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Nice, driving distance destinations for a weekend get away to recharge batteries and take a break from the Charlotte life.
  • 716 S Shelmore Blvd
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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    Ran this race for the first time this year on March 27, 2010 along with 40,000 other people!  It was also my first 10K and it was insane.  The atmosphere and getting to run on the scenic Ravenel Bridge is a once in a lifetime (unless you do the bridge run every year - or live in Charleston and can run it daily).

    This even attracts so many people as well as elite runners.  It was really cool to see all the Kenyans and top athletes from all over the place.

    I am definitely a fan of this race and hope to do many more as the years go by.

  • 1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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    Coming into town for the Bridge Run, I was looking to carb up the night before.  Cuoco Pazzo was perfection!  I had not bothered to make a reservation, but we got there early enough to grab a small table for two.  All the other tables had been reserved for big groups (probably from the Bridge Run out-of-towners like myself).

    Let me preface by saying I studied abroad in Florence my senior year in college, so I am forever searching for any sort of taste of Italy that is close to home (or in my travels).  This restaurant was the real deal.  I love that the restaurant is very unassuming and just real.  I was a little skeptical of the location, but the food was totally worth my short-lived uneasiness.  The staff was a bit busy since they were anticipating a full dining room, but our server was very friendly and warm.  Very laid back feel for our waitress and she was glad to see our plates were wiped clean when she came back to check on us.

    The bread appetizer was fresh, piping hot... and the special house olive oil with parmesan cheese was awesome.  We ordered Calamari, which is probably the best Calamari I have had.  Most places really go overboard with the breading, but the chef here knows what he is doing... night light coating of breading and a great salty flavor.  Most of the squid (especially the smaller guys with tentacles) were still intact.... I couldn't stop eating them!.

    The Veal Saltimbucco was awesome!  Just the right amount of protein and the side of pasta that comes with the entrees was just enough.  

    We skipped dessert since we were so full, but it looks like everything was scratch made in the kitchen so the dessert would have been another hit I am imagining.  Can't wait to do the bridge run again or find some other excuse to come back to Mt. Pleasant so I can eat here again.

  • 1137 Morrison Dr
    Charleston, SC 29403
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    DUCK CLUB ROCKS!  It was the perfect meal to eat after a long hard bridge run in the morning.  Probably one of the most unique sandwich experiences I ever had - the bread was toasted, but still soft and sweet in the middle and the duck combined with the bacon, lettuce, and tomato were heaven in my mouth.

    It also helped that the weather was perfect and this place as a killer patio deck area.  We didn't manage to snag an outside table, but being next to the window was just as good.  We got to drink up the atmosphere (of which this place had a lot of).  Definitely had a cozy, "man-cave" type feel with all the stuffed heads on the walls.  If you are an animal lover, I'd recommend that you find a table outside.  I was OK, until I saw the ducklings on the half-wall near the restrooms.  I am hoping they were fake, but I don't know how one would hunt those or how they kept the bodies intact to stuff them...

    Anyways, back to the food... the fries were just ok.  I know they were advertised as cooked in duck fat, but I couldn't really make out a distinct flavor or not.  Don't get me wrong, they were good fries... but missing something that they promised.

    Tattooed Moose also has a pretty good selection of beers.  One disappointment was no local brews offered.  No biggie, there were plenty of other unique area brews to choose from.

    Next time I find myself in Charleston, I will definitely make another stop here.

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    Was looking for breakfast on the IOP... other than the wait time.  It's kinda funny to walk in, see a bunch of empty tables and hear that the wait time is 30min.  The hostess said they don't like to seat people and have a terribly long wait (since the kitchen was backed up) which makes sense... but it turned off a lot of people looking to get some breakfast in on a Sunday.

    With my wait, I was able to read the specials (at my leisure)... so I was ready to order when I sat down.  

    Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes, bacon, home fries, and coffee and water.  I thought the wait was worth it... the pancakes were huge and fluffy.  I disappointingly was not able to finish them off they were so big.  They also came with a homemade root beer syrup.  The bacon was nothing to scream about... I prefer mine crispy, but I think in the kitchen's rush to cook... they kinda fell soggy and limp this morning.  Homefires were good - had green peppers and onions in them.

    I was solo, so the waitress was really nice and prompt... my coffee mug was kept full until I had a nice full bladder to hit the road on.

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    Great place!  I almost wish I was back in school so I can enjoy this place (instead of being in a different city).

    Went here for a couple of beers with an old college friend and had a good time.  We sat at the bar and also ate dinner, but the place was super busy (being a Friday night).  The bar tenders were cool and helpful in picking drinks and were attentive to our "refills".  

    The endless hush-puppies can be dangerous and very filling.  I had the jumbo lump crab cakes, which were delicious.  I'd love to try any of their seafood options and their oysters of course!  Doesn't look like they have a bad thing on the menu... the only bad thing is how small our stomachs are since we can't eat everything in one visit.

