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Grubbin' Good Eats!

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Where to get good food and make your taste buds dance!
  • 777 Ward Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    Always a good time coming here after a days of work to wind down, get fresh air, and of course get fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers to fill your fridge with. Some of my favorite items to get are long eggplant, okra, chinese parsley/cilantro, long bean drumsticks, baby bitter melon and daikon...ohh sometimes even ripened papaya and pineapple!  ( x

    All the produce is always so fresh compared to produce from the supermarkets.

    There's always lots of free parking, sometimes there's even someone playing live music, & it's always pleasant talking with local farmers; thankful we have them here on the island. They are awesome! If your hungry, there's also grindz and plates that you can select from too.

    Remember it's every Wednesday over on the grounds of the Neil Blaisdell (just in front of the Concert Hall) and runs from 4-7pm. Also remember  to bring a reusable bag, cash mula baby & support your local farma'!

  • 1009 Kapiolani Blvd
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    First time here after coming back on island, man they've done and AMAZING job with developing this as part of Kakaako. All the eateries down on Kapiolani look so fresh, neat, clean and crisp! A very fitting image for Kakaako!

    Blue Tree Cafe, is super cute and cozy. I went here for a UYE organized by our fellow Yelper Sajili, and he did a great job organizing the event! Phil Strauss was playing and taking requests for Karaoke - it sounded too good to pass up! Really enjoyed the ambiance and the crowd that gathered. It made for a very cozy feel and you could just tell that everyone was enjoying themselves.

    The menu was quite versatile and the drinks looked soo yummy!  I came in with a full belly so I didn't try anything this time around, ohhhh but I will next time!  I've come to learn that Phil plays regularly every Tuesday evening. So if you haven't checked it out as yet, make sure to do so ! It's fun times, Phil can sing, and the staff at Blue Tree are super helpful and friendly which just adds to the total environment being very laid back and AWESOME.

    Great event!

  • 7192 Kalanianaole Hwy
    Honolulu, HI 96825
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    I went here for the first time with some friends after our hike on Mariner's Ridge,  we all arrived with our hungry bellies!

    I would define this eatery as a cute, cozy cafe. Great place to come to enjoy a meal and have good conversation without the noise level being too loud.

    Everything looked delicious on the menu. Some of my friends ordered the omelets with toast, some the pannini sandwiches and some were brave to finish a "boat-full" (as my girlfriend termed) of scrambled  hash..looked soo good and they say it tasted delicious too. I had the breakfast sandwich which came with choice of apple smoked bacon or ham, spinach, tomato and cheese on ciabatta bread. I loved it! Great choice of toppings and I loved that it arrived to me while it was still hot-that's when you enjoy it da best! Yum! I already know I have to go back and try some of their other goodies!

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    There's a great selection of food trucks and restaurant stalls that gather here every last Friday of the month and there's always a theme. The most recent one I went to feature was a "spicy" theme.  Food trucks/restaurants range from sweet desserts to scrumptious savory plates. The music played on the speakers makes everything come together nicely as your touring each vendor.

    Parking can be a little tricky if your coming in the early evening like around 5pm-6pm, even then if your patient you can get lucky as someone pulls out and bam, you pull right in! It gets better as the night goes on though.

    I tried the garlic shrimp plate from Kau was "okay"... I guess I expected a little more choices in my plate then only rice in one compartment, and rice underneath the shrimp and pasta salad. ..would been nice to have seen some greens or veggies on the side.  I tried some fried stuffed poppers which are stuffed wonton wrappers with different fillings (bacon mac, spinach artichoke jalapeno, 3 cheese)...those were pretty good..a side of marinara sauce or something would have brought the appetizer together. At the end I went for a keiki size shave ice from Kona was neat in a way because you got to mix your own flavors by hand at the stand once the shave ice was handed to you. The only downfall was that the shave ice was watered down wayyyy to quick before getting to enioy any of it and wasn't balanced in flavor and wound up making for a very sugary and watery shaved ice.

    Other than that I enioy eat the street as it's outdoors which makes it an opportune time to gather with friends and family, and there's a good number of places you can choose from for your eats ranging anywhere from $3-$13.

