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Great FOOD finds! Salve my stomach for a happier fulfilling solace please.
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    13.10.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Recent visit on a Saturday night to end the work week after another non-stop exhaustive day of Canto class combine with work, which I was able to achieve inner peace.  After a full day of functioning on an empty stomach I need to detox and distress to Asian flair, as Western food cannot do justice for this Chigga.  A Chinese tea house oasis from the everyday hustle and bustle of New York, which I was able to achieve inner peace.  The staff welcomes me as well as my co-workers, as in keeping with Chinese tradition for Yum Cha or tea house, they do not rush patrons out.  They allow all the time for me to detox and inhale life's flavor as life is too short.  As I was distressing all of my troubles I was able to have a clearer mind to document my struggles and write poems.  The staff did not bother me while I gather my thoughts sitting alone or pry into my business as they are so familiar with me but to catch up on my well being and my professional status.  They now have Chinese books as it is here where I bought "Journey To The West 西 遊 記" by Wu Cheng'en (the complete three volumes).

    The atmosphere is refreshing and very clean.  Chinese noodles, serenity pot of tea with Mochi ice cream warms my broken heart, which in this case even the sweetest Cosmopolitan cocktail drink cannot do justice.

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    25.1.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Recently opened in the Midtown Manhattan area, an Asian tea house filled with books where patrons… Weiterlesen
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    5.7.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Now dba Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant.

    Dim Sum is the Chinese way to detox from the daily grind of life's hustle and bustle.  They have good cha siu baos!

    N.B.  I highly recommend a early bird venture on a Saturday morning either 9:30am or 10am for seating as well as ample parking in Flushing's munipal parking lot.  Plus, early arrival lessens wait time for a table and freshness in food.

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    17.7.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This restaurant is excellant for Dim Sum.  However, parking is a big issue despite of the nearby NYC… Weiterlesen
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    Cantonese presence is worldwide, period.  Zou2 san4!

    Brooklyn hones Dim Sum where Manhattan cannot for East Harbor Seafood Palace hones freshness and good quality food with attentiveness of Cantonese hospitality without disgruntled ness staff.  As a native, I blend right in with my party of three as seating in the late morning before 12 noon was still efficient.  We were greeted warmly in true Cantonese fashion:  Zou2 san4.  The food is fresh and brings a refreshing revival to the disappoint of what other Flushing and Chinatown Manhattan Dim Sum portrays.  By the power of observation, were any Lo Fans present who attempts to order by the Cantonese Dim Sum terminology, the push cart women warmly serve one eagerly.  Dim Sum is the Chinese way of life!

    My foodie synopsis:
    Siu1 maai6/2 - Pork and mushroom dumpling were well prepared

    Zyu1 Coeng4*2/4 Fan2 - Chue Coeng Fun noodle roll was very fresh

    蝦 腸 (haa1 coeng4) Rice Noodle Roll with shrimp was plentiful of shrimp

    Zan1 zyu1 Gai1 - Sticky rice lotus wraps were good consistency

    蝦 餃 (haa1 gaau2) Shrimp Dumplings was brightly blooming with shrimp, less dumpling wrapping

    鳳 爪 (fung6 zaau2) Phoenix Claws, a Cantonese Dim Sum staple, were not swimming in a ocean of oil but fresh

    No6 Mai5 Gai1 - Glutinous rice chicken upholds substance

    Hang6 Jan4 Dau6 Fu6- Almond pudding was fresh and flavorable

    芒 果 布甸 (mong4 gwo2 bou3 din1) Mango Pudding was actual pudding, not mango juice

    Party of three totals $33.80, well worth it for good quality fresh Dim Sum.  Valet parking is readily available free and very efficient.  Flat screen TV adorns the walls set to SinoVision station of Chinese drama, comedy and film.  Facilities are clean without foul stenches and without the standard Manhattan Chinatown eye sores of mop and other rubbish visible to the customers' eye.

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    31.5.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Birthday 2012 includes a lunch visit for their renowned Congee With Pork & thousand Year Old Egg and Peking Pork Chops (Ging1 Dou1 Paai4 Gwat1) for a party of two were a delight on a very empty Thursday early afternoon.  The Congee bowl reminisce my 2011 visit to Hong Kong in near to well authentic preparation (this is for the experience palette who do not deathly fear for a full authentic immersion of Chinese cuisine).  Note:  This is no Dim Sum where women pushes food carts calling out the delights carried in hopes of enticing patrons' interest, not here.

