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Other food I like that isn't sushi :)
  • 23591 Rockfield Blvd
    Lake Forest, CA 92630
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    20.10.2008 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Still closed on Sundays, but now its open 24 hours the rest of the week. +1 star :)

    Pollo asado fries are AWESOME.

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    1.10.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Pros: Carne asada fries, pollo asado fries
    Cons: Closed on Sunday, closes at 9 PM every other day,…
  • 17225 Brookhurst St
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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    Three words:

    Carne Asada Fries.

    For $7 dollars, you can enjoy heaven on earth.  I heard about Alerto's back in college.  My friends and I would go here after a late night of studying and indulge in delicious artery clogging goodness.  Anyway,  I always get the carne asada fries (i.e. super fries).  It has guacamole, onions, sour cream, cheese, carne asada, and of course french fries.  I can't really speak about any of the other items on the menu, since thats all I really ever get.

    Anyway, I think you can also get a half order, if I remember correctly, for around $5 dollars. there really isn't a difference between the normal size and the half order size, so take your pick.  

    Whenever I have a craving for carne asada fries, I come to Alerto's.

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    Javier's is not your typical hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  The food here is actually a little more upscale than that.  Dishes here are typically around $15-$25 for an entree.  I've been here on numerous occasions and I've had the the tried the "Pollo Asado" (delicious) and the "Salmon al Sarten-Seasonal" (also delicious).  The service here is pretty good, but sometimes it can get crowded during lunch and dinner.  Also, like most places in the Spectrum, you'll be dining with the typical "OC" crowd.  If that doesn't bother you too much, then you should be fine.

    Overall, if you're in the mood for some Mexican food thats a little fancier than your "El Torito's" and your "Acapulco's", give this place a try.  Also, if the weather's nice, try eating on the patio.

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    Pros: House Pan Roast ($21)
    Cons: Service needs a little work (I'm assuming that it's because it was the grand opening).

    I love seafood pan roasts. I love the "Oyster Bar" in Las Vegas. I also love the "Boiler" out in Chino Hills. I've even been known to cook my own seafood pan roasts if I'm craving it enough.

    That being said, you can imagine how excited I was when the wifey told me place was opening today. According to their website, the chef, Chef Ritter, used to work at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station in Las Vegas. I love the pan roast at the Oyster Bar so I had high hopes for this place.

    We got here around 7:30 and we had to wait about 45 minutes to get seated. It was pretty crowded, but I wouldn't expect anything less on opening day. Our server was pretty busy and she was a little flustered. She had to come back to our table a couple times because she kept forgetting our order. Oddly, enough our food came out relatively quickly once we ordered it (although they did forget our side of cajun fries).

    Anyway, I ended up getting the house pan roast ($21) which includes shrimp, lobster, clams, and crab. When you order, you have to pick a spice level from 1 to 10. I got a 5. I might be a little biased, but I thought the pan roast was delicious. It has the right amount of flavor and seafood. Pretty damn good.

    Again, the service was a little spotty, but it was their grand opening. I'm sure I'll be back the next time I'm craving pan roast.

  • 633 Anton Blvd
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Pros: Bone-in ribeye, bone-in filet, lobster mashed potatoes, great service
    Cons: None (except maybe the price, but it's typical for a steakhouse in OC).

    Wow. I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet (Thanks for the reminder "Your Next Review Awaits" thing on the corner of my Yelp home page).  

    All I can say, is Mastro's is the BEST steakhouse in Orange County. Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, etc don't even compare. I could be biased, but I love me some bone-in ribeye from Mastro's. The seasonings they use puts their steaks above the rest.

    Their sides are pretty badass too.  Lobster mashed potatoes FTW.  They don't skimp on the lobster either. There were sizable chunks swimming in a sea of fluffy mashed potato goodness. Good stuff.

    Anyway, expect to spend around $70-$100 per person including sides, appetizers, entrees, drinks, etc.

    I've been here a couple times and have yet to be disappointed. Perfect for special occasions.

  • 665 Paularino Ave
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Ya sure, the parking here freaking sucks.  Also, it doesn't help that my car barely fits in any of the spaces.

    Anyway, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this place has the best pork katsu curry plate in the OC.  Of course, that's just my opinion, so if you know any other places in the OC with better curry, please let me know.  Seriously, you can't beat a plate with tons of curry, rice, pork katsu, and a salad for $6.

