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A Compiliation of Fast Food Chains, and What They Mean to Me
  • 15037 Nacogdoches Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78247
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    The infamous clown from the box... Always the funny guy huh? Well, who's laughing now? I'm gonna get right to the point. (I don't have time to clown around.) Curly fries... I like 'em.  Sourdough Jack... (not quite sure why you started putting ketchup on this one, but what the "hey") ... still like it.  Cheddar peppers... I'm with ya.  Oreo shake... sweet.  Ultimate Cheeseburger... obviously.  Waiting in the drive through line while the drunk idiot in front of you tries to order into that first "preview menu" 10 times before he figures out he has to pull up to the actual "order menu"...  NOT COOL... Look. I don't have time to be out here all night. I know you've got a lot of choices on your menu, and you're trying to speed the process up with the extra sign... but I think you might be doing more harm than good... We've gotta figure out a solution for this...

    PS.  I would've given you 5 stars if:  Instead of giving out those stupid antenna heads, you had given out some life-sized ones!  (I've been dying to do a little "role-playing" with one of those)

  • 1455 Austin Hwy
    San Antonio, TX 78209
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    I know what you're thinking... You're asking yourself... "JimmyJohn's?  What in tarnation is JimmyJohn's?... Is that some Redneck, Trailer Park Boutique where two brothers sell miscellaneous accessories from the back of their double-wide?"

    Well, of course it's not... (they need a permit for that)...

    It's a SANDWICH SHOP... A "Gourmet" Sandwich shop if you wanna get all prissy (but Jimmy John says he still prefers the term "tasty")... Don't fret. I had the same questions running through my mind the first time I caught wind of this place... My girlfriend says to me, "Baby, I wanna take you to this place I used to eat when I lived in Colorado. I saw one the other day on Austin Hwy... It's a cool sandwich place called JimmyJohn's. You need to try it!" Immediately images of Quizno's, Thundercloud Subs, and Subway sandwiches began swimming through my brain... (The same old tired sub sandwich...) Holy Cow! This was not the case! I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in... The motif was Retro, with the right amount of imaginative flair. We were greeted politely coming through the door, and needed a minute to get our bearings (since this was the first time we've been to this location) Even so, we weren't given the "Are you gonna hurry up and order something? We're not getting any younger, and you're not getting any prettier" stare that makes you feel as if you've just torn the seat out of your pants in school while you're at the chalkboard working an arithmetic problem... Instead, we were patiently waited on while we made our decision. I went with my girlfriend's recommendation (because I didn't want to sleep on the couch) which was the "#14 Bootlegger Club" sandwich... it comes with roast beef, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, & mayo... but she suggested I add some provolone cheese slices. (She ordered the same thing.) The service was quick... Super-Hero like even. It was a marvelous change of pace for a sandwich shop to say the least.  We go here now instead of Subway...

    Also, The prices are great... The sandwiches range from $4-$6. We're talking 8" of homemade French bread here (get your mind out of the gutter, sicko), with an assortment of sandwiches to choose from, including Tuna, Turkey, Applewood Smoked Ham, Roast Beef, and even a Vegetarian version. Another thing to point out, they offer call ahead orders... Simply call (210) 822-2277 They're open 7 days a week from 11am-10pm. (I think they're even planning online orders in the near future)

  • 8614 Perrin Beitel Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78288
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    I Don't Think So.

    I don't think this is a place I'll be going back to. I try to be fair, and open-minded, and I've been here several times (hoping they would redeem themselves, but they haven't, and I've had enough). I've been here on "Thursday Night, Bike Night" with my motorcycle friends, I've been here other times when it's late and the choices are slim to none, and I've been here during "normal" operating hours... All the times I've been here, I've yet to be impressed. I don't think they knew exactly what concept they were going for when the place was created... it's a total mix between a kids wonderland play arena, a patio grill, an ice-cream parlor, a pizza stand, and a Tex-Mex restaurant... All the different ideas seem to get muddled, and it doesn't excel at any.

    What I do think is... This is THE PRIME spot for drunks looking to satisfy that late night hunger binge, after an all-night drinkfest... (which is apparent if you show up around the time the bars close and notice the squadron of police in the parking lot). Since I don't drink, this obviously doesn't appeal to me, and even during daytime hours of operation, the times I've eaten here, the food was mediocre at best, the service was "iffy" and the food temperature was room temperature... May God have mercy on your brave soul if you choose to eat in the "Play Area" because you will be engulfed in a stench of dirty gym socks and musty arm-pits. (I don't know about you... but I don't think that's very conducive for an eating environment). To me, this is the epitome of drunk food.

  • 13919 Nacogdoches Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78217
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    Well, Well, Well... Let me get started on this one... McDonald's... or for this location, should I say Wack-Donald's? Let me tell you why I'm feeling like this. and before you come down too hard on me (I know, I know... It's McDonald's what the heck should I expect?)  To answer the question... not too much, really... I know it's fast food, and it's not the desirable place to work, but my goodness... does anyone here have just a smidge of pride in their job?... Wait. Let me back this train up... I do have to be fair... I'm really aiming this "whine-fest" towards the people who prepare the sandwiches in the back on their little assembly line... I wanna say, "Do any of YOU have a smidge of pride in the work you do!??!" I mean come on people... I know you're trying to put the "Fast" in Fast Food, but can you please work on your alignment!? EVERY, single time I order the dollar double cheeseburgers, they come out so confused, they don't know if they're burgers, or siamese twins... the meat is rarely stacked on top of each other, and usually, when I open the wrapper, there's more ketchup and mustard on the OUTSIDE of the bun, than on the inside!!!  It's so mixed up and catty-wonkus, I can't figure out if they're making cheeseburgers, or Picasso paintings. I KNOW it would only take a couple extra seconds to straighten the sandwich out before you wrap it up (and I promise I won't mind the wait)... Unless: Maybe the sandwich starts out just fine... and maybe they ARE fast... maybe they are SO fast back there, after they've made the sandwich, they get so bored they play hacky-sack with it in the wrapper while they wait for everyone else to catch up! NO wonder it comes out looking the way it does?! Hmmmm?

  • 16611 Nacogdoches Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78247
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    What did you expect? It's Wendy's... most of the time I go here, it's late, and I know the people working here don't feel like being here, because sometimes it shows... I usually end up meandering through the drive through around 11 - 12ish (at night) and I have to check my order because I'm scared they're gonna mess it up... sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... either way, often at this time of night the fries end up soggy, and taste like they've been used as a science experiment to measure the amount of grease they can absorb... Usually I'm so hungry, I don't complain, I take it home and eat it anyway... but when I'm feeling fiesty (like tonight) I make the occasional request. I ask for fresh fries when I place my order, and they ASSURE me they're fresh; but once again with the experimental-sogness...
    Oh dear... I've had an epiphany... Maybe this is the way the "fresh" fries taste? hmmm...?? Anyway, the burgers are usually good enough to make it up, besides, give'em points for originality (who else has square meat patties?) 3 Stars it is... Thank you, pull to the Next Window.

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    My girlfriend and I eat here often, and it's always good (being Long John Silver's)... if you haven't eaten here, it's a fast food place, primarily serving fried sea food (fish, shrimp, etc) They also have other things like chicken, and "Lobster Bites" and such... just so you know... almost everything on the menu is Fried. (probably not good for the "old ticker" but well worth the occasional indulgence).

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