Favorite northern CA Brewpubs

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    If you find yourself in more a beer mood than a wine mood, but are traveling through the Napa Valley.  This is a nice little escape.  It is just off 29 north of Napa in St. Helena. (And if your with company that is on their wine kick, it is associated with The Freemark Abbey Winery, so they'll still have something new to try)

    If it's a nice day, their picnic tables outside are really a gem.  Look across at a vineyard and have a nice meal with a good pint.  I usually go for dark and bitter, but I must admit their Blonde Ale was fabulous.  They have a sampler so it you're not sure what to order, its a good way to start off.  

    For a side fun trip nearby is the Old Mill in the State Park.  On the day I was up there, the park was milling, so you get to learn about how people used to mill grain back when and grab a bag of freshly milled flour or polenta.  If its the wheat flour, its a sweet grain, very tasty, will make some good cookies.

  • 1809 Larkspur Landing Cir
    Larkspur, CA 94939
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    Definitely some good beers to choose from.  I tend to lean towards the dark and bitter beers.  I must admit I am a fan of both the stout and their airport porter.  The porter could hurt you with alcohol at 9%, but it was fantastic.  

    I also really enjoyed their seasonal hoppy holidaze, the nutmeg was present, almost reminded me of eggnog, but an obviously different in many ways from eggnog.  Wasn't a big fan of the blonde and the IPAs didn't hit the spot for me, but those tend not to be my favorite either.  If you are like me and like to try them all, the sampler was a little pricier than some other breweries, but not unreasonable.

    Their food was decent.  Went for the house chili, and it came out of the kitchen with good spice.  And if you enjoy garlic, the garlic fries will not disappoint in terms of the amount of garlic per plate.  Most of their menu is pretty basic brewpub food.

    The service was a little lacking, didn't get all our items out on time and our check was wrong, but all in all, that won't deter me from returning for another pint.

    By checking out their website, I know there are many more beers to try from this brewery and I'm looking forward to heading back in and checking them out.

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    Excellent beer. organic beer as well for those that find that fact helpful.  My favorites on tap were their blonde and triple exultation.  Their old bay seasoned shrimp was also very tasty.  Great staff and service.  And as I was informed by our waitress, they have a pastry chef that does their desserts, which of course had to try and it was also very tasty.

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    On a sunny day in Headsburg, it was absolutely lovely to grab some food and a few beers on the patio of this brewery.  Started off with their chili which was great and shared around the table their black and blue burger and one of their specials which was a mango mahi mahi sandwhich.  We had received a recommendation to try any and all of their specials.  The meal was pretty tasty. I'd definitely reorder that black and blue burger.  Good service as well.

    Did a little sampler tray.  Sadly they were out of their stout.  However, with that off the table, tried a few that I may not have otherwise.  Love their El Oso and Negro Osos.  Excellent lagers.  I choose to have a pint of those after the sampler tray.

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    Stopped in on our way to a journey of the Lost Coast.  Unfortunately got there a little too late and the kitchen was closed, so had to find something open to eat and head back in.  It was a Friday night, live music was just starting up.  Happened to be a pretty excellent ska band, MMFT.  So that definitely added to the atmosphere.  Per their schedule, looked like they kept a pretty regular schedule of live music on the weekend.

    Truly ejoyed the Liberator and the Dunkel, the porter was nice as well.  The stout was a little to bitter for my tastes.  The amber was fair, but nothing stupendous about it.  And that was enough for me that evening.  The bartender was friendly and sparked up a few conversations as possible with the music.  Overall, good experience.

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