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I said Karaoke NOT singing! I love me some karaoke. It's all about the performance and good songs!
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    I come here for karaoke, not for the clubby club downstairs with ladies dancing while half nekid and boys standing around the perimeter ogling.  Just not my thing.

    My thing is KARAOKE! And Orchid is a good place in K'town for that. They have decent food. I liked their popcorn chicken... spicy! Goes so well with the Korean beer or shi shi drinks, while you belt out some songs.  Their song list is the typical K'town joint English song list. Good standards, but not as good as Max or Miyako.

    Definitely check out the bathroom... yes, the bathroom! They have the Japanese toilets that sing, with the seat warmer and squirt water on your bum! Gotta love it! Ohhh the Japanese! The things they come up with!

    Also, be sure to make a reservation. The place gets pretty crowded.  Good ambiance, decent food, good drinks, and a decent song list = lots o' fun with my crew!

  • 2130 Sawtelle Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
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    Private rooms with the same English karaoke lists as the lounge at the Miyako in Little Tokyo, but... no booze! So you have to sneak it in. What, Mr. Karaoke manager? No, this is not a bottle of sake. I'm just VERY happy to get my karaoke on!  So... 5 stars for the song list and private rooms, but knocked down for no booze rule. But hey... I've never been one to need the libations to make a fool of myself!

    Call ahead to make a reservation for your group. The lighting in some of the rooms is... eh. And so is the ventilation, but the song list makes up for all of that. Go to their website to search for songs. I've been going here since the summer of '08 (my summer o' FUN!), and have only had ONE song I couldn't find - Mary Jane Girls' All Night Long.

    Oh yea... I could karaoke alllll niiiiight lonnng! But the prices are a bit steeper than for the typical K'town noraebang spots, so... no all night long karaoke for me.  

    I'm still lookin' for someone to go with me to hit up the happy hour special here... anyone? anyone for afternoon/early evening/weekday karoke?

  • 328 E 1st St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
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    5 stars for the English song list. Max Studio has the same list too. Love love love for the song list. 3 stars for the service. There are karaoke lounge politics you must play to get your song played. Hence... 4 stars.

    I went with a group for a friend's birthday. The bar is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. All the servers wear kimono and geta, wooden clogs, and speak limited English. Overall it's pretty cheap. $1 per song or $18 for 2 drinks and songs of your choice. When we got there, the bar was crowded with older men - white and Black men who can sing in Japanese. I'm guessing they were stationed in Okinawa, or they were huge anime fans and/or Asian fetish type guys. Everyone in the bar was super friendly, and just there to have a good time.

    Because it was a Saturday night, it did get a lil crowded and there were more songs in the queue than they could get played. That's when karaoke lounge politics kicked in. By flirting with the servers and buying them drinks and shots to do together, we got our songs kicked up to the front of the line. You also have your wallet emptied and you get drunker, faster.  We also started building coalitions with other groups in the lounge. We figured out what songs we had in common so we could ask for those songs first. Ahhhh... karaoke lobbying at its finest!

    My friends were there to karaoke, not sing. I believe there is a difference! However, there were some folks there by themselves to SING! They seemed like regulars.  Nice folks, but damn... they can SING!

    I hear if you go for karaoke in the middle of the week, there are less people and you can get your songs easier.

    If you want the same song list (cuz it is the BOMB!) or you prefer the private rooms, head over to Max Karaoke, which is also has locations in Little Tokyo, Sawtelle, and Torrance.

  • 3607 W 6th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
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    Karaoke is my drug. I get a high from karaoke-ing. I don't and can't sing. I karaoke. When I first get into a karaoke joint, I start shaking and getting cold sweats. While everyone else is huddled looking for their songs and feeling nervous, I'm fiending for my songs. I usually start out with Michael Jackson's Rock With You or Earth, Wind, and Fire's September. So yea... I'm not picky over karaoke when it's been a while since I've hit the mic.

    It's not that I didn't like the place.  It did have a mic and songs.  I've just been to better.  The song list was ok. I only sing in English, and I have to say it's the usual K'town nohrehbang list. It's alright. Not great.  They didn't have Rock With You by MJ or even by Bobby Brown.  No Baby Got Back :( The size of the room was ok, but the table in the middle took up all the space. They didn't have any booze and they wouldn't let you bring your own... booo. And the room smelled really funky.  

    Nonetheless, it's karaoke. So I had a good time :)

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