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I've been working on a comprehensive review of every single golf course in the San Francisco area for some time now. However, I travel a fair amount and thought it only fitting to add reviews for courses far from beautiful Northern California. Hopefully, I can help steer someone to the right course on their next trip. (Or for that matter, away from the wrong course.)
  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    Okay, before everyone gets mad at me for adding yet another new entry for Wynn, here's the catch.  The Country Club @ Wynn Casino is NOT the golf course.  It is the bar/restaurant at the golf course.  As of today, you will notice that all 23 of those reviews were written by people who have never played the course.

    When it first opened, the Wynn Golf Club was open only to hotel guests for the staggering price of $500 per round.  Later, as the economy soured, it was opened up to anyone who had the pocketbook to afford it.  More recently, they have begun offering discounted rates to attract enough golfers to keep the caddies busy. $300 will get you on the course Mon-Thur.  The rate goes to $375 Fri-Sun.  This includes a caddy, rental clubs, rental shoes, golf cart, bottled water and various sports drinks.  Actually not a bad deal in my book.  I played the course twice in the same day as the replay rate was only $200.

    The layout is tough.  Only one of the par 4s is less than 400 yards.  That hole is 386 yards but has an optical quality to it that will make you swear it's the longest hole on the course.  

    Many courses are not memorable because all the holes look the same.  You will find it difficult to remember this course at times because each and every hole is incredibly different.  Between streams, bridges, ponds, bunkers and even waterfalls, each hole is a little piece of artwork.  Go to the Wynn website for pictures and more information.

    This is a must-play, even if it's only once in your entire life.  At times, it is impossible to believe your right on the Las Vegas strip, with only the  towering Wynn and Encore casinoes to remind you where you are.  The staff will treat you like a celebrity from the moment you check in at the pro shop.  A personal concierge will escort you to the locker room and ensure everything is taken care of.

    A few final tips:

    Bring a camera
    Bring your own golf balls
    Bring a change of clothes (they have showers in the locker room)
    Enjoy yourself regardless of how you play

  • 12575 W Golf Club Dr
    Peoria, AZ 85383
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    Very nice course with great amenities at a reasonable price.  I got on as the guest of a member for $89 on a Thursday.

    The course itself is not easy at a 134 from the tips.  However, the difficulty can be kept to a minimum as long as you stay in the fairway.  My advice: sacrifice a little distance and stay in the short stuff.  Think about moving up one tee box if necessary.  Better to occasionally miss the Green in Regulation to avoid hacking around in the impossible tall grass which instantly adds two strokes.

    The course is in flawless condition.  The greens are a little strange in that none of them seem to have as much break as it appears.  If i had one critique, it would be the insane amount of construction going on around the course.  However, whenever you are not next to some guy with a power drill, it is almost eerily quiet.  I was beginning to wonder if anyone actually lived in any of the houses surrounding the course.

    Service was flawless.  All the way from the cart attendants, pro shop staff, beverage girls, waitresses and bartenders.  This place has very much a country club feel, even though the course is open to the public.  The club pro even helped me find a wayward drive on one hole.

    I can't recommend this place enough.  A truly great day of golf at a wonderful facility.  5 stars.

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    One question before I get started.  We're in the middle of the desert.  Where the heck did all this water come from?  Jeesh!

    As with all the PGA West tracks, this is an incredible adventure.  Perfectly manicured fairways, tee boxes and greens in excellent condition and everywhere you look there is danger.  Water, bunkers and uneven lies surround every inch of the fairway.  Keep it in the center, even if you need to sacrifice quite a bit of distance.  

    This course rates a 74.7/139 from the tips.  Unless you're about to head out on the Nationwide Tour or better, I highly reccomend you move up to at least the Championship tees which rate a 71.9/131.  This is no place for a Beginner.  While the forward tees have much lower slope ratings, the lack of level landing areas all the way up to the green would make it a tough day for someone with a 20 handicap or higher.

