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    A really great moderately priced place that serves truly GOOD barbeque. The beef brisket isn't as good as the pulled pork, but the ribs are always a home run. The sides are also tasty. Even better, their craft beer draft and bottled lists are impressive and the whole theme of the place is interesting and fun for a night out -- a biker's blues and bbq joint with nightly music and southern American decor. You'll wait awhile for your table, so head on over to the bar and order a fresh one! BTW, if you can handle it, the wango tango sauce has a kick and is delicious!

  • 1308 Buffalo Rd
    Rochester, NY 14624
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    Great new-ish restaurant in Gates. Family-owned and decorated in photographs paying tribute to Italy, this place is astoundingly popular, but not without good reason. It's small, so get there early. The gorgeous wood-fired stove dominates the open kitchen and forms the centerpiece of the restaurant. One thing I would warn couples out on a romantic date: lots of children can be found here on the weekends. It's a family-friendly place and the staff caters to this. In the end, it may not be as trendy as some places downtown, but it's got a real charm that is ultra appealing.

    The pizza we had at Fiamma was fantastic, my only criticism is that the crust was on the soggy side. On a positive note, the reason the crust was soggy was because the vegetables and ingredients on the pizza were the freshest I've tasted outside of Italy (apart from Pizza Paradiso in Washington DC). When you use fresh ingredients and they're not preserved or dried out, they inevitably sweat copious amounts of water onto the crust in the oven. We got the diavola pizza with sopressata, mozzarella, basil and spicy olive oil. The tomato sauce was bursting with flavor. We also started with the baked cheese appetizer - super sinful, maybe on the oily side, but if you like cheese and olives it's a must-try.

    Reasons Fiamma is not yet 5 stars for me: service spotty. The one server I saw in the dining room did a fantastic job, but it's not humanly possible to have 8 or 9 tables at once and give all of them great service. Second, the slightly soggy crust. Third, the abundance of children (but this may be great for some people!).

    Otherwise, it's a fantastic new place...and so close to Tinseltown, a movie and some mouth-watering pizza is the perfect date!

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    Like Kimberly J, closer to a 3.5.

    Ember Woodfired Grill is a surprising find. A surprisingly Good Find. And yet there's an awkwardness about the place that's difficult to pin down with words. Kind of like a small town girl who moves to NYC and starts buying make up from Sephora and accessorizing with trendy trinkets from Chinatown without really knowing how to pull it off; she looks good but that effortless style just isn't there.

    The restaurant itself is cavernous and divided into separate rooms. Modern, spacious, new and sleek. The bar, however, is often filled with people who aren't necessarily nicely dressed, mostly in their late 30s to early 50s, labatt blue light in hand watching football on flat screen TVs. Yes, I sound like a snob. Thing is, I love a good dive bar more than most people. But I wouldn't go to a place like Ember for my college football and munchie fix. I'd go to a divey sports bar and settle into my peanuts and Genny Light from a can. Or my tots at Acme. At Ember it's a paradox. The dining room - impeccably set tables - are filled with their fair share of children and elderly patrons. It's quaint and family-style, yet the decor betrays that.

    The food I will not complain about - I personally love the sweet potato egg rolls and think the spicy kick is addicting. The steak pizza is delicious and the sliders are well above average. And the infamous mac and cheese does not disappoint. The overall price for an entire meal with alcohol will be about half the price of a night out at Good Luck.

    Ember Woodfired Grill is a great find in an isolated location and certainly offers inventive and quality food in a new and renovated building. The only thing is, the city girl can't shake her small-town roots.

  • 311 N Washington St
    East Rochester, NY 14445
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    This is a surprisingly good Italian restaurant. Do you have Italian relatives or friends coming in from out of town and want to take them someplace that's "kinda nice" but also pleases every palate and is family-oriented? Northside Inn is the perfect solution. It's a family place and the portions are enormous! Every entree is served with a salad and a side dish and judging from the few times I've been there, the quality is not lost. We have tried the veal marsala, chicken parmigiana and a seafood pasta dish and all of the above tasted very much like hearty home cooking. The decor is somewhat upscale and the prices are not "cheap" - but the value for money is good and I don't think you will be disappointed checking this place out, particularly if it's with parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, nieces, nephews etc.. The bread is less than average, but everything else spells a pleasant and satisfying family dining experience. Because it tends to be rather boisterous on the weekends, I wouldn't recommend it for a cozy date night. A first date might not be so bad here because the hustle and bustle of the place certainly detracts a bit from intimacy and creates a more casual, upbeat atmosphere.