    5 stars for sure.

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    Pros: Carnitas fries, takes credit cards
    Cons: Waiting in line (but most of the time it isn't even that bad)

    I'm a recent food truck junkie. The Lime Truck is one of the reasons why. There's really only one reason why this place gets 5 stars in my book:

    Carnitas fries.

    You can't go wrong with spicy slaw, carnitas, and fries. It's like carne asada fries' cooler older cousin. Definitely give it a try.

    Daniel S.
    Kommentar von Daniel S. von The Lime Truck
    9.12.2010 Thanks a lot for your review man! were working on those lines, always trying to get faster! some… Weiterlesen
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    Pros: Renzo's hospitality, good food, reasonable prices
    Cons: None that I can think of

    Came here the other day with some friends for dinner and I was very impressed. First of all, Renzo is extremely nice and was very accommodating. As soon as we walked in, he was very friendly and was willing to answer any questions we had about the menu.

    I ended up getting the "arroz con mariscos" ($10) which is rice with various types of seafood. My girlfriend Kristin C. ended up getting the "arroz con pollo" ($8) which is a chicken and rice dish with a tasty lime cilantro dressing.  Our dishes were prepared very quickly and both were pretty good.

    Good food and great service. Can't really ask for more.

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    Pros: ABC Burger
    Cons: It's in a gas stations, but that's not too bad really

    I've wanted to try this place for awhile, but I've been scared off by the other reviews saying there's always a long wait.  On a whim, I stopped by on a weekday evening and luckily there wasn't a wait.

    I ended up ordering the ABC Burger ($5.75) which has bacon, avocado, lettuce, and a bunch of other stuff. For $3 more dollars, you can get sweet potato fries and a drink.  The ABC Burger is probably one of the best burgers, I've had.  Screw those $10-$15 gourmet burgers.  Save your money and check Peter's out instead.

    The only weird thing is it's in a gas station.  If you can look past that, you're definitely in for a great meal.

  • 220 E 4th St
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
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    Pros: $5 craft beers on draft, Playground Burger, "Best Pork Chop Ever", great service
    Cons: Kinda pricey

    Went here last Tuesday with Kristin C. and I was definitely impressed with the latest addition to Santa Ana downtown area. We were greeted by Chef Jason Quinn himself.  As soon as we sat down, Jason recommended some of their beers. I don't remember the name of the beer he recommend, but it was delicious. The best part about the draft beers is they're all $5 dollars.

    Their menu seems to change everyday, but here's some stuff we got:

    - Wagyu Hanger Steak ($19) - Sliced pieces of hanger steak with a tiny side salad, pretty tasty
    - "Best Pork Chop Ever" ($25) - Not sure if it's the best pork chop, I've had, but it's pretty damn good.  Make sure you come starving if you order this one because its massive.
    - Hand Cut Fries ($5) - Two words: Bacon powder. Win.
    - Pork Cheek Hash - Not too bad, pork cheek was nice and fatty.
    - Playground Burger ($14) - Pretty freaking good. Surprisingly, we got this bad boy comped for "waiting too long". To be completely honest, we waited a little longer for one of our dishes, but definitely not long enough to warrant a free burger.  Definitely appreciated regardless.

    Overall, great experience. The servers were very attentive and quick to answer any questions. The prices for some dishes are a little pricey, but still a reasonable value. Anyway, I'll definitely be coming back. You should definitely come check it out too!

  • 2981 Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Pros: Truffle burger, manly burger, onion rings, truffle cheese fries
    Cons: Space is kinda small

    So happy this place opened up in the OC because now I don't need to drive to LA for a umami burger. Came here today with Kristin C. and Chris K. for lunch.

    Burgers here range from $10-$13. I really like the Truffle Burger, but the Manly and Umami Burgers are also really good. The burgers here are nice and juicy and are packed with tons of flavor. The sides are also pretty good too. The onion rings are nice and fluffy, and the truffle cheese fries taste great. You really can't go wrong with truffle anything.

    Overall, great burger and friendly service. Be prepared for a wait during lunch and dinner times though because the space isn't too big.

  • 27221 La Paz Rd
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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    Pros: Hamburger, beers on tap
    Cons: $8 for a burger

    I'm a big fan of Deemer's. It's down the street from work so I try to go whenever I can. The quality of the burgers are top notch. The prices of their burgers range from $8-$9 (add $1 for a side). Their ingredients are fresh and the quality of the actual beef patties is great.