    Signature hole has to be #15 for me.  Work your way up the right side fairway with two bomber shots and you're still left with a long wedge shot to a very tight island green surrounded with 360 degrees of water.  

    Service is great, but make sure your cart has water and ice on it before you drive out.  This was forgotten on a number of the rounds we played out here.  Oh, a wide-brim hat, sunscreen, Gatorade and some food are also an absolute must out here.

  • 431 Eagle Dr
    Avon, CO 81620
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    Wow.  Just freakin' wow.  This is unbelievable.  This is one of the cheapest of the 20+ courses currently in the Vail valley, and it's absolutely breathtaking.  Peak Season, Peak Tee Time is still only $98 including a mandatory riding cart.  You start the round by bombing your tee shot off a massively elevated tee box next to the clubhouse onto an expansive fairway.

    I can't say it enough, this place is beautiful.  There are lakes, rivers, streams, forests, wildlife, views, etc., etc., etc.  The great thing is, it's not terribly expensive and they seem to tolerate higher handicap golfers.  A few holes are RIGHT next to major roadways.  If you are unsure of your game, it would be a REALLY good idea to hit a short iron off the tee or even just walk up and place your shot in the fairway.  Unless of course, you're fond of smashing windshields on cars traveling on the freeway at 70 mph.

    The course winds its way all through the mountainous terrain finishing on a 200-foot elevated tee box on the 18th where I'm proud to say I hit my first 300+ yard drive in my life.  (Mind you, between the elevated tee box and the thin air at altitude the same drive in San Francisco would not have made it to the 260-yard mark.)  There are great services on the course including a complete snack shack at the 11th tee with a full menu and magical cart girls who somehow cover the entire course every 90 minutes.

    One bit of advice: STAY IN THE FAIRWAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!  This course rates a fairly simple 70.6/127 from the tips.  HOWEVER, if you hit it even 2 inches off the fairway it becomes a 98.5/Infinity.  I swear I lost two dozen balls, but found just as many.  Take it easy, back off the bomber shots and keep it in the short stuff.  I'm not the greatest of golfers (15.6 index) but I ended up shooting a 112, including 18 penalty strokes for lost balls.  

    If you have a significant other who does not golf, bring them anyway and let them drive the cart.  They have a riding-only fare, and this is such a beautiful place, it's an enjoyable outing even if only one of you golfs.  

    BTW, kudos to an incredibly helpful and friendly staff.  They don't have that fake "Yes, sir" country club attitude, (which I'm not knocking, by the way) but a genuine interest in how you're doing and whether you're having a good time.

    The bad news is, I heard a rumor they may close the course and develop it.  That would be a crime.

  • 8565 Commerce Centre Dr
    Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
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    Anyone who lives close enough to go here everyday but doesn't, is crazy!!!

    This is by far the best training facility I've ever seen in my life.  Even more important is the staff of instructors you have access to.  I came here from all the way out in California to attend a 3.5 day PGA Training Seminar.  It was by far the best money I've ever spent on my golf game.  Rick Martino and Mike Peterson are simply two of the best instructors in the country.  I've had plenty of instructors look at my swing and tell me what I'm doing "wrong".  However, this is the first time I immediately felt a difference.  They even proved it on video.

    My index changed a full five strokes within a couple of weeks.  I'm excited to see how much more I can do within the coming months.  I will most certainly be back again in the future.

  • 22651 Pelican Hill Rd
    Newport Coast, CA 92657
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    While it certainly pales in comparison to the courses at Pebble Beach, I was nonetheless impressed, with one minor exception.

    The greens are in great shape, but the fairways are more chewed up than they should be for a resort course.  The course itself wanders through the hills and has some incredible views of the ocean during the round.  The true difficulty in playing the course is not knowing the outs.  For instance, there are bail-outs that are simply not visible from the fairway or tee box.  Until you play one full round, you'll never know where they are.