    If your okay in big crowds, enjoy the outdoors, music, mix and mingling with friends, and EATING, definitely try this event out at least once. Remember, bring cash and something to sit on if your unable to get seats inside the tents.

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    28.4.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Of course I ended up here on a whim all over again today while in B-Town to run errands. Only to explore my taste buds outside the channa bathure realm, I gave the chicken sheekh kebab a try (they also have goat sheekh kebab as an alternative). It was juicy, and very moist with well marinated spices GOOD STUFF.

    In other news, my adventurism (is that a word?) made me try the mango kulfi all on its own, compared to my last visit when I had the kulfi falooda. IMHO, get the kulfi on it's own without the falooda part. On a beautiful Spring day, this was the perfect accompaniment to ending my meal. GOOD STUFF.

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    24.4.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Something about rain and me having cravings for spicy and fried foods brought me here, or it might… Weiterlesen
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    First time at the newly renovated Mandarin restaurant in Burlington with the family for Easter lunch. Fairly spacious with several rooms, each room designed uniquely from one another with intriguing art work in each. From the get-go, your greeted upon arrival, the host walks you around pointing out various hot tables. Staff are friendly, the cooks are quite entertaining the waiter/waitress always makes sure you are taken care of.

    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of buffets, however, when the fam goes I'm a sport & tag along. If I ever had to point my finger to one that served quality service with exceptional fresh food in the GTA, it would be Mandarin. There's something to like here for just about everyone!

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    27.3.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Yup, found myself back here again. Today we tried the Shish Tawouk (2 skewers of chicken breast grilled over a charcoal barbeque) served with rice and a Spinach & Cheese Manakeesh (a flat baked pizza topped with spinach, onions, sumac and accawai cheese) and two small baklava's for dessert.

    (Tip/Note: it may be hard to tell, but most of their baklava's are only pistachio filled, there is only 1 baklava type that contains both cashews and pistachios, so its definitely a good idea to ask. I wouldn't have known if the server hadn't told me).

    The chicken was fairly tender, juicy and not overly spiced allowing to taste the meat for what it is. The spinach manakeesh on the other hand, came with what seemed to be frozen spinach... Fresh spinach would have been nice. However, it was loaded with spinach nonetheless, and tasted pretty decent.

    Can't say the service was the best on a weekday though. A tad slow: had to ask for their home made hot sauce from at least 2 different servers, then only to be served by a 3rd server who brought it out to us near the end of our meals.

    Still a Paramount Fan and will be back to try other yummies from their menu.

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    11.3.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    B - I - N - G - O and PARAMOUNT is its NAME-O!

    After reading countless reviews from fellow Yelpers' ;…
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    Mom and I decided to try out Persian food for the first time and headed over to Rayhoon Persian Eatery for a Mother's Day dinner.

    To begin with, the journey over to the restaurant is quite cute. Cobblestone paths surround the various restaurants which are nestled in what look like little house shacks. It's like being in a village where perhaps a modern day Snow White may choose to live...(?) The restaurant is fairly neat and clean and decorated with Persian arts and decor along the walls with warm paint colors adding to the ambiance. The interior of the restaurant is quite spacious which doesn't look like it would be from the outside.

    The one nice thing about their menu is that it's fairly limited with only a few items in each category.

    Appetizers; we ordered the Nooneh Garm (a flat bread with sesame seeds) alongside Kashk-e-Bademjoon (eggplant topped with a yogurt sauce, & lightly flavored with garlic, onion & mint). This was very refreshing, delicious and got our palates going in anticipation for the main course.

    Main Course; ordered a traditional Persian dish, Ghalieh Mahi. This is a tilapia stew with herbs and seasonings (if your a fish/seafood kind of person, you would probably enjoy this too). I found it mild, and not overly spiced, which was nice.

    Dessert; we tried something that I am very familiar with since it rings in close to Indian dessert too, Makhloot. This is a combination of saffron & rosewater ice cream with chunks of dried cream & faloodeh (pistachios and a Persian sorbet made with vermicelli noodles & rose water). It sounds like  a mouthful, but it was very refreshing, delicate and well put together.