    Another plus is they have beers on tap. You really can't beat that.

    If you're coming with a large group, they also have outdoor seating on the patio.

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    Pros: Friendly service, $2 Sapporo draft beers,
    Cons: None that I can think of

    Came here with Kristin C. for dinner and I was definitely impressed. We ended up getting the $30 "share" plate, which is essentially 2 "large" plate orders. Compared to other Shabu places, they only have one type of beef, but it's still pretty good. They also give you a plate with cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and tofu.

    What makes this place different from other Shabu places, is at the end of the meal they make you a rice porridge with the remaining broth. They have 2 flavors. I ended up getting the spicy squid ink flavored porridge. Delicious.

    The service here is pretty good too. Our waitress was very nice and the sous chef, Andrew, was very willing to answer any questions we had.

    Overall, if you like Shabu Shabu, check this place out.

  • 31921 Camino Capistrano
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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    Pros: Carnitas, affordable prices
    Cons: Can't think of any

    This is my favorite Mexican food joint as of late. Usually go here for lunch with coworkers. It's kinda far, but totally worth it. I usually order the carnitas plate which is around $6-$7 dollars. It comes with a generous portion of meat, beans and rice. Probably super unhealthy, but super delicious. The rest of the food is pretty affordable too.

    This place is so authentic they call your numbers in Spanish. Awesome.

  • 900 Bayside Dr
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
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    Pros: Unlimited mimosas
    Cons: Can get pricey

    Came here for a nice Sunday afternoon brunch and was pleasantly surprised with everything at Bayside. They do offer complimentary valet parking but it's really not needed since the restaurant is in a strip mall with plenty of free self-parking. We got seated right away with reservations and the service all afternoon was really good. We had no trouble keeping our champagne flutes filled throughout our meal. I started off with a refreshing garden salad and ordered the lamb chops for my entree. The lamb was another $7.50 up charge on my already $30 brunch so it's a bit pricey but I thought the lamb was delicious. It was a perfectly cooked medium rare and it comes with some vegetables and mashed potatoes. I ordered the creme brulee for dessert and it was the perfect way to end the meal.

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    Pros: Reasonable prices, tasty yakitori, crunchy roll, friendly service
    Cons: Chicken fried rice is bland, kinda small

    I'm a big fan of yakitori. Different types of grilled meats on tiny skewers? Duh.

    Anyway, noticed this place the other day after hanging out a Kitsch Bar. Always a fan of new places, I went here for dinner a couple days ago. The first thing I noticed was there isn't much seating here. If you're coming here with a bunch of people, think again. Hopefully this place doesn't blow up like Honda-ya.

    I ordered several skewers (chicken, beef, quail egg, etc). The skewers were seasoned pretty well. Nothing really stood out, but still pretty tasty. Also got a shrimp crunchy roll that was pretty good too. The last thing I ordered was their chicken fried rice. Unfortunately, the fried rice was kinda bland. Had a slight pepper taste, but other than that, it was just okay and kinda boring.

    Overall, pretty good and worth a visit.

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    Pros: Reasonable prices, tasty burgers, fresh fries
    Cons: Can get crowded

    Not sure if it's a SoCal bias, but other comparable fast food burgers (i.e. Five Guys) don't even compare to In-N-Out. The prices here are reasonable and all their ingredients are super fresh. I usually get a #3 with grilled onions (i.e. burger, fries, and a drink). It only puts you back a couple of bucks.

    If you're feeling especially fatty, grab the animal style fries which are fries topped with their spread, onions, and cheese.

    Anyway, I like this specific location because it's just down the street and the drive-thru moves pretty quick. Only downside is if you eat in, it can get pretty crowded during lunch and dinner.

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    Pros: Garlic chicken ($12), lots of selections, buttered bread
    Cons: None that I can think of

    Went here with Kristin C. for lunch the other day when we were in the area. When you're seated they give you a basket of toasted buttered bread. I'm such a sucker for bread baskets and these pieces of bread were delicious.

    After looking over their extensive menu, I decided to get the garlic chicken for my main entree (around $12). Seems to be highly recommended by other Yelpers so it was an easy sell. The dish comes with half a garlic roasted chicken, rice, beans, and some plantains. Pretty tasty. Portions are generous and pretty good deal for the price.

