepared to wait for a table, after reading most… Weiterlesen
  • 2014 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Po Dog serves up good quality dogs with unique condiments.

    Craving a dog wrapped in pepper bacon and then deep fried?  Topped with grilled onions and chili sauce?  All nestled into a deliciously soft hot dog bun?  Then you'll want the Deep Fried Danger Dog.

    Are you looking for a very interesting twist on a BLTA sammie?  Get the BLTA Dog, duh!

    Going for the more classic dog?  Then the Chicago Dog is your dog!  

    Do you want to get a little crazy with your dog?  There's one served with PB... another with an egg on top.  There's literally something for everyone here!

    The dogs are a hefty size for little me, but I am a true fatty, and always get an order of shoestring fries.  They are hot, salty and crunchy... just the way I like 'em!  If you come during Happy Hour, the fries (and fried pickles) are $1 cheaper.

    To date, Po Dog is still liquor-license-less (ha. say that 10 times!), but they assured the BF and I the other day when we were there, "We'll have it by the end of the month".  I'm sure this place will have a killer Happy Hour once they get their liquor license.

    And, note, you may not be sure what to do when you enter... do you go up to the counter to order?  Or find a seat and wait to be served?  Don't be shy - head up to the counter, order, and then pick a seat and wait for your food to come to you!  Enjoy!

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    "What is this random hot pink shack? And, what are all those people in line waiting for?"

    I'm sure many, many people unfamiliar with Ballard think that as they drive by this most glorious place known as Paseo's!

    There is no signage. There is nothing that denotes it's a reputable food establishment (well, except for the long ass lines), but still... If you aren't from the area, you'd probably drive right by it without ever knowing what you're missing.

    Paseo's has THE best sandwiches EVER! Make sure you get the #2 - a Cuban Roast! It's SO good! It's their most popular sandwich, and for good reason!  I, however, have some food allergies, so when I don't cheat, I get some "loaners": Midnight Cuban over rice with corn on the cob & sauteed onions! Paseo's serves up THE best slow-roasted pork on this planet!!!  Nom Nom Nom!  If you're a vegetarian or you don't like pork - do your taste buds a favor and indulge in some Paseo's anyways!  It's mouthgasm-good!!!

    I take everyone who visits me from CA to Paseo's, and they all love it! There's nothing else like it!

    The BF and I like walking from our house down to Paseo's and then taking our food to the Locks for a Paseo's picnic!

    Paseo's is as good as it gets!

  • 2325 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Ocho IS:

    - in a tiny... and I mean tiny... spot.  the corner tables along the wall are meant for their "large groups" (read: parties of 3-4 large adults)  

    - a romantic place.  it's dimly lit, with candle lights on the tables, and even scattered among the bottles of booze on the sexy bar's wall.

    - a place that serves tasty tapas.  my favs include:  gambas al ajillo (fatty prawns served with the most buttery toast to sop up all the spicy garlicky sauce), croquetas borrachas (the goat cheese melts in your mouth - heaven!) , brocoli (i love broccoli.  i love escarole, cooked right.  i love pinenuts.  i LOVE this dish), and seta de jerez (man, these 'shrooms are so meaty... i almost forgot it was a veggie dish).  YUM!

    - a spot where the bartenders mix up some mean drinks!  note to self:  the $10 margarita, SO worth every penny!  and, the donkey tongue is spicy, will warm the coldest of cold from the inside, and has a hint of sweetness... just enough to keep the heat from knocking your pants off!

    - not a place suitable for those hard of hearing.  the music in this tiny whole in the wall is H-E-L-L-A loud.  if you are a person who has trouble hearing, or you do not wish to spend most of your time here SCREAMING to the person(s) you are with, you should DEFINITELY avoid this place!  i always feel like i have to sit in silence just to regain my hearing after every trip to Ocho.

    Overall, Ocho is a pretty good place for tapas in Ballard!

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    So, I was in need of a quick lunch in between patients... I wanted a change from my usual go to spots within walking distance of my office.  I had three people last Friday mention Snout & Co parked at Ballard Blossom Tuesdays... so, that was where I headed to for lunch today.

    I couldn't decide between the Cuban Bowl or the Picadillo.  And, after picking the guy in the window's brain a bit, I chose the Picadillo!

