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    Oh Tierra Mia...You live up to all the hype!! It's not hype. This is the real deal cafe Mexicano people!

    If you're Mexican or are Mexican by relation ( you know who you are !!!) You'll love this coffee house. I'm pleased to see that it's quickly growing into a successful chain.

    This coffee is made with LOVE, or shall I say, CON AMOR! Yes. Ever roll through a coffee place and walk out thinking "Who the F$^% pissed you off, Barista??!!" because your coffee tasted like a skunk pissed in it? And then have you ever walked away with coffee and you feel like a warm hug just blanketed you?? That's how I feel every time I've walked away with a coffee from Tierra Mia!

    I love this location because it  has a drive thru and I can be a lazy biotch (especially when I'm in sweats, no make up, and my hair's a mess, or I just came from hiking!).  I  get a kick of how they used the old KFC bucket and made it a coffee cup! HA! Genius :)

    I love the coffees because they have the taste of real Mexican Chocolate, makes me feel as if my mom just shaved slivers of Abuelita's Chocolate into my cup.

    You can ask for the drinks half-sweetened, and they're happy to oblige. They can make some of the hot drinks iced as well if you're not a fan of fraps like me. Everyone I know LOVES the horchata frap. I'm a fan of the Caramelo Macchiatto and the Mocha Mexicano. My favorite pasty has to be the divine Tres Leches Muffin. Foodgasm heaven right there!!!

    San Francisco will be getting a taste of Tierra Mia soon!

  • 4131 Norse Way
    Long Beach, CA 90808
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    If you're up for long reviews, keep reading. If you want the gist of this review, BEST CUPCAKES I've ever tasted! (and I've tasted A LOT) so PLEASE go, visit Miss Priss Cupcakes :) Thank you.

    I've been a cupcake connoisseur since 2nd grade. The moment that perfect sized little cake topped with frosting and garnished with the just the right amount of sprinkles touched my lips I was sold. Cupcakes equal happiness.  It's not a foodie issue. Cupcakes were cool with me before they became the new black.

    Alas, with the advent of cupcakemania in the last 10 year's, I have experienced the best of the cupcake frenzy. I buy them. I bake them. I decorate them. I create them. I also eat them.

    I discovered Miss Priss a year or two ago.  At the time I was still loyal to another Long Beach cupcakery which I shall name here.  Recently I've been making more stops at Miss Priss since I realized I'm always in the area. I have not been let down even once.

    To begin with, the place is literally a hole in the wall, hidden among other small businesses. You'll almost miss it, actually you'll almost miss Norse Way if you drive too fast. Once you see it, it's like the little door to Fairy land you always thought might exist. The decor is pastel tones of green and pink.  There's even a cute little table outside to enjoy your cupcake in the shade.

    The cupcakes are delicious and fresh. They are very moist, which I've noticed cupcakes in mass production are lacking these days.  Most important of all, are the flavors.  It's important to know that when you're buying a cupcake that's called "PB & J" it's going to taste like you're biting into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The flavors of these cupcakes are AMAZING.  I just tried the Hispanic delicacy themed Tres Leches cupcake and true to it's word, it was like a slice of tres leches cake.  Not too long ago I tried their Banana Blueberry cupcake and it was like a slice of heaven.

    There are staple flavors available daily, and there are flavors of the day such as the Tres Leches, Candied Apple, and Strawberry Pie (with a real graham cracker crust!).  There are also "Big Daddy's" which are muffin sized (or jumbo sized) cupcakes. Lastly, there are the delicious, irresistible mini's.  They're mini-me's of the regular cupcakes.  

    Service is great, girls are young and energetic, very polite and attentive. There are beverages on hand as well.  I've been there during weekdays, weekends, and different hours.  Service is prompt. Parking is close, most of the time I find parking right in front of the door.  I can't complain about anything and these really are the best cupcakes I've ever tasted so this business gets a complete 5 star review from me :)

  • 7611 Firestone Blvd
    Downey, CA 90241
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    Great food! Very, very tasty. It's located in/on a strip mall smushed in between a dry cleaners and a liquor store.  When you walk in, you'd think you walked into some swanky hole in the wall place in Hollywood. The ambiance is excellent, perfect for dates or an intimate dinner with a friend.  

    I've had so many items from there, I won't go down the list and itemize, I'll just summarize it by saying that everything is good, every time I've eaten there. JUST GO. You won't regret it!!

  • 3922 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
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    Yes, it is thriving with eccentric hipsters sitting around using their Macs, but aside from that if you want a delicious, real cup of coffee this place is it.  If you're a Starbucks afficionado and double brownie frapps are your thing, DON'T come here. If you yearn for a good cup of joe, this is your place.

    This coffee shop does not have a convoluted menu posted on the wall full of funky, sweet, made up coffee flavors. It does have the basics and enough options to satisfy your taste buds.

    The guys at the counter were friendly and accommodating, that was a plus.  The place is thriving and after tonight's cup of coffee I can see why it's so loved :)

    P.S. try the cookies!!

  • 395 Santa Monica Pl
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
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    My best friend always eats at Pizza Antica up north CA, and brags about how great this place is.  I don't like venturing to the west side as much as I used to, LA traffic is biznitch!  But after tonight...oooh Pizza Antica...you have my food lovers heart.  I will brave the 10 freeway traffic any day for you!

    Located on the third floor of the now open air Santa Monica Place, it's got a casual atmosphere.  I went tonight for dinner (Saturday, February 9th).  We were told our wait would be 20 minutes and it was more like a 10 minute wait. The ambiance is a bit noisy, lots of people having dinner after shopping on the promenade or coming in from spending a day at the Santa Monica Pier.  Goldfrapp's music and the like playing overhead.  We were in the mood to be calorie restriction free and we took full advantage.

    One word: FOODGASMIC. Yes. It's THAT good.

    We had the bruschetta with kale and buratta and that must have been my favorite of all the plates I tried. It's an appetizer, and it was small one (3 pieces) but it was phenomenal. YES. Phenomenal. Try it. Please. A+.

    We also tried the beet salad, potato and pesto gnocchi , heirloom potato pizza with truffle oil and caramelized onion. My son had the kids cheese pizza and fries .  For dessert we had the chocolate tart with hazelnut and the espresso affogatto. All dishes A+.  They were all full of flavor, just the right temperature, just the right seasoning.

    I walked out feeling satisfied but not stuffed. I wasn't put into a food coma which I consider a good thing.  This restaurant has now replaced my former favorite, which was Chaya Venice.  I liked Pizza Antica so much, I'm coming back for my birthday this month.

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    Awww I didn't know this location had closed when I finally got around to writing this review! ::le sigh:: Luckily, Lette is chain. I've been to the one in Pasadena.

    Freshest macarons ever!! Caramel and Sicilian Pistachio are a must try!!

    Do you like macarons? Then  you will love Lette.  Have you ever tasted a macaron? No? Then you must try Lette Macarons. Don't be wary of the price. Yes, it's $1.75 for a  French pastry the size of an Oreo cookie. Believe me when I say it's worth every cent.

    I've tried ever flavor of macarons they have to offer. They are always fresh and sooooooo worth it.  I must advise, buy what you will eat within the next 12 hours.  I splurged and bought a box of 12 once for myself, I refrigerated them (as advised) and I was disappointed in their taste in the next few days. Macarons are meant to be eaten while fresh.

    Little nuggets of heaven on earth.

  • 8389 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
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    Gorgeous bakery with a definite retro feel! This bakery really has it all. The ambiance is a throw back to the 50's/60's era, complete with music. The decor is absolutely lovely. The service is wonderful, the people who work there are really happy to serve you! I went in on a cold Wednesday night and felt a ton of warmth from the staff. They give great insight into the selections you make. I tried the blueberry pie and it was divine. It had a shortbread pecan crust that was amazing. If you're longing for a true blue bakery with a genuine feel of sincerity and deliciousness, you have to try Magnolia Bakery! No complaints here what so ever.

  • 222 Sutter St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco...I left it at La Boulange!

    I love this place. I was visiting San Francisco and we wanted a great place for breakfast. I did a search on Yelp and found lots of places, but La Boulange caught my eye. It was two blocks away from the hotel I was staying at.

    I think we couldn't stop ordering items from the menu. The coffee is served in a cup so big, it's basically a bowl. I tried the wild mushroom Mac n Cheese, the veggie quiche, the vegetables provencal, and the beet salad. It was all wonderful, divine, delicious!

    We went back the next day, I bought a creme de pot because it was calling my name. It's basically a creamy chocolate pudding in a little glass jar, covered with parchment paper and a jute twine bow.  It was well worth the $4. I also sampled some macarons and they were great too.

    The environment is great, it's nice and room with plenty of room to sit. The employees there were friendly.  

    Loved this place. Loved everything about it.

  • 2728 Main St
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
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    Awesome hole in the wall. Tuna mayo omusubi was sooooooooooo delicioso! DELICIOUS!  We've been there twice already and oh how I washed I lived closer to this place!

    It's a tiny little hole in the wall joint.  They mainly sell omusubi, different varities.  There are little tables outside and chairs so you can sit and consume your yummy snack.  Perfect little snack while you're out and about strolling around this area! Love it :)

    Let it be noted, they take credit/debit cards but it has to be over $10 : / so bring cash!

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    Before you scrunch up your nose at a strictly plant based menu restaurant, DON'T. Just try it. I've taken two friends who are non-vegan here and they actually liked it.  

    I've been here so many times, I don't even recall what I haven't eaten.  I do know that I'm addicted to their Buffalo Chik'n Wings!! oooooh myyyyy gooodnessss...I have to have these every time I eat here. They just added a Buffalo Chik'n Sandwich to their menu so I'm in double heaven.

    The soups are great, the salads are plentiful, the sandwiches can be tried as wraps, the side orders are SO delicious (try their newly added mashed potatoes! It's made with cauliflower and I hate cauliflower, this tastes divine!).  I recently tried their carrot cake the other night.  It made my mouth water.  The frosting was so creamy, the cake was perfectly moist. Uuuuuuuuuuugh now I want to go eat there again!

    The drinks are delicious. I always get the Pomegranate Green Tea but sometimes I'll try the Peach Black Tea.  They also have Strawberry Lemonade and Lemonade and two other drinks which I've forgotten at this time.  Their staff is so extremely friendly and courteous.  The vibe at this Veggie Grill is a pleasant one.  The food always comes out quickly and is nice and hot.  I've never had a complaint about their food or service.  

    I'm so delighted that another Veggie Grill has recently been opened, and I believe it's closer to me.  The newest Veggie Grill is in Long Beach, off of 2nd St. and PCH.  I'm always in that area so I'm looking forward to frequenting that establishment as well.

    Don't be put off a plant based menu, try Veggie Grill! If you're vegetarian, vegan, or you're open to eating vegan, you will love Veggie Grill.

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    Small, little corner cafe.  We came because the reviews were great, plus they had macarons. Their food was delicious, we had french toast, fried egg sandwich, fresh fruit, jasmine and green tea.  Their jam was fresh, there iced water available.  The seating area indoors is a bit small, but there is an outside eating area that is so lovely.  

    I was extremely pleased with my experience at Renaud's.  I'll definitely be eating here whenever I'm in Santa Barbara!

  • 6451 E Pacific Coast Hwy
    Long Beach, CA 90803
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    Don't walk, run to this vegan eatery! Awesome taste for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike. I've taken friends who swear by their omnivorism, and have never eaten a plant based menu, and they LOVE Veggie Grill!

    My favorite? The Buffalo Wings! I have them every single time I visit Veggie Grill.

    Their Iced Teas are sublime. I think I've tried everything on the menu at least once, and I love everything. Best of all, their staff is SO incredibly friendly and accomodating.

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    Sometimes you want something delicious and quick but not fast food quick. Pick Up Stix is not authentic Chinese food. If you look up the history or story behind the man who founded Pick Up Stix, he was a Chinese immigrant who tailored the menu at Pick Up Stix to appeal to the more "American" taste buds.

    Some reviews say this place is pricey. Maybe they're used to 99 cent burgers or ordering off the dollar menu from fast food chains.  I think it's ok in price. They have specials and a lunch menu. They also offer coupons via email or have discount days (Wonton Wednesdays!!!)

    I've been frequenting Pick Up Stix since...well, for a while now.  I was overjoyed to find out that one was being built in Lakewood, especially since I'm always nearby.  This is my go-to comfort food.  I've never had a bad experience at this location.  Staff is always friendly and accommodating. Food is always good. Prices are decent.  It's WAY better than a "Chinese Food" restaurant that keeps their food under heat lamps!

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    I try not to review fast food places or chain restaurants (What's there to really rate or review?) and I'll obviously make the exception.

    My go-to fast food place. I'm seriously happy with it. I like everything I've tried on the menu. They're really fast and I've never been unsatisfied with Rubio's food.  I frequent Rubio's a lot since I don't eat land meat of any kind (no beef, pork, or poultry).  This place is always clean, food is fresh, service is friendly, and it's fast. When I've had a long 10 hour workday and I don't feel like cooking or driving far, this is where I come to eat. YAY Rubio's for making me a happy girl when needed :)

  • 341 E 1st St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
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    This is the first time I've eaten the real deal ramen. I regrettably have only tasted the freeze dried instant noodles.  My friend is a ramen connoisseur and she was jonesing for some good stuff so we trekked over to Little Tokyo.  We really wanted that other place a few doors down but the wait was extremely long (we're putting that spot on our to-dine list though!).  Mr. Ramen's ambiance is perfect, not too pretentious or cheap.  The servers are friendly and the place is comfortable.

    I tried the Shrimp Curry Ramen and added garlic and tofu to it.  I was not disappointed! It was spot on. My friend really liked it as well. We also had the Vegetable Shitake Gyoza and it was great too.  The part that cracks me up is that there is reggae music playing and if you look up on the wall, there are a few pieces of reggae memorabilia.  There's also a server who looks asian and is sporting an afro!! She looks rad :)

    Great place, great Ramen, would definitely try again!! I actually can't wait! :)

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    The knitty gritty: It's BOTTEGA LOUIE.  If you want to see/hear/feel/taste what all the buzz is about, then be patient and wait out the wait. Come here just to say you went to Bottega Louie. If you don't feel like waiting for a table, go on over the highly touted macaron section and grab a few. That's it. If you like reading or you're bored, continue!

    As for me and my experience, it's much more elaborate of course.

    I came to finally visit Bottega on a Saturday (April 13, 2013 to be exact).  It was PACKED.  Usually when I see how packed a place is and it's my first time there, I'll run out and find another place.  For some reason, I didn't here.  Instead, I made a beeline for what looked like one of three lines. I didn't even know what I was doing, but I didn't want to look clueless in front of all my fellow Los Angelenos who obviously DID know what they were doing.  It turns out the the line I went to stand in was actually the only line. The other two "lines" were just people standing around, waiting to be seated.

    It took about 15 to 20 minutes to even get to the host table.  According the two husky gay boys behind me, #1 told #2 that it would be worth it or he would refund every penny. When we finally made it to the host table, we were kindly told that our wait would be fast, to stay nearby.  It wasn't that fast.

    Eventually we were seated (YAY!) and I feel the need to mention that every hostess or seating girl just went directly up to the party waiting and would call them by their last name. ("Hello Mr. Lou, your table is ready). Not once did I hear "JONES!! PARTY OF FOUR! Your table is ready!!" or see those little coasters that light up and buzz when  your table is ready. Very smooth Bottega...I watched the host closely enough and I finally noticed that he politely gestured (GESTURED, not pointed) who each party was.

    Our server remembered our name and she was great. She was very bright and energetic. I wish I had asked her name. All I remember was that she had red hair, red lipstick, fair skin, and a great attitude. Service is everything. The entire time we were made to feel like we were dining at a 5 star restaurant.

    The insides of Bottega are white, oppulent, just beautiful. No faux art pieces hanging all the over the place for you to admire. Just high ceilings and white walls. The workers make the effort to keep the restaurant clean, it is appreciated.

    Now for the obvious, food! Food was good. I appreciated the offer of seltzer water or filtered water. We opted for filtered water. We ordered two cafe lattes. The first set was so good, we ordered a second serving. The second round of coffee took much, much longer. Our server apologized for the wait and explained that the barista was backed up. Our second cups arrived and our coffee was burnt (Insert super sad face).

    Please be original and order outside the box.

    We had; the Millefuille (smoked salmon millefuille) A+, the spinach quiche A+, and the Burrata Pizza (sans the prosciutto) B- (the brocollini was way too bitter for our taste). Overall, very delicious.

    Last but not least, it is NOISEY as F in this joint! Be prepared! You will not get intimate, romantic setting...especially you , husky gay couple...their full on tongue kiss while sitting next to us, less than a foot away, was NOT cute!! Gay, straight, I don't care! Keep that sh*& out of the restaurant and out of my food area!

    I really liked Bottega. I totally recommend this gastric experience to anyone brave enough to brave their peak hours.

  • 10350 Long Beach Blvd
    Lynwood, CA 90262
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    If you love Mariscos and a real, true blue, Mariscos atmosphere in the barrio, this is your place!

    There's a variety of dishes, fresh and tastey. Service is super fast if it's not too crowded. It has a jukebox that booms loud music. It has plenty of parking, restrooms, amicable staff.

    I get the shrimp ceviche and shrimp tacos and they are so delicious! I actually crave food from this place.

    I'm aware that it might have a bit of a reputation from the past, but I've been here several times, day or night, and I've always felt safe.

    It misses one star because it is a cash only restaurant, but I have to include that it has an atm on site. Also, you can't buy drinks with your food, you have to go to a vending machine thats there. Other than that, a total hit in my book. Very satisfied with this place!

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    Great vegan place to eat! Lovely outdoor seating, great ambiance and staff. Even if you're not vegan, try this place!

    One warning; the dishes are HUGE! Don't get carried away and order appetizers AND an entree unless you're sharing. The buffalo wings are too good to miss. My favorite is the Oklahoma burger! You leave this place feeling satisfied, content, and definitely full.

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    I came upon The Fry Girl truck on a Tuesday night at Downey High School a few weeks ago.  The Fry Girl cooks their food with canola oil. I have issues with eating
    fried foods. I get sick with indigestion or an upset stomach or heartburn. In all the times I've eaten from The Fry Girl food truck I never have any issues! And that might not be important to some, but to me it is to me.

    Both my son and I tried their yummy food. Here's the break down of everything we've tried so far;

    Deep Fried Greek Perogies: I love perogies! Perogies are are potato dumplings (origin Eastern Europe).  The Fry Girl makes them with potato, spinach, feta cheese, and lemon. These are DELICIOUS! Loved them.

    Deep Fried Mac n Cheese Balls: These are so delicious, so perfect, awesome snack! Light, crispy, just wonderful.

    Mini Chicken Corn Dogs: My son tried these and he LOVED them and I had to add that he is an extremely selective eater but he loves these!

    Fried Fish and french fries: I know this has a better name, I forgot what it was but when I find it I will edit this review. The fish was perfectly crispy, delicious, but the best part was the sauce that came with it. I believe it had aioli in it.

    Apple Fries: yummy!

    Donuts: uhhh wow! Just wow! The mini donuts are SO divine, so delicious! I love their size, and I love how light and fluffy they are.  I also love that you can choose between "toppings" like powdered sugar, cinnamon, etc.

    So we've basically tried just about everything on their menu! It's all delicious and my absolute favorite part is that everything is less than $10 on their menu. Two people can eat for $20 with no problem. It's great when you're on a budget or if you've splurged elsewhere.

    Shelley B.
    Kommentar von Shelley B. von The Fry Girl
    17.4.2012 Hi Sandra, THANK YOU for your review!  We are so happy you enjoy our food & hope to see you again… Weiterlesen
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    Delicious! Very authentic. Mezza sampler was enough for two and very delicious. Also tried the grilled tiger shrimp, it was great.

    The decor is BEAUTIFUL. I would give it 5 stars but I'm taking one away because the seating for two persons is HORRIBLE. We've always been seated against the wall, by the bar. The servers pass by constantly or people being seated, and they bump into us. The food and decor make up for this :)

  • 5246 E 2nd St
    Long Beach, CA 90803
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    Excellent coffee.  I learned that this is a star above Starbucks. Coffee is made here with LOVE. Starbucks can be a hit or miss at times. Every time I've been to Peet's I've never been disappointed.

  • 3405-B W Beverly Blvd
    Montebello, CA 90640
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    Nice hole in the wall place. Quiet area. Parisian crepe (lemon, butter, sugar) and nutella crepe were delicious. I don't like this place at night though, looks a little too desolate and dangerous. I'll visit during the day sometimes.

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    Beautiful ambience (aesthetics are very important to me when dining).

    Tried the Alaskan and Bolero crepe. They're very generous with their crepes, not small at all.  Yummy crepes. Service is decent. I've been there both on a busy Saturday and a not-so-busy week day, and both experiences have been pleasant.

    Their food is good, but not out of this world. Sometimes it can be a little bland. It gets 4 stars for the ambiance and decor. Food is about 3.5 stars.

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    Granata's & Tapas was a very pleasant experience!

    I was craving the simplest dish ever. I wanted a good fettucine alfredo. I've passed by Granata's for YEARS. I'd vowed that I would go in one day. Saturday was finally the day!

    We had a very nice, very accomodating server. It was a really clean restaurant. Needs more love. I had a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and we noticed that the balsamic vinaigrette was refridgerated, not left out. We were here Saturday July 21 around 1:30 pm and the place was pretty empty. The bread was warm. I had the fettucine alfredo with shrimp, it was delicious. I liked the fresh basil sprinkled on top.

    Music was cool, but Nicki Minaj should be saved for night time perhaps. It was quickly switched to soft jazz which was much more appropriate for the ambiance. Seems like a nice romantic place for a date.  

    I will be coming back here again! :D

  • 16527 Bellflower Blvd
    Bellflower, CA 90706
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    Erster Beitrag

    Adorable bakery! I came across this recently opened gem when I went to visit my LYS (Local Yarn Store for the layperson).  I tried their oatmeal cookie and their apple cupcake.  Their oatmeal cookie is DIVINE! Very delicious. They have small and large sized cookies.

    Cute place, friendly staff, great location, free parking, and delicious baked goods.

  • 8133 Firestone Blvd.
    Downey, CA 90241
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    Erster Beitrag

    Love this place! Bionico means Mexican fruit salad. Along with these yummy fruit salads, this place makes a variety of other things. They also make sandwiches, tortas, quesadillas, smoothies, fresh juices, and much more. It's a small establishment.  Everything is made or prepared to order so it's not sitting around. I come here to get fresh juices. The prices are really reasonable. The owner is very nice too. I believe it's still cash only, but banks are around the corner.

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    DIM SUM VIRGIN ALERT! I don't know how fair my review will be since this is the very first time I've ever tried it.

    My best friend (who is Asian and has vast experience with dim sum) wanted me to try this place.  Found it via yelp, headed on over on a Wednesday around noon. It was packed, inside and outside.  The wait wasn't as long as we thought it would be, it was actually 20 minutes.  I looked over the menu, picked a few items, my bestie picked the rest, and we were taken care of quickly.

    What I liked was the ultra quick service.  My best friend told me she's used to ordering (and fighting for, haha) items off of a cart.  She liked that we got a menu and we were able to check off items. Different servers came and would bring a plate here and there, and each time they would check off the item they brought.  

    What I *didn't* like, was that we were never spoken to.  We weren't greeted, we weren't asked if we needed or wanted anything, nothing. They just brought us the tea, the items, etc.  Another thing I didn't like was that we were basically forgotten about.  We were seated in a corner in a room off to the side, and my best friend had to repeatedly wave to our main (??) server to get his attention (he was in the main room most of the time).  So service...not the best, not the worst.  When we did talk to any of the servers they were extremely polite and always gave us what we asked for quickly, so I think it was lack of attention not rudeness.

    The food...I was trying to jot down notes for my Yelp review but I sadly forgot most of the names of what we were eating.  I asked for a to-go menu and they didn't have any. This is what I remember: Taro cake...yummy! Never tried anything like it. It's like a potato square block, crispy on the outside.  Shrimp dumplings were light, shrimp dumpling with corn and peas delicious. I give the shrimp stuffed eggplant thumbs down, it was just a slimy texture so maybe it's just me. There was this rice paper chinese shrimp roll (my best friend called it a Chinese Shrimp Enchilida) and it was good.  I ordered sweet caramel sponge cake and it was not impressive.  My best friend ordered the sesame ball with green bean filling and that was really tasty.

    Overall everything was very fast, very hot (next time I will be patient and wait for the food to cool down!) and filling. The restaurant gets major points for being clean. It's very busy and slightly noisy but I liked hearing so much Mandarin being spoken while eating.

    I will try dim sum again!

  • 118 Paseo De San Antonio Walk
    San Jose, CA 95112
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    Interesting music. Good coffee! But what I'm really in love with are the black bean burritos. They make my morning. Super friendly staff!

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    Food is delicious. I don't like the crowd so much. Decent priced menu. Waaay better than La Barca in Downey. Crowd is a little ghetto but oh well!

    Four stars for the food ONLY.

  • 5844 Dennis McCarthy Dr
    Lebec, CA 93243
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    4.0 Sterne

    Yes, most Starbucks are the same. But this one is located between BFE and BFE. It makes all the difference. My bestie recommened I stop here before my long haul up the 5 to the bay area and I'm so glad I did. There were a ton of travellers every where. I walked in and there was a line, but it went super fast! It was a very efficient Starbucks. After ordering I stopped by the bathroom. For being a busy Starbucks, the bathroom was impeccably clean and well kept! I walked out, and within 5 minutes I had my drink. It was tasty too. A plus, the staff were all cheerful and polite :)

  • 1463 S Nogales St
    Rowland Heights, CA 91748
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Oooh Dim Sum....

    My best friend (who's Asian, so she knows what's up!) warned me that dim sum is served at particular times. She was surprised to see that this restaurant was still serving it so late (2 pm) .

    I carefully read over yelp reviews and decided upon this restaurant (thank you Yelpers!) and I'm so glad I did!

    I'm no dim sum connoisseur by any means, but my best friend is. The taste was great, service was fast, menu was easy to look at for a non-Asian (it had pictures!!!), the tea was delicious, and the restaurant itself looked pretty. We marked on a large sheet all the items we wanted and waited less than 5 minutes for our first item. One thing I love about Dim Sum is how it just keeps coming! It was really budget friendly (translation: bill was $25 for 2 people).  My friend liked it and I did too. This restaurant was better than my first Dim Sum experience months ago.

    There was no wait, even though it was a little busy. We were seated immediately and the service was quick. Every single dish tasted great and we ordered about 7 or 8.  I can't remember all their names but I posted pictures. Great restaurant!

    Let the dim sum adventures continue....

  • 395 Santa Monica Pl
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I have evolved as an eater.

    I used to think eating healthful was having a salad made from iceberg lettuce and drowning it in ranch dressing.

    I consider raw vegan food to be the pinnacle of healthy eating.

    If you're reading this and scrunching up your nose and asking "What's raw vegan???" I know it might sound like something you catch after having one too many drinks on a Saturday night and waking up in a stranger's trailer home, but I swear it's not!

    Raw food is food that is unprocessed, uncooked, and usually organic.  It is not heated above 115 degrees F. Chefs have taken this to another level and gotten extremely creative. Enter M.A.K.E.

    MAKE is located on the top floor of Santa Monica Place. It's not your typical, stand-alone restaurant. It's located in what looks like a food court/indoor market place setting.  It's a bit open and you might miss it if you walk too fast.

    Host and servers are very friendly. They don't act pretentious or snooty. They seem excited about you coming to eat at MAKE and are ready to offer any suggestions. They aren't pushy at all and they don't hover.  I've tried several dishes. The Kelp Noodles are definitely my favorite, Kim chee Dumplings run in at 2nd place.  The hummus platter was very tasty, and I definitely like the Tree Nut Cheese Platter.

    If you're open to new experiences and different tastes and aren't on a budget, please give M.A.K.E. a chance. You won't regret it!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Oh Lee's, I love you!! With every bit of my inner Asian heart. I truly do.

    I won't pretend to be an expert on Viet cuisine (because I'm not). If I had to equate Lee's to something, I would say it's a combo of Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Subway.  Quick, good eats and very affordable.

    I'm a big fan of Ca Phe Sua Da, which is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I love their Shrimp Rolls too. Their Vegetarian Banh Mi (vegetarian sandwich) is super delicious as well.

    I'm stoked that a Lee's has opened in my area (so to speak).  If you're complaining about the service or employees, give them a chance!  The place just opened. The times I've been here I see Hispanic/Latina girls working there, looking a little clueless,  but Vinh is nearby and he is soooo friendly and helpful.  This Lee's has a great vibe! I'll be a regular here for sure.

  • 8646 State Street
    South Gate, CA 90280
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I'm drooling just thinking about this place...

    Cenaduria Gumacus is a small Mexican restaurant in the city of South Gate.  If you drive too fast you just might pass it. It's located on State between Firestone and Ardmore.

    When I visit any Mexican restaurant, I always hope I don't end up consuming a gut bomb. You know, when you eat something and it tastes great but then your stomach bloats because of all it's fiber and fried-ness and then eventually MORE happens...You know what I mean! Hence: GUT BOMB.  This place is gut bomb free!

    Food was amazingly fresh and delicious. I walked away feeling satisfied and sated. I had the traditional Mexican fare of rice and beans, a shrimp taco and a potato taco.

    My friend frequents this place. Her and her family are from Sinaloa.  If you're not familiar with Mexico and it's states, Sinaloa is a state on the western coast of Mexico. It is home to Mazatlan.  Every state in Mexico has their distinct way of doing things, and according to my friend, friend potato tacos are just one of their specialties. Funny thing is, my mom made potato tacos the same way and she's not from Sinaloa.  They tasted just as good as my moms and that says A LOT coming from me.

    I tried my friend's chilaquiles and they burned a new hole in my tongue. Just kidding! seriously, they were spicy. I don't do spicy. Consider that a fair warning to those of you who can't handle the heat like me!

    I will definitely visit this restaurant again and if you're looking for real, genuine, Mexican food consider this it!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Lovely little, intimate cafe with good food.

    I had:
    - Cafe Latte with Caramel: Yummy!
    - Zucchini has browns: I honestly make mine better : / but they were ok!
    - smoked salmon on a croissant with cream cheese  and a side salad: delicious!

    Service was good, very attentive. Our wait to be seated for a party of 4  was less than 15 minutes on a Sunday morning. By the time we walked out there were people waiting outside. Pricey? Just a bit.  For our party of four the bill came out to $70 so it wasn't too bad. My girls and I prefer the cafe atmosphere versus IHOP or Denny's any day!!

    There are so many cafes on the west side to explore, but bottom line is I would definitely come back to Blue Daisy Cafe.

  • 313 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Very nice atmosphere. It's clean, hospitable. I've been here twice. Cupcake was a tad dry for my taste & the frosting overwhelmingly sweet. It's definitely not bad, but not the best either.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Quick and dirty review: it's a "hole in the wall" joint in East Los Angeles. It's literally in the middle of a neighborhood. It's small, when busy it's cramped. Food is a solid 3 out of 5 stars. Is it mouthwatering authentic Mexican? It's tasty, but I've had better. It is definitely overpriced. Overhyped? Yes. Safe yourself the trip unless you're dying of curiosity.

  • 7440 E Firestone Blvd
    Downey, CA 90241
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    It's McDonald's...need I say more? If you're reading this review I think you just might be bored.  Truth be told, I live around the corner from this place. I'm a full time single mother, I work outside of home full time, and I'm a part time student...so yes, McDonald's is often my place of choice for a quick snack, lunch or dinner for my kiddo.

    I've been to this location morning, noon and night. The line is rarely super long and when it is, it moves super quick. The workers are on their game. If anyone on Yelp is complaining that they're rude, well guess what? Wouldn't you be worn out after helping hundreds of customers within the span of a few hours? It's fast food people, not a 5 star gourmet restaurant.  Get your food, eat it, and go.

    3 stars out of 5 because...well...it IS McDonald's. No genuine complaints here. Food is fresh and hot, fast, and is a quick fix for a hungry tummy and a tired mom who doesn't feel like cooking.

  • 451 S Hewitt St
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    20.4.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Urth Caffe is really good. It's one of the few places that keeps me coming back for more.  I love how fresh and delicious their dishes are. Everything from breakfast to dinner is amazing. I don't think any of their dishes have disappointed me.

    It has grown a lot in popularity.  A year ago I had no problem finding street parking. Today when I walked out the line to order was all the way to the street.

    My favorite drink has to be their Spanish Latte.  I love the latte art they make on their coffees. Their breakfast burrito is flavorful and very filling. Their breakfast bread is really thick and sweet,  not for the faint of heart in sweet stuff ;) The fruit and cheese plate is great too.

    Do I wish it weren't so crowded?  Absolutely.  I also wish their workers weren't so umm unprofessional.  The first time I came they undressed my friend's 16 year old daughter with their eyes. One of the recent times I came to Urth one of their bus boys was totally trying to pick up on me, asking my name so he could find me on Facebook. I was on a date there that day, made everything REALLY awkward. That's my sole complaint,  their workers inappropriate behavior. Otherwise, Urth Caffe makes me really happy.

    3.0 Sterne
    25.3.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Urth Caffe is the ultimate urban coffee and food shop. When I drove up and found it, I wanted to say… Weiterlesen
  • 800 E 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    So...this will be an interesting review.

    Two vegetarians decide they want dessert after eating yummy ramen in nearby Little Tokyo. My friend finds Wurstkuche via her yelp app and eyes the apple pie ice cream sandwich. We map it. It's within walking distance. And we're off on an adventure!

    We followed the gray brick road and the walk alone there was worth it. We're huge street art fans and we clicked away taking pictures left and right as Wurstkuche is in the Arts District. Can't get any better than this for is.

    Wurstkuche is slightly hidden, even the entrance is a tad misleading. It's almost like you walk into the rear of it (maybe we did?).  No one greeted us. Granted I'm not expecting a red carpet treatment, I just wanted a smile and a hello. Instead we got confused looks (maybe because my 9 year old son was with us...bringing a 9 year old into a beerfest restaurant?).  We ordered our dessert, paid the $5 plus for it, and entered the eating area. It's Hipster Central. Everyone was eating sausage of some kind.  I didn't mind it, but I knew I wasn't going to eat there.

    Ice cream sandwich was yummy. Seating area was cool.  If you want to impress a date or a friend with this out of the way hipster joint, you just might. The walk around that neighborhood is more impressive though :)

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