    Two thumbs up in my book.

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    Pros: Friendly service, Mickey and Pluto walk around for pictures, seafood buffet
    Cons: Pricey for the quality of the food ($100 per person for Sunday buffet/entree)

    I've always wanted to come here since I first found out about it years ago. Years have passed and I wasn't able to get an in. The stars finally aligned and luckily our friend hooked myself and Kristin C. up with Sunday lunch reservation.

    Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square. When you get to the inconspicuous aqua green door, you just have to use the gold intercom and say your name. After they let you in, the first thing you notice is that the decor has a very Victorian feel to it. There's even a tiny glass elevator.

    On Sundays, they feature a seafood buffet. The buffet has different types of salads, smoked salmon, crab legs and lobster tails. In addition to the seafood buffet, you have to order a main entree. I ended up getting the roasted chicken. Pretty good.

    Another cool thing was on Sundays, some park characters walk around the tables for pictures. I'm not ashamed that I took a couple pictures with Pluto and Mickey haha.

    Overall, the service and experience was cool, but I don't know if the quality of the food justifies the price. Moreover, during the Sunday buffet, it's about $100 per person and that's in addition to your park admission (although you do get 20% discount if you're dining at Club 33).

    I think it's something you should do if you get the opportunity, but it's not something I'd do again given the price. You're definitely paying for the overall experience, not so much the food.

  • 25351 Alicia Pkwy
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
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    Pros: Carnitas plate
    Cons: None that I can think of

    First off, this is just a review for the fast food in the back. I went here with some coworkers the other day. I ended up ordering a carnitas plate. The price was pretty affordable (around $6-$7) and it was served up pretty quickly. The plate came with 2 carnitas tacos, rice and beans. I wouldn't exactly call it a hole in the whole Mexican joint, but its definitely not Del Taco or Taco Bell either.

    I've been working in this area for a couple years and didn't even notice this place. I'm glad I know about it now. Overall, if you're looking for authentic Mexican food, check this place out.

  • 2937 S Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    Pros: Short rib taco, Duck taco, pork belly taco, good selection of craft beers, check in offer on Yelp
    Cons: Little pricey for tacos, not a big fan of couscous and lentils

    In the past month, I think I've been here 3 times and I have yet to be disappointed. I've tried the short rib, pork belly, and duck taco ($5-6 each). All of them, were very tasty. I think the short rib was the best out of the three. When you get the 2 taco plate combo ($14), it comes with a side of lentils and couscous. I'm not a big fan so I usually substitute for a mixed green salad.

    They also have a pretty good selection of beers. They have a couple on tap, but they also have some others in cans or bottles.

    Overall, I think this place is awesome. The only downside is it's kinda pricey for tacos. Regardless, I think its worth trying once.

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    Pros: Large portions, reasonable prices
    Cons: Parking sucks in this plaza

    I've been here a couple times for lunch and dinner and I'm pretty impressed. They sell paninis, wraps, salads and Mediterranean dishes. The potions are really big so you'll probably go home with leftovers. The prices are pretty reasonable too. Most of the dishes are around the ten dollar price range so considering the portion sizes, it's a pretty good deal.

    I really liked the salmon shish kabobs ($15).

    Only downside is the plaza where this place is located kinda sucks. During dinner or lunch time, you might have a tough time finding parking.

  • 412 Walnut Ave
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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    Pros: The "number one" burger
    Cons: Service is a little slow

    Ate here today and I was very impressed. I love a good burger and 25 degrees has a great one. I ended up getting the "number one" burger (about $11). It has cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and mixed greens on a brioche bun. The burger is nice and juicy. Great quality.

    The only downside here was service was kinda slow. Our server was friendly, but it took her awhile to check in on us. I think it would've be normal if they were crowded, but there was barely anyone there since we came right after it opened.

    Anyway, if you're a fan of burgers like I am, you should definitely check this place out.

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    Pros: Great food. Nice decor.
    Cons: Service is kinda slow

    I've been here twice and I have yet to be let down by their food. On those visits, I've tried the following:

    1) Meatball + Mozzarella di Bufala Pizza - Great pizza if you like thin crust pizza.
    2) Truffle Mushroom Mac and Cheese - When have you ever gone wrong with "truffle" anything. I don't even like mac and cheese that much, but this was great.
    3) Short Rib Pappardelle - Pasta with short ribs. very hearty and very delicious.
    4) Truffle French Fries - See comments about "Truffle" above.
    5) Mushroom soup - It was the soup of the day, but totally worth getting if they have it and you like mushrooms.