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    Tony D's is a beautiful and all-around appealing restaurant on the Genessee River. Sporting riverside dining within a heated and glass enclosed patio, you can enjoy scenic views year-round. The menu is very reasonably priced and often complemented by a wonderful selection of daily specials. Pizzas here are generally very good; the crust is fantastic and the toppings very fresh. Wines by the glass are reasonably priced and accessible. The bar is at street level and suffers in the winter when the front door opens and you're accosted by the arctic rush, but hey that's Rochester. The main dining room, up a few steps, is decorated like a modern trattoria with an open kitchen. It always smells fantastic. We like to go on weeknights or on Sunday nights when it's not so crowded. You can't make a reservation for a party less than 6. Excellent service every time.

  • 1825 Penfield Rd
    Penfield, NY 14526
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    This is the best and most creative sushi I've ever had in the Rochester area yet. I need to visit again to really give this place five stars, but I have to say, I was incredibly impressed. Certainly a family-run business, this place does major business in the take out world. Park off of Five Mile Line Rd - the parking lot entrance is off of there...much easier than trying to turn off of Penfield Rd.

    We started with miso soups. Pretty standard, nothing special. We did get an amazing complimentary salmon and teriyaki salad that was nothing short of delicious. The plain sushi yellowtail and salmon were fresh...melt in your mouth...and the chef gave us an extra piece of salmon on the house! We tried the volcano roll which I wouldn't have chosen on my own, but who am I to cross Marissa and Jeff (two of my favorite yelpers!)?! It was one of the best sushi choices I've made in Rochester. The roasted scallops, crabmeat, jalapeno and chef's special sauce with crispies topping the roll were amazing. And the spicy tuna roll was fresh. The rice was room temperature and of perfect consistency. I loved that. I hate cold rice. I couldn't believe the understated, fresh and comforting flavors.

    Sushi King impressed and delighted me on many levels. There are a few other sushi places in the Rochester burbs I still want to check out, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I enjoyed this far more than Shiki, my previous Rochester fave. This place reminded me of the sushi I've had in Tokyo, and that's something that tugs on my heart strings.

    I'm still waiting to visit Jiro....but this place will be a go-to in the meantime ;)

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    It's just "so damn" good. Yes, I'm that lame.

    So what that it's in a warehouse in a parking lot near bulk food stores? You can bring your own brewskis any night of the week and that's hard to beat. As others have mentioned, the seafood pancake is killer. Crispy on the outside, steaming and soft on the inside, full of delicious flavor - you can't ask more from a seafood pancake. The kalbi (beef short rib) is juicy and tender and mildly sweetened. I've not been disappointed by its greasy delights. And truth be told, how can you argue with anything spicy and aromatic served in a clay pot on a Rochester winter night?! The bibimbod is good (shame on you who don't get the egg with it) and any other of their clay pot dishes are tasty as well. The only crappy part about my review is that I've never been to Seoul Garden or Young's. I suppose I can conquer these two sometime within the next year. Korean food is best served when it's cold outside. Head to Sodam and don't forget your beers!

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    Some of the best wood-fired pizza in Rochester. Nice atmosphere. A Rochester favorite for date night - close to all the bars, the little theatre, geva, Eastman theater. Split a pizza and a pasta at veneto, a couple glasses of wine and you have a great date prelude.

  • 50 State St
    Pittsford, NY 14534
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    A great choice for dinner, apps & cocktails, happy hour, nights out with friends, date night - you name it! My first visit to Label 7 was several years ago on a girls night out, and it seemed too far away from the bustle of downtown, too uptight and too pricey for us at the time. I mean, we wanted to save our money for our subsequent bender on the town! My opinion now is still pretty much the same - that if you're a college or grad student or you spend most of your nights out on Alexander/East, you won't find Label 7 that fun/good value for a night out.

