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Though I don't like to shop for clothes, I do like to shop for things. I love things. Weird things and colorful things and silly things. So when I need things (or sigh... clothes) these are the places I like to check out first.
  • 24425 Magic Mountain Pkwy
    Valencia, CA 91355
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    What's not to like about Target!?!! I've never had a bad Target experience so I may come into this review of my hometown Target a little biased but none the less I am crazy about Target!!! I try not to go here to much because I tend to overspend but I really feel that they have a lot to offer. They have $5 DVDs and sometimes I can find a truly great one!! The staff in electronics is always on the top of their game. I could spend hours walking around the kitchen supply section. They have Beatles glasses that are too cute. I always make a quick stop at their $1 spot. They have tons of crap in there but usually one or two really cool thing. I have found lined pads in really cute patterns for writing grocery lists, herb seeds, and little tiny green pails for candles at our wedding (I bought 30 of those!). For all your life needs Target is the place to be!!!

  • 25686 The Old Rd N
    Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381
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    In the years that I have been visiting Michael's their selection of bead and jewelry supplies have expanded exponentially. I am pleased to say that I can get most of my jewelry work shopping here. I feel lucky to have so many options right at my fingertips. The only place in the store that I don't spend a lot of time are the floral and framing department. The discount section right up front has some great finds for a $1. It's a must. I also enjoy the paper work section of the store. The stamps are expensive, so don't get crazy. But it's so much fun!! I feel proud of myself when I make it out of the store in under an hour and even more proud when I can leave without having spent $50!!

  • 23630 Valencia Blvd
    Valencia, CA 91355
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    I've spent countless Saturday mornings here over the past 17 years. And my fair share of weeknights immersed in school books. What can you say about Barnes and Nobles!?

    The staff here is reasonably helpful. Save for a few exceptions, the cafe staff becomes easily overwhelmed and have to call backup with only two or three people in line. It makes for a slow experience but if you manage to get in line when no one is there then it's not bad.

    The discount for membership is totally worth it. And usually you can find some pretty wonderful books in the discount section!

    They have a worthy music and movie section. And some pretty hilarious calendars. But most importantly, the books!! There are tons of books and when they don't have one they will order it for you and then call you when it comes in. That's customer service!!

    My main gripe is they have taken out all the comfy chairs to discourage lounging. Well that stinks! And they usually have this big room in the corner closed off. And it used to be so nice to sit in there. But other than that, it's a joyful place to relax and peruse some books or magazines!

  • 1356 Abbot Kinney Blvd
    Venice, CA 90291
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    While all of the shops on Abbot Kinney are crazy cute this one is my favorite!!!

    I kept touching everything and shrieking with excitement!! It is such an incredible store. If I had more money I would have probably spent it all. As it was I managed to contain myself to a graffiti book for my brother's Christmas present and some incense matches (also for my brother).

    Some notable stand outs:

    Molly M design jewelry
    Butterfly wing jewelry (sad but cool)
    Treehouse coffee books
    PREETTTYY coasters
    Unique clothes
    Sturdy Wallets
    Peace Signs!

    I'm telling you, of all the Venice stores this one is the most amazing! I can't wait to save up more money for another trip. Maybe this time I will buy a present for myself.

  • 24201 W Valencia Blvd
    Valencia, CA 91355
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    If you've ever spent a lot of time in Valencia you know the type of people that abound here. It's not too pleasant. The mall basically encompasses this feeling. These people combined with my general distaste for shopping presents me with few occasions to enjoy mall time. BUT, there is one shinning beacon of hope inside this mall and that is Sidecca. Sidecca is a very unique store. There is a wide variety of clothing options here. They also have a very large sock collection and lunchboxes. There are tons of quirky gifts for all those quirky friends you have. The staff is polite and friendly. It's a tiny store but I can still spend a fair amount of time in there. Don't be put off by the totally bizarre outfits the mannequins are wearing in the display. That is only a tiny representation of the wonderful clothes offered inside.

  • 9726 Washington Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90232
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    Ohmygoodness. With my intense love for great gift giving and how much I enjoy funky cards, Lundeen's is quite a powerhouse of awesome. The week before Christmas I came in here on three different occasions. Since it's right down the street from me I can't help but stop by here on my walk into downtown Culver.

    Some Wonderful things I have found here:

    Cards, tons of them. I bought a few for people in my life and they are too funny.
                EX: outside of card) Best Boyfriend Ever.
                        Inside of card) With my track record for dating douchebags that may not seem like much of a compliment but just trust me it is.