    The decor here is pretty nice too. Very modern feel. Great place to have a dinner with friends.

    Only downside was service was kinda slow. In their defense, the place was pretty packed. Hope that can get that figured out.

    Overall, worth checking out.

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    Pros: Flat Iron Steak and Eggs, plums potatoes
    Cons: Gets crowded on the weekends

    Went here with some good friends for brunch on a Sunday and I wasn't disappointed. Luckily, we made reservations beforehand, so we didn't have to wait. Looks like there was a pretty long wait, so reservations are definitely recommended.

    Anyway, I ended up getting the "Flat Iron Steak and Eggs" ($16). The steak was seasoned very well and the "plums potatoes" that comes with it were delicious. I'm such a sucker for breakfast potatoes, and Plum's Cafe has a great rendition.

    Overall, the food is great and so is the service. Only downside is the possible long wait.

  • 14230 Culver Dr
    Irvine, CA 92604
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    Pros: Shoyu ramen, just as good Costa Mesa Santouka
    Cons: Cash only

    My fiancee and I don't like the same types of food (Sad huh?). She eats burgers, I eat sushi. She wants a taco, I want shabu shabu. Same goes for ramen. This weekend she was out of town so I figured today would be an ideal time to try out Santouka.

    Anyway, this Santouka is pretty much the same as the Costa Mesa Santouka. Usually, this place is known for long lines, but today around 11am on Saturday, there really wasn't one. I ended up getting a ramen combination: A medium bowl of Shoyu ramen and a rice bowl topped with seaweed and salmon roe (about $12). Even though I still think Shinsengumi still has the best ramen in OC, Santouka is pretty darn good. The pork is nice and tender and noodles have just the right consistency. Not too hard and not too soft. You also can't beat a bowl of rice topped with seaweed and salmon eggs. Yum.

    The only down side here is it's cash only so make sure you got some cash on you.

  • 14230 Culver Dr
    Irvine, CA 92604
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    Pros: Pork cutlet curry ($6.75)
    Cons: Cash only

    3.5 stars

    I'm sad to see the low reviews for this place. Yes, I agree it's not exactly Miyabi-Tei in the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa, but I think it's pretty darn close. The pork cutlet curry ($6.75) comes with a generous portion of rice, curry, and a deep fried pork cutlet. For about a $1 more, you can get a side salad. Anyway, they offer other dishes, but I normally only get the pork cutlet curry.

    Again, it's not Miyabi-Tei, but if you're looking for alternative for Japanese curry in Irvine to Curry House or Coco Ichibanya, check this place out (especially if the line for Santouka is too long).

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    Pros: Pot roast sliders, great selection of beers
    Cons: None that I can think of

    I've been to Karl Strauss on several occasions for drinks and I haven't been disappointed. I'm a big fan of their beer samplers. The "Red Trolley Ale" is definitely worth a try.

    I was also surprised that their food here is also actually pretty good. Their appetizers are stand American fare, but I was really impressed with their "Pot Roast Sliders" ($12.95). It comes with 3 sliders and fries. The beef is nice and tender and the sauce is delicious. The horseradish gives just the right amount of bite.

    They also have happy hour every week, Monday - Friday 4pm-6:30pm. They offer $4 drinks and $5 dollar appetizers.

    Overall, good place for beer and American inspired food.

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    Pros: Pork cutlet curry, sesame salad dressing, service buttons at tables, reasonable prices
    Cons: Kinda small

    I hate the parking at Diamond Jamboree, but I love the fact there are so many restaurants there. I was excited to hear that Coco Ichibanya was open because I love Japanese curry.

    The food here is pretty good. Started with a side salad and the sesame salad dressing is very tasty. Definitely worth trying. For my entree, I ended up getting the pork cutlet curry. The curry was great. Definitely on par with Curry House in Irvine or Miyabi-Tei in Costa Mesa. Looking at the menu, the prices are pretty reasonable too. All dishes seem to be under $10.

    The only downside is the place is kinda smaller than I expected it to be.  Based on the reviews so far on Yelp, I can imagine this place getting busy so a little more space would've been nice.

