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  • 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    One of my funny goals in life other than trying out all the buffets anywhere available.... is to hit up all the hotels in the Las Vegas area...  Now with my new project of connecting major brand hotels with local restaurants in the works and seeing how awesome the hotel industry can be.... I've decided to write many future reviews on my experiences with all the hotels I've patroned in the past in LV.... I will call it, the Henry Hotel Collection...... So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce my first Las Vegas Hotel.... The Cosmopolitan!

    My reviews on the hotel series will be consist of the following 5 areas....
    1)  Location
    2)  Decor and Room Styles
    3)  Service and general Staff interaction
    4)  Environment of crowd
    5)  Price

    Situated in the heart of the new Las Vegas South lies the beautifully created Cosmopolitan...  Squeezed in between the famed Ballagio and the newly hip City Center Cosmopolitan is primely located where all the new hot actions are all at!  Easy access to PH, Paris, Bellagio, Caesars, Aria, etc. makes this hotel a very desireable lodging decision.

    -Decor and Room Style:  
    Opulent + Hip & Stylish is what I would call the Cosmopolitan...  With giant crystal chandliers hanging in the middle of the hotel travelling all the way up at least 3 floors brings the opulence of the hotel while all the trendy stitched faux leather (or maybe real?) covering the walls truly brings the excitement out of this casino...  At the check in you will find ever changing columns where you will see anything from flowers, patterns, to michaelangelo famed paintings constantly rotating... just wait till you see the bookshelf image... pretty cool!  
    The rooms are absolutely beautiful with a large bathroom, 2 sinks, whirlpool tub, standing shower, separated toilet away from the shower area, and the peek-a-boo divider curtain makes the rooms super cool!  Rooms can be operated via central control located on the phones in the room and there are 2 - 40" LCD TVs with a microwave for your enjoyment...  Be sure to try to get the terrace suite... you have an awesome balcony where you can lounge in a day chair/ ottoman and take in the awesome view of Vegas!  (Get the higher floors if you can)

    -Service and Staff interaction:  
    Check ins can be a bit slow, but overall the staff at the Cosmo is wonderful and accomodating...

    -Environment of Crowd:  
    Young, hip, wannabe rich, obnoxious, rude young douchebags....  This is what really turned me off at the Cosmo... yes... there are many people like this in Vegas... generally at the clubs when they are drunk.... however, it seems that all of them no matter if they were drunk or not, all congregated at the Cosmo.... too many rude and in appropriate comments made to the beautiful ladies at the hotel is super annoying... guys... keep your mouth shut and maybe you will look better in front of these girls that you are trying to pick up......

    Uber expensive!   Upcoming weekend at the Cosmo has the rooms going for $600!!!  Really?  That's like 7 rooms at Imperial Palace!!!  Little too much for my blood but I was fortunate enough to enjoy the wonderful rooms via comp.....  But again.. the location, the new hip place to be making Cosmo one of the high end expensive Las Vegas Hotels....

    Would I return... yes for the rooms and the hotel, no for the scene there via douchebags...

    More exciting reviews for the Henry's Hotel Collection coming soon.....

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