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Its FAST FOOD, with Mexican Flavor...
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    Taco Johns...

    We like...

    We were here for lunch, Thursday November 18th 2010.

    Hubs ordered the Meat Potato Burrito, Super Burrito and Chili, while I opt for Two Soft Shell Tacos, Potato Oles and Churros.  Hubs like his order.  He mentioned that the flavor is slightly different from other "Fast Food" that sells Burrito.  I like what I ordered too.  The Potato Oles reminds me of those mini hashbrowns that I often craved for Breakfast during the weekends.  

    We also have the sauces, in which I cant recall which is which at all.  Self Served Sauces, mind you.  The sauces can be found at the sauce counter, aligned with where you get your Soda Pops.  I like the spicy sauce.

    The service at the counter was friendly.  But it took awhile for them to get our food ready.  But the good thing, when we received all our orders, where they will send it to your table, all the food came out piping hot, fresh and delish.

    We dont mind returning to this Taco Johns, and perhaps explore other Taco Johns in Colorado when needed.

  • 503 E 84th Ave
    Thornton, CO 80229
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    Taco Star.  YES Its a DRIVE THRU MEXICAN FAST FOOD.  You still can seat outside, where outside seating is the ONLY place you can seat in case you do not want to eat in your vehicle what nots.

    Was here with Hubs for a late lunch.  Thursday April 7th 2011.  Time :14:45hrs.

    Hubs ordered the Carne Burrito, while I opt for the Carne Asada Tacos.  Since I am quite new to this DRIVE-Thru establishment, I dont know what to order.  Too many to choose and I cant decide.  Since we cant be long thru the drive thru, I got to decide with a whimp!

    The Burrito itself is BIG.  Hubs like it.  The flavor was good.  But I believe what I ordered for the Taco, the carne asada is the same meats on what Hubs ordered for the Burrito.  My order came with 2 pieces of tortilla, with guacamole, the meats, carne asada, onions, cilantro and tomatoes.  Both of our orders came with the hot sauce, a green sauce and red sauce.  I like the green sauce better than the red sauce.

    I like my order.  Its huge.  3.5 stars.  For the PRICE of a Drive-Thru, I'll stick to 3 stars.  Its more pricey for the order we opt for.  The food also reminds Hubs on what he used to have back in California.  But Hubs told me, if you work in CONSTRUCTION, and you are press with time, this place suffice with the big portions and the price.

    Definitely be back, to try many more in their menu.  Perhaps might seat at the outside dining area provided.

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    Purchased some food here for an early dinner, thru the Drive thru.  Wanted to dine in at this restaurant but since we are crunch with time, we decide to get our food to go.  Both Hubs and I opt for 2 Taco, 1 BBQ Beef, and 2 Quesadilla.  I cant recall what kind of Taco we had.  Hubs and I like what we had.  The portions are huge for my taste bud.  We dont mind returning to this restaurant when needed the next time we are in Kelso, WA.

      Was trying to find this location thru their website but I cant seems to find them oh well.  Coz I believe what we order does not reflect on the main website in their menu section.

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    I had a function at an earlier time slot, and Hubs had not had his Dinner as yet, so to this Chipotle Mexican Grill we went before heading home.  We decide to dine in, on that faithful evening of Thursday March 21st 2013.  Time was about 20:50hrs ish.

    Yes, you made your order thru the counter, and the staff will assists or prepare the food in front of you.  I opt for Barbocoa, with Cilantro-Lime Rice, Fajita Vegetables that consists of Green Bell Peppers and Onions, the Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa aka SPICY HOT to my liking and Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa. ($6.65)  

    While Hubs opt for the Steak Burrito, that comes with Flour Tortilla, Vegetarian Black Beans, Salsa, and Cheese. ($6.65).

    Hubs also order the Large Quesadilla ($3.50) with Steak ($2.35) and a Small Soda ($1.60) while I opt for the Pineapple Orange Banana Nantucket Bottled Drink ($2.50).  The total cost of the Dinner with tax was $25.23.

    Since I was SEMI-Full from the previous event, I opt for my Barbocoa Fajita Bowl TO GO, while have a little bite of the Large Steak Quesadilla.  I cannot deny that I like the Steak Quesadilla the BEST, though I so wish I could have more.  

    I don't fancy the Barbocoa at all, maybe, due to the fact the shredded beef was slightly lacking in flavor and not to my liking.  

    From their CHIPOTLE website, they mentioned that the Barbocoa is Spicy, Shredded Beef.  Which is slowly braised for hours in a blend of Chipotle Pepper Adobo, Cumin, Cloves, Garlic and Oregano until tender and moist.  The Barbocoa IS NOT SPICY at all.  Oh well.  *SIGH*  *SAD FACE*

    Hubs like his order a lot, that he said he does not mind returning to Chipotle when needed.  As for me, I like the Cilantro Lime Rice, and the Rice alone reminds me of an establishment that starts with "W"...  I also like the Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa that I opt for.  If without that Tomatillo Red Chili Salsa, I doubt I can finish my TO GO Order.

    All in all its a 3 stars Dining experience here base on FOOD Alone, though I believe Hubs would give 3.5 stars for his Dinner.  The service was 3.5 to 4 stars at best, coz it was prompt, quick and fast.  The person who handle, and prepare our order was Miguel and the Cashier was Cesar.  

    This establishment was kept clean and that includes the Ladies washroom that I need to use while I was there.  Before we order there are a few families having their dinner there and while we were there many more Patrons come in, either to Dine In or have their Food TO GO.

    3455 North Salida Street,
    Aurora, CO 80011
    Tel : (303) 371-2334
    Fax : (303) 371-6287


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    Meh Burrito that was what Hubs said.  Was here Sunday December 26th 2010 for lunch.  Time around 13:05hrs ish.  Hubs ordered the Burrito Beef Carne Arsada while I opt for the Tacos Beef Carne Arsada.  We had our meal with beverages.  If you want extra spicy sauce, there are several sauces available to choose at the other counter where the "salsa" or sauces of different bottles are located for your personal usage.  Just a little courtesy, return it back at the "sauce" counter once you are done with your meal.

    This establishment seemed very busy.  Thankful we were there before the big lunch crowd after us dining away or perhaps had their orders to go.  

    From their website, this Big City Burrito is at this address.
    13648 Orchard Parkway,
    Westminster, CO 80023

    7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Mon - Fri
    8:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sat
    8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sun
    Breakfast served ALL Day

    Oh well just google this place coz I am not so sure why the differences in the zipcode etc etc..

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