    Service is disappointingly inattentive as the waiter serve our Congee stating it's Tofu Congee which leaves us baffled to inspect the accuracy of our order.  Price is very reasonable without ensuring the bankruptcy of one's budget.  Personally, Congee Village Bowery is best enjoyed for dinner with a large group for multiple entree dishes shared family style.

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    8.2.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I highly recommend Congee Bowery for dinner with a group as the quality of traditional Chinese… Weiterlesen
  • 9 St. Marks Pl
    New York, NY 10003
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    OH!  Sore wa sugoi desu ne!

    Coming from the bitter cold after much mishaps of "sold out" movie tickets, being shunned out of three bar/restaurants for "not open yet" which one stated "no NYS liquor license" and "closed, not open yet" with a friend we were determined for dinner at Oh! Taisho regardless of what hour it open.  Ergo, dinner for two totaling under $60.00 for good quality authentic Japanese cuisine were so worth the wait.  With two carafes of house Japanese hot sake, we savior the fluid revelry to enhance our merriment to ring in 2012 followed by my brief unparalleled poetry recitation at the famous 18th Annual Alternative New Year's 2012 Spoken Word Performance Extravaganza "Kaleidoscope," Bowery Poetry Club.  

    Our dinner was greatly enjoyed as I was immensely hungry.  Potato Salad at $3.00 which is very light and prepared differently which I greatly enjoyed as oppose to Americans heavy starch concentration.  The Gyoza Pan Fried Pork Dumplings at $3.75 were engulfed within mere minutes for the freshness and wholesome comfort.  The Shumai / Steamed Shrimp Dumplings were extremely fresh, big yet very filling as I want more and more even now thinking of it!!  The Nasubara / Sauteed Pork was light without the heavy fat content; the duck was seasoned well without overpowering heavy; and the chicken skewers were soon engulfed into nothingness.  This restaurant do not carry the typical, yet standard, Bento Box but their Yakitori is what Oh! Taisho is famous for which is plentiful to be made specifically shared with a large party.  It reminisce my 2005 visit to Tokyo, Nikko and Gumna, Japan for a happier and full immersion of the Japanese culture and food.  N.B. Patrons need to arrive early for dinner otherwise, you'll be waiting an eternity for a table and NO coffee for the culturally ignorant Westerners as you'll be immersed in authentic Japanese dining.  Seating is very cramped as I do not recommend for large parties where it'll be like squeezing an adult size elephant into a sedan car.  Oh! Taisho is a small quaint dinning room that sits in St. Marks Place and the price will NOT break one's bank account indeed.

    Oh! Taisho = Oh! YUMMY.

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    6.7.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Recent visit for a better night of merriment with my baby boy, once again together we return to Old Town, without all the indecisiveness.

    For Him:
    one Long Island Ice Tea $10.00
    one shot of Vodka $6.00

    For Her:
    one Margarita $8.00

    One small platter of mild chicken wings with celery at $10.25 and Mozzarella sticks that lies on a bed of lettuce at $8.75 fills the inside.  Disappointingly the upstairs dinning area was closed as the main dinning room is packed, but with his presence the night was still enjoyable regardless of the atmospheric surroundings.  Service is self-serve as we were sitting at a small table by the exit, but the bar tender gave us a holler for our food's arrival.

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    24.2.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Old Town dates back to the American prohibition era with all the elements of a traditional bar and… Weiterlesen
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    Upon my immediate entrance I inquired for my party to meet a good friend's endearing and most humble presence, which the hostess warmly directed me with great promptness without question and without abject pain.  

    Nodino al Tartufo at $49.00 for grilled 24 oz. center cut Veal Chop Porterhouse, white wine truffle sauce, shaved black truffles, wrapped asparagus with Prosciutto and Fontina cheese is extremely tender and immensely juicy for my good friend.  The Veal is nearly three inches in depth and wholesome flavorable, NOT dry to the bone.  The Risotto Pescatora at $29.00 for Carnaroli rice in a seafood stew of shrimps, clams, chopped calamari, crab meat, lobster broth, touch tomato, fresh parsley was a good portion without empowering the rice and was very flavorable for my entree.  Our shared Calamari (not fried, nor breaded) daily special was a refreshing light without dryness.