    My only gripe is that a number of the holes are insanely similar.  At one point, we drove up to the tee box, and then drove backward to see if we had taken a wrong turn somewhere.  All four of us swore we were standing on the exact same hole we just played over an hour ago.  Definitely not worth over $200, but a decent deal if you can find a twilight or discount rate.  

    Great service from everyone on staff!

  • 11111 N 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
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    This is the resort course for the Pointe Tapatio Cliffs Hilton.  

    Not an easy trek by any stretch of the imagination, but nevertheless a playable course for virtually anyone.  Desert golf is great in that low-index golfers can be challenged by the requirement to play target golf.  High handicap or newer golfers should enjoy the fact that the desert conditions make it very easy to find errantly hit balls and place them back in the fairway.  (Don't try to hit off the desert dirt unless you hate your clubs.)

    There are a couple difficult forced carries but as long as you pick the correct tee box, they are all manageable.  Course conditions are always immaculate.  (I've probably played here 20 times over the past 5 years.)  The greens fees are a little on the high side, but then again this is resort golf and that is to be expected.

    My only complaint is the service.  The guys who work the carts need to grow up and act a little more mature.  I get tired of standing there watching towel fights or two guys arguing over who can hit a golf ball farther.  I don't know why, but this seems to have gotten worse in the past year.

  • 2700 N Van Clief Rd
    Stevinson, CA 95374
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    Just a nice course.  That's it.  Nothing really makes it a fantastic experience nor a bad one either.  A friend of mine was raving about the place calling it the best course in NorCal.  I think said friend may be hitting the bottle a wee too much, if you know what I mean.

    7100 yards and a 142 slope from the back tees makes it long and difficult.  There are a lot of bunkers, hazards to carry, and a few small water features.  It's one of those courses that isn't that difficult if you stay in the fairway.  However, the moment you hit into a rough  or hazard, scores begin to skyrocket.  It's definitely easy to completely lose it on a single hole ala Greg Norman or that French Bozo from the British Open years ago.

    The day we were out here the greens were in downright horrible shape.  They told us they had been sanded and punched over 3 weeks ago.  Impossible.  They looked like they had been sanded within the last 3 days.  

    The other thing that got me was the smell.  Even while we were still miles out, we started sensing this growing overpowering smell of animal feces. Unfortunately, it wasn't cow or horse manure.  It was something much, much worse.  It never went away for all 18 holes, although by the Back 9 your nostrils are burned out enough that it stops being a problem.

    They do have a driving range where the range balls are included with the greens fee.  

    The restaurant and bar have decent food and drinks, but it is still your typical muni/public golf course meal selection.  Burgers and sandwiches.  A couple friends stayed in the bungalows on-site and said they were nice but far too expensive.  I haven't seen them myself.

    This course is a solid two-hour drive for those living in the SF or San Jose areas.  I would recommend someplace closer unless you are in the CA central valley anyway.  Then this place is a definite "yes."  I'd like to give this course a second try, but I can't see myself doing it for full price + a two-hour drive.

  • 9700 Reserve Blvd
    Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986
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    4.0 Sterne

    This really should be three separate reviews, but oh well...

    There are 3 courses out here: Ryder, Dye and Wanamaker

    The Ryder is a very forgettable course. There is one Par 5 with a "bite off as much as you can chew" lake, but otherwise, the holes are difficult to remember.

    The Wanamaker is a little more difficult than the Ryder and has a few more surprises.

    By far, the Dye is the best of the three.  LOTS of crazy bunkers, all located strategically to catch your ball.  There are also a lot of waste areas filled with crushed shell which, although daunting in appearance, are fairly easy to hit out of.  We don't have any such thing here in California so it was a definite learning experience.

    FYI, the food in the clubhouse is bad.  I mean really bad.  I have this thing for filet mignon.  I get it everywhere.  I can honestly say the worst filet I've ever had in my entire life was right at the PGA Village clubhouse.  Be advised that medium rare = well done.  Yick...