    Summing Up:

    All-in-all, it's a well-kept restaurant. The menu is simple & the food tastes good. It's in a great location down in Downtown Burlington. Definitely a must-try if you've not tried Persian cuisine before, your sure to enjoy it!

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    Delicious, saucy, fall-off-THE-BONE ribs, among other delicious, lathered, saucy BBQ meat choices!

    I've only been there once, and it donned on me after having some homemade ribs over the course of the weekend, Bob's Bar-B-Que brought back some delicious memories on my taste-buds. I ordered the mini-sized pork back ribs: YUM. Comes with two scoops of rice, the ribs on a bed of slaw, and of course a small mac salad.

    Friendly staff, they get your orders in quick and out fast & prices are fair. Minus a star for (what I feel like is) limited outdoor seating. When your ever in Kalihi, driving down Dilingham keep a look out for a shack-like BBQ joint and stop on by to Bob's; it's finger licking' good!

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    26.2.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Okay there's a reason I'm plummeting my review update down to 2-stars. Let me take you on my Sunday journey.

    We went in for dosas (rice crepe filled with potatoes or other fillings) since it had been what felt like ages since we got to devour some. Little did we know that Ala Carte dosas are not served on Sundays and only the buffet. I've slowly grown out of my liking for buffets and without too much fuss on my end, we decided to be open-minded about it and give the buffet a try.

    1 word plot thickner: TERRIBLE.

    Lesson learned: I will never sacrifice quality of food over price. Unfortunately, $11.99 doesn't get you too much in an all-you-can eat veggie buffet. The lines were insanely long and compact, and the food was below sub-par. Food was flying out in order to keep up with the demand but came out very low quality; everything just seemed tasteless and mushy. Not to mention, rules or standards were ignored. Example, asked if we could order from the ala carte menu before dining from the buffet, the response was no stating that they only served buffets during lunch hours on Sunday. Next thing I know our neighbors place 2  orders off the ala carte menu. Special treatment much?

    I've been going to Udupi for quite some time now, but I will say honestly that the idea of a Sunday buffet is more of an annoyance than enjoyment. From experience and being "open" to things, I'd recommended dining in on weekdays and weeknights to pick and choose dishes off their ala carte menu.

    Not too impressed with our recent dining experience; however,  I will go back to dine in for what Udupi IS good at!

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    16.7.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    A good place for a variety of South-Asian food. I've been here a couple of times and I can say it's… Weiterlesen
  • 4.0 Sterne

    If you enjoy spicy Asian food, this is the place. It's great! I'm always amused at the long lines that form here during lunch hours. Don't let the interior decor of the place fool you; it's the food and prices that will have you coming back for more.

    Service is prompt. Their system works. Order at the front, pay, wait (about 10-15 minutes), and then you'll have pipping hot Hakka food brought to your table to be enjoyed!

    Tip: try the chili chicken and Hakka beef chow mein, it's far better than what's across the street on Airport Road (i.e. Asian Wok n' Roll among the other saturated Hakka places in the one-strip plaza that exist there). There are many other options on their  lunch menu; many of which I have yet to try.  Minus a star as they only take cash and credit only, and not debit.

  • Unit C1, 3047 Appleby Line
    Burlington, ON L7R 3X4
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    You scream, I scream, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! Now wouldn't that just put a smile across a two-year old's face, or more like someone like me who sometimes feels like 2 and wants an ice cream cone.

    I love ice cream and I'll eat it whether it's cold out, hot out, or even the day my teeth fall out, you'll see me devouring ice cream. Ever since I experienced Cold Stone, I wanted something like it around my neighborhood. Luckily, one day, the ice cream man heard my desires and opened up an ice cream parlor and called it, Marble Slab Creamery.

    The quality of ice cream is exceptional. The selection of flavors are awesome. How does chocolate rum, egg nog, and black walnut sound among many other fascinating flavors? Yeah, it's the good stuff. If your not the lactose type, there's also a few options of lactose-free ice cream. Additionally, there's a wide selection of mix-ins  to choose from and if your like me and can't decide there are tasty creations with mix-ins already in them. Sometimes if you walk in on a Wednesday you automatically get 3 mix-ins of your choice for free! On site fresh made waffle cones too, with might I mention, various dipped options to choose from if your feeling extra gluttonous (love that word).