    A few years older and less concerned about saving money for shots later on in the night, I now think that Label 7 is a fun hangout with great food. The bar has a hip vibe and seems like a totally different place to the dining room. The drinks are pretty good, but probably on the sweeter side for my taste. The dining room is serenely country chic, complete with bright paintings of verdant California vineyards. My guess is that most men will barely notice this, while their female partners will sigh about how the decor inspires them to head back to Parkleigh to buy that latest McKenzie Childs.

    The fried chicken and waffles is worth the trip there alone -- flash fried perfectly, tender and juicy, served with a warm side of maple syrup. Definitely indulge in this wonderful treat! The burger is also great -- wonderful flavor, cooked to a perfect medium, and served wtih a delicious side of thin French fries and blueberry ketchup. One of the better burgers around town in my opinion.

    The main drawback for me on this recent visit was probably the staff. Our waitress was great, but the hostess stand was full of Pittsfordite high schoolers on a rotating social gossipfest. Still, overall, a pleasant dining experience now that I'm in a better place to appreciate it!

  • 145 Culver Rd
    Rochester, NY 14620
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    4.0 Sterne

    Restoration Hardware meets West Elm at this artsy, lofted industrial style restaurant in the Culver Rd Armory. As everyone has described, the interior and layout are stunning. I first went to Trata during opening week and was blown away. The mammoth bar with a dazzling array of hand-crafted cocktails and endless tap lines are enough to support a steady crowd without the food. I'd only been there for drinks until recently.

    We were seated on the second floor, which wasnt bad, but I felt that the lighting was off - it could have been dimmer. It would have been a nice touch to have a candle or two on the table. Something about the dining area felt oddly sterile compared to the expansive trendy ambiance downstairs. Our waitress was incredibly good natured and polite. She also knew quite a lot about the menu. We settled on the pork belly buns, the goat cheese salad and the short rib entree.

    The pork belly steamed buns were good, not great. Han noodle's are certainly better, but these are not a bad substitute. The goat cheese salad was delicious and a perfect interlude: breaded and flash fried goat cheese with a mix of greens and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The short rib entree was a generous portion sitting atop a crisp potato pancake. The meat itself was tender and flavorful, but did have that ever-so-slightly dry touch that comes with leaving meat in the slow cooker for too long. The fat on the rib kept most of the moisture locked in, but you could sense that it probably had been overlooked (if it's possible for something that has been slow cooked for hours to be overcooked).

    So the meal itself was slightly above average. The ambiance was great and makes this the perfect place for out-of-town visitors. The bar has something for everyone. Trata is really more of a 3.5, but I'm rounding up because it's unique and sort of a destination place that will sparkle in the summer when the patio and outdoor bar are in full swing.

    One warning about the bar crowd however: older, likely botoxed, overdone, but essentially harmless. Tread with caution and humility.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Great burgers, reasonably priced, good pizza, slightly upscale interior. A solid choice, especially for a date.

  • 7373 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd
    Fairport, NY 14450
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    4.0 Sterne

    I have to admit, I was skeptical of all the reviews - good Asian food typically means good Americanized Asian food - but Sak's really pulled through as a pleasant surprise. We got the curry puffs, Pad Thai and Evil Jungle Prince chicken. The curry puffs were worth the trek out there alone - ground chicken, peas, curry powder and other crushed spices stir fried and stuffed into pastry that could be described as a savory donut. Light, impeccably fried, crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. The peanut dipping sauce was a perfect complement. The Pad Thai was also very good. Rice noodles are deceptively difficult to cook; they often are either mushy and sticking together or tough and chewy. The temperature of the water when you immerse them, the length of time you boil them, and how you store them before you stir fry them are all very important. These noodles were neither mush nor tough and of the perfect consistency with wonderful peanut, lime and sweet/sour flavor. Finally, the evil jungle prince dish was intensely fired up with chili - perfect! Not too sweet, not too heavy-handed with the coconut cream, tender slices of chicken and real chunks of lemongrass. It was delicious and I didn't have to add any extra chili. This is the best Thai food I've had in the Rochester area. And I can grab a Guinness up the road at Mulconrys while I'm waiting for my food.....