    There was a guy ahead of me, so I thought I had some time before my order came out the window.  I went next door to Sip & Ship to kill time.  I walked back a few minutes later to find the guy in the window holding my order out the window for me to grab.  Boy, was that bowl (5 stars just for using biodegradable material) HUGE!  I couldn't wait to get it back to the office...

    As soon as I pulled the lid off, I was slapped in the face with the sweet smell of tomatoes, olives, raisins and ground beef!  All the yumminess was piled on top of white rice.  With each mouthful, my taste buds were singing!!!  The Picadillo was so flavorful, and the crispy plantain on the side was a nice touch, too.  

    They just recently stopped serving the Sunday lunch crowd outside Ballard Surf Shop (which is a shame because Paseo's isn't open on Sundays), but they are now serving the late night crowd on Ballard Ave Friday nights between 11pm and 2am!  

    Nom Nom Nom to another stellar food truck in Seattle, one that graces the Ballard 'hood TWICE a week!!!

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    I love Ray's Boathouse and their Cafe!

    On a clear, beautiful day in Seattle, the views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound (and sunsets, if you're there at the right time) are amazing!  

    There's something for everyone at Ray's.  If you want a nice, sit down dinner stay downstairs at the Boathouse.  If more casual is your thing, head upstairs to the Cafe. The manager, Carol Anne is fabulous and has always been accommodating.

    The food is pretty good!  It is my favorite seafood spot in the 'hood.  Some of my favorites in the cafe include the jumbo shrimp cocktail, tangy hummus, and their salad with Point Reyes bleu cheese is delish!  The only thing I've had at the cafe that was sub-par was their mussels in coconut curry sauce... it's quite bland.  Every entree I've ever had down in the Boathouse has been exquisite!  I prefer Ray's over Anthony's, which is next door.  Their seafood is so fresh and elegantly prepared!  The desserts are aaaamazing-make sure you leave room for it!

    If you have a special occasion, their banquet room and catering are great!  They are very attentive (talk to Liz M.) and will make sure your event is perfect, with little stress for you!  

    And, check out their event calendar... they will often host special dinners, such as the Brewmaster Dinner, where you can indulge in a 5 course meal paired with local brews and meet brewmasters.

  • 2821 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    We walked into this spot after we found out Paseo's was closed til February.

    I decided on the mahi mahi with mango ginger habanero sauce and the bf got the salmon burger BBQ style. The fish is fresh and the lunch deal's a steal! ($5 for a brown bag lunch complete with a sandwich, Tim's Cascade chips and a drink... hell yeah!)

    Great customer service! Lo opened up several packages of smoked seafood for me to sample.  We had a very colorful conversation while I waited for our lunches.  Lo even called the bf and puppy pants in to hang out while Jenna made our yummy lunches.  

    Lo & Jenna, you two made our Saturday afternoon with those brown bag lunches! Thank you :)

    During the summer, we would usually walk over to Paseo's, grab some sandwiches and walk back to the Locks to have a Paseo's picnic and toss the frisbee.  After this weekend, I think Trident replaces Paseo's... it'll be seafood picnics before frisbee tossing instead of cuban pork from this day forward!

  • 5407 20th Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Plaka Estiatorio is the only Greek restaurant I know of in the area.  Frankly, I have never tried going anywhere else.  Plaka is so great, there is really no reason to go elsewhere.

    The food is great - the lamb gyro is my favorite!  I have ordered lunch from here and walked over to pick it up when I have been too swamped in the office to go anywhere more than a block away.  These guys are fast!!!  The service is fantastic!  This place is owned by a tight-knit family... Demetrio and his family take great care of you!  

    Come for lunch... Come for dinner... the flavorful food and genuine service will keep you come back again.. and again... and again!

  • 5242 Leary Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    Great authentic Mexican food.
    Go for brunch, lunch or dinner.
    Prices are a tad higher than La Carta or El Camion (two other great places for Mexican food in the 'hood) but worth the splurge every now and then!

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    I hit up El Camion whenever I am in the mood for some bomb ass Mexican food and on a major time crunch!

    This awesome food truck, which is tucked behind Mud Bay, serves the most delicious grilled fish tacos and the most ginormous mouthwatering tamales!

    Everything on the menu is priced right... each taco and tamale is $2 (and some change).  And considering you get a hefty portion, it's a freakin' steal!  You better believe you will eat like a king/queen for under $5 at El Camion!