  • 6600 N Wingfield Pkwy
    Sparks, NV 89436
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    4.0 Sterne

    We played in a tournament here last weekend.  The pace of play was horrible (6 hours) but there was a local tournament in front of us which I suspect is what caused the problem.

    I could probably best sum it up as a nice little course.  Tee boxes, fairways and greens were all in very nice shape, although the greens were incredibly slow.  I actually prefer slow greens as you can really give the ball a good tap.  

    I didn't find the course to be terribly difficult, but then again I had a great round hitting 16 of 18 fairways/greens.  There is PLENTY of water, and the Par 3s are all carry.  My advice: don't be a hero, just put it on the green. The course is definitely set up to penalize those who slice their tee shots.  You would be better off hitting a straight 3-wood or hybrid than to slice your driver.  There are plenty of bunkers to provide humility.

    The staff was very courteous and helpful.  All in all, I would recommend the course if you are in the area.

  • 4.0 Sterne


    The course is definitley quirky, but not so much that it's annoying.  (e.g. Emerald Hills in Redwood City, The Ranch in San Jose)  You can't shoot well until you've played the full 9 at least once.  There are too many tricks and turns that you don't see until after you have played your shot.  The course is a very simple 119 slope from the tips.  The difference between the tips and the next tee box is negligible, so if you've never told your buddies "Yeah, I played from the tips", this is the place to give it a try.  

    The course is well kept considering it's stuck behind a litte B&B.  Staff is extremely nice.  The locals will tell you they play fast.  (They don't!)  Make sure you are not in a hurry when you come here.  This is a course to enjoy, not to win $100 off your playing partners.  

    Extra bonus: no one will say a single word if you show up in a tee-shirt and shorts.  Other golfers are super-relaxed and friendly, even when you underestimate how far your drive will travel on the 5th hole and you pound one 280 yards right into them.....(sorry guys!)

  • 3021 US Hwy 50
    South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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    I hope the people around here appreciate what they have in this course.  For an insanely cheap price ($58 at peak rates with a cart, Early Bird-18 for $41) you get to experience a fun course in an absolutely beautiful setting.  

    I woke up wickedly early and arrived at the course at 6:30am in June to find the place completely empty except for the pro shop and a brisk 37 degrees.  By the time I walked off the 18th green just 2 1/2 hours later it was 74 degrees.  Crazy...

    This is an executive course with no Par 5s and, for the most part, insanely short Par 4s.  Half of the Par 4s are driveable for big-hitters making it fun for brand-new golfers and PGA Tour wannabes alike.  The course does allow just about anyone to do anything.  I saw a six-some (???) tee off the second day I was out here.  They were all TERRIBLE golfers, but no one seemed to mind.  In general, the attitude here is relaxed and casual.

    The course winds through the forest where you play through trees both uphill and downhill.  While this may make it challenging for newbies, sticking to short irons will make it easier for them.  Lots of wildlife include deer, rabbits and even a fox which sauntered up the middle of the 6th fairway while I was there.  

    If you're some stick-in-the-mud stuck-up country club type, this is the WRONG course for you.  If you are more about enjoying a great day in beautiful surroundings, regardless of your skill level, put this course on your things-to-do list.

  • 2775 N 15th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
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    Erster Beitrag

    If you're looking for a glamorous 18-hole course with sweeping elevation changes and beautiful fairway and green've come to the wrong place.

    However, this is a fantastic bargain and a great course to shoot a low score or take your first outing on a full-length course.  The fairways are dead flat and provide even lies no matter where you end up.  The rough is cut, so there is little to no danger of losing a mis-hit ball.  The rough is even easy to hit off of.  The greens have very little break.  There is water on two holes (that I remember) but oddly enough, it's on the left side of the fairways.  Since most right-handed golfers slice their shots, this won't be a problem for most people.  There are very few bunkers, but the ones that are there should be avoided as the quality of sand is very poor and quite thin.  