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    Pros: Friendly service, sukiyaki, good quality meat
    Cons: More expensive than other Shabu Shabu places in the area

    I've always been a big fan of Shabu Shabu so I was really excited to hear this place was opening up down the street. It was pretty cold today, so I figured what better way to warm up then with a nice pot of Shabu.

    The decor here is pretty cool. Very modern looking. They have a pretty good number of seats at the bar, but they also have some tables too. When we went around 5pm on a Sunday, it wasn't too crowded.

    I ended up getting a large order of the Angus Ribeye ($23.50). You get your standard plate of veggies and sliced up pieces of meat.  What's cool here though, is for $2 more, you can get sukiyaki broth instead. It adds a pretty tasty sweet flavor to your vegetables and meat. They also allow you to get half regular water and half sukiyaki broth just in case you feel like trying it out.  Overall, the meat is pretty good quality.  They also have Kobe Ribeye but it's $50+ for a large plate (Thanks, but no thanks).

    Anyway, we had pretty good service. Our waitress was very nice. She did a great job of checking up on us and made sure they we were taken care of.

    The only downside here is the price.  It's a couple dollars more expensive then other Shabu Shabu places I've been to, but considering this place is just down the street, I'm sure I'll be back.

  • 214 5th St
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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    Pros: Great flavor, friendly staff, "Off the Wall" poke
    Cons: A little pricey for the portion size

    I'm a sucker for poke so when I found out this place was nearby, I had to check it out.

    I ended up getting the "Off the Wall" poke bowl. There's different flavors to try, but the "Off the Wall" poke seemed the least spicy (I can't stand anything too spicy haha). For a regular order, it's about $9. You have the option of getting it served on white rice, brown rice, or cucumbers.

    Overall, I felt the taste and quality were definitely better than your run of the mill poke you find as an appetizer at most restaurants. I also loved how the staff was super friendly and helpful.

    My only gripe was the price was a little much for the portions, but overall, if you like poke it's definitely worth it.

  • 292 N Glassell St
    Orange, CA 92866
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    Pros: Chicken and waffles, waffle fries, fast service, reasonable prices ($7-$9 for a waffle sandwich)
    Cons: Long lines

    Went here the other day to see what all the hype is about and I'm pretty impressed.  I ended up getting the "Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle" and the "Hash and Egg" sandwiches.  The "Hash and Egg" was okay, but I was really impressed with the chicken and waffle sandwich.  The chicken wasn't overcooked and was nice and tender.  Both sandwiches are around $7 dollars.  The waffles fries here are pretty good too.

    The only downside is the line can kinda suck.  Came here about 9:30 am on a Saturday morning and the line took 10 minutes to get through.  After I ordered though, the food came out pretty quick.

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    Pros: $19.99 Dinner AYCE /w 22 items available, nice decor, friendly service, quality meats
    Cons: Service is a little slow, but that could just be cause they're understaffed right now

    Went here yesterday and I'm definitely impressed.  It's your run of the mill Korean BBQ place, but the quality of the meat is really good and the decor is nice too.  Like any other KBBQ place, I had their brisket, but I also ate some short ribs and shrimp.   I didn't try all 22 items they offer, but they definitely have the most selection for any AYCE place.

    The price is comparable to other KBBQ places, but this place didn't have a wait when we got seated (*cough*... shik do rak).

    I might have just found my new KBBQ spot in OC.

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    Pros: Beef yakiniku, agedashi tofu, nice service, cool decor
    Cons: Small menu

    3.5 stars

    Always wanting to try something new, I dragged Kristin C. to come with me to try this place out.  Normally, when I go to a Japanese restaurant, I'm always expecting to get some form of sushi.  For the record, this place has no sushi haha.

    Anyway, I ended up ordering the beef yakiniku bowl (about $11).  It's grilled beef on top of white rice.  The beef is sliced up and it's cooked medium rare.  Not sure what the sauce was, but it was pretty delicious.
    Also, got the agedashi tofu.  You really can't mess that dish up. Gohan has an excellent version.

    The menu itself isn't too big so that could either be a good or bad thing depending on what your looking to eat and who you're eating with it.  They mostly have rice bowls and combination plates.

    Overall, worth checking out.