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    22.8.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    The BF and I needed a place to re-fuel after a 20 mile bike ride Sunday morning!  We decided to hit up The Dish, as we have done almost every Sunday morning for the past 8 weeks or so, pre/post and sometimes sans, big workout!  We are def regulars at The Dish - we've got our regular spots at the counter!  And we ALWAYS seem to have the same fabulous server whenever we visit.

    The daily special on this particular morning - chicken fried steak with 2 eggs & grilled red potatoes! Freakin D.LISH!!!  It was so amazingly good, I practically begged them to add it to their regular menu!  

    The chicken fried steak was cooked to perfection; the thick gravy was so freakin' yummy - I wanted to take a tub of it to go to throw on top of all my food at home!  If I could, I'd marry that damn chicken fried steak!  OH.MY.GAWD best thing EVER!  

    I even opted NOT to help the BF eat his yummy scone because I didn't want to throw off my taste buds, which is saying a lot because those scones are magical!

    Do yourself a favor, and start your day with a meal here - breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!  The Dish has dependable specials, and staples, you will never be disappointed with what you order!

    We love The Dish, and we'll continue to patronize this place, the most awesome breakfast place in Seattle, week after week!  

    Oh, and they now accept major credit cards!  So, if you don't have cash, no worries!

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    4.3.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    OH MY GOD!!!  We LOVE The Dish!!!

    The Dish is our Go-To spot when we are doing brunch with the fam,…
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    The crepes are yummy!!! I've had their crepes many a times, usually at the Ballard Farmers Market (aka my church).  I must admit, the crepes in-house are much better than the ones at the farmers market.

    Everything on the menu looks so good.  They've got savory crepes, sweet crepes, sandwiches, etc.  I am the type of person who will order a steak at a steakhouse, seafood at a seafood spot, and such.  Why wouldn't I get a crepe at a creperie?  I got the roasted chicken and mushrooms crepe, ooooohhhh so good!  And my gf got the bacon and eggs crepe, which looked amazing... and while I LOOOVE bacon, I'm allergic to eggs, so i opted for something different.

    The mimosas are THE best in town! I appreciate places that serve champagne with a SPLASH of OJ. My gf and I ended up having 4 mimosas this morning.  Each glass of champagne was delivered to the table with a hint of orange. Now THAT'S what I call a mimosa!!!

    It can get a bit loud in there, but for as tiny as the place is, that's to be expected... This place is always packed with people!

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    The Ragin' Cajun is my freakin' favorite!!!

    The Cajun style turkey, pepperjack cheese, thinly sliced onions, tomato and spicy salsa mayo all have a party in my mouth!!!

    Everything melts nicely between bread that is perfectly crispy on the outside and airy on the inside.

    You'll get this perfectly constructed sandwich from one of their friendly staff members right off the grill... It's so piping hot that the entire time you're eating it you can see steam clouds coming off the sandwich after every bite.

    For an additional $1.50 you can round out your meal with a bag of chips and a can of soda.

    This place only accepts cash or WA state checks (who writes checks nowadays?) so come prepared!

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    Reasons why I come here:
    - Most DELISH sangria!  5 stars in my book!
    - Biggest nachos I've ever had (cheapest too!) $5 during HH!
    - Great HH 4-6pm AND 10pm-close, daily.  Yes, DAILY!
    - it's within walking distance from my house, and it's super close to a major bus stop so Matador makes for a good spot to grab a bite or drink with peeps who don't want to drive into Ballard & have to find parking
    - outdoor seating when the weather is nice (prime people-watching spot)

    Now for the negs (negatives):
    - HH specials only for food, not drinks
    - the restaurant is triangular shaped with uncomfortable booths, 4 tops scattered throughout and a random firepit.  seating can get cramped
    - service is kinda spotty. sometimes it's great.  sometimes, sub-par.
    - it's too freakin' dark inside. I want to be able to read the menu, see what I'm eating or see who I'm talking to

  • 1111 NW Ballard Way
    Seattle, WA 98107
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    The BF and I came here last night. I had been to Jolly Roger Taproom once before (at their old location), but this trip to their bigger location was a first for both of us.

    We loved the treasure map on the floor-it was the first thing we noticed when we walked in.  The place was packed with people. We waited about 5 mins for a table-not bad considering it was packed and the middle of dinner service.