    Parking tends to be a nightmare, but if you don't mind walking... its a good way to burn off the extra dozen hush-puppies one might partake in this place.

  • 4601 Avent Ferry Rd
    Raleigh, NC 27606
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    I'm definitely a fan of this park.  I am also very sad at the same time since I did not take full advantage of it when I was going to college at NC State.  Great place for walking, running, hiking, boating, fishing off the walkways (with permit of course!).  

    From the runner's perspective, it's great since the whole trail around the park from the main complex off of Avent Ferry Rd around the lake is about 3miles.  It's got some challenging terrain and is well shaded for running in the summer.  I haven't been able to explore the part of the trail on the other side of Avent Ferry... but it should be just as great I would think.

  • 937 Broadway St
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29578
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    Pretty much the closest beach to Charlotte... I don't come here that often, but when I do, my stays have been good.  There is just enough to do for a nice stay to recharge the batteries and getaway from the norm.

    Last visit I had was to do the 1st Annual Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon.  It was a great trip... watching the sunrise while running 13.1 miles was a great experience.  Stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Pavillion so we were right on the beach.  

    Am I coming back next year?  It's a definite yes.

  • 1114 Celebrity Cir
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Got back from Myrtle Beach yesterday after running the first annual Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon - "13.1 Miles of Paradise".  We ate at Margaritaville on Saturday night... I was originally going to carb up and order pasta but I had a coupon for a burger and beer for $10 bucks from the race expo so I went that route - except had a Turkey Burger.  It was good and the fries were great.

    The restaurant is rather large and appears that it is frequented a lot (by tourists).... The bartender at our hotel (a local) didn't think the restaurant was all that, but you are paying for the brand name and the atmosphere.  The decor gives you a lot to look at, especially the churning hurricane in the center of the ceiling.  I think every 30min or 1hr there's a "storm" and there's a bunch of noise and stuff appears in the twirling contraption - a surfboard, sandals, etc... I think it probably drops something in the giant blender that is positioned beneath it, but sitting outside, I could only see the hurricane on the ceiling.

    Originally when we got there, there was a wait (since we had a rather large group) but we were told by the wait staff to try the patio.  The weather was gorgeous and we got a table right away.  As we were leaving there were a lot of people waiting on tables, but it seems like the place turns around tables pretty quickly.

    On the porch outside there was live beach music being played by a guy, his laptop, and a guitar... it was pretty decent.  

    Our group had kids with us and they all got balloon animals from a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and stilts.  Seemed like the kids had a good time and ate their food.

    Overall had a good experience and would probably come back.  Reading everyone else's reviews though it seems like its all about timing when it comes to hitting a bad wait time or not.

  • 311 W Franklin St
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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    Didn't stay here, but came to the location to pick up my race packet for the TarHeel 10 Miler.  The lobby was pretty nice and the set up for the race packet pickup was in the upper floors which appear to have an upper 'mini' lobby within the building that is super nice.  I'm used to hotels and long narrow hallways... The Franklin seemed bright and refreshing.  Probably a pretty great place to stay since you are right on Franklin Street.  

    I could see where parking could be an issue, but they have their own parking deck... don't know if it gets filled to capacity or if it can handle all the guests at once.

  • 2007 W. Lucas St.
    Florence, SC 29501
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    Driving back from the half marathon at myrtle beach we started getting hungry around 11:30.  Luckily we came upon a Fatz Cafe and stopped to have lunch.  I had the combo sampler that included, fried shrimp, steak, and their famous calabash chicken + one side item:  my choice was the cheese grits.

    I woofed down my food and it was the perfect after race meal - mostly protein.  I guess I could have gone a little healthier with less fried stuff, but it was all very good.

    Our server was very nice and we even splurged on the desert.  My friends had the peach cobbler and I had a couple bites of a ice cream cookie sandwich which was awesome!

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    Based on other Yelp reviews, I ventured into Muse the past weekend to have a nice early dinner the night before the Bridge Run.  I know Charleston has a crazy competitive restaurant market - as far as uniqueness and good food so it was pretty hard to get reservations anywhere else.  I wish I could say that the Muse was my first choice, but it wasn't... I am glad we got a table though.

    The Muse is located off of Society St... so it's tucked away (a little off the beaten path, but close enough to still get back to all the action).  The service was great, out waitress was very attentive and kept us happy - even offering some good suggestions since we had not been there before.

    Recommend the Penne Parmesan w/ Grilled Shrimp entree and the - Seared Manchego Cheese & Arugula salad.  Wish I partook in some wine, but that wouldn't have gone over well the next morning if I had to run somewhat of a decent time.

    I would definitely come back - the place has a lot of charm and the menu is not too big.  I would say the prices are pretty up there, but I didn't mind paying for a special dinner since I was a "tourist" and don't eat here every night.

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