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  • 1330 Culver Rd
    Rochester, NY 14609
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    Took the time last night to revisit a classic from my days living in the upper east side of Rochester, and boy, was I glad I did. Ninos still makes Sicilian pizza  the way it should be made. Fresh dough, expertly baked... super sauce & just the right amout of mozzarella.

    While some might balk at a Sicilian style pizza, let me just say that the crust was light and airy. Baked to perfection! I've seen so many pizza places change up their recipes & try to compete with the Dominoes and Papa John's customers who expect a pizza to be done in 15 minutes or less. Let's just face it... it's a crime to turn Pizza into fast food. That's why we have McDonalds.

    I warmed up a slice of last night's pizza in the microwave today, something I seldom do. Much to my surprise, it didn't turn into leather... the pizza tasted (almost) as good as it did last night... something I cannot say about Pontillos, Mark's or the venerable Joe's Brooklyn Pizza. Truly exceptional!

  • 1460 Monroe Ave
    Rochester, NY 14618
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    Great article here @ the Rochester D&C about this much-loved vinyl destination:…

    When I *actually* moved to Rochester in 1981, record stores were my salvation. I wound up working @ the Record Archive in '82 and spinning records on 88.5 WRUR FM. It was around that time that the Bop Shop opened. While both stores are current & vital, it looks like the existence of the Bop Shop is being threatened by, of all things, their landlord.

    I know I'll be going to the Gate House and Dark Horse much less often without Bop Arts events to lead me there. The Village Gate will suffer when it loses the Bop Shop as one of it's anchors.

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    I can't believe that Calabresella's hasn't been reviewed yet! It's a full deli with tables and chairs where you sit down & eat, or you can grab it and go. PLUS! You can go to and order some of the finest Rochester made products for delivery to Flower City Ex-patriates. I routinely send my brother-in-law Tom a Zweigles survival pack from Calabresellas every year for his birthday.

    If you're a sauce fan, Calabresellas has 'em all... Uncle Ralph's, Smitty's, Coach Tony's, Bill Gray's and others too numerous to mention.

    Gotta try uncle Ralph's new Texas Twister sauce, it rocks!

  • 616 E Main St
    Palmyra, NY 14522
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    If you've got a hankering to venture out Route 31, you'll find an excellent Burger & Ice Cream Stand nestled in the heart of Palymra. Great food, and humongous helpings of ice cream make for a experience...

    I've heard that the lines get tres long in the summer, especially during Hill Cumorah. Still, worth a stop! Last time I was there I talked to folks who'd driven up from Ithaca to pay the Chill N'Grill a visit!

  • 153 Liberty Pole Way
    Rochester, NY 14673
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    A fantastic, super fun place to meet up with friends and see great live music. Danny Deutsch is the owner/proprietor and he is a great music fan and impresario.

    I've never been to a place that is so lively and full of positive energy! In fact, it is such neat place that I decided to use the facilities to throw a birthday party for my wife (catered by Susan Plunkett). With one band playing upstairs (Infrared Radiation Orchestra) and another downstairs (Tim Clark's Dang!), my party guests had a blast!

    So, if you're reading Yelp and want to know where to go during the Rochester International Jazz Fest, Abilene is it!

  • 1100 Jefferson Rd
    Henrietta, NY 14623
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    A lot of folks in Rochester gripe about pizza but base their complaints on local chain pizzerias. Yes, the glut of chains has all but obliterated the iconoclastic mom & pop pizza shops; and at first glance, you might think  Joe's Brooklyn Pizza *is* franchise, especially since it's nestled between Five Guy's and Moe's in the Henrietta Top's Plaza.

    You'll be relieved, then to find out that Joe's is a true hometown business, with roots in Midtown Plaza and obviously the love child of a true blue pizza making family. They make some of the best pizza I've had in the area (and that's saying a lot). I gave them a whirl after a couple of places I used to frequent went down hill, and have been a regular since then. Great thin crust, Sicilian and specialty pizzas (my daughter loves their Buffalo Pizza). While on the surface it might seem to be tad more expensive than your average chain pizza joint, it is better a quality product made with better ingredients. You DO get what you pay for, my friends!

  • 1700 Culver Rd
    Rochester, NY 14609
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne
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    This update is for long time fans of Donuts Delite... a couple of weeks ago I was up and at 'em early, decided to stop by & pick up breakfast pizza a box of donuts for the family. Much to my surprise & pleasure it was also the morning that Bob Malley stopped by to pick up a couple of donuts. Yes, Mr. Malley of Donuts Delite (and Highland Park Diner) fame. If ever you needed confirmation that Salvatore's was making donuts like they made 'em back in the day, that was it.

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    I'm so glad that Soccer Sam took this location under his wing and brought it back to life... not… Weiterlesen
  • 40 S Union St
    Rochester, NY 14607
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The Skylark is a long overdue and welcome extension to the Rochester bar scene. Herman Gatto is a genius. I've enjoyed every trip to this hip joint. I'd love to see more music here... it's a great room. Will the Skylark become a future Jazz Fest venue? It's not too far off the beaten path... will see. I'm going to add som e pics from shows I've attended there.

    And *YES* get the meatballs...

  • 50 Public Market St
    Rochester, NY 14609
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Super fun mixer at one of my favorite new spots! It was great way to meet up with &  compare notes with fellow Yelpers (though it DID make me feel like an elder statesman). Enjoyed the Banh Mi bites & the chicken sausage... while I didn't see any fancy dance moves, I did find a fellow Kenyonite... Ms. Mel M! Pictures to come, of course!

    Looking forward to another Elite event... and kudos to Breanna for putting this together!

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