    When that childhood phrase replays itself in your mind, give Marble Slab a try, it's creamy dreaminess!

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    Beitrag des Tages 22.12.2012

    "Alright. Hey. Alright. Good job, guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it." - Tony Stark (Iron Man),  in the movie The Avengers.

    That quote from the movie IS pretty much how I felt when I wanted to digest a piping hot, filled with tender pieces of roasted seasoned chicken, lathered in yoghurt sauce, with tahini spread across the warm soft pita,  with crunchy radish pickles, fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce: YUM!

    After my last shawarma experience over the course of the summer (please reference my review for Maz Maz Shawarma), I was still not satisfied and I wanted something GOOD. Shawarma Max was IT and this my friends, was GOOD! The line was long during lunch hour, and the counter where they cook and prepare the shawarmas is pretty much right near the entrance door, which makes it a bit of an inconvenience in terms of the line/getting in and out. Well worth the wait which seems pretty non-existent once your asked what you want. Prices? Good.

    Summing up: Definitely followed through on Tony Stark's (Iron Man's) quote and I did indulge in a shawarma, and it WAS good. So, BOO-YEAH! A happy belly=smiles across ma face! ; )

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    After walking the streets of Downtown Honolulu, this joint came in handy on a hungry Wednesday afternoon. We had arrived just at 3pm and noticed the $6.99 banner for a garlic shrimp plate. Considering the deal was good for another hour, mom and I decided to dish it out.

    For the hustle and bustle of Keeamouku, this place is seriously kept clean and tidy. Service was fast and the waiters were friendly and right at your service.

    For the price of the plate, I had expectations of receiving small shrimp and just a small scoop of rice. The Raging Crab turned my expectations upside down! Literally! The shrimp we got were juicy, jumbo, plump shrimp. What differentiated their plate from other shrimp plates was their seasoning and sauce. The shrimp had a light coating of seasoning which gave it a nice crisp and crunch and then it was coated with garlic butter. For shrimp, there was a medley of flavors going on; from a tad spicy to garlicky, to just plain YUMMINESS!


    -your craving for a shrimp plate in the Ala Moana, Keeamouku area,
    -are hungry after spending countless hours at Wal-Mart,
    -want food that brings you memories of the East Coast...

    might I suggest you stop by and grub between the hours of 12pm-4pm for their $6.99 shrimp plate special. You won't be dissapointed!

    Summing Up: Influences of the East coast sea food, done right and ONOLICIOUS in Hawaii!

  • 3045 Monsarrat Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96815
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    11.11.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I shared the acai bowl today alongside the bagel works with sun dried tomato spread, a healthy serving of sprouts on an everything bagel. Both were mighty delicious!  Oh of course a hot cup of coffee too.

    Staff are friendly and are doing a great job for the demand they have to put up with. Prices are reasonable for a good portions. It would be nice if they implemented the acceptance credit cards.

    Give them a chance. From my stand point, they're serving quality meals as fast as they can. A good tip: This must've been our 4th-5th visit when we went in for breakfast around 10am and it wasn't as bad as the 6-9am breakfast rush if your looking to relax.

    Keep up the good work & food Bogarts!

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    20.10.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    BREAKFAST B-O-N-A-N-Z-A! Walk through the doors of Bogart's and say it!

    It's quite deliciosO!  I got…
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    Having grown up on the east coast with a large influence on Indian and West Indian cuisine, one thing I love about Caribbean and Indian cooking as that there so intertwined and I always have a fascination of trying multitude of dishes that these two cultures serve.

    Ordered: Curry Chicken which came with rice and ital stew. For an extra kick to your bite, ask for their hot sauce! Warning: It's HOT!

    Knowing that Hawaii has a spot that serves Jamaican cuisine, is off the hook! The curry chicken we had was a good sized side portion (enough for 2) which was accompanied with a side of rice, ital stew and festival (good stuff!) As I looked through the menu before ordering I really wanted to try the rum cake the description looked heavenly; I could only imagine it tasted that way too! Unfortunately, after chowing down on the curry, I began having itis like symptoms and satisfaction, to which the rum cake would have had to be another return.