    Salt and pepper shakers that say cocaine and heroine on them. (Is heroine black?)

    a stress ball that looks like a funny moon face and is too much fun to squeeze

    bicycle paperclips

    funny face plates

    a mini hedgehog stuffed animal (this was in my stocking; thanks CP!)

    a righteous and fun travel journal

    funky bottle top openers

    Basically. Go. Bring a full wallet and a bit of reckless abandon and you could not have more fun in any store around! Go.

  • 6301 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    I'm crazy about Anthropologie. If I had millions of dollars, inevitably tons of it would be spent here. Unfortunately that is simply not the case.

    There are beautiful things here. I'm especially attracted to their kitchen and bedroom section. They also have this rotating shelf that's full of all these amazing knobs. I want to buy one of each and use them all over my house in really random places.

    The customer services here is pleasant and consistent. They usually great you at the door and are quick with checking you out. They even let me put 8 bowls at their register while I shopped around some more.

    Even though somethings are over the top expensive, sometimes you can find a real steal. Ted and I are planning a yellow and grey kitchen. Do you know how hard it is to find grey kitchen stuff!?!?! (Not stainless steel, GREY) It's hard. Well we found beautiful bowls here in both yellow and grey! Very exciting. More importantly they were only $5. We bought 8 and are just crazy about them!

    We always make a special trip to this store while we are at the Grove. And always will!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Ted and I are crazy about this store. We come here at least once a week. Ted has a bit of an obsession with their Napa Table and chair collection. He stares at it for an excessive amount of time dreaming about owning a house to put it in. They have a great selection of beverages. Not just wine but tea, coffee, sodas. It's amazing. There are also an extensive amount of kitchen supplies/table settings/everything cute you could ever want. For all of our shopping needs we look in Cost Plus first. It's a one stop shop. And so perfect. The staff at this location is super helpful and nice. Mirna and Jay are the standout employees. They are always there with great conversation and good recommendations. We love you cost plus!!!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    We were so excited to stumble upon this store!!!

    I saw it from across the street and knew it was the place for us.

    There are so many beautiful things inside this store. I picked out plenty of things that I know I will be coming back for. The prices were reasonable. Not cheap but not too expensive for fair trade beauty.

    The staff was pleasant and helpful. They even gave us a demo of the singing bowl from Tibet. They knew the answers to all our questions.

    This is a fun place to find a super unique gift for yourself or pretty much anyone you know. I will for sure be back!

  • 740 State St
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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    I really enjoy this store for the idea of it but I can understand why it only has three stars.

    This place is crazy expensive. And sometimes people who love peace don't have $60 to toss at a sweater. But I love peace enough that I save up money to buy their cute things.

    This last time I came specifically for their glasses. Super cute peace glasses only $7 each. We bought four and will come back for more. Their selection has declined dramatically since I was last here. It could be because they were having a sale. Ted was so bummed because he had been very excited to purchase a sweater but they didn't have any men's sweaters. The guy at the front promised there would be some in stock next time and encouraged us to follow them on facebook to see when it comes in. I like this place a lot but if I were to really buy everything I wanted in here I would be very poor very fast. They might want to consider gearing their store to everyone instead of just really really rich hippies. :D

  • 6400 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
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    It's true. Every wonderful thing you've's all true. There is a giant sea of incredible (and hard to find) vinyls just down the street from you. They have collector's editions of some really sweet shit (lunch boxes, t shirts and posters) and they have billions of vinyls, cds and movies. It's just like heaven. Plus the staff is super helpful. I was looking for some pretty obscure and vague cds and the staff there didn't shrug me off or become angered at my difficulty. Nay, they simply helped me and sent me on my  merry way. Wonderful place. I just wish I had more money to spend there!!!!!

  • 6333 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    This is one of my favorite places to be of all time. I'm never sad when I'm at the Farmers Market. There are so many options of great places to enjoy and so much wonderful food. I think it's important to always go to the Farmers Market when you need a little pick me up. There isn't a thing that will disappoint. (except that you have to leave). I could just walk around, not spend a dime, and have an amazing time. I love you Farmers Market!

  • 189 The Grove Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
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    We love the Grove!

    I have  a very distinct memory of being fourteen years old and sitting in science class listening to the popular girls in front of me chat about the Grove.

    Prissy Pants #1: Mom and Dad took me to the Grove last night and bought me the cutest Louise Vuitton purse!

    Prissy Pants #2: Oh. My. God. That is so great! I just love going there. I bought the greatest Dolce sunglasses there last week. It's the best!