    Once we were seated, we studied the menu for awhile. I really liked their smokers (onion rings) when I was there last, so I ordered a small size for the BF and I to share while we figured out what to eat and drink. While I know the BF hates onions, I knew he would enjoy these smokers! They are sooooo good! Best onions rings in Seattle! They are huge rings, double battered but still light and crispy. They are not heavy and greasy!  He LOVED them!  So, if you are with an onion-hater, trust us... they will like these onion rings!

    Our server (Dav Y, taken from our check) was exceptional! We knew in the first 10 mins in talking with him that we'd be leaving him a big tip!

    He was patient with us and answered all our (read: MY) questions, and offered GREAT service. For instance, I wasn't sure which beer I was in the mood for, and the BF wanted to share a pitcher. They have a sampler with 5 tastes.
    I asked if I could pick my own 5.
    Dav Y said, "how about you just tell me what kinda beer you like & I'll get you tastes of what we have?"
    I love dark beer, so Dav Y brought over big tastes of an unfiltered 8+% ABV beer (can't recall the name), Jolly Roger (their Christmas Ale), their porter (blanking on that name too), and Nightwalk (their dark amber ale). I wasn't a fan of the Christmas Ale, it was too hoppy for my liking, and while the porter was good, I didn't want a whole pitcher of it. The unfiltered beer was yummy; I really liked it, but because it's ABV was 8+%, I was afraid I would be hammered after a pint. I def want to go back to enjoy a full pint-tonight just wasn't the night! We settled on the Nighthawk. It was dark, full of flavor, smooth and not super heavy.
    Bonus: the 4 big tastes were FREE!

    The BF got the sliders with habanero BBQ sauce and a Caesar salad with grilled chicken. I got the stuffed giant prawns, which I had on my first visit. The BF liked the sliders with the sauce; his Caesar salad was huge. He only ate 1/3 of it before boxing up the leftovers (he rarely has leftovers!). My stuffed prawns were better the first time. It had been quite sometime since my first visit to JRT, but the memory of how awesome the food was, was so vivid in my mind.  Maybe i had hyped it up for myself? I didn't care for the sweet noodle thingy that came on the side. The prawns were good, but not as flavorful as I recall. The beans and rice were good too, but nothing made it special.

    Service, beer and onion rings (as well as the treasure map floor): 5 stars
    Entrees: 3 stars

    All in all, I thought it was good. I would come here again for beer and onion rings,  as well as treasure hunting and lively banter from Dav Y any day!

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Cupcakes are my kryptonite!

    I am a sucker for red velvet cupcakes.  While I love trying new cupcake flavors, if there's red velvet, I always get it! The cupcakes at Cupcake Royale are pretty good.  They aren't GREAT! Sometimes they are stale, sometimes the frosting is too thick and sugary. Sometimes the cupcakes are yummy and moist.  It's really hit or miss.  Their red velvet cupcake is OK, their lavender cupcake is pretty good, as is their royale with cheese.

    I prefer the cupcakes at Yellow Leaf in Belltown (I just HATE having to go all the way down to Belltown when I live and work in Ballard) because the cupcakes are always moist and the frosting is light and creamy.

    One thing that IS cool about Cupcake Royale is their Cupcake Happy Hour!  It's always nice to get 1/2 a dozen cupcakes for nearly 1/2 the price. And they've got fun shirts for adults and children, stickers and buttons... I love the ones that read "Rock Out with Your Cupcake Out!" or "Legalize Frostitution!"

  • 4.0 Sterne
    13.6.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    And the Big Buck Hunter Safari Hunter Hero at a Gemsbok site is..... THIS GIRL!

    First, I'd like to thank God for making this possible... and for making ME so awesome!!!

    Next, I'd like to thank the Sloop Tavern for providing me with a place to play Big Buck  Hunter Safari - I love that my fav dive has my fav game!

    And, I cannot forget about Mac & Jack's! Thank you for providing me with the liquid ammo to hunt 3 bucks, a trophy & 5 critters with a 57% accuracy rating (on top of my 4 perfect site bonus)!

    $11.25 for two Slooper-sized beers (+$2 tip), $6 for 3 rounds of Buck Hunter, and $0.50 for a game of pool - FUN on a Saturday night for under $20.  BOOM!!!

    4.0 Sterne
    5.4.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This is my love letter to Sloop Tavern...

    Oh, my dearest Sloop,

    Like a beloved friend, you have been…
  • 5105 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    16.3.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    My FAVORITE Sports Bar in Ballard!!!