    4 stars minus 1 for the obvious lack of service;It just needs a little work. For the size of  restaurant there should be at least 2 servers for the time it takes to place your order to the time you receive your dish. Other than that, the restaurant itself really elects the island feel along with the tunes from the Caribbean giving it extra sass to its vibe.

    Upon my next visit, I will make sure to dish out other menu items such as goat curry, jerk chicken and escovich fish. OH! and of course, the rum cake!

    Summing up: GOOD FOOD; KEEPIN' IT 'IRIE!' ; )

  • 2919 Kapiolani Blvd
    Honolulu, HI 96826
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    One of my FAV island breakfast joints. On my drive over, I cue Cheers' opening song, "You wanna go, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came..." That's what it's like when you come here. You get poured a hot cup of coffee (& repeatedly if you want to be caffeinated throughout the day) with a smiling waitress. The food and price intertwine like marriage. The ambience is nice. It's clean insde. There's a breakfast bar (not an alcoholic one :P) where you can eat and talk story.  You can always tell the regulars apart from tourists who love taking pictures of their hot, delicious Belgian waffles with fresh cut bananas and berries topped with whippped cream!


    Tip: Come early the lines get long for breakfast!
    Tip: Cash only

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    After my search for near and far away places for dim sum, this place remains an island favorite. The dim sum is always hot and fresh making the price point (although a little on the higher side for dim sum) justifiable. As soon as you go in, your served with hot tea as you eagerly wait for the ala carte dim sum trolley to roll by you. Royal China Garden is conviniently located inside the Ala Moana Hotel on the 3rd floor so it makes is a hot spot for lunch after a full day of shopping, going to the beach across the street or if your staying at the hotel.

    Waiters and staff are friendly and will bring you whatever your little heart desires if you ask for it. I've been serviced by an individual named Sam, and he is truly polite, continues to smile and provides excellent service!

    Tip: Go early. Lunch and dim sum are served Monday-Sunday 11am-2pm.

    Tip: If your not staying at the hotel, park on the lower level of Ala Moana Mall (across from Ala Moana Hotel/ YMCA).

  • 56-781 Kamehameha Hwy
    Kahuku, HI 96731
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    Getting away from town and going North Shore, means standing at a shrimp truck after frolicking in the waters of Waimea and grubbing down!

    I ordered one shrimp plate, about $13.25. About 10 shrimp in your plate (with dipping sauce and rice), a long wait (average about 20-30 minutes and not in the order of people ordering food either). This is the second shrimp truck I've tried up North and tend to stick to garlic butter; there was a LOT Of garlic, but it seemd to be seasoned relatively outside the shrimp, or better yet just thrown on like salad dressing. Who doesn't love garlic? But this garlic was just mere burnt.

    +'s about Romy's:

    - exceptional, clean and sheltered outdoor seating
    - good, friendly customer service
    - shrimp itself are large, plump and juicy
    - more menu items and plate types to choose from then other shrimp trucks (i.e Romy's has some ice cream popsicles; not sure how they taste because I was too full after my plate)

    Because this is a shrimp/prawn truck I'll have to make it a point to visit their truck for some prawns. Go early, there's only so much parking space and the wait is long here.

  • 2765 Hyde St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    Definitely a go to place for visitors going to San Fran, and if your a local in San Fran, you are lucky that you have this place to go to when you'd like; especially on a cold San Fran day, this place rocks! When I crave a good Irish coffee, I relate back to my experience at the Buena Vista Cafe down on the Warf. The selection of food is admirable, friendly staff, the atmosphere is quaint and down right embodies that at home comfort feeling. I initially learned about this place through Trip Advisor, glad I did. It's fantastic. Check it out if you haven't before. ( :

  • 399 10th Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94118
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    Damn homie, this franchise on the West Coast, DOES IT RIGHT! There's love in every bowl of chowder. And the sourdough bread bowl (I could chow down on that stuff on its own!), definitely takes it up a notch! To add, it's always a fun sight to watch them making a variety of fresh bread; if your watching through a window, I swear you can smell it baking! Perfect on a chilly West Coast afternoon. Loved it, happy it's on almost every corner,  and I will be back! :)