    The course is easily walkable and I would reccomend that you do just that.  A foursome walking can actually play faster than a foursome on two carts.

    One of the people in our foursome was a horrnedous golfer.  I doubt he had one decent shot in 18 holes.  However, the course does not penalize you for bad shots and he actually had a nice time while he didn't hold up the pace of play at all.  This made it fun to play with him regardless of his abilities.  I think he shot about a 110 which was pretty good for him.  At somewhere like Lookout Mountain, I'm sure he would have shot 150 or higher.  

    I paid a measly $34 on a Wednesday to walk 18-holes.  The Twilight Rate is a mere $18.  The course is certainly worth more than this making it an absolute bargain.

  • 5641 E Lincoln Dr
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    This is a neat little executive course tucked away at the base of Camelback Mountain.  

    Perfect place for beginning golfers as the forward tee boxes are very short.  As executive courses go, this is tougher than most out there.  However, one needs to keep in mind that by their very nature, executive courses are much simpler than even the simplest of full length courses.  Beginners should bring plenty of extra balls.  There is considerable water on the course.  

    Make sure you only make tee times through the website as these are massively discounted from the phone-in rates.  This course is a mediocre deal at $35, but not anywhere near worthy of a $65 rate.

    The greens were in moderate shape.  The course is filled with lots of beginning/hack golfers who obviously haven't been taught proper etiquette for fixing ball marks and how to put the pin back in properly.  Hence, lots of marks and banged up holes.  

    There is an amazingly nice club house considering this is an executive course.  They have a driving range, although it is restricted to irons only.  Golf carts were fairly new and reliable.  One anomaly is frost in the winter.  Due to the course location in the shadows of Camelback Mountain, it takes an insanely long time for frost to melt on the course.  They had a 2-hour delay the day I was there, and they still had to start people on the Back 9 which is slightly more sunny than the Front 9 in winter.

    If you're looking for a quick round of 18 holes but don't have time for a full-length course, consider this to be an excellent alternative.  We made it around in about 3 hours without rushing.

  • 12915 Fairway Dr
    Truckee, CA 96160
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    The course itself is wonderful.  It winds through the forest reminding me of Spyglass at Pebble Beach.  (Although not quite that nice)  I don't remember the Slope rating, but it must be in the low 130s.  It is a moderately difficult course with severe penalties for hitting trees.  

    Except for three reasons, I probably would give it 5-stars.

    First, this is a developer community where home sales have been terrible for the last few years.  Hence, when you get to the course you are hit with a high pressure sales pitch.  Frankly, for the prices they are asking, you can get a much nicer place at Martis Camp a few minutes away that has a nicer course and it's own ski lift.

    Second, the entire course is cart path only.  This makes the round 20 to 30 minutes longer with all the back and forth across the fairway.  Of course, if you stick it up the middle every time, this won't be a problem for you.  Anyway, if you think you are playing cart golf, think again.  This is not a good course for Seniors or those that can't walk a regular course.

    Third, the idiot cart attendants.  Never, ever tell a customer "No."  We needed to leave immediately after the round, and the cart attendant was so fixated on getting his $5 for cleaning our clubs, he refused to let us take the cart any further than the drop-off area.  

    Give it a shot.  You'll definitely enjoy the course itself and the beautiful surroundings.

  • 2400 E Missouri Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Just played the Links course at the Biltmore for the first time. If there were a 3.5 star rating, I would have chosen that.  

    Great service from the time you get there.  Very much has the feel of a country club including bag boys, a nice restaurant and a decent pro shop.  The only downside is the awful beers they offer on the course and at the turn.  (Some of us have slightly more refined tastes than Budweiser and the like.)

    The course is enjoyable, although there are less than obvious hazards and layouts.  For instance, on #2 there is water down the left side in three separate lakes.  While the first is plainly visible, you can easily drive the second lake yet not know it's there.  Get a yardage guide or ask a local for help.  The layout is very typical of a resort as it is strung out over a huge distance and doesn't flow very well.  I wouldn't reccomend trying to walk.  In fact, I'm not sure they would let you if you wanted to.