    Good beers on tap!
    Good food - try the A-BLT salad (as a wrap) and add chicken, YUM!
    Great HH - $1 off drafts and wells, and food specials!
    TV's all over the place!
    Shuffle puck, Buck Hunter, YEEEEAH!

    3.0 Sterne
    10.1.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The Loft is a pretty good place to hang out.  I've been here a handful of times at different times… Weiterlesen
  • 5225 Ballard Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I can't say I've ever been here during the day for their food... but I hear their sweet potato fries are BOOOOMB!

    On a Friday or Saturday night, King's will lure me in with skee ball and Buck Hunter... EVERY... DAMN... TIME!!! One game will turn into 5 games... and then 5 games ALWAYS turns into a tournament with other onlookers-next thing you know, we have new BFF"s!  Skee ball and Buck Hunter, bringing strangers together and making them instant BFF's (who knew)!

    It's always good times at King's!

  • 2311 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    This tiny, dark speakeasy, sandwiched between a nail salon and tattoo parlor, is filled with Ballard hipsters!
    The bartenders are as sophisticated as their handcrafted libations!  This is the kind of place that serves stiff, one-of-a-kind drinks!  Order the Hazlewood and you'll get a cigarette and chocolate truffle on the side! I read about the Hazlewood cocktail in last month's issue of the Seattle Met, and when I mentioned this to my friend, he decided to order it.  How often does a cocktail come with sides?  We thought it was pretty cool!
    While I find a good speakeasy like Hazlewood a lot of fun, I'm more of a dark, dive bar-kinda lady! But the next time I need a cute, intimate place to sip on cocktails while I catch up with a friend, Hazlewood will be the go-to spot!

  • 2622 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Firehouse Coffee... another reason why I love living and working in Ballard!

    Puppy pants and I have a Sunday ritual of walking over to Firehouse while the BF makes breakfast. She and I will walk up to the drive thru, I'll order the usual (rice chai latte for me, which is THE best in town & drip coffee for the BF) while she soaks up ALL the attention from both the staff and passersby. If you've got a dog, they'll always give out treats!

    Sometimes, on a nice sunny Sunday, after a trip to the farmers market, (my "church") we'll all sit outside the Firehouse and soak up some Vitamin D while people watching.

    I absolutely love their rice chai lattes... it's spicy, and isn't watered down like some rice chai lattes can be.

    They have some really yummy food options.  They don't just offer bagels and muffins.  While I can't vouch for them, everyone in my chiropractic office loves the salmon wraps. I go for the gluten-free options, which are pretty good... the fruit crumbles are my fav!

  • 7001 Seaview Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98117
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    The BF and I love love love sailing out of Shilshole Bay Marina!  

    We live close enough to the marina we can walk, but we often drive and parking is never a problem.  The bathrooms are always clean, and there's hot water.  Who enjoys washing their hands in ice cold water after sailing around the Puget Sound?

    Sunset sails out of Shilshole Bay Marina are so much fun!  Blue Heron can usually be seen hanging out on the docks.  We have seen countless seals and schools of porpoise.  

    If you get a chance to sail out of Shilshole Bay Marina, you won't be disappointed!

  • 1556 NW 56th St
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I really appreciate small, owner-operated establishments!  I have been here several times.

    I love that there is a cafe in my 'hood that offers homemade food and juices!  As a person with lots of food allergies, I really appreciate the numerous, allergy-free options Cafe Reiki offers.  They also carry raw food boxes and smoothies made with healthy alternatives to dairy (other than soy)!

    There is ample space to sit and sip your drink and eat your food, or meet with other people and chat it up.  The space is quiet and clean.  It's nice coming here to do business meetings - we can hear each other speak, and don't have to yell over the sound of a loud espresso machine.

    Two thumbs up to Cafe Reiki!

  • 1752 NW Market St
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne


    This place has THE cutest little cards, the yummiest snacks, awesome gifts for just about anyone, and their chai is just as good as Firehouse Coffee's (which is my favorite in all of Seattle).  

    What totally won me over is the fact that they carry hemp milk!!!  I don't do dairy OR soy for multiple reasons, and I appreciate establishments that carry alternatives to both.

    In the past, I have used them for their printing services getting print material for my chiropractic office.  The owner and his staff are super friendly and uber helpful!  If they can't do something for you (which is pretty rare), they will do what they can to help you find someone who can.  

    Sip & Ship has won my heart... I don't think I will ever walk over to their neighbor, FedEx ever again.  And, if I don't feel like walking over to Firehouse for a chai when I'm at work, I will def hit up Sip & Ship!