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    Pros: Late night happy hour (8:30 to close), bistro harami, bibimbap, service is pretty good.
    Cons: Happy hour isn't all day, little smaller than other Gyu-Kaku locations

    I've been to a couple Gyu-Kaku's in the OC/LA area and I have yet to be disappointed.  I normally go during their happy hour from 8:30 to close (although at the Tustin location, it's also all day on Monday and 5-6:30).

    If you haven't been to a Gyu-Kaku before, it's a "grill your own food" type of place.  It's very similar to Korean BBQ except you get a better grill and better quality meats, but it's not all you can eat.

    During happy hour most appetizers and some drinks are 50% (e.g. chicken karage for $3, pitcher of Sapporo is only $7.95). Most of the meat dishes are at reduced prices too ($1 to $2 off).  The "bistro harami" has always been a winner in my book.  The bibimbap rice dish here is also pretty good.

    Service here was also excellent.  Our server was a young kid that was pretty attentive and was very cool to talk to.

    Gyu-Kaku is pretty damn good, but I don't know if I'd come outside of happy hour.  It just doesn't feel right haha.

  • 24781 Alicia Pkwy
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Pros: Friendly service, reasonable prices, paninis
    Cons: None that I can think of

    I go to this place a lot since it's just down the street from work. It's your typical sandwich/deli joint. They have various sandwiches and soups you can order. I typically order there #2 panini combo which has chicken, bacon, and avocado and a drink for around $6-$7. Not too shabby for the quality.

    The staff here is always friendly and they're pretty quick making your sandwich.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Pros: Paella and Saltado
    Cons: Couldn't think of any

    I love affordable peruvian food and that's exactly what Inka Grill serves.  I've been here a couple times and I haven't been disappointed yet.  To start we had the calamari. The batter was light and they actually gave a pretty large portion.

    For my entree, I got the paella. Paella is a rice dish with pieces of fish, mussels, and clams.  Other peruvian places I've been to put too much  pepper, but Inka Grill had the right amount.  Delicious.  My girlfriend got the chicken saltado with egg.  Saltado is a dish that rice with fries, onions, and some type of meat like chicken. That dish is almost as good as the paella :)

    Anyway, our bill came out to around $30.00 bucks for 2 entrees, 1 appetizer, and 1 drink.  If you're in the area, definitely give this place a try.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Pros: Tasty dim sum
    Cons: Sometimes get pretty crowded, parking lot sucks

    Every once in awhile I crave dim sum.  If I'm still in the OC, the first place that comes to mind is China Garden.  I'm not an expert at what's considered "great" dim sum, but the food here is pretty damn good.  I don't know half the names for the dim sum items, but you can just point at what you want.

    I like the standard dim sum items like har gow and shu mai and they're pretty good here.  I've tried some other stuff, like the rice porridge, but in general I stick with what I know and so far its worked haha.  In the end, for four of us, it ended up being around $10-15 bucks a person.

    Sometimes this place gets pretty crowded, so if you're coming for dim sum try to get here early.  On the weekends, they open as early as 10 AM.

  • 2937 Bristol St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Pros: Tasty BBQ pork banh mi and spring rolls
    Cons: Kinda pricey for banh mi, service was kinda slow, outside dining only

    Ever had hipster banh mi before?  If not, come to East Borough at the Lab in Costa Mesa.  

    In general, the food here is pretty good.  I ended up getting the 8" BBQ pork banh mi ($4.35) and and order of their "The Borough" spring rolls (2 for $4.55).  The pork was pretty flavorful. The big winner, however, was the bread.  The bread wasn't "scrape the top of your mouth" hard like most banh mi sandwiches.  The bread was nice and soft.  The spring rolls were pretty good too.

    Unfortunately, there's a couple of downsides. The prices, although not over the top by any means, are somewhat more expensive than your typical banh mi joint (i.e. Lee's Sandwiches). Also, I don't know if it was an off day, but it took a little longer than you would think to make a banh mi.  Finally, if you don't like sitting outside, this place only has outdoor seating.

    Anyway, those cons shouldn't keep you away from trying this place out at least once.

  • 14130 Culver Dr
    Irvine, CA 92604
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Pros: Bread, $9 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet
    Cons: If you don't get here early, you'll have to wait

    My coworkers and I go to this place a lot.  At least once a month probably. Anyway, for $9, you can stuff your face with some tasty Indian food.  I love getting their chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, and the lamb.  I also like dipping their bread into all those different sauces.

    Anyway, great place if you're looking to eat like a pig for cheap.

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