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    On my bucket list of eats, has been to go to a Brazilian Churrascaria. Luckily, in my travel to San Fran, I came across Espetus. WOW what a treat!  Yes, it's a little upscale in price; however, for the service, food, quality fresh salad bar, and wide selection of juicy and flavorful meat selections, makes this place truly worth while to dine on a pretty penny ; )

  • 300 California St
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Unbeknownst to me, I haven't gotten the slightest idea why it's taken me this LONG to write a review for some of the best eateries I've been to when I first went to San Francisco. I will have to thank my recent craving of hot chocolate and having a decadent macadamia nut cookie; it brought back those delicate, sweet tastes and comfort back, one like no other I've experienced than at Cafe Madeleine.

    On a chilly San Francisco morning, I ordered a hot chocolate and a macadamia nut cookie. The hot chocolate was DELICIOUS, made with real cocoa people! With chocolate whipped cream on top!  When in San Fran, hit up the FiDi and step into Cafe Madeleine and give their hot coca a try. If I had a larger appetite I would have ordered other yummies like a sandwich or something, but definitely next time I'm in San Fran! :)

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    Erster Beitrag

    A pub for coffee? It's true, it's at Williams Coffee Pub! I've been going to Williams since the onset of my college days at McMaster University. Williams Coffee Pubs boosts with aromatic coffee sensational flavors that encapsulates ones experience at this truly hip and one-of-a-kind coffee shop.

    What I enjoy about Williams is their vast array of coffee selections both hot and cold, fresh sandwich selections, breakfast and lets not forget dessert, making Williams throw the average sprinkled doughnut out the window.

    It's not only in the coffee, food selection and dessert but it's the ambiance that Williams embodies; the pub. The local brewery pub is now transformed into a sit-down relaxed coffee shop, one that you can bring your friend or date to, over a cup of coffee and a rich decadent slice of Bailey's Irish Creme Cheesecake. It's enough to make one dance and come back for more.

    So the next time you have a chance to trip it out North, check Williams out. Or for those who need an immediate sense of awesome, please check out their website:…


    ~Happy Caffeinette

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    After a long night of a Jays vs. Phillies game and dancing our fancy, my friend decided we get Greek Food. In the years that I lived here, this was my first time I E-V-E-R discovered a 24/7 Greek Restaurant. Right there and then I was struck by feet were tired and my tummy was rumbling, Greek Food at 3am it was!

    The staff here are friendly, the menu is extensive, the food is fresh, the souvlaki is oh-so-tender and juicy! I The plates are HUGE (enough for two to share), and the tzatziki makes you just want to shout out OPA!

    Overall the food is good, it gets in an eclectic crowd from the employees right down to the police, office workers, and tourists. It goes above the typical diner feel of your average burger to a diner offering ethnic cuisine and great prices!


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    Want to take a trip to Morocco? Go to Alhambra! I was disappointed in the last Middle Eastern restaurant that I went to; however Alhambra surely pleased not only the taste buds but also the overall experience from service right down to the food.

    We first started out with the Batista, which is a crispy phylo-like ground meat stuffed pastry with a creamy garlic and hot sauce. Following our appetizer we shared a lamb tagine. A tagine is a dish that is traditional to Moroccan cooking and typically is cooked slowly with a choice of.meat such as lamb or chicken and a rich medley of vegetables such as carrots, artichokes, fava beans, onions and tomatoes.

    To cap it off, we ordered Turkish coffees which similarly represented a very rich espresso.Alhambra is recommended for the tasty traveler who wants to devour ethnic Moroccan cuisine right in their own backyard.

    3 stars for great service, but minus 2 stars for the waitress being the only service lady there, which I'm assuming is due to the restaurants size. Understanding the dynamics of a structured system, functionality and efficiency; having an additional waiter/waitress might have sped up service by 5% which can diminish the antsy feeling one gets for waiting for delicious ethnic meals. Other than that, this place is worth a try at least once if your ever in the Bronte/Oakville area.