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    My favorite Chinese restaurant in Rochester. Han Noodle has the pork belly buns, but Chen Garden has the entire package. Their lunch specials are outstanding. Their dinner menu is extensive and their specialty drinks are truly delicious. They even have a bar that I will go as far to say is kind of fun sometimes, especially when the owner is mixing up his specialties. One thing you MUST do is visit Chen Garden during Chinese New Year and try their special menu. The roast duck and fried shrimp and spicy fried chicken are spectacular and it's a favorite tradition of mine to gather up some friends and head over there in January (or February, depending on when the holiday falls) to feast on the once-a-year specials. The ambiance of Chen Garden is also more elegant than most of the Chinese restaurants in Rochester, although beware that it is VERY dark and on sunny days you might get hit by a car when you exit the restaurant because you won't be able to see a damn thing for several seconds. As a parting note, make sure to try the sweet and sour soup. It's particularly good here. A good date restaurant too!

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    A nice surprise, that's what Park Ave Pub is. How this place manages to be "hidden" on Park Ave next to Charlie's Frog Pond and Jines is puzzling to me, but it maintains a very non-mainstream attitude and seems to have struck a great balance between tradition and modernity.

    The restaurant itself has been in business and family-run since the 1970s and has accrued a set of regulars that depend on the place for a good meal and a stiff drink. It's the type of place my father-in-law would salivate over, and that's not a bad thing: he's a stalwart of tradition and quality.

    We were greeted almost immediately and very warmly and our coats were taken in a flash. This set the stage for some of the most attentive restaurant service I've ever had in Rochester. The dining room was cozy with mixture of booths along the edges and tables in the middle, dimly lit, with a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. The bar was well-stocked and glowed with dark wood and seats for 4 or 5 patrons. Every Tu/Wed/Th, the Pub features something called "Local Crave," a 3-course prix fixe meal for only $22. We both chose this option, but also chose one of the daily specials in addition to this - smoked salmon with capers - because we're greedy.

    No beers on draft here, but the bottled selection was fine and the wine selection was outstanding for the size of the place. Our waiter was also warm and friendly and full of good but tactful advice, something that I really value. It was clear he endorsed the recommendations and wasn't just trying to upsell us. The smoked salmon was delicious, as were the complimentary bread and butter. I had a delectable appetizer of roasted mushrooms perched on puffed pastry and covered in cream sauce - it was absolutely delicious. I also choice a pork medallion main dish - tasted like a rich marsala wine sauce and the pork was tender and juicy. The home made mashed potatoes were simple but awesome. No flares here, just simple, good, home made food. And the desserts - frozen peanut butter pie and vanilla caramel bread pudding - put us over the edge. Coffee or tea was included in the prix-fixe. Throughout the meal our waters were filled and our plates cleared, the silverware re-set and our needs were attended to graciously.

    I really couldn't ask much more for a reasonably priced hideaway date night. Minus a star because the booths need updating and the place may need a little renovating, but I highly recommend it for a family night out or a date. Pleasant and worthy of its longevity in this location.

  • 284 Exchange Blvd
    Rochester, NY 14608
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    13.2.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag
    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    And here we are. 7 months after opening and the Tap & Table is coming into its own and shaping up as a fabulous place. I knew that this place would gel into the right mold, and now that I've been there a few times since my original review, it's time to update my thoughts.

    The ambiance inside has changed. Instead of trying-too-hard and feeling eerily-like-Virtu as it did initially, it feels like an upscale farm-to-table gastropub. The bar is homier, they got rid of the weird mood lighting, the place feels worn slightly...not as plastic and polished. And this is good. You can sit down, enjoy a drink, have a chat with the bartender. I love that the tap handles look the same. A row of thin black handles lined up perfectly behind the bar. Minimalist and impressive. The view of the river is lovely and the chalkboard specials are a nice touch.

    The menu has also changed and morphed since the restaurant's inception and I think it's now far more accessible. There are more mains and appetizers and the food I've had has been very good. Tried the burger recently and it was heavenly - charred and smoky and slightly crunchy on the outside but pink, juicy and warm on the inside. The white aged cheddar on top was perfect. And the dessert, brownie bread pudding, was divine. The menu changes seasonally in a nod to farm-to-table, which I love.

    In a nutshell: hard to beat beer selection, wide selection of wines and cocktails, small but well-curated farm-to-table menu, wide wrap around bar with good bartenders, outdoor patio seating with a view of the river. Coming into its own and going strong....

