The sport of the world. This includes some of the places where I play or find gear.
  • 4141 Norse Way C
    Long Beach, CA 90808
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    If you're driving on Carson or Lakewood, you might see a small sign in the median pointing to a soccer store on Norse Way.  Had it not been for that sign, I don't think anyone would have known that a soccer store was there.

    From the outside it appears to be a small store, but it's actually a good sized store.  I'm not a fan of the bright colorful cleats they have, but that's the trend these days.  I'm an Adidas gal and I prefer the Adidas Copa Mundial cleats. You can't been the classic look. It might be plain to some one else, but to me it's timeless and goes well with any jersey or shorts.

    The staff was nice and didn't really swarm around me while I was perusing the store.  My go to soccer store Soccer Central. I practically grew up there, but I'm also a fan of smaller stores. I thought their selection was enough for a small store. I was told if there was something I liked that was not on their sales floor, they could order it for me. Cool!

    I've played over 20 years of soccer and there's nothing worse than an injury to keep you off the playing field. Soccer Warehouse keeps you in play by having multicolored under wrap that keeps the athletic tape from sticking to your skin and they sell a big box of athletic tape. A big box! I've gone to Sport Chalet and other sporting goods store and I only manage to get a box of four so this is awesome!  

    The multicolored under wrap actually has an additional use, a lot of the girls and women use it as a head band and it works well with keeping their lovely locks from getting on their face.

    For those who are just starting out in soccer, I suggest finding what works well with your budget. If you're not sure about how long you're going to play the sport, don't let the flashy shoes and balls fool you. Do some research before you invest. Soccer Warehouse is a good place to start your soccer shopping and the staff there is a little less uppity than some of the staff at Soccer Central.

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    I admit, I was a late bloomer when it came to playing soccer.  All the cool kids I knew started playing when they were 5 years old.  (I was 11 when I started.) The real reason why I started playing soccer was because of this one girl I had a crush on. (The crush disappeared because I fell in love with the sport.)  

    I was the chubby kid they stuck in the back as a goalie.  Yes, I've heard it all- "you make a better wall than a window."  But you know what, I stuck with it.  This was my escape during my awkward high school years.  

    After playing in college, I was lost.  I didn't know where to go.  It wasn't like I was Mia Hamm or Kristine Lilly playing for the national team.  I just wanted to play.  I can actually play in all the positions (that's just how I roll).  We're talking about pure 90 minutes of pleasure here, so you bet I'm eventually going to play in different positions(okay more like pain at times, but then again I guess I like pain (Thinking about getting spanked at Legendary Bingo @ HM in WeHo.)

    I discovered the league over XX amount of years (sorry, I can't give my  age away, I'm only 29 and holding).  In other words, I've been playing in this league for quite some time.   I would say this is the league where most of the college players who still love to play 'retire.'  So this is my church on Sundays.   Located at Heartwell Park(where Tiger Woods used to golf-when he was a cub) near the intersection of Carson & Woodruff.

    I wish I can say that the field we play on is in tip top condition, but it's not.  On rainy days, the games get canceled.  They used to have an Over 30's team but due to low turnout, they are now included in the Open league.  What I like about this league is that you don't have to travel around to different fields.  Although I think they can have better referees, I can't really complain.  It gets my blood pumping.   Every now and again you get to see some soccer moms fighting each other in front of the kids(awesome.)

    My wifey says she's watching me play but I know better, she's always buried deep into a book.  It's okay I love my cheerleader.

    I look forward to my Sundays because I know that after a shitty week (especially this week), I have a place to take my aggression out safely(thinking about my stupid coworker trying to throw me under the bus and other things I can't mention.)

    This is a great league, met lots of cool peeps.  The league is  always looking for players.

  • 4950 Faculty Ave
    Lakewood, CA 90712
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    Ahhh! Nothing like the brand new store smell.

    I've watched this store transform from an old Circuit City store to what it is today.  They had a soft opening that started last Saturday 08/06/11.  I ventured in to check out the layout of the store and to also check to see if they had any specials for bicycle service.  

    First impression:Smells like a locker room!

    I walked clockwise around the store. On the left, gym bags are displayed neatly against the wall in front of the cashiers. The store is divided by type of sport with all different types of sportswear in the middle of the store.  I noticed that they have designated areas for surfing and water sports(these were broken into two sections and parallel to each other with the clothing section separating the sections).  I thought this was interesting since the only store I can compare this SA to is the store in Cerritos. The Cerritos store appears to cater more to golfers since the golf section in that store is pretty big. So that's pretty exciting!

    The staff was really friendly (as they all are when brand new stores open up).  The bicycle section of the store is tucked away in the back of the store.  I asked for their prices on bicycle service. Just an FYI, there's a special on bicycle tune up from now on til Sept. 3. $45 for 'The Works' and $20 for Safety and Performance Tune.  

    When it comes to sporting goods stores, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love it! Good thing wifey was with me to stop me from making an impulse purchase on  a two-seater kayak.  

    Well, I'm glad that this store is now open it; saves me from having to drive down to their Cerritos location.  What a great addition to Lakewood Mall since that area of the mall has been empty for quite some time.

    Just an FYI: They're having a grand opening celebration on Saturday 08/13/11 starting at 8:00am where the first 250 people have an opportunity to win up to $500 worth of Sports Authority bucks. How awesome is that!

    Fingers crossed, I hope I win something so I can get new pumped up kicks!

  • 5247 Lakewood Blvd
    Lakewood, CA 90712
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    I like Big 5. Its simple.

    Is it the best sporting goods store? I say it is for whatever you need it to be.

    Big 5 constantly has sales and if you happen to come in at the right time, you might actually find that special bat, ball, camping gear, swim suit or maybe a nice pair of sunglasses to help save your eyes from those harmful UV rays.

    This location is not bad. There's plenty of parking. The store at times can be a little disheveled but for the most part you can find what you're looking for.

    The  employees are nice and usually helpful if they're not being pulled from one place to another. Budget cuts I suppose.

    The store is a tad cramped,  but it works. I get what I need and I'm out.

  • 18400 Avalon Blvd
    Carson, CA 90746
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    Although I haven't been to any of the games here, my experience with this place is completely different.

    I was able to play on one of their fields outside the stadium.  I didn't know that they rent out their fields.  I remember the day when I heard the rumor that they were going to build this stadium.  After 10 years of waiting...All the glory known as The Home Depot Center was born.

    Driving up to parking lot in the stadium brought back memories of me running around campus during the hot summer for soccer practice.  

    When I set foot on the was as if I had stepped on a soft pillow.  The group that had invited a bunch of my coworkers and some of the people in the industry I work in came together one Saturday morning to play in a small friendly tournament against each other.   It was really not anything serious when you have a referee who was somewhat calling the fouls in between taking swigs of beer.  Heck, some of the players were drinking beer before we even got started and it wasn't even noon yet.  Sweet.

    I didn't drink, I remember doing it once in college before a game and I felt like crap.  The field was so smooth and well maintained. The pace of the game was quick because of the field condition so I was sweating my butt off.  

    The whole facility was just immaculate. The only bummer was that they didn't really have much of a shade so my poor wifey was burning up as she cheered me on.  What a trooper.  

    It was just pure good fun.  Thanks to Eddie Q. for putting together a small tournament for people who love to play soccer.

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