  • 56-505 Kamehameha Hwy
    Kahuku, HI 96731
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    There are soo many shrimp trucks to choose from when you hit the North Shore. Giovanni's has been the *only* shrimp truck I've eaten at during my stay out here in Hawaii. Why do I keep going back? BECAUSE THEIR GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMP IS LIKE NO OTHER!

    Sorry for yelling back there, but the garlic butter deserved my vocalization through the use of capital letters. $13 plate gets you about a dozen shrimp & two scoops of rice; check into Yelp to receive a free drink. Hot garlic butter, and MORE garlic butter ozing into the rice...o.m.g *I'm drooling right now just talking about it*

    Enough about Giovanni's. Go up to the North Shore, get the shrimp, it's fresh, it's good, and it'll definitely add to your North Shore day experience! :-)

  • 451 Piikoi St
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    20.10.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Went back to share a bowl of mabo tofu ramen and curry chicken: DELISH! The waitresses here always so friendly and check up on you in between to see how your doing. This time, one the waitresses even showed my mom how to use chopsticks! haha

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    10.4.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    A place to sooth the soul and senses.

    Menu Item: Mabo Tofu Ramen & Gyoza.

    It was a rainy night in…
  • 800 S Beretania St
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Cute quiet little restaurant on South Beretannia with good service. For it's specialty of making ramen though...I've had better. Will have to go back to try the creditly acclaimed mabu mopu tofu.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Asian Fusion nestled in a cozy comfy place along Restaurant Row.

    Bonsai is a great spot to choose for lunch or dinner if your taste buds tingle for teppanyaki steak and shrimp combo, ono thai chicken curry, kalbi steak and rice, and some of the best mixed greens served in a bowl finished with grilled salmon or chicken. The menu is not overwhelming which makes Bonsai a great place to go to. I go here often for business meetings and indulge in a great plate of lunch...or greens. The customer service here is super polite and friendly and the waiters and waitresses will always attend to your needs in making sure you have a great time.

    The atmosphere inside is another great reason to stop by this spot. It's never too crowdy or too noisy. It's just down right comfy!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Love this spot at Ward Center! It's never too busy here so service is awesome! I went in for breakfast and I'll warn you-they have a lot to choose from on that pastel menu blackboard! They didn't have a ham and cheese in a croissant on the menu so I asked them if they could make it and they sure enough did! Definitely ONOLICIOUS! I'll be back for the Mocha Java Acai Bowl for breakfast and perhaps a soup and sandwich on another day as recommended by my fellow yelpers.

  • 1200 Ala Moana Blvd
    Honolulu, HI 96814
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne


    Kakaako Kitchen is by far one of my favorites on Oahu. What really intrigues me to keep coming back here is their extensive menu; but it's a menu of down right home made local  Hawaiian cooking. The prices are reasonable and so are the portions. There's always a choice of coming here and having a healthy meal or once in a while going out on a limb and have something a little more filling & comforting. They have good service which is relatively quick, friendly staff and great outdoor seating adding to the enjoyment of having a great lunch ambiance. Just wish their hours of operation would stay open longer over at Ward for dinner hours (they typically close at 5pm on weekdays) hence the 4 star distribution.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Quaint & cute little Japanese reataurant nestled in Village Square in downtown Burlington. I had been having a HORRIBLE sushi craving which had to be taken care of immediately, & luckily there was Mikado.

    It's small in size, however the outdoor seating makes it more accommodating IMHO & like a true Japanese staendard restaurants, they keep theirs very clean, the noise level is moderate to really none allowing one to enjoy not only the food but the ambience.

    To satisfy both my craving and small appetite for a meal that night I went for a spicy tuna. Tuna was fresh and the rice wasn't overpowering at all like some sushi can be.

    Overall good service, friendly staff & delicious sushi are sure to please!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I really enjoyed dining at this Harvey's location. I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and of course they were out of crispy chicken at like 7pm (go figure!). I had to wait a little (approximately 15 minutes) to get my sandwich. The guy who took my order however was a real nice and kept on apologizing for pain of having to wait to devour extreme DELICIOUSNESS! And DELICIOUS it was! Well worth the wait!