    While a recommended Shiraz wine complimented my meal brings further merriment for my time here.  The quality of food is all that is described for the price.  This is not your standard bar grub for DeGrezia produce wholesome substantial concoctions and service is coined excellence for attentiveness with respect to cordial manner and informative with much patience displayed in communication and body language.  Elegantly honed.  The staff serve patrons with sprightly eagerness, albeit the daily specials is rehearsed, but not recited in monotone expressive vocals.  Unlike other snobby upscale restaurants, DeGrezia do not quickly usher patrons to be ejected as they invite patrons to be immerse in the overall atmosphere for an elegant calming dinning experience.  Italian cuisine at its finest emitting great joy to dine in the company of a good sincere friend who sincerely regarded me as a deserving woman much appreciative manner.  San Pellegrino is provided as table water.  A station for water and wine is visible by the facilities' entrance.

    A customized Dollie for coffee, tea and a plate of small cookies is letterpress with DeGrezia Ristorante's name.  I highly recommend dressy attire (Men: jacket with dress shoes, and ladies dress top and skirt or formal pants, no sneakers). DeGrezia Ristorante is an upscale dressy and romantic restaurant for a one time splurge.  Package mints are available at the hostess credenza table along with a business card and private party brochure.  No comment on the private party room(s) as I did not see nor dined in.  

    A single facility for each gender are present which the ladies is extremely clean, homelike very inviting atmosphere with potpourri in warm lighting.  A half partition discreetly mask the toilet as an eye sore upon one's initial entrance appearing of a home, not a bathroom.

  • 251 E Houston St
    New York, NY 10002
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    A small quaint Italian cafe that is very easily to be missed upon stumbling on East Houston Street for dinner with a good friend.  It sits on a lower level of a commercial like building and the metal steps are small and tricky.  Gaia presents freshly homemade paninis by the owner who is also the chef where all baking of panini bread is prepared on-site.  The owner, a native of Italy who is very warm friendly is genuinely welcoming.

    The Tegamini for Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi at $7.00 was overpowering with Spinach which I was empowered to be Popeye now!!  The Milanese with chicken cutlet, pesto sauce, tomatoes at $5.00 was very good to be shared and the Arugula with cherry tomatoes in Pesto Sauce with Parmesan at $ 7.00 was very fresh and flavor-able. The Prosciuttino panini with prosciutto crudo e brie at $5.00 was also enticing to be devoured.  The Militare mortadella smoked caciotta with honey mustard at $5.00 was delightfully enjoyed in full as for my party of two all were shared.  The owner and chef unfortunately burnt the panini bread for the Prosciuttino who personally express genuinely a thousand sorries for the rigmarole obstacle of our dinning experience.  Her presentation is very simple but nicely prepared, she is fluent in Italian and will ensure patrons visit is at home in true Italian hospitality.  Ciao bella!

    Price is extremely reasonable which foots the bill in this abject economic misery, but ensure a generous gratuity is dispensed.  I like the intimate atmospheric vibe of the tables which also serves as a coffee table containing magazines with a rack.  I am ecstatically happy that there are no TV on hand ergo, all the focus is the person sitting in front of you.  There is no tone-deafening monster truck loud noise pollution of so-called music either where raging headaches are prevented and couple relationships are enhanced further with the foundation of good substantial communication.  There is also a white desk by the entrance with a book case for the feel of a second bedroom turned home office.  Additional menu of teas, Italian delight coffees, and pastries are inscribed on an old fashioned black and white chalk blackboard.  One single facility is accessible through the kitchen, note a tricky step, which lacks the basic amenities but just the very bare minimum to get the job done.

    N.B.  Arrive early for dinner as Gaia Italian Cafe closes at 7pm.  An emphatic yes for a surely return visit indeed!

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    Tibetan Momo Dumplings galore!!

    With two past Tibetan coworkers who highly recommend Himalayan Yak as their choice for Momo Dumplings for authentic Tibetan Nepalese cuisine, I had to pay a food homage.  Illusions are now finally a reality, with a friend to schlep the trek underneath the grit and grime of 74th Street - Broadway #7 train tracks was a fulfilling dinning experience.