    3.0 Sterne
    7.7.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I think the Tap and Table will eventually turn itself into something great - for now it's still… Weiterlesen
  • 3220 Monroe Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14618
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    5 stars for service, 3 stars for food because it's inconsistent. Every time I've been to NDBG, the service has been impeccable, whether at the bar or in the beautiful open-kitchen Napa-style dining room. This is actually a really nice place to bring guests from out of town or to meet up with colleagues for a business dinner because of both the ambiance and service. I've found myself repeatedly and begrudgingly disappointed by the food, however.

    The sushi is good. On my first visit to NDBG, this was all I had and I was quite pleased. Another stellar menu item is the Mac and Cheese, perfect creamy consistency that keeps you wanting more. The cooked fish on the other hand, is sometimes ok and sometimes not. On a repeat visit, I ordered some Black Sea bass and it was overcooked, a little on the dry side. My heart dropped. When I'm paying nearly $30 for fish that I've been anticipating all night, the fatal flaw of overlooking is terribly disappointing, especially when your server is nice, efficient and accommodating and she's trying her hardest to please you.

    In short, a good place for an upscale dinner, especially in a group. Food is hit or miss, but it's probably more about what you should order and what you shouldn't.

  • 3259 Winton Rd S
    Rochester, NY 14623
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    A good family-friendly casual restaurant with decent food and an average beer selection with a few craft taps. You'll get good bar food here, and the fish fry is something I'd definitely order again. The fries are extra crispy. As for the ambiance, I think it's kind of depressing. A bar in a strip mall, dark inside, old tvs. I tried watching a hockey game from my bar seat and was difficult to make out some of it. The dining room is open and has a homey feel. The service is prompt and friendly. I do like JB Quimby's for its offerings of good bar food, great wings and a good fish fry, but as far as ambiance and location, there are other places I'd probably choose over it for a beer and pub grub. Good place to go with a family!!!

  • 315 Gregory St
    Rochester, NY 14620
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Went to Zeppa for dinner for the first time last weekend. It was hard to shake the memory of the old Keg when I walked in there. It didn't feel entirely "transformed" into a nice restaurant. There was sort of a half-hearted effort at appearing tasteful and chic, but it looked more like a slightly upscale version of the Tap and Mallet, which isn't bad...but doesn't make the cut when it comes to a fancy or trendy place. Being in a basement doesn't help, either.

    The service was overall very good. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. We ordered the kebabs as an appetizer. Good flavor but the cut of meat was tough. The bread served with the dinner was fabulous, more like a croissant, we really enjoyed that. For our entree we had the beef short rib, which was tender and flavorful, although the reduction sauce was a bit too salty and concentrated.

    I'd say overall that the meal wasn't bad, but "not bad" doesn't usually spell a repeat visit when the atmosphere is slightly off and the prices are steeper than a mid-range place. Somewhere like Gate House or Veneto are much better value for money. Having said this, it wasn't terrible and if someone suggested going there for a business dinner I wouldn't argue. But we probably won't go back.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Are you looking for a home-cooking Italian restaurant where the portions are mammoth, the quality is good and price is low? BINGO!!!

    Papa Joe's is good, not great, home cooking that prefers to tout quantity over quality, but hey, sometimes when you're craving a mound of pasta and oil and cheese-drenched protein, it must be done.

    Will you wait an abysmally long time for your table? Yes. Will you have flashbacks to your childhood when your parents dragged you to places like Ponderosa and Sizzler? Likely. Will you gawk and sigh over the heaping pile of steaming food placed before you and bashfully chirp, "I can't eat all of this" before putting about 90% of it away? Oh the shame, yes.

    Get the fried calamari with jalapenos and peppers. Astonishingly good.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    King and I has the right formula. A big dining area, fast service, an unchanging menu and consistency. It's perfect Americanized Thai -- a little over-coconutted and overly sweetened. But it's not bad tasting, it's just not terribly authentic. However, it's a great place for college students as it's totally affordable and a big group can go and share a number of dishes for relatively cheap. I think their Evil Jungle Prince sauce is pretty tasty and I usually order either this or the pad thai. Nothing to sing and dance about, but it tastes the same everytime you go - something I've learned that is no small feat for a restaurant. Consistency is the hallmark of a tightly run ship and this place should be commended for it. A good choice.

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