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Some Seattle attractions that will get those little neurons firing.
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    Beitrag des Tages 10.2.2011

    This museum has been on the To Do List for about a year, so we finally checked it out yesterday. We can't even really check it off the list, actually, since we spent almost 3 hours there but didn't even get to see everything!

    Specifically we wanted to see the photography exhibit of the first Seattle World's Fair. Once we finally located it (the pamphlet map wasn't super well-labeled), it was fascinating. You won't find any knick-knacks or display cases full of replicas, it really is strictly photos and some newspaper articles. But the captions are useful and it was fun to catch a glimpse of Seattle society and fashion. Note to self: Go buy a big fancy hat a la 1909.

    What really sets this museum apart from others in the area is that it seems way more affordable (only $8 per adult) and that it's not crowded. You don't feel rushed to hurry past things because there's a queue forming behind you, and there's plenty of little hands-on demonstrations to keep you kinesthetically occupied.

    I came away with several new tidbits of knowledge about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. I won't divulge all of that knowledge here, since I don't want to spoil any surprises. (See what I did there? Now you want to go, don't you?)

  • 1505 5th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101
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    I love me some nerdy science stuff, but I think I could have gotten more out of this exhibit. Maybe it was just because it was pretty packed, but I didn't feel like I could really look and learn. We paid five extra dollars for the 'digital tour guide' audio thingie, but it just rambled on about stuff I already knew, or you couldn't really see what it was referring to. Then, there were some things that had no signage or information whatsoever, which was a head-scratcher.

    If anything, you'll leave with a healthy respect for your body and all the crazy things it does without you even knowing it. And, if you bring kids, let's just say you might have to answer some birds-and-the-bees questions when you get home.

  • 201 Mercer St
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    After the elite event here last summer, I finally got the chance to go back as a real live theater-goer!

    We didn't have tickets in advance, because who would have predicted that a play about Abraham Lincoln would pack the theater to the gills? Funnily enough, it was, and we were lucky to get two of the last few tickets left. Yours truly got the "youth" rate--only $10 if you're 25 or younger!

    And while there was no sunny, breezy courtyard to rub elbows in this time, we did have a beer and hang out in the lobby before the show. I was surprised that beers were only $5. You'd think it'd be like a sporting event where they charge nine bucks for a beer.

    When we got to our seats, it was clear why they hadn't sold yet, even though they were only nine rows back or something. There was a big concrete step on the floor in front of the chairs. It didn't obstruct the view or anything, but when you have Ridiculously Long Legs like The Boy and I do, your knees might get in the way if you have to rest your feet on anything elevated. But it wasn't so bad, especially since after the first act, we realized that there were 2 seats right next to us that were not sold, sans step. Score!

    All in all, a great experience. The actors were fantastic, the space was small and intimate, and there really isn't a bad seat in the house. Especially if you have stubby legs.

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    Call me simple-minded, but I could sit and mouth-breathe and watch the locks run all day long. And all night long, don't-cha-know, because they're open 24 hours.

    Things I'll Remember Next Time:
    1. Bring a picnic lunch to eat on the grassy knoll.
    2. Make friends with someone on a huge yacht and hop aboard.
    3. Save more time to wander the museum above the gift shop.
    4. Go get a nice salmon dinner somewhere afterwards (mmm, jumping salmon).
    5. Wear sunscreen.

  • 9404 East Marginal Way S
    Seattle, WA 98108
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    Today I channeled my Inner Six-Year-Old Boy and went to the museum of flight. He was pretty stoked.

    Some of his favorite things:
    1. Watch tower where you can pretend you're an air traffic controller and watch the planes land and take off.
    2. Space exploration wing--he thinks he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.
    3. Air Force One--because if he can't be an astronaut he wants to be president.
    4. World War II exhibit--cuz there's weapons and stuff.

    He got a little cranky toward the end because there was too much to see. But after a nap on the car ride home, he was really glad he went.

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    I don't really "get" sculpture sometimes. My peabrain requires art to actually look like something I can recognize. So except for the giant eraser, the silver tree, and the spinning ampersand, my mind was blank. Unless the sculpture was shiny, of course, because then I could stare at it for hours. And breathe through my mouth.

    Those of you with higher levels of cognition might appreciate it. Then you can draw me a picture and explain it to me later.

    It is free, though. And offers gorgeous views that even a simpleton like me can enjoy.

  • 325 5th Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    The lovely Miss Delilah R. tipped me off in her review about the fact that this place is open for *free* on the first Thursday of the month. She also said some other magic words--"live band" and "robots" especially caught my eye.

    Honestly, I wasn't that thrilled with the music portion. Call me lame, but I'm not a huge rock and roll fan and don't think I could recognize a single Jimi Hendrix song. So although it was cool to see all the memorabilia, I didn't feel compelled to really absorb all the information about the zillions of different guitars they had on display. We didn't get a chance to check out the live band; in fact we sort of missed the fact that they were actually playing.

    The coolest part of the whole place, the Sound Lab, was of course packed because everyone wanted to have time to play instruments hands-on. When we finally snagged a guitar station, there was too much pressure to hurry up and move on to really enjoy it. I guess that's what you get when you're cheap and only go when all the other cheap people in the city will be there too.

    I really did enjoy the Sci Fi portion, which surprised me. Paul Allen must really have had a sweet set-up in his home, because 95% of the stuff in there had a little plaque that said, "From the Paul Allen Family Collection". Hundreds of books, costumes from movies, laser guns, etc. etc. Hugely nerdy.

    Also hugely nerdy was my reaction to the Robot Room. Am I the only one obsessed with them? It all goes back to my love of The Jetsons I guess. But something about seeing a couple hundred mini robots all up in a row made me slightly giddy.

    Anyway, if you've got $20 to spare, go here on a regular day. Or if you're a bit strapped for cash, wait for the 1st Thursday of the month and bring your patience along with you.

  • 1483 Alaskan Way
    Seattle, WA 98101
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    I used to be a pretty big fan of The Little Mermaid, right? So the Seattle Aquarium's underwater observatory made me practically break out into the song "Under the Sea" (in my best Sebastian Jamaican accent, of course) and recreate some choreographed dance that I'm sure Sissy and I had made up to go along with it.

    And, OK, so maybe I wasn't technically a "kid" when Finding Nemo came out, but I thought it was cute that they had clown fish and whatever-Dori-is-fish in the same tank together. Best friends!

    They had tons of other cool stuff that I wasn't able to get good pictures of. My favorites:
    1. Giant octopus, which we got to see ripping the head off of a fish (cue Ursula singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls")
    2. Petting zoo - grope all the sea anemones and cucumbers like you always dreamed about
    3. Sea otters. Probably the coolest creatures on the planet.
    4. Limited time only - Mermaid Exhibit. OK, just kidding about that one. Those things are way too hard to catch.

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