    The Momo Dumplings were able to be mix 'n matched totaling 8 pieces which our order was split between Tibetan Tse and Sha Momo Dumplings steamed (2 veggie, 2 pork, 2 buff, and 2 beef) at $8.95.  Yum, show me the MOMO DUMPLINGS!! Personally, I always preferred steamed rather than pan seared for healthier results.  Our waiter was informative with the various entrees to my friend who had little exposure to traditional Tibetan cuisine.  The Sandeko Bandel at $5.95 was a delight of sliced roasted wild boar and cucumber greatly shared which was served with three separate dipping sauces (a fiery red of dried red chilies for hell spawn spicy, green for very mild, and a orange for medium spawn spicy) which our waiter did not explain the difference when served.  The Gyathuk (Thukpa) beef at $8.95 was very refreshing and light without all the fat and thick chicken stock of a soup.  The Garlic Naan at $2.50 was a nice completion to our meal, whereas most Tibetan restaurants serve the standard Pita bread but Himalayan Yak actually served authentic Tibetan Naan.  Together, we both cleaned our selections empty to the authentic savory entrees.  Unlike Chinese cuisines, Himalayan Yak conjures a healthy yet savory concoctions without all the grease, fat or oil.  Cups are in the appearance of water jugs in a wooden tin to signify the Tibetan nomad.  In the spirit of authenticity, Tibetan Yak is available in various forms and flavors but no comment as we did not consume any for we had an abundance of food.  Ambiance is very lovely despite the very dim lighting but hones a traditional Tibetan nomad depicted with photos and artifacts from this era and place in the remote areas of Himalayan region.  My friend who is rentable commodity as a white guy made a mess with food residue on his eating area.  AIJA, I can't take this white guy to any Asian restaurants!!

    Our overall experience was extremely pleasant minus the lack thereof basic bathroom amenities of no toilet paper until our gratuity issue in billing.  The waiter returned the black leather check book and circled the 18% or 20% gratuity guideline as nothing less is acceptable.  My friend's general tip policy is 10% to 15% (minus sales tax) thereby, resulting an unsatisfied response from our waiter as he desired more.  He politely stated to the waiter:  "I don't want you to accept anything that you're not happy with" and we departed.  Minus the gratuity issue, I would surely return for a happier visit.

  • 766 9th Ave
    New York, NY 10019
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    Meat please.  I've come to Manhattan island for some meat and then some.

    With a delightful friend, dinner for two was very juicy.  We both indulged on the hot burgers at $12.00 with Guacamole and chips at $7.50 and a side of Fries at $3.75.  My Bourbon Street burger was mellifluous to my mouth as it was very juicy at medium on sourdough bread while my dear friend's Barzel's was enticing hot but good. My Bourbon Street burger is the latest to being close to being immerse in the vibe and glamour of New Orleans.

    Table space is microscopic small with our two large entree of a generous portion of fries and a slew of condiments.  On the bottom of their menu is a meat cooking 101 guide for temperature describes how well prepared to entice one's taste which is very resourceful.  I got my carnivore fix for the week--perhaps even month.  Be prepare to leave fulfilled and complete wholesome, yet Island Burgers do not provide moist towelettes.  Portions are gargantuan generous without compromise.

    An oversize Texaco signage adorns the wall.  Service is efficient and inviting.  Seating space is indeed on the small scale and is surely elbow to elbow room as it is very narrow for an adult size elephant being forcefully squeezed into a sedan car.  This dinning room is no bigger than prehaps the size of one's living room.  N.B.  Exercise caution rising or sitting while maneuvering between tables which can quite possibly spill drinks with the fling of one's bag or jacket.

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    On a Friday night with much needed detoxification from life's daily grind of the week, dinner and a in-depth conversation were held here with a friend.  La Lanterna di Vittorio is a multipurpose venue serving as a bar, restaurant, outdoor garden dinning area, basement for live performances of a jazz trio at $12.00 per cover/set.  This cover admission price for a jazz trio is not worth as it covers the cost of one pizza pie.  It is not even a full Jazz Quartet band to serenade you during dinner.