    The pace of play was a PUNISHING 5 hours.  According to the locals and the starter, they use 5 minute separations which causes this backup virtually everyday.  In all my experience, I don't know of another course in the world that uses separations that tight.  Management should be ashamed of themselves.  We were backed up 3 groups deep on every Par 3 and many of the Par 4s.  There is no excuse for this.  On top of that, the group in front of us was playing from the blue tees and had no business doing so.  People, please check your ego.  If you can't shoot below 90 on a regular basis, move up to the White tee box.

    Good deals can be had on  I certainly wouldn't pay full price.

  • 2900 S D Andrea Pkwy
    Sparks, NV 89434
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    The course itself is in decent shape, but the surroundings are nothing but depressing.

    If you are looking for an example of a builder who screwed up a community, this is it.  As you wind your way through a fairly decent course, you will witness hundreds of leveled lots with no houses on them.  There are piles of rocks everywhere.  It is obvious that the builder simply pulled the plug on this community and stopped all work until the economy improves.  Like I said, it's a little depressing.

    The course itself is fun, but very quirky.  For a stretch of 9 holes you seem to head uphill endlessly which then reverses to 9 holes of downhill shots.  Unless you are incredibly accurate, the best advice is to play everything a little shorter and keep it in the fairway.  The rough around here is brutal, and the staff advised us not to venture into the weeds for fear of rattle snakes.  The course is quite short, so stick to your accuracy game.  The greens will hold a shot very well, so don't be afraid to leave yourself a slightly longer approach shot.  

    I fear this course may not make it through the current real estate crisis. On top of unbuilt lots and ridiculously low prices on new homes, there were numerous existing homes for sale by current owners.  They were even offering full memberships for only $1,500.  In Northern California, you can't get a membership anywhere for less than $50,000.  Best of luck to everyone at D'Andrea.  

    Nice bar, but the food was quite bland.

  • 15202 N 19th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85023
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne
    Beitrag des Tages 2.7.2007 Erster Beitrag

    If you are a Northern California resident like me and you're looking for someplace to golf in the Phoenix area, what I'm about to say will amaze you.  Phoenix residents however, are apparently quite used to this:

    Okay.  I paid for 18 holes for myself and my nephew, a riding cart, rental clubs for said nephew and a dozen golf balls.  The entire total came to $89!!!  That won't even cover the green fees at most courses around the San Francisco area!  All this for a Friday morning tee time.  How crazy is that?

    The course is very straightforward with a Rating/Slope of 71.9/122 from the tips and 68.3/117 from the forward tees.  I honestly thought it played a little easier than this, but then again the Arizona Golf Association doesn't have Pebble Beach or Spyglass to view as comparison.  There are two forced carry holes but otherwise, any novice should be able to get around this course without wanting to give up after the Front 9.

    For a muni in the middle of the desert, I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the course, the greens and the tee boxes.  Brown patches of grass were few and far between.  The greens rolled fairly smooth given the amount of play.  I can't comment on the pace as I never saw the group in front of us, nor was there ever a group behind us.  All in all, it was a fun course at a great price.

    The caveat of course is the oppressive Arizona heat.  Figure out how much water you will need, then bring twice that much.  I would reccomend wearing a wide-brim hat, LONG SLEEVE golf shirt and slathering sunscreen on any and every exposed piece of skin.  How these people put up with this year round is beyond me.

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Golf Course Reviews for the Bay Area and Beyond! (66)

I've spent many, many, many hours playing golf at every imaginable course in the Bay Area.  Here is a list of courses along with comprehensive yet sensible reviews.  All courses are listed in order of preference.  In other words, if two listed courses are both 4 stars, the one higher on the list is the better of the two.  Driving ranges are grouped together at the end of the list.

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