    Me: What's the Grove?

    Prissy Pants #1&2: What!?!? You don't know? I knew you weren't cool.

    And that was it. As if I didn't have enough social inequities. I didn't know what the Grove was. But now, I hated it.

    Then, two years later my parents took me there (without knowing my intense dislike) to buy me a laptop for my birthday. And everything changed...

    Yes, there are plenty of prissy pants there. But if you go with some friends you can enjoy the pleasant shops/ and really expensive move theatre while ignoring the annoying. I could spend all day in Anthropologie and Sur la Tabl. It's all very upper class, but I just like to look anyway.

    The only restaurant I have ever eaten at is Morel's. It's an expensive steak house but Ted and I always share so we still enjoy the steak without such a high price tag. Generally though, I prefer the cheaper more amazing food at the Farmer's Market adjacent.

    Bottom Line: If you like a casual walk with some friends and window shopping then this place is definitely a good time. (and if you spend two bucks on a cup of coffee at The Farm you can validate your parking and save money!)

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    While looking for parking near Ventura Blvd. I almost slammed into someone because this store so dramatically pulled my eyes away from the road. I want to go to there!

    And boy was I glad I did. I didn't purchase anything (because it's a bit pricey) but I will some day soon. They have everything I never knew I always needed. It's a store made from heaven. I love it. I'm not kidding. The jewelry, the notes, the little trinkets, the clothes, the books, everything. It's just crazy cool. And a great place to buy wonderful presents.

    I can't wait to get paid and go back here!

  • 8375 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Just the facts please:

    1) Wonderful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff that really want to help you and not sell you something you don't need.

    2) Jam packed full of thousands of books that cover all of your traveling book needs and most of your traveling wants.

    3) A few really unique products that can aid your unique traveling experience. (travel pouch, flat water bottles, passport protectors)

    Literally what more can you ask from a travel bookstore?

  • 8407 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Fun store with fun gifts. If I'm ever in desperate need for something extremely unique I know I can find it here. From the mini harmonicas to the gorgeous jewelry  there is something in here for all inquiring minds. Yes, it's a little expensive but if you search around you can find a cool present in your price range. Don't give up to quickly, just stay the course and you will be rewarded.

  • 8405 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Every time I come in this store it's to admire the cute little Rodys. I love the Rodys. I wish I had a kid to give a Rody.

    But, though I come for the Rody, I stay for all the unique presents. On this trip I found a rainbow on a stick (seriously), a really unique foldable trivet, an origami penguin and an Asian cat calendar that CP enthusiastically purchased for our apartment.

    The staff was pleasant and enjoyed my sheer thrill at all their products (especially the rainbow stick!!!) and though I can't afford to purchase all the amazing things I want to, I still enjoy browsing and dreaming.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Geez!! I don't think  that I realized that this was actually a Harry Potter store but when I got in there I could not stop my self from squealing like a school child. This store is overdone and perfect. They have mastered every necessary touch and really it is all so well thought out. From the wand shop to the candy/drink section to the robe store to the dining hall, they have touched on so many of the wonderful Harry Potter experiences. It's like a mini version of the Orlando Harry Potter world. I was super impressed.

    So was this girl in the store who was forcefully pretending she was actually a Hogwarts student. In full robes, hat and wand she kept exclaiming, "Oh when I saw this in the Daily Prophet..." and "Just like when I was in my fourth year." Her wretched British accent was no where near as fine tuned as my drunk British accent; it was pretty hard on the ears. Besides the crazed enthusiasts this place is a lot of fun. I could definitely get behind having a Harry Potter themed party and stocking up with the goods at Whimsic Alley.

    Cheers to you, Whimsic Alley, for being too damn cool.

  • 1728 N Vermont Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
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    "This candle smells like heaven." - Stranger inside Co-op 28.

    He was right. It did smell like heaven. Even better - it had a plastic dinosaur figurine glued onto the lid and spray painted gold. It was by a San Diego based company called Put a Bird On It and it's amazing.

    I've been into Co-op 28 a handful of times and they've only improved each occasion. The staff is super friendly and enthusiastic. But, even better, the stock is totally radical. We've purchased amazing jewelry, awesome soap, radical candles, an unreal cool flask, and tons of other stuff. They have clothes and jars and vases and hats and everything you've never known you've always needed. It's one of my favorite stores in all the lands.

    If you need a cute gift or some other bullshit to fill up your house, Co-op 28 is your friend. Just trust me.

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