    Two bottles of Lurisia Italian sparkling water at $5.99 each, with one glass of Mulled Wine at $9.00 followed by one pizza con Prosciutto Arrostitio at $12.50, one pizza con Pesto e Caprino at $12.99 were it all comforts the heart's core.  The pizzas were tasty which the Caprino bear olives with pits, thus patrons should exercise caution as I passed all the olives to my friend.  I would not dine here for Lasagna or salad as La Lanterna di Vittorio is not known for, but the pizzas are worth a visit along with Italian sweets.  By the log fireplace screen with a mantel on the main dinning area on a crisp New York December where the desserts encase were calling me, our party of two surely rejoiced to merriment for the best seats of the house.  Dim candlelight for a romantic dinning setting for couples flock but be assure to arrive early especially on a Friday night at 5:40pm as we have.  Noise volume is workable where my friend and I engaged in a in-depth conversation.  Customer service is attentive and quickly ushered my unfinished Mulled Wine, yet to their apology was compensated for two complimentary Un Bacio Italiano chocolate shots.  Pricey for pizza without appetizers but good quality food and service should never be compromised.

    Things missed were plenty that I longed for whispers of sincere affection, including but not limited to TIRAMISU!! Yet I was able to achieve nirvana with Tiramisu at $5.99 where I continue to long for my empty void.

  • 123 2nd Ave
    New York, NY 10003
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    Belgian Fries comes to the Big Apple!

    In the passage of my travels I've finally ventured to Pommes Frites--at last.  One regular cone batch of Belgian Frites at $4.50 with Sun Dried Tomato Mayo sauce at $1.00 was served extremely piping hot which burnt my mouth raw for two days.  Seating is extremely limited as it's merely a takeout joint, albeit there is a two outdoor seat-er in the store front.  The microscopic seating area is very dark and dingy yet with the appearance of dirty wooden benches.  Do not be intimidated by the long line which moves moderately.  The scent is a hypnotizing spell to entice patrons.  Regular cone batch is a generous portion which surprising comes with a fork at the bottom of the brown paper bag. N.B. Warning, warning to the cholesterol level as these fries can be heavily engrossed in oil as it will surely burn through the takeout brown paper bag without making it to your final destination.

    The fries are cooked twice in a deep fry pan and then finally air tossed to be seasoned by sea salt.  Pommes Frites opens late for the menial level hunger pangs.  It suited my hunger pangs as I needed some comfort without a huge meal to overpower my stomach yet drain my food allowance.  Service is cordial and somewhat attentive to offer samples of their tasty sauces.  Orders are not fulfilled in the placement as the line for order pickup is chaotic.

    I cavorted at Belgian Fries to frolic for the night!

  • 45-20 Skillman Ave
    Sunnyside, NY 11104
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    The Dog and Duck
    Dog, dog... Wolf!!
    Duck, duck... Quack!!

    Party of two on two separate visits brings this review to a halt as the dog chased the duck.  Contemporary decor with a large analog clock and quaint very inviting atmosphere, amid referencing themselves as "Gastropub" as noted on their transparent acrylic business card.  On selective nights The Dog and Duck host live performance musicians and, with great relief, no stupid cover fee.  My party of two had the pleasure to speak with the manager in hopes as a potential venue space for a poetry open-mic, which we saw their outdoor space hidden under a heated tent used for private parties.

    The food quality for dinner is amazing!  Our BBQ Baby Back Ribs at $10.00 was very tender that the meat slip off easily from the steak knife.  The wait staff waited until our shared Baby Back Ribs were entirely devoured with great patience to serve our shared main course, Steak Frites Marinated Hanger Steak at $17.00.  The steak was not cut in true French style and the French Fries were not thin neither in keeping with French style.  Albeit, the quality of steak was well prepared and savory but it was a whole slab uncut ergo, a disappointing four stars from five.  To substitute alcohol for a mixed cocktail drink for medical reasons, the bar tender concocted a poorly citrus nonalcoholic drink full as Cranberry Juice is the base ingredient.  For a measly $3.00, it was ICKY as the acid in the citrus made my throat very coarse!!  At a separate visit my same party of two gluttony on a Poached Pear with vanilla ice cream with Carmel for dessert only.  The quality of food is very good as there appears a lot of meat and fresh veggies on the menu scene.

    Facilities are clean and quaint with lots of space.  There is a table where ladies can rest their purses/handbags rather than on a hook on the back of the bathroom door.  Service is very efficient and very attentive to serve our needs.  I would surely return for a visit.  Price is very reasonable without going above $25.00 per entree.