    Besides service, the food they crank out here is always delicious, fresh and never that greasy feel of most burgers. You can always make your Hamburger a Beautiful Thing by adding any condiment of your choice! Winning! :)

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Some really delicious coffee, great service, excellent ambiance, free WiFi, but the price will get you, but nonetheless a worth while experience.

  • 1111 Maunakea St
    Honolulu, HI 96817
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    You'd probably never think to find a New York Pizzeria in the middle of Chinatown. Rosarina is nested in the hustle and bustle of the Maunakea  marketplace. They make their pizzas fresh in a crunchy deep dish pan like golden crust with the cheese bubbling with a combination of toppings. Thanks to my fellow friend yelpers informative review, I finally decided to try out this cute little Italian owned by Asian hot spot. Thanks gf Jenn-it was delicious! :-)

  • 3.0 Sterne

    This used to be one of my favorite Hakka (Indian + Chinese Asian fusion ) restaurants in the Airport area. On a cold day, I love divulging in a hot bowl of hot and sour soup (with great amounts of shrimp, chicken, tofu, and bamboo shoots in a hot and spicy broth), followed by a plate of spicy chili chicken and beef Hakka chow mein.

    I've been here NUMEROUS times, and I'm falling short of reasons to give it a 4-star rating based on my previous experiences or a 3-star rating based on my last visit. o.O

    Okay, I'm going to stick with my 3-star rating here only because I think my last visit was the only slight downfall with the service and quality of food. We ordered hot and sour soup which was delicious and a plate of Hakka beef. The noodles had changed (long thick round fat noodles rather than then long flat noodles, there was hardly any beef in it (see posted picture); there was barely any pepper, and no coriander garnishing. I don't know about you, but when I cash out $15 dollars for a dish, it's because it hit the nail on the head; sadly, not this time. Service: Slow.

    I'm still sticking with 3-stars for this place. Based upon my prior experiences, and I know they can definitely change. I will give them one more chance and see if anything has changed with both service and quality of food for an extra star for a 4-star rating.

  • 1050 Ala Moana Blvd
    Honolulu, HI 96814
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I go to Menchie's to collect spoons. Spoons with puppies, strawberries and other animated Menchie characters. Just like Pokemon: You gotta catch em' all!  

    Do I love the spoons more than the froyo? Umm, no. Do I have a weird addiction to the adorable fuchsia colored spoons? Yes. But I think what I really love is serving myself various flavors into my cup and being able to mix n' match this with that. Oh, and trying them before purchase too! ;)

    Moving onto the froyo bit:


    It's seriously the BEST froyo to have E-V-E-R hit my tongue! I love the fresh taste that Menchies offers, it's always good! Seasonal flavors are also always nice treat!

  • 4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    A cute and quaint little Second Cup location, located at Appleby Crossing. My first time here on a chilly winter day,  I ordered a (skinny), scrumptious sounding vanilla bean hot chocolate. Smooth, creamy, and deliciously frothy with a hint of vanilla, and not too salty.

    *An aside: any hot cocoa beverage that's overly salty is just not pleasant killing the joy out of the hot chocolate experience.*

    Considering this hot chocolate delight came from a franchised chain, I'd say it's pretty good and ranks in the 4 star. The menu selection and ambiance reminded me some what of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf if you've ever been (also really good imo). Shall be back to try one of their Tuesday latte specials (the honey vanilla tea latte sounds so delish!), and those other fancy beverages those skilled baristas whip up!

  • 2465 Appleby Line
    Burlington, ON L7L 0B6
    4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    First time at Heroes. It's an easy spot to miss out on Appleby in Burlington (right beside the huge Bulk Barn/Teo Spa and adjacent to Baskin Robbins).

    Despite being a fast food chain; they've really taken the "fast" out of fast food. They really take their time and due diligence in burger-o-logy to prep' up a burger just perfectly. I ordered the Original Hero Burger. They might as well wipe the other 4 types of burgers out and stick with the Original Hero Burger: it's juicy, you taste the tomato, and the Hero sauce lathered on tastes awesome! Oh! and the egg bun? Genius.

    Service? Fantastic. The lovely waitress even brought us our tray and was very accommodating, even if this meant bringing us extra condiments.

    Next time your thinking fast food, keep Heroes in mind if you haven't given it a try as yet!

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