    I heart you, Sip & Ship!!!

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Top Three Reasons the BF and I are Fans of Aster Coffee:

    3.)  It is a stones throw away from our house
    2.)  They have yummy breakfast sandwiches
    1.)  They serve Stumptown Coffee (BF's choice drink) and yummy rice chai lattes (for me)

    Honorable Mentions:
    - Waffles with fun toppings (waffle & mimosa, breakfast of champions)
    - Beer & Wine (come during HH)
    - Spacious place to catch up with your peeps, work on your laptop, or read the Stranger - you won't feel cramped or too close to your neighbor

  • 5405 Leary Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I want to love this place... I really do!  There isn't anything stellar about Caffe Fiore, though =(

    It's in my 'hood.
    It's right around the corner from my office.
    It makes for a quick and easy place for meeting up with other business professionals.
    It's a local spot that has rice milk (HUGE in my book as I am allergic to dairy)

    But it's ALWAYS crowded with people using their laptops, MacBooks, iPads, reading/studying and such. So, sometimes you are forced to double up, sharing a table with a complete stranger (which I am totally ok with when I'm alone, but during a one-on-one meeting with someone else, it's not really cool)

    Their rice chai lattes are so watered down... Lame!  I would much rather make the trek down to Firehouse for their rice chai lattes.

  • Ballard Ave At 22nd Ave
    Seattle, WA 98107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE the Ballard Farmers Market!
    I affectionately call it my "church" because I go every Sunday!

    No matter what time of year, rain or shine, it is THE place to be on any given Sunday in Ballard!

    I always get fresh, local and organic produce, beautiful flowers, Kombucha, a slice of Veraci pizza and a dozen cinnamon sugar mini donuts.  

    Each and every vendor is more than happy to help you.  They will often times offer simple recipes for their produce, which is super helpful when you're getting something you've never had before (like the 1st time I ever bought dinosaur kale... yum!)  

    I tend to go first thing in the morning when it's less crowded so I can get first pick of the good stuff.  The closer you get to 12 noon, the more crowded the market gets with families with babies and strollers or couples with dogs.  We bring our puppy pants, and she absolutely loves it.  She gets a ton of attention and gets to catch up with some of her doggy friends.

    The Ballard Farmers Market is RAD!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Fabulous Service.
    Killer deals on designer clothes for men and women.
    Awesome beats - I found myself dancing in the fitting room =)

    My first time here, the "50% Seduction" sign in the window caught my eye and lured me in - I had to see what it was all about!  They were having a huge sale: $30 jeans, $17 hoodies, $50 jackets!  I walked out of there with a large bag full of great stuff for HELLA cheap!

    Their incredible deals, exceptional service, and super cute clothes keep me coming back...

    Canto Barcelona is my new favorite boutique in Ballard!!!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    This is a great place for just about anything fun in the sun!!!

    The Locks is our favorite place for:

    - PEOPLE WATCHING (loads of people flock to the Locks to visit see the boats come in through the Lake WA Ship Canal or to check out the fish in the fish ladder during salmon season)
    - PICNICKING (we usually hit up the grassy area behind the Captain's house... it's hidden enough that no one is ever there and we feel like we have the whole place to ourselves - i'm sure now that i've blasted that on yelp "our" secret spot will no longer be a secret)
    - FRISBEE TOSSING & SOAKING UP SOME VITAMIN D (again, the grassy area behind the Captain's house is perfect for this because there's plenty of room for the BF and i to throw the disc without fear of hitting someone, and we can throw down a blanket to lay on and sunbathe)
    - CROSSING OVER TO MAGNOLIA (we take the Locks to Discovery Park... it's a super quick shortcut to the park, which means we can ditch the car, avoid traffic time, parking and all that nonsense.  it's a wonderful walk!)
    - SHOWING OFF HOW AWESOME BALLARD IS TO VISITORS (there aren't too many other locks in awesome cities.  there aren't too many locks with a freakin' fish ladder in awesome cities.  the Ballard Locks are just plain awesome!)

    I am thankful we live within a block and a half of such a popular spot!  We don't ever have to mess with parking, which can get crazy during the busy summer months.

    Word to the wise: While picnics and frisbee tossing is fun, beware of goose poop!  Geese are EVERYWHERE at the Locks, and those damn birds leave their mark all over the place!

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