  • 13 E 12th St
    New York, NY 10003
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    5.0 Sterne

    Expensive steaks but well worth the cost for the good quality. Interesting decor as the wall paper features nude women on their red wall paper.  The wall paper sets the dress code for dreams.  Unlike other steak houses, this one is women friendly.  The seasoning of the meat is just right and not too salty or over-seasoned.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    The steak frites were very good.  It was worth a splurge.  The atmosphere is very romantic and fills your appetite for French cuisine.

    Disappointedly the don't offer crepes of any form or bouillabaisee which would make it very authentic French cuisine.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Located inside of the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  The sushi is freshly prepared.  At the bar Japanese shrimp chips are served rather than ordinary pretels.  The Bento Box is indeed plentiful and tasty to satisfy a hungry appetite without compliants.  The decor is very modern and this restaurant is well maintained and clean.  The attire for patrons is dressy but not jacket required since it's located inside the reputatable Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  I'd recommend sake for your meal as it's very Japanese.

    Pricey indeed but worth a splurge for good quality Japanese.  It was close to my in-law's cooking like I was in Tokyo again.

  • 801 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10065
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    An intimate small French bistro.  It's very cute and very French.  The crepes are great.

    Disappointedly the don't offer crepes of any form or bouillabaisee which would make it very authentic French cuisine.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    A night of clubbing at a upscale steakhouse produces one word:  spectacular!

    An exquisite dinning experience with a long time good friend, who has always regards me as a younger sister, in renewing our friendship to Hanger Steak and Fillet Mignon 16 oz.  Celebrated with high quality appetizers of jumbo shrimp and crab meat; sauteed Broccoli Rabe; sauteed Asparagus in olive oil and garlic, Five Cheeses Truffle "Mac" complete with an elaborate fruit platter presentation. I do not believe the quality of meat is U.S.D.A. Prime, but is surely close.  Bruno the owner, who I had the pleasure to meet along with one of his sons Agron were extremely inviting and welcoming as it felt like I was dining in their home.  Two log fire places warms the foyer and lower level dinning area respectively.

    Large open windows overlooking lighted trees and ceiling is covered in red fabric details to adorned with chandeliers on the upper level.  Intimate atmosphere where the noise volume is minimal for executive business meeting dinners and intimate date for couples are audible.  Red carpeting gives an exclusive VIP treatment on the upper level.  Superior customer service that is attentive to the tee with sincere recommendations for steak preparations and my Cabernet wine from El Toqui, Riserva Cachapoal Valley, Chile was well accompanied.  A full size bottle of San Pellegrino were also served.  The sexy gentlemen wait staff served our party of two with grace and professionalism, excellence in knowledge of steak preparation with wine selection, and lastly with extreme attention to our needs.  One waiter in particular took the time and sincere compassion to ensure our splendor joyful meal by recommending the preparation of my selected Hanger Steak from medium well to medium plus.  A long spiral wine decanter dilutes a neighboring table's red bottle of wine where the waiter demonstrated a subtle swirl.  The background music is subtle to segue with an upscale restaurant as I highly wished to spend more time intaking the luxurious and relaxed ambiance.  Living life, enchanted!

    I'd highly recommend dressy attire or business casual, and surely no jeans, no sneakers, nor unkempt presentation is desired at this upscale restaurant.

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    25.8.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Paris's seedy Red Light District comes to New York (the equivalent to New York's Times Square).

    I stopped here briefly to rest and a cool down from summer's humidity.  Sunday afternoon pre-theater mood lures me for a drink but it was only 1PM.  Without hunger pangs I opt for Mimosa $9.00 which was refreshing and the restaurant was not entirely busy nor crowded.

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    20.8.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Named after Paris's seedy Red Light District.  French cuisine that is authentic and yet good quality… Weiterlesen
  • 234 W 44th St
    New York, NY 10036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Located in the heart of New York's theatre district, which is good for pre-theater or post-theatre dinners.  This classy restaurant is complete with a bathroom attendant and wait staff all dressed in velvet red.  The steaks are served French style with frites and the crabcakes are also good.  The wine selection may be limited but I believe they have a full bar.  They do offer the pre-fixed course menu.

    It's extremely pricey and mostly patrons in 40's, 50's + above dine here.  There are not many youngsters who dine here.

  • 601 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10022
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Rise and grind through life's daily deal!

    At the wee hours of morning where hunger and extreme fatigue strikes, my spirit was awaken to be warmly melted here. One egg, smoked ham and tots breakfast sandwich on sour dough bread at $4.50 was by far the best substance to revive! Sam, the server greeted me warmly with a big radiant smile to probe if I would like to add coffee to my order. Apparently my presence was dutifully visible noted as a newbie customer which he has a sharp and attentive eye to fully serve me well for a repeat return. Be sure to request napkins as I did not receive any, yet the potato tots were somewhat messy.  Good customer retention is important to ensure any business's ongoing success as well as good quality customer service with sincerity and respect.

    Melt Shop is a small window kiosk sandwich takeout only. Grilled cheese and other melted goodies are freshly prepared on premises. There are no seats, but patrons are welcome to enjoy it inside of Citigroup's open atrium which is adjacent of this window kiosk.  Melt Shop is the land version of a mobile street vendor but cleaner with all the proper etiquette and professionalism of a restaurant standards. Price is reasonable in the $4.50 to $7.00 range as I do not like paying more than $7.00 for a measly sandwich.

    A "people loves us on Yelp" sticker badge is proudly tacked on their order window. Amid my brief wait of three minutes in the bitter cold, I kept on trekking by snapping away photos of Melt Shop for this review. The staff did not blockage my photographing of their business which adds more stars to this review!  Sam fulfilled my order with a smile by my first name and was in awe that I was adorned with Yelp pins.

    Melt Shop will awaken dead souls to enable one in conquering life's daily deal of the daily grind!!

  • 900 Broadway
    New York, NY 10003
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    A long overdue awaited gathering with a good friend along with her man, our party of three dined at Beecher's for good homely like grilled melted cheese sandwiches.  Albeit, my Black Forest Ham sandwich was an utter sky high price at $8.00 but the cheese embedded is so worth the price.  I love a good grilled sandwich where the cheese is warm and melted with my Black Forest Ham,  where no condiments are needed as the cheese emits an abundance of favor.  Neither dry nor bland but plentiful in taste where it comforts the heart's core.

    Beecher's Handmade Cheese concocts Gruyère and of course, my favorite Brie.  There is a wine cellar for tastings within and seating on the upper level.  Sleek in modern contemporary steel look.  Beecher's Handmade Cheese has a loyalty frequent rewards program.  I'd recommend indulging the aroma of fine cheese when one has time out of a day's daily grind from life's daily deal.  With time on hand to intake Beecher's cheese, wine and sandwiches it'll be more pleasurable!

  • 152 7th Ave
    New York, NY 10011
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    After enduring a gruesome stressful and worn-out workday, a friend and I came here for some libation to chill the night away.  When the standard eight hour workday is over, I escape to my many passions and good company.  This party of two company was not enjoyable as I had hoped when the person whom you're with was not in a good mindset killed the mood and makes it increasing difficult of his very irritable draining demon spirit.

    For Him:
    Long Island Ice Tea

    For Her:

    My dinner consists of:
    Tater Tots $4.90
    Buffalo Wings $7.99

    Peter McManus is not a standard bar but also serve food.  Condiments are readily available upon arrival of food to the table or bar.  I love bar food... tater tots, buffalo wings, burgers, Mozzerella sticks and fries as a foodie I'm open to all genres and ethnic foods.  However to my dismay, this friend is a fool to keep a close mind for all things foodie as one can forsaken life's daily bloodline as he believes it is does not excite him.  Thereby making him a Petulant baby boy!

    Business cards are available by request of thermography printing with chessy /corny wording: "this card is not wroth anything  But it is free."  Atmospheric conditions contains two old fashioned telephone booths with fully operational coin phones.  It appears to be established for many decades as even their business card is without a telephone area code going back to the day when only Manhattan carried the 212 area code.  TV screens are plastered on the walls for sports.  Bar tenders are hustling busy serving patrons ergo, at times dismiss our summons for the bill to turnover this endless night.  Ladies, there are no hooks under the bar for bags or personal belongings as you'll have to put it on your lap while sitting on the stool.  Patrons are a mix of young professionals, hotties, men in suits, fossils, sport fanatics, foodies, avid libation lovers, and bachelors.

    Peter McManus is certainly a tier above a dive bar but do not bear all the overprice of an upscale restaurant.

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