Flam in K of P (King of Prussia Mall and outlying)

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Here are some K of P places I have been.
  • 5.0 Sterne

    We had a 5 star experience from Bill (our attentive server) and the entire staff at Capital Grille.

    I was treated to a delicious birthday lunch here - and everything from the greeting by name when I arrived, to the f9ond farewell was top-notch.

    The food was the star of the show - and our table was decorated with rose petals and confetti in honor of my birthday.  They also snapped a picture of me and my dining companions at dessert.

    My meal consisted of truly perfect french onion soup (A cup was perfect for me - they also offer a crock), and the lobster salad.  I asked for extra tomatoes and they added a variety of heirloom cherry halves and beefsteak slices.  Delicious.  Topped with a shelled lobster claw.  Scrumptious.

    Every bite was blissful.

    Can't believe it's a chain - but I have dined now at a few CGs and all are excellent.

    very expensive - Lunch for 3 was over $150,  so plan accordingly.

    A special treat, indeed.

  • 380 Crooked Ln
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
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    5.0 Sterne
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    Kudos to Chef Joe (Chef Joe Koye) for a delectable gluten-free meal for our event last night at a private residence.  We had several Kosher and vegetarian people plus the hostess is a gluten-free celiac person, so we really enjoyed the creative buffet as follows:

    A gorgeous whole poached salmon - artfully presented on a bed of thinly sliced lemons.  The "scales" of the fish were thin slices of cucumber - stunning!  The accompanying cucumber/dill/cream was yummy.

    On the vegan side we had a lovely wild rice salad with black beans, a fresh salad of haricot verts and red peppers (simple and tasty) and my favorite QUINOA - this quinoa was lightly dressed in a lemony/oil (but it was not at all oily) and contained halved, red tear-drop tomatoes, magical mushrooms and sweet, sweet summer-fresh corn.

    That Quinoa was a five star delight in and of itself.

    What a feast!

    I am lovin' Wild Blue and will definitely use them when I have a need for private catering.

  • King of Prussia Mall
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    KK and Sur La Table are my go-to K of P kitchen gadget places.

    I needed a sno-cone maker - and they had one (It was $70 - ouch!).
    But they also had these cool (literally) ice pop makers, too.  ($15 - $40).

    Love to poke around here.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Friendly service and BIG portions of very good food. However the prices are too high.  I'd gladly come more often to get a lower priced platter (I like platters better than sandwiches) and a smaller portion.

    That said, for $11.95 I took 1/2 my meal (lots of great rice, Doner and roasted tomato plus lavash) home.  And it came with a fountain drink (again - knock $1.50 off and I'd gladly skip that - I like water.)

    Super-friendly ladies offered us samples of the savory beef stew.  (My friend ordered that).


  • 198 Allendale Rd
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    Schoeneman's is great for purchasing esthetic, waxing and beauty supplies.  Caters "to the trade" only.  I get my Tweezerman Tweezer's here and OPI, CND & Essie Nail parapherNAILia.

    Great to have them around.

  • 690 W Dekalb Pike
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Kitchen gadget central.  Love it here - and great for wedding and shower gifts.  Kinda expensive - but many of these things just ARE expensive (like espresso machines and a sno-cone makers).

    Fun place to shop and knowledgeable staff.

  • 160 N Gulph Rd Ste 5000
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    JC Penny is trying hard to resurrect its failing business.
    Prices are, indeed, somewhat lowernow - no coupons or a sale every other week.

    Decent variety of ladies and kids clothes.

  • 205 Mall Blvd
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    13.12.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    It's a 3 star place but I am giving 4 stars for the extremely well-executed holiday party we threw here for our party of 9.

    Granted, the food was family style - which meant it all came out promptly - but it was actually good (Chicken Parm, Chicken Marsala and a baked ziti with meat in it).  Best of all were the huge platters of (very good) tira-misu.

    Chrissy our server brought cappuccino and beverages right away.

    Considering how busy and crowded the restaurant was (and the place is huge) with every holiday party under the sun - groups from 6 to 36 at long tables - the service was AMAZINGLY good.

    For a faux-talian chain.

    3.0 Sterne
    21.11.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's a chain and it's 2 steps above the Olive Hell-Hole.
    My little daughter loves the pasta here and…
  • 160 N Gulph Rd
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    It's huge.  Between the Court & The Plaza you can literally get everything here- if you don't mind paying retail.    I usually eat at Ruby's with a girlfriend and then hit New York & Company.  (See my other reviews.)

    Avoid at holiday time - it's a giant parking-lot filled with chaos and annoyance.

    If you are a teenager - this place is 4 - 5 stars but I am officially a grown up now - so 3 stars from me!!!

  • 125 E Swedesford Rd
    Wayne, PA 19087
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I am a Saladworks gal - but this location is just OK - I have seen better (and worse) in size, layout and cleanliness.

    That said the ingredients are usually fresh enough - I had a spinach-based salad with shrimp & artichoke hearts.  $10 every time I go.

    Super crowded during the weekday lunch rush - go before 11:40 AM or after 1:30 PM.

  • 160 N Gulph Rd
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I am vacillating bewteen a 2 and a 3.
    Grabbed a quick sushi (4 pieces of nigiri and 1/2 a california roll) and it was $12.00 and change after tax.  Yikes.

    The Salmon was fine - but the tuna tasted a bit old.
    Mall Sushi.  Serves me right, I should know better.

    I will not be back in a hurry and if I return I will try the "cooked" food instead.

    The hot food looked OK but there